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Seeing Your Home in A New Light + Lighting on Amazon

by | Jan 28, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration

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Seeing Your Home in A New Light + Lighting on Amazon

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I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s Spring Fever (too soon?), but recently I’ve been trying to look at my home in a new light.

Now, while I really do have a round up of awesome lighting options for you in this post, the “new light” I’ve been thinking about doesn’t actually involve getting a new lamp. :)

Do you ever feel stuck, like you are unable to make progress with your home? It’s a question I’ve asked here before over the years.

Getting stuck happens to me for variety of reasons. Sometimes it happens when I’ve been in a particularly busy season and haven’t had time for creativity or projects in my home.

Or I get stuck because the creative solutions I’m looking for don’t seem to come readily to my mind.

I might feel limited by finances, or from the resources I would need to make a change. Or I can be completely uninspired to move forward for no apparent reason!

I might get stuck if I am questioning our next steps, like whether or not we’ll stay in this house or could move to another one. Or I’ll start to feel overwhelmed if I look too long at what “other people” are doing or are able to do with their homes.

I’ll get stuck if I start to feel like my home isn’t good enough. Too much comparison or analyzing can paralyze, rather than inspire me.

Seeing Your Home in A New Light + Lighting on Amazon

Green Task Lamp – Stone & Beam

Often times I will realize that what might feel like “being stuck” is actually a good place to be. Instead of trying to force a change, it just might mean it’s a good season to settle in and appreciate what is right in front of me.

After a time of being still (sometimes avoiding social media!) to focus on enjoying the things I already have, I begin to see my home not in a new light, but a familiar light.

I stop seeing it in light of what everyone else is doing or has. I stop seeing my home in light of what I am not able to do or don’t have, but instead I see it in light of what it is that really matters to me.

Before long creative ideas start flowing and I’m inspired once again to continue making my home the kind of home I love living in. Not as a showplace, but as a sanctuary my family loves to come home to.

Soon I’m running around the house, turning on little lamps and enjoying making our home the most inviting and welcoming place I can.

What are some ways you could see your home in a new light?

Seeing Your Home in A New Light + Lighting on Amazon
Seeing Your Home in A New Light + Lighting on Amazon


  1. franki

    A new pillow helps…every time!! ? franki

  2. Deanna Rabe

    I’ve been looking at new lights for my kitchen! Its time for a change!

  3. Jo Jo

    For me, it’s changing a scent that Imuse to put fragrance in my home or I just go to my happy place ( my kitchen!) and cook up a storm! ?

  4. Terry Ellen Cross

    Oh I know what it means to feel stuck. I get so overwhelmed with fear of making the wrong choice that months pass, I fill my shopping cart with options (or Pinterest) and still don’t come up with a solution. I’ve been dithering around for 6 months trying to find the PERFECT farmhouse table for the back deck (one that can withstand Ohio weather yikes) and the fear of getting it wrong means we’ll still be table-less when spring finally arrives… Thanks for the inspiring post!

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