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Dreaming of Home

by | Oct 30, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration | 17 comments

Dreaming of Home
House Beautiful

Do you ever just see an inspiration photo and think, that’s just what I want my home to feel like? Even if your inspiration room looks very little like your home?

Asking for a friend, haha.

Ah, y’all know I do this. I can’t help it. It’s what I do.

I love being inspired by a room or home or photo, whether or not there is any hope of mine having their exact architecture or not.

As I’ve said many times, I’m more into creating “a feeling” in the home I have than I am concerned about having the right style of home, or the exact furnishings.

Of course, it would be far easier to recreate a feeling when you have similar architecture or home and furnishing styles as your inspiration photo. But that’s not always possible.

Yet I think it makes life fun to have to get creative and use your imagination.

Let yourself dream. Find the things your home does have in common or could have in common with your inspiration photo and run with the feeling. Let go of perfect and be grateful for what you have. Don’t dream so much that you are never content with what you have!

But for the love of all things cozy and HOME, if you are a home person, don’t stop DREAMING!

Dream enough that you start to find doable and enjoyable ways to feel more at home where you are. Dream enough that you begin to see potential in what’s possible, or find a way to do what seemed impossible, or maybe until you discover creative potential where you didn’t see it before.

Just keep dreaming.

That’s all I have to say today, but let me know YOUR thoughts.

Do you let yourself dream a little?


  1. Bonnie Stoltzfoos

    Thank you for this encouragement! :) Hoping to set aside some time today to just sit down and dream – it gives me so much life! I love the feel of your inspiration room too!

  2. Patty

    I dream a lot, thanks to blogging inspiration. Thing is, sometimes I dream too long and wonder and then when I finally take the step to make even a small change, like move a little something, I am like….why did I wait so long as I love it!

  3. jen S

    I catch myself sitting in other peoples homes or looking through magazines and daydreaming about if it were mine I would do this or that. I love home design and decor.

  4. Helene

    Beautiful inspirational photo.
    Haha….I sometimes think it would be so much easier to just “jump” into the photo…..I think sometimes I dream too much!

  5. franki

    I, too, am a daydreamer!! Think that is why I adore my magazines, etc!! franki

  6. Shari

    I am always dreaming about my house. There are so many things I’ve been able to do to make it more what’s i want it to be that I never would have thought of if I hadn’t spent time dreaming. Thanks for sharing such great advice today! I agree 100%!

  7. Lani

    Ah, what a welcoming space. I so agree that it’s about the feel. My garden beds are about the feel. That’s why I keep moving things out there too! I have dreamed of adding board and batten to our eating nook. Ever since we added it to the back of our island and the end of our counters I knew it made sense to continue the “feel” there as well. So… I’m checking out our local lumber yard for more very thin poplar to start the job next week. We have a nail gun so easy peasy! Right! You did it again my friend. Go with my dreams!
    Thank you!

  8. Pat M.

    Unfortunately, I do more dreaming than I do taking steps to make it happen – even when it comes to “small” dreams. So easy to dream, so often difficult (or costly) to accomplish.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I love this room, too, Bonnie! And yes, for sure, take some time to dream! I think it does our creative side some good! xoxo

  9. Deb Pelton

    I’m my! Love the space at the beginning of your post! That certainly looks like the epitome of home to me. Cozy, inviting and lots of eye candy. Just love it. I think home is the place that you just want to be because it’s full of you and your family. It should have the pinch pot your granddaughter made in third grade, the picture of the ship your husband went to Nam on found by your grandson, the collection of old tin you and your husband have collected over time that just makes you smile. All the thing that bring memories flooding back of your life and love of family. This is basically what home is to me.

  10. Amanda

    Yes, I pin images all the time that look nothing like my house, and they kind of can’t ever look anything like my house, because it’s architectural things I like, and we’re not doing any expansive projects soon. I always appreciate the reminder that you can play up what you have.

  11. Mercedes

    Yes I agree on all of that haha

  12. Rachel

    I love a good inspiration photo to really get my creative juices flowing.

  13. sandyc

    You’re question was so right on, Melissa: “Do you ever just see an inspiration photo and think, that’s just what I want my home to feel like? Even if your inspiration room looks very little like your home?”

    Yes, yes, yes!!!. My computer files are loaded with such pics and my comments about the look or the feel of a room that is nothing at all like my room but speaks to me anyway. In fact, often something in a pic will stimulate that outside-the box thinking that leads me to solve a challenge I’m having. It’s wonderful fun.

  14. Micaela

    This is such great advice, and I love the picture of the home you shared.


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