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Fall Nesting 2019 + Surprise Box Giveaways

Hi friends! IT IS OFFICIALLY TIME for THE FALL NESTING SERIES, 2019 EDITION!!!!! You guys, I literally can’t believe we still get to DO THIS FALL NESTING THING TOGETHER! It’s been my favorite for over a decade!

This year I have a few new twists and surprises up my sleeve, too, so you definitely won’t want to miss out.


I often think about how blessed I’ve been to find my kindred spirits through this fall home series I accidentally began in 2008 with a little post called 20 Little Things to Love about Autumn!

Boy oh boy did that post start something amazing, the official Fall Nesting series was born and we’ve been here sharing it together every year since.

If you’re new here or mostly on Instagram these days, it might feel like the whole world is talking about fall, but the humble beginnings of what became our fall nesting-home-loving community right here on The Inspired Room blog all those years ago is still so very special to me!

YOU are what makes this community so special, so thank you for being here!

Fall Nesting 2019 + Surprise Box Giveaways


Sure, it’s all things cozy, but it begins with a mindset. As I have often said over the years in describing this series, it’s not about how many pumpkins we can squeeze onto the porch, although that can be a fun experience, too…. to me the most meaningful part of this season is the feeling we nurture within ourselves and in our home.

I believe this season can be experienced more fully through our senses. Fall is about restoring gentle and meaningful rhythms to our day and intentionally finding joy in all of the simple ways we make our house a more cozy and comfortable home.

During this series, I’ll be sharing my own fall home and projects with you as well as tips and inspiration you can use in your home.

Plus, we’ll have a couple of very fun NEW additions to Fall Nesting this year, so stay tuned.

You’ll find fresh new Fall Nesting posts on The Inspired Room all season long, so be sure to come by every day. Sign up for my blog post alerts in the form below so you don’t miss any!

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Fall Nesting 2019 + Surprise Box Giveaways
Fall Nesting 2019 + Surprise Box Giveaways


To celebrate fall and thank y’all for being such an amazing community, this fall I’m going to host TWO fun monthly giveaways just for my loyal The Inspired Room followers!

Your chances of winning will be pretty high if you enter!

Winners will be chosen from comments on blog posts each month to receive a fun surprise gift box of goodies from ME in their mailbox! Not in your email inbox, but a REAL GIFT BOX in your REAL POSTAL MAIL BOX!

One giveaway will be hosted for loyal followers who visit the blog every day and comment on the post.

How to enter the giveaways: Simply leave a friendly comment* on each of the daily blog posts throughout the month (just like we did in the old days!) and you’ll automatically be entered into the giveaway for the month!

**NOTE: No need to comment about the giveaway or mention that you are entering, any friendly comment regarding the day’s content will automatically enter you!**

The second giveaway will be for loyal friends who also follow and support The Inspired Room on Instagram.

Just tap the heart and leave a friendly comment on my daily Instagram feed posts throughout the month and you’ll be entered into a monthly giveaway for a surprise gift box from me! Easy peasy!

If you leave a comment on BOTH my Instagram posts and the blog posts every day and you’ll not only be my BFF but you’ll be entered into BOTH giveaways.

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Stay tuned for more surprises and all things FALL NESTING!

Tell me this in the comments below, what do you look forward to the most about fall nesting in your home?


  1. Mary Anne Saunders

    Fall has always been my favorite season. We moved to Florida three years ago so I no longer see the fall foliage and I miss it. I put a few decor pieces out and some fall scents around to get that cozy fall feeling.

  2. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    Hi Melissa! The word “nurture” really stuck out to me this morning. This is something I want to focus on more in my home… making it really be a place of health and comfort and peace and creativity… room to breathe… rather than just feeling like a place where we get through the day or do work or survive. Looking forward to your posts this month for inspiration as I pursue that!

  3. Kelley Motley

    Fall is my very favorite. Cozy blankets, fire in the fireplace, warm coffee in a mug. Just something comforting about that time of year.

  4. Jenn

    Comfy couch, hot tea, and fall foliage views.

  5. Lisa Thoreson

    Fall nesting – PERFECT! Thank you for the reminder to make my surroundings a place of comfort, peace and joy. Sigh.

  6. Deanna Rabe

    I adore fall and have been following your fall nesting series’ since the beginning. I love everything about the season!

  7. Melanie Plumb

    I look forward to the smells of fall with candles! I also love the coziness of adding blankets and throw pillows.

  8. Andrea S.

    I’m excited to diffuse fall scents!

  9. Kerry

    I am really a summer girl – love the beach. However, I do love to curl up on the couch with my puppies and a nice snuggly blanket and a great cup of coffee. Fall is a crazy busy season for me so I take advantage of those moments when I can.

  10. Suz Kuhns

    Love this season – here in New England we are just starting to see the trees turning, it’s nice and cool in the evening and the lap quilts are coming out. I’ve recently added “twinkly” lights to my pantry that are on a timer, so when I get home from work and it’s dark, they are greeting me. Looking forward to your nesting series!

  11. Rachelle Rodriguez

    Cozy blankets. Pumpkin spice lattes. Chili. Sweaters. Football.

  12. Cyndi

    Love the fall, sweater weather and fires! Love nothing better than coming home and slipping into warm sweats and starting a fire!

  13. Debra

    Love how you always include your pups on the blog. I’m looking forward to snuggling up with my two doodles this fall.

  14. Andrea Boylin

    I LOVE the Fall Nesting series! In my own home I love to switch my summer touches to fall and begin adding cozy textures back into our rooms using blankets, pillows, candles, baskets. Even though summer is nearly over, these activities remind me there is much to look forward to during the cooler months.

  15. april zook

    Fall is my happy season :). A cup of warm coffee, cozying up under a warm blanket, and of course, cuddles with our labradoodle :) It’s the best!

  16. Susan H.

    Love the fall for cooler nights to cozy up with a blanket & a good book!

  17. kathryn

    Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the changes in the season, crisp mornings and a cup of hot tea. It’s football, cooking, and finding a good book on a Sunday afternoon sitting by the window with the sunlight brushing the pages.

  18. Jami Hemmenway

    Sipping hot mulled cider every day!

  19. Barb Zahler

    Love all the fall colors…beautiful here in the northwest and absolutely love using those colors in my home. Just put out all my fall decorations.

  20. Joni

    Our beloved Aussie loved curling up with all the pillows on the couch when the weather cooled down!

  21. Sharon Cheshire

    Fall my absolute favorite time of the year! Cool evenings, warm fires, snuggly throws, delicious soup, rich autumn colors….yes please!

  22. Isabel Z

    What I look forward to the most is being able to open the windows after the stifling summer heat has gone to let in all the crisp fall air. Love the photos in your post; I want to live in every room you showed and if my kitchen looked like that, I would be baking all day.

  23. Pam Rychener

    Hot tea, a good book, a warm cozy blanket and the beauty of the turning leaves on trees.

  24. Lauren Flannigan

    Shopping my home to repurpose or rearrange pieces to bring out all the coziness. And a festive front porch!

  25. Paige F

    After the heat of the Texas summer, I love crisp cool air, windows open, and puttering in the yard again. For Friday family nights I’ll make our fall favorites: caramel apples or apple cake.

  26. Barbara C

    Hosting a “Welcome Fall” dinner for a group of special friends!

  27. Helene

    Almost every year, we escape to NC (from Florida), so I look forward to seeing the leaves as they change and to the brisker weather (wearing my boots, sweaters, and jeans) after all the temps in the 90s. This year we will be heading out near the end of October.
    Around here I have gotten out my throws, and I’ve hung my fall wreath on the door….even though it’s supposed to reach 95 today. Mostly I’m feeling very grateful that Dorian missed us!

  28. jen smith

    I am so excited for cooler weather, apple cider, and NESTING with my hubby and 4 legged fur baby. Going to start my decorating tomorrow!!! Cant wait!

  29. Deborah

    I’m looking forward to the glowing warm colors of the sun that comes with fall. It makes everything so lovely.

  30. Angeline Roberts

    I love fall!! This year we are moving to a new home and selling our current house. I’m going to attempt to bring in the season with essential oils and yummy recipes.

  31. Susan Maclean

    This was my late Mum’s favourite time of the year, she always chose our holidays around now. I like the height of the sun in the sky just now, the chill in the morning air. and the orange shades that glow from my flower borders now. It’s not cold enough to turn on the heating yet, but soon, soon!

  32. Debra

    I love Fall – especially warm drinks and cozy blankets!

  33. Caitlyn Dunbar

    I am looking forward to adding mums in my entry way!

  34. Cindy H

    Fall is my favorite time of year. Looking forward to the colors changing, cooler weather and curling up on the couch with a homemade bowl of soup.

  35. Lisa Brown

    Love that cozy pup asleep on the couch! Fall is when ours get up off the cool floors and want to cuddle. I think it might have something to do with the plush throw I like to tuck around my feet this time of year.

  36. Gwyn

    Love Fall. I live in a tropical climate, but I still love the smell and food of Fall, even if it is 90 degrees outside.

  37. Caroline

    Love all the cozy textures in anticipation of colder weather!

  38. Marla L

    Fall is my favorite time of the year! It hasn’t hit us yet though here in Kansas.

  39. Holly F.

    Looking forward to the routine and calm that fall seems to bring. And sweaters! ❤️

  40. Susan Toto

    I love getting ideas from everyone on decorating. I have just changed my whole color scheme, so I need new ideas. Enjoying your blog & instagram!

  41. Beth P

    Hoping to paint the living room at our house this fall! Cozy warm colors for autumn.

  42. Lola

    My FAVORITE season! Fall foliage, pumpkin everything, cool mornings/warm afternoons
    The colors, the smells, the tastes. Walks in the crunchy leaves with my two Jack Russell

    Looking forward to your postings

  43. Mary

    The beautiful colors and the crisp air makes you want to snuggle up to a warm fire!

  44. Carole

    Love the fall colors and all the coziness the season brings. Looking forward to pumpkin everything!

  45. Kim

    I so look forward to turning the fireplace on, wrapping myself in a cozy blanket and sitting near the fire.

  46. Donna

    The best part of fall is watching football with a fire going surrounded by good friends!

  47. Donnamae

    Fall is my favorite season. We start to switch the focus from the outside to the inside of our home. Sweaters, football, more crock pot meals and dried hydrangeas. Anything to make our home feel cozy…and getting ready for the inevitable…the snow that we know will come. Lol! Enjoy your day! ;)

  48. Becky

    Definitely cooler weather, new fall flowers and the foods that accompany the weather!We love sitting out on our front porch

  49. Cindy

    Fall nesting is the time of year I get to slow down and just “be” before the busyness of the end of year holidays compete for my attention and time. I love the colors of Fall, the smells, the first downpour & Friday night high school football games!

  50. Becca P

    I love the football, the cuddles on the couch, and the light…the sun really shows out on fall afternoons!

  51. Cathy Oaten

    FALL – my favorite time of the year! Time to unwind, slow down, regroup and enjoy the beauty of this marvelous season.

  52. Maureen

    The weather has begun to turn around here and I have started to put some Fall décor up. I so love the cooler weather and then the color of the leaves as they change –it is like the outdoors has to change décor too for the season. Stunning color as the sun was setting last evening with some of the leaves just barely starting to change.

  53. Debbra Weber

    I love watching my sons play football. One is a Freshman in High School and my oldest is a Freshman in college this year. I also love to fall clean and reorganize to enter the season. I love to bake in the Fall and enjoy pumpkin spice everything! :)

  54. Crystal Buff

    Fall is my favorite season! Thanks for all your inspiration and tips!

  55. Erin Prohaska

    Warm twinkle lights & snuggling! ?

  56. Mary

    Love the fall…..cozy, cooler temps and college football!

  57. Lorrie Russell

    Changing out summer colours and gradually adding in bits of fall, whether it be leaves and twigs in a vase that will graduate to pine cones as it gets even colder to fall pillows. Warmer changes with both pillows and throws.
    Some how changing out some of the to more fall styles. Changing candles and candlesticks to heavier styles things with more weight. Somehow being it all in to be warmer and cozier!! I also love bringin in some vine pieces either I. Wreaths or pumpkin style but try not to get too pumpkin in colours. More wary tones! Ha ha. That’s it.

  58. Drew Webb

    The things I like most about fall is the cool nights, bright colors in the trees and warming up my neutral living room with textured pillows and fall flowers arrangements. Love the pumpkin and spice scents too!

  59. Chris

    I love looking out clean windows. This may sound silly to some but they get so dirty and seeing the beauty of fall out them is so enjoyable to me.

  60. Rachel

    We moved from a hotter climate a couple years ago so I’m still trying to figure out Fall. I added mums to my front porch this year and I’m looking forward to adding some pumpkins soon. Even when we lived somewhere where Fall was still hot I always added mini pumpkins all over inside and that equaled Fall to me even if I was still wearing shorts.

  61. Kim Raley

    Fall is my favorite season, but living in Texas means it comes a little later for us. I do love to decorate my home for fall, even when the weather isn’t cooperating. I love the colors, the coziness, the smells, and most especially, the evening snuggled up with my love of 36 years.

  62. Katie

    I love fall! I live in Florida now, but it doesn’t stop me from fall nesting! Would love a cold front though :)

  63. Kathy E.

    This year, fall nesting will be an exceptional year for my family. My son has had a new home built for him and my daughter just bought a home (101 years old home!) last week. Both of them will be moving into their places in October! That means a lot of packing, moving, and helping them get nested into new spaces. Fortunately, both of them are right here in town so that makes me a happy mama!

  64. Kelsey Ensz

    After my birthday on the 15th, I am “allowed” to decorate for fall. I look forward to changing my pillow covers on my couches and setting out dried acorns and nuts around the house. I will redraw a fall theme on a chalkboard in a hallway. It is my favorite time of year, though technically still summer.

  65. Teresa Harral

    Fall is my favorite season. I look forward to fall because it is the season that most engages all my senses. The site of orange pumpkins, smell of pumpkin spice coffee, the sounds from a flock of birds migrating south , the taste of cinnamon walnuts, the touch of a soft throw on a cool evening are just a few reasons I look forward to embracing fall!

  66. Shari Schempp

    My daughter and I made a cute popcorn wreath together about 5 years ago when she was 9. It’s my favorite thing to put out every fall because it reminds me of the fun time we had making it together. Even now that she’s a teenager, when I get it out she will light up and say, “It’s our wreath!” ? Makes this mama’s heart happy!

  67. Patty

    I always thought nesting was something you did when you were pregnant and getting ready for the baby to join in the family and home. Blogging posts have taught me it is more than that and I love this fall nesting time, thanks to you.

  68. Susan

    Fall fragrances and furry blankets. :)

  69. Terry Varys Pitzer

    What a great way to welcome fall!

  70. Debbie Keith

    We moved to a new “old” home last year and I’m so looking forward to experiencing fall in these rooms and outside spaces! We down sized considerably, so careful editing will be key and I’m excited to cozy things up with simple touches. Our yard has all kinds of plants for clipping, especially a giant magnolia — something I’ve never had before. So grateful for it all. Happy fall nesting!

  71. Kim Wagner

    We live in Ohio and the cooler weather is here, 50s at night and mid 70s for the daytime. Love this time of year and look forward to your Fall Nesting series!

  72. June

    I enjoy the smells and trying new diffuser blends!

  73. Debbie

    I love fall … the colors, the scents, soup on the stove and college football!

  74. Pam

    I love the smell of pumpkin spiced candles in my home and shopping for new fall throws for my couches! I update the front door wreath and try to tidy up the garden before the winter.

  75. Shirley

    Fall has never been my favorite time of year ….UNTIL…..this year. It has been sooo hot ? here in the Savannah, GA area this year that I am thrilled to see fall with its oranges, browns & yellows and cooler temperatures. Hurricane Dorian did not impact us badly and for that we are truly grateful. Our prayers go out to those areas that did not fare as well.

    I love your blog and all the inspirational decor tips that you pass on to us. Home ? is our refuge, where we come for peace, relaxation and to refuel for living each day in the best of spirits. You help us to make that happen.

  76. Mallory

    We are originally from WA, but now live in TX. It is still over 100 degrees here and I am very much missing the cozy weather we grew up with in the fall. Your posts make me a little homesick, but in a good way :)

  77. Kathi Mundigler

    Thank you for all of the information! This past year we moved from a 110 year old home to an 18 year old home and it will be a whole new thing figuring out all of our holiday decorating. Because we now have a much larger and wooded lot I have gathered tons of dried goodies to bring inside. I found the box marked “Autumn” yesterday and will have to see what works in this very different space. Now to find my pumpkin spice candles…

  78. Bev Miller

    I especially like your large window I. Your kitchen

  79. Jan Campadore

    I look forward to the joy it brings my daughter seeing all the festive fall decorations appear. Not gonna lie, I love gourds, Indian corn, and big leaves (maybe even an acorn or two). ? ? ?

  80. Lori Howard

    I love fall!…..and so enjoy Melissa, the Inspired Room blog, the pups and your family..most days it’s the only interaction I have outside of my wonderful pups:0)

  81. Robin Billings

    I love bringing out the fluffy, cozy blankets along with some fall decorations like the crocheted pumpkin my daughter made for me! ?

  82. Gwenny

    I love it when hubby makes me a a nice Manhattan with Salted Carmel Canadian Whiskey and a Scotch on the rocks with a splash and a twist for himself and we put our favorite Fall CD in the old CD player and listen to our favorite tunes-Van Morrison’s ‘When the Leave’s Come Fallin’ Down’, James Taylor’s ‘October Road’, Willie Nelson’s ‘September Song’, and Frank Sinatra’s ‘ September of my Years’, to name a few….while the fire crackles in the fireplace. Oh, and of course, we light the Cinnamon Cider candles and use our fall cocktail napkins! This describes a perfect Friday evening in the fall in our home.

  83. Kate

    After summer, fall for me is all about getting back to a “normal” routine. Leaves changing colors, cooler evenings, fires with family and friends and just enjoying the season.

  84. Teri Beaver

    Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the smells, the cooler temperatures, the colors, the coziness…a feast to the senses!

  85. Julia

    Blankets, pumpkin spice, warm candle/fairy light glow…

  86. Brenda

    Blankets and coffee!

  87. Sarah

    I can’t wait for it to cool down here in Texas so I can fully embrace all things fall and cozy!

  88. Susan Stompanato

    Fall brings back great memories for me. Football games, hot cider, hayrides & pumpkins. As an adult, it’s when life slows down just a bit, and the world flows with all the beautiful colors of the leaves changing. I love to snuggle under all the blankets I bring out in fall with a cup of fresh, hot cider.

  89. Jill

    Cinnamon scented candles, mulled cider and FOOTBALL :)

  90. Lin

    Oh Fall is a wonderful time of the year and I love it! You babies are so cute and look so comfy with all your cozy fall accessories!

  91. Helea Dias

    While I miss the longer days, I love fall colors and the coziness.

  92. Gina

    Both of those ideas together – nesting AND fall – I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how I can craft one of the empty rooms at our house into a sewing/office/reading room. Can’t wait to get started and I am thinking of using a lot of the design elements that you use in your home. Also, thanks for doing a giveaway – how exciting!

  93. Lori Kursave

    The colors of Fall?

  94. Lisa

    I love summer but I always really enjoy the change to fall. It’s cool and crisp and makes me want to get all of the pumpkins for the porch and everywhere else.

  95. Alexa

    I admit I have a hard time entering the Fall season. Only because that means that winter follows and I struggle with the darkness of the days. So, it is a very intentional decision to wrap my arms around fall this year and squeeze every good thing from it. What I know I do love is that my sweet husband brings home beautiful limbs of changing fall leaves to decorate my front porch.

  96. Sheryl

    Fall is the best and nesting is especially sweet! Curl up with a cozy throw and a good book…maybe doze off! What could be lovelier? Thanks for the inspiration – I always want to go clean house after looking at your uncluttered home!

  97. Karen

    I love fall! I just wished it lasted longer up here in Minnesota. I am an empty-nester for the first time so I am looking around the house to see where I can change things up.

  98. Sandy

    Fall is my favorite season too. Love the way the light changes, the freshness in the air. The crunch of falling leaves and the warm scented candles burning.

  99. Zannah

    I like diffusing fall scents like cinnamon and clove to make the house smell cozy. I also like curling up on the sofa with thick socks on and a good book.

  100. Amanda

    Still pretty summery here in CA, but I’m starting to notice some cloud cover in the mornings and that’s always a fun first sign of fall. I was thinking about getting out the plaid table runner today (but also going to the pool – ha!).

  101. Joan Moore

    I always welcome a new season. Fall is a favorite season with all the beautiful colors and cooler temps! Already doing some “fall nesting” in the house even though it is 95 outside today!

  102. Carolyn

    I am sooo in the mood for fall to come! It is hard to get past the mid-90 degree temps we have been having here.

  103. Ila Henkel

    Fall Nesting- there is a crispness to the air outside and the leaves on the trees are just starting to show off their yellow, orange and red hues! Time to cozy up the inside with blankets and big overstuffed pillows on the sofas, scented candles everywhere-and touches of orange leaves and pine cones to devote the dining table ! Nesting brings out the best in baking spicy cupcakes and breads to greet neighbors and friends over- I Love a fire ablaze in the fireplace in the cool evenings!!! ???????And lets not forget Russian spice tea!!!!!

  104. Kathleen Heckman

    Seeing how long I can make my newly acquired porch swing work for a nesting place during fall weather.

  105. Leslie W

    I used to think I was 100 percent a summer person but this year I’m really ready for fall. Here in Boston it’s a very special time of year watching all the students moving in and all the hustle and bustle that goes with it. The shorter days also seem to make me just want to hang in with my three pups and a good book. PS I love that you include your pups Melissa thank you for sharing a peek into your world and lovely home!

  106. Christy

    I enjoy pulling all my fall decor out and diffusing Thieves or other fall-smelling essential oils like clove, nutmeg and cinnamon bark. Also love starting to drink hot cocoa which I save for fall and winter months.

  107. Toni Lanou

    I use to live in Seattle and honestly Fall would make me so sad because I knew winter was coming. I’m older and wiser (I hope!) now and have learned to live in the moment and enjoy what is in front of me. I now live in Oregon and Fall has become my absolute favorite time of the year. I love the color of the leaves, the crispness in the air and the joy of making my home cozy and comforting. And I get to burn my Fall scented candles which makes me so happy!!

  108. Tina

    Nursing self as well as hearth and home brings a smile to my face. Nothing makes me feel more at peace. T

  109. Rig

    Crunching the fall leaves is my favorite.

  110. Heather

    I have lots of little cute Fall signs that I spread throughout our house reminding us to be “Thankful” and that we’re “Blessed”

  111. Beth Tebaldi

    Oh. That’s easy! I live in AZ, I look forward to cooler weather! LOL. Fall here is like paradise!

  112. Samantha

    I love being cozy. A rainy day and a cup of tea is so necessary once in a while.

  113. Pam

    The autumn season reminds us all of the undeniable artistry of our creator. We follow his lead to bring beauty and warmth and joy to our homes!

  114. Leigh Dusek

    Oh fall is my favorite season! I love cozying up by bringing out warm blankets and adding punches of fall color. I also love bringing in some of the outside with sticks and dried leaves/pine cones.

  115. Susan

    Well, for one, I LOVE wrapping up in a cozy throw with my morning coffee and sitting on the porch swing on a chilly day…

  116. Chistine Keene

    The Fall is absolutely my favorite season of the year. I can’t wait for it and all the pumpkin goodies. (Even though I live in AZ and I’d have to travel north to see Fall colors!) One year you featured a recipe for pumpkin squares with cream cheese icing. I made that back then and I also made it for my son’s 45th birthday which was August 30th. But I used gluten free flour and non-dairy cream cheese and it came out so delicious, no one knew it was gluten and dairy free!

  117. Mercedes

    I plan on napping like your sweet dog on the sofa!

  118. Francesca Gunn

    I admit that fall is not my favorite season. That being said, I love all the comments about how so many of you relish this time of year, so I will be happy for you.

  119. Alexandra Soriano

    Fall brings more indoor activities and many hours of relaxing family time together. We enjoy baking on weekend afternoons, with the wonderful aroma that fills our house and then relaxing with a blanket later to enjoy a movie and our homemade treats.

  120. Lila Piercey

    I live in Memphis, Tennessee so fall means a much needed break from 95 degree temps with 80 to 90 % humidity. I love the crisp fall mornings when it’s cool enough for me to sit on my back porch, drink my coffee and watch the birds, squirrels, and chipmunks in my back yard! Bliss!!

  121. Char

    Fall is absolutely my most favorite time of the year! I love making my home feel more cozy & welcoming! Give me all the cozy wraps to snuggle under, a nice cup of coffee & candles (although I don’t burn candles anymore so thankfully I have my YL diffusers going w a cozy scent!) :)

  122. Veronica

    We grow baby pumpkins in our garden. I use them to decorate the house also.

  123. suzi

    Fall = getting cozy! Melissa, your home is such an inspiration. I look forward to your posts, they are always so calming. I would love to be your neighbor and hang out on your new deck with you :-)

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh I would so love that!!! Imagine all the fun we’d have being neighbors with so many kindred spirits, I love hearing from y’all!!!

  124. Deborah S

    Autumn has always been my favorite season. I’m very much a ‘nester’, with my home as well as my clothing. I love pulling out my cozy throws and fall scented candles, along with my beautiful sweaters and scarves.

  125. Carol

    I look forward to the leaves changing color in the fall, beautiful!

  126. Alissa

    Fall is my favorite and I am looking forward to a month of great inspiration!

  127. Sandy

    My favorite time of year is actually summer, but if you look in my wardrobe, you’ll see mostly fall colors. The best part of fall? College football!!

  128. Ashley S

    Love the inspiration I get from your blog!

  129. Lynn

    I love the cooler weather, hot tea, homemade soup, and anything pumpkin.

  130. Renee

    This is our first full fall in our new home – I can’t wait to warm it up with some new throws, and I especially can’t wait to start filling my freezer with fall soups!

  131. Wendi

    Ok I have always loved diffusing my fall diffuser blends. Already broke those out. I unfortunately live in FL, and we don’t get cooler temps until late November – sheesh! That kind of rains on my fall parade but I’m super looking forward to embracing slow times, twinkle lights that I’m ordering STAT, and maybe some occasional baking??

  132. Monica Salter

    I love everything about fall. Football, bonfires, hayrides and Halloween!

  133. Mary

    It’s still in the 90s here in San Diego and we never do get genuine Fall weather like in Seattle. But I still try to bring Fall into the inside of our home changing out the accessories to ones with Autumn colors and textures. I can pretend it’s Fall outside too!

  134. Linda

    The he “fall air” and sweaters.

  135. Mary Stewart

    It may sound silly, but I look forward to cooler weather. I’m in Texas and for most of the year, the air conditioner is running. I live for the days that I can open windows and air out my house!

  136. Lynette

    A change in decor helps me to embrace the anticipation of cooler weather and more time outdoors. When you live in deep South Texas, you LONG for fall!! We are still reaching 98. When will summer end?

  137. Lorrie

    I love lighting candles in the evening, making soup for dinner, and the first time we light the fireplace. Getting cozy is the best part of fall.

  138. Susan

    Love fall colors!

  139. Ann C

    I’m in Michigan and love the change of seasons. I took down all my beach themed art work and knickknacks to put away til next June. Now to start with my leaf garlands, pumpkins, and extra candles. Don’t like that it gets dark so much earlier, but love being able to have the windows open and the a.c. off.

  140. Patty Reeves

    Looking forward to fall with warm sweaters and hot chocolate.

  141. Tina

    Fall is my favorite time of the year! Looking forward to enjoying it with you!

  142. Dr.Amrita Basu

    Ever since I found your blog in 2013 I have never stopped loving the home I have wherever I am.This August we finally bought our home and I am planning to use your book as a guide

  143. Tania

    The promise of cooler weather!

  144. KitsyKeelSmith

    I love the neutral colors in your home. It looks so cozy and warm
    I look forward to fall so it will be cooler outside and in and I can sew and clean without getting soaking wet.

  145. Heather Florida

    I look forward to changing my pillows!

  146. Kari

    Love all the fall activities. Love the leaves on the trees, the cooler nights and fall treats.

  147. Sonja Stouffer

    I am looking for an area rug to go in my living room. I appreciate you posting pictures of yours and where you purchased them. Thanks,


  148. Jennifer Pierce

    I love decorating with all me different pumpkins. All different shapes, sizes.amd materials. I also love all my fall candels!

  149. Scarlette Chapman

    We live in Southern California where we suffer through the summer heat we’ll into October. I’m so looking forward to the cooler weather of Autumn when I can open up all my windows to let in the cool fall breezes in the evening! Fall is my absolute favorite season!

  150. Karla

    After being a teacher for many years, fall always brings new beginnings and hopes for great things ahead. Fall nesting has the same feeling in our home for me. Fall scents may be my favorite.

  151. Melinda

    Cozy blankets and sitting by the fire.

  152. Michelle

    Playing calming music, yummy scents, hot tea in the late afternoon as it starts to get dark, baking goodies, making caramel apples and other yummies with my kids, eating lots of soup and casseroles. Also going to ALL the fall festivals and pumpkin hunting at the pumpkin patch!

  153. Linda

    My favorite part of fall–getting the fall quilts out and homemade soups!

  154. Kim

    I love to start baking all sorts of yummy pumpkin desserts – the house smells so good!

  155. Colleen

    Without a doubt, Fall is my favorite season followed by Winter and Spring. Here in the Deep South, Fall seems like a fleeting moment that we won’t really see much of until late October or early November. Still, I love to add all the Fall touches to our home, cook a lot of comfort food, and enjoy every moment.

  156. Vanessa

    I can’t wait to pull out my cozy blankets!!!! Also, I’m excited to switch out my wreath. I keep looking at my summer one and wondering if it’s too early to switch it. ?

  157. Judy Dover

    Fall brings cozy days and a feeling of nostalgia. My favorite time of year.

  158. Mrs. T

    Fall is definitely my very favorite season. I look forward to it being cool enough that a fire in the wood stove feels cozy, and I love decorating with the warm colors of fall.

  159. Rianna

    I absolutely love fall most!! I adore all the smells…freshly fallen leaves, simmering soups, apples, pumpkin, etc.! ❤

  160. Maryann

    Fall – a scented candle and a cozy throw! Although, here in TX it may be winter before I want to wrap up in a throw.

  161. Gennie M.

    I most look forward to the changing sunlight that comes in through the windows. The colors and smells of Autumn bring me inner peace and rest.

  162. Sharon

    I put in my order for some essential Fall oils so Ill be ready soon to set the mood!

  163. Kathleen

    Just moving in to a new house. Feels like a blank slate for Fall. Even though I have the same belongings everything has new possibilities.

  164. Joy Houglum

    I’m not a huge fan of Fall…(the darkness just about does me in) but, I do enjoy being cozy!
    Wearing sweaters, eating homemade soup…?

  165. Harriet

    As a teacher, fall means getting up early…again.

  166. Kelly

    Of course, the coziest looking thing in that pic is the sweet puppy! Can’t buy HIM! ;-)

  167. Chelcey

    I love the fall season. Football, hot apple cider, bon fires with my two kiddos, and sweatshirts. As I was scrolling down to make a comment I read a post from another reader…she mentioned that the word “nurture” comes to mind (Hey Bonnie!) I too am feeling that vibe at the moment. Fall is the time for extra snuggles, longer walks around the neighborhood, and encouraging healthy habits for my kids before we get to the cold days of winter. :)

  168. Karina C.

    Fall is my favorite season; I’m planning on decorating my porch next week.

  169. Theresa

    My birthday is in mid October and my favorite thing to do is spend the day in the GA and NC mountains with my husband, enjoying the changing leaves and going to fall festivals in the mountain towns. It is the best birthday present!

  170. Karen

    Opening the windows to the fall fresh air! I’m also a pumpkin lover! Love the fall decor!

  171. Carolyn

    The explosion of colors…the reds, yellows and oranges against the gray-blue sky. A hot cup of coffee in the crisp, cool mornings. The aroma of fresh baked apples. The hum of football in the background while puttering around in the house…I could go on and on, Fall is my favorite!

  172. Beth

    I have never been thrilled by fall because I don’t want to let go of summer. But last year I decided to grasp the concept of “cozy” with soft blankets, candles, quiet evenings reading, sipping hot tea, etc. Now it’s not so bad letting go of summer. ?

  173. Heidi

    I must admit that Fall is not my favorite season. I love Spring and Summer more. I think it’s because I live in the Northeast and we have the longest winters, which I really do not like. So, to me, Fall signals the end of the warm days that I love. Also, we do have some beautiful days where I live in the Fall, but we also have many really cold and gray Fall days. I love your sense of style and I too love nesting in my home and making it a cozy, comfortable place to be. I’m a homebody and am okay with that. My home is pretty much my favorite place to be! I love that you focus on making our homes our sanctuaries.

  174. Diane

    Fall is always my favorite season. Even though I tend to decorate my home with neutrals, I love the vibrant colors of leaves, pumpkins, & gourds. We go to the pumpkin patch with our Grandsons then enjoy what we brought home all season.

  175. Lisa Matarazzo

    There is no better time of year than Fall! For me the cool weather means lots of cooking, taking the my dogs to the beach for a great run, and breaking out some cozy sweaters and a snuggly blanket -finally shutting off the AC and having windows open to some fresh breezy fall air. I’m so excited for baking something scrumptious – not sure where to start. Bread? Pie? ugh so many choices – maybe both! Would that be bad? Nah – there’s always room for pie and who doesn’t like fresh baked bread? Fresh bread to go with a nice bowl of soup! Everyone at our house hangs out in the kitchen – it’s cozy (tiny) and timeless (old fashioned) but for some reason we all seem to gather there and we always end up having good times and there are so many good memories of friends and family time together.

  176. Brittany Romero

    I’m just looking forward to that cozy, homey feeling! Baking!!

  177. Shannon Combest

    I’ve been a seasonal nester for several years now. Fall is my favorite season to nest. I love the cooler weather, change in foliage, and creating a cozy, safe atmosphere in my home. I recently started using essential oils and am excited to begin creating fall and winter scents.

  178. Linda Salvatore

    I can’t wait to get into my fall nesting for my home! Getting out “all things fall!” Pumpkins and placemats and table runners and fall candles! This is my favorite time of year! Can hardly wait! ?

  179. Terryjane Velasquez

    September is my birth month, so I look forward to that in the fall. I taught school for 13 years, and both my parents were teachers, so to me, September is the start of the year, and I can’t resist buying school supplies! This year, I am retiring on October 1, so I am lookong forward to fall and a new phase in my life.

  180. Michele Woodard

    I love evening fires when the air is cool and the stars seem to shine brighter on a fall night.

  181. Lindsey

    Hi Melissa! Fall is one of my favorite seasons! I always have a hard time wanting to decorate, as we live in Key West where our season is Summer :) I love seeing all the beautifully decorated homes in my inbox and on instagram and can’t wait to see what you will do!

  182. Angela G.

    Just the simple beauty of the season, the colors, shapes, smells and hopefully some day getting below 90 degrees! (Fall in Texas is not for wimps!)

  183. Laurie

    I live in Houston. Fall is at least two months away! :) But I’m loving all the Fall colors I see in the stores, the plums/olive greens/navy/mustard hues etc.

  184. Judy

    Love the colors and smells of fall and thank you for all the great tips.

  185. Susan

    “All is safely gathered in, e’er the winter storms begin”…
    We’ll be home for supper.
    I’ve got a pot of soup on the stove, and we’ll eat together by candlelight.

  186. Pamela

    I like the cozy feeling of fall! The crisp air to start the day and then the warm sunshine on the afternoon. I like bringing out the cozy throws to curl up with in the evening

  187. Linda Salvatore

    I love fall nesting time! Putting fall home decor out makes me feel happy! I absolutely love this time of year here in Connecticut! Looking forward to the fall foliage as well. Sure makes for a nice backdrop! ??

  188. Jo Jo

    I mist look forward to the smells of fall in my via my oil infusers, bees wax or soy candles and also my fall home baking and cooking! Coming up the kitchen and pantry for fall is a favorite of mine. Also turning all the timers on my accent lighting and frameless candle lanterns and Hurricane new lamos! Sooo very cozy in the evening at dusk! ❤️?❤️?

  189. Linda

    While I will miss my flower garden I love the colors of fall and coziness of fall. Bonfires, Weiner roasts and smores!

  190. Cassidy

    I look forward to getting out big, comfy blankets and stashing them in baskets around my home. There’s nothing better than a snuggly blanket in Fall.

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