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How to Make Your Home Feel Warm & Cozy (Top Tips + Decor Sale!)

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration, Fall Decorating, Fall Nesting 2019, My Living Room, My Seattle House, Seasonal Decorating & Entertaining

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How to Make Your Home Feel Warm & Cozy (Top Tips + Decor Sale!)
Shutter Cabinet

Want a warmer, cozier home? Today I’m sharing some of my favorite warm and cozy home decor tips!

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How to Make Your Home Feel Warm & Cozy

Charm or character in your architecture is likely to make a room feel cozy, even if the room is empty. So if you have beautiful floors, beams or paneling on your ceiling, divided wood windows, a pretty mantel, and/or some chunky paneling or plaster on your walls, lucky you! You’ve got the cozy built-in and can let the architecture be the star of the room.

But if your architecture is leaving you cold, or if you’re just ready to decorate your space with all things warm and cozy, you can have fun with cozy fabrics, furniture and accessories. Here are some tips to get the right warm and cozy mix.

Focus on one cozy statement piece

Look for one cozy statement piece. This shutter cabinet brings the warm relaxed coastal mood we were looking for in our home.

Once you have your statement piece in place, you can more easily build on the cozy elements around it. How much more you’ll need in a room depends on your architecture, room size and style, so learn to trust your judgement on how much feels like enough to you.

How to Make Your Home Feel Warm & Cozy (Top Tips + Decor Sale!)

Add, subtract, layer and swap textures.

It might take some trial and error with combinations of elements and enough layers to find the right mix or balance for your particular space and taste. Experiment by adding and subtracting items and then give yourself time to adjust to how the room feels.

If you decide that your room still needs more warmth than it has, go bolder when selecting textures. Sometimes simple swaps can create more impact with fewer items. For example, swap out a flat weave blanket for an oversized chunky knit throw.

Layers can add to the mood, too. Rather than just a standard wall-to-wall carpet underfoot, layer on an accent rug in a conversation area. Pair interesting textures with functional pieces to elevate the cozy. I love these laptop desks, this macrame stool, woven baskets, poufs and this wood tray.

How to Make Your Home Feel Warm & Cozy (Top Tips + Decor Sale!)

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Bring your warm style to light.

Textures will feel so much warmer and cozier when contrasted by glowing light! Bring in that Hygge sparkle with battery-operated candles and string lights. Set them on shelves or in tuck in glass vases. Use table and floor lamps or plug-in wall lights to envelope the room in a romantic glow. Mirrors can also reflect light back into a room making it so much cozier.

Always add a touch of green.

Live or realistic looking faux plants are must for a cozy room! Start with one statement plant or several small tabletop plants, or a put a couple of plants in baskets and notice how much cozier your room will feel!

How to Make Your Home Feel Warm & Cozy (Top Tips + Decor Sale!)

Liven up your walls

If the idea of hanging a gallery walls or grouping of art overwhelms you, consider hanging just one large statement piece! World Market also sells great groupings of botanicals like these that make it easy to create a beautiful wall display.

It’s important to leave breathing room around art, too. The contrast between the blank spaces and the art will let the art pieces stand out, so they feel cozier and less like clutter to your eye.

More of my favorites from the sale:

How to Make Your Home Feel Warm & Cozy (Top Tips + Decor Sale!)

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It’s Friends & Family time at Cost Plus World Market! Save an extra 30% on almost everything. Plus get free shipping on $75+ orders. Ends Monday, 10/14.

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What are ways you like to cozy up your home?


  1. Brittany Romero

    I think lighting is huge, plus throw blankets! Plants too… basically everything you said! ?

  2. Shari

    I loved all your points for increasing the coziness! I feel like any natural elements always bring that cozy feel. Baskets, wood, plants, even a bowl of pine cones.

    • Bonnie Stoltzfoos

      I love the tips you shared! Our house has a lot of straight lines and feels a little boxy on its own so I’m trying to incorporate more fabric and soft textures… I have long floor to ceiling white drapes in our living room and they always feel cozy to me. :) I am planning to order some of the battery operated candles you shared – they look great! :) I love using the flickering light setting on my diffuser in the evening. It feels so cozy and makes me feel really calm.

  3. Paige Frome

    I love your chunky knit throw! Where did you find it?

  4. Rachel

    I’m currently searching for a cozy statement piece for my family room to hold books and games. Rooms come together slowing, but it’s fun to see the warmth and coziness added with each new and intentional layer.

  5. Pam

    I cozy with throws and faux candles as well I do not like a lot of fragrance but lite essential oils diffusing is nice. Cooking up a pot of soup is my favorite way to feel cozy on a fall and winter day.

  6. Patty

    The fireplace has upped the cozy factor today as we watch snow swirl down here in South Dakota.

  7. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    Oops! Commented as a reply to someone else! Not sure how I did that! :)

  8. Amanda

    Thank you – we have one room that is physically and visually cold. I hadn’t thought about how faking architecture with a good statement piece could help.

  9. Mercedes

    Lovely! All great tips, I think texture is key ?

  10. Kathy

    We have a gas fireplace but can’t use it, so my solution is to put in a 25-light strand of battery mini-white lights around the logs. I turn them on about dusk for the evening. Doesn’t look like a “fire” but gives a glow & cozy feel to the fireplace! Sometimes you just have to “make do!” (am looking for some amber-colored replacement bulbs but haven’t found them for the battery lights).

  11. Kim

    I’m with Mercedes, texture is key. I love baskets, plants, throws, wood and white furniture as well as wicker. I use flameless battery operated candles on my mantle year round. I don’t like clutter, but love mixing in different textures in my home.

  12. Susan

    Great ideas to add coziness.

  13. Helene

    So many great ideas to choose from….

  14. jen S

    Love all your ideas! My next step to cozy is to find a rug I like for my living room!

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