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Tis the Season + Dwelling Well Journal

by | Dec 19, 2019 | Decorating Inspiration

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Tis the Season + Dwelling Well Journal

Tis’ the season for slowing down to savor what this season is all about.

Just before Thanksgiving I found out my thyroid had gone haywire again. Suddenly all of my festive holiday plans nearly came to a halt.

If you read my book Dwelling or have followed my wellness journey for awhile, you might remember that I have an auto-immune disease called Hashimoto’s (among other conditions I’ve experienced in the past including hypothyroidism, anxiety and panic attacks).

Over the years I have gratefully been able to almost completely reverse the debilitating symptoms I used to experience. Plus by focusing on health, I haven’t had a virus or any illness in over four years!

Tis the Season + Dwelling Well Journal

Staying well is not something I take for granted. It’s a daily commitment for me. But dealing with auto-immune diseases can be so tricky. Recently I had an unfortunate series of circumstances that sent my thyroid into another tailspin.

It’s a long story (I will share more on what happened after the holidays), but as a result, I discovered right before Thanksgiving that my TSH level had shot up to 208 (and many other levels tested equally horrible)!!!

For those of you who have thyroid issues, you know that number is definitely not good.

Tis the Season + Dwelling Well Journal

Gratefully (but surprisingly!!) other than being cold all the time, feeling like my brain hasn’t been keeping up with me :) and a few incidents of mild anxiety-like symptoms, I’m doing really well and on the mend.

I know if it wasn’t for my daily wellness routines, my strong immune system and good thyroid/endocrine/ support to help my body heal, I would be feeling terrible! I remember all too well how awful it can be.

But due to the severity of the thyroid levels and the importance of focusing on health, I decided at Thanksgiving that it was a good time to step back from everything I could and give myself an extended time to rest and heal.

Tis the Season + Dwelling Well Journal

It’s been a long time since I’ve taken this much time off, but over the years I’ve learned that it is so important that we listen to our bodies, that we pay attention to our health and that we give ourselves grace.

Making time for ourselves (especially around the holidays!) isn’t always easy for many of us. For me, big deadlines had to be postponed, holiday decorating and posts were put on hold, and I’ve had to let go of a few tasks and projects I had planned to complete this month.

While I wish I didn’t have to deal with autoimmune issues, I am so grateful to be able to make time for a quieter season. I’m very much enjoying it, in fact, I have found it to be inspiring my creativity, too! I’ve come up with so many new ideas for my home just by sitting still. I can’t wait to share them with you in the coming weeks.

Tis the Season + Dwelling Well Journal
Dwelling Well and Dwelling

Speaking of making time for ourselves, my brand new guided wellness journal, Dwelling Well, will be released the first week in January! Dwelling Well can complement your reading of Dwelling (but can be used completely independently).

The timing for this journal couldn’t be better for me and I hope for you, too.

I’m so looking forward to using this journal myself in 2020 to refocus and restore a healthy balance of well-being to my life. I’ll tell you more about the journal soon, but even if you aren’t a “journal person” I think you’ll find this one unique and so helpful! I hope y’all will preorder a copy (you don’t pay for it until it releases) and go through it with me this year!

What do you have planned for Christmas?

We have family coming up this weekend and I can’t wait! We will be making gingerbread houses, watching our favorite movies, eating good food, and going to a Christmas Eve service. And I intend to spend a lot of time curled up under my coziest blanket, sipping tea by the fire and reflecting on what this season is all about.


  1. Kim

    Hope you feel better with each new day. Enjoy your family and Merry Christmas Melissa! ? ?

      • April Steinert

        You cannot be truly present for those of whom you love if you don’t make yourself a priority first, so take good care and get lots of rest. We will all be waiting in the wings for your next post! Wishing you a joyous and healthy holiday season.

    • Teresa

      Love your transparency! Prayers for a complete recovery! I purchased your lovely book and journal last year and it was so inspirational in helping me create a safe and beautiful home in which I could reflect about changes I needed to make in my life in my own recovery journey from codependency. My theme song for 2019 was “Let it Go”. I am excited for 2020. Your book remains on my desk for continual inspiration for the transitions that are ongoing for the New Year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. Linda Grubbs

    I’m happy that you’re focusing on your well being. I know how hard it can be to pull back when times are busy…but life so precious. Sending you prayers and hugs for happy healing.

      • Nancy

        God bless you Melissa! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas full of family, peace, love, joy and some Christmas goodies??

    • Louise

      Melissa, I have Hashimoto’s, as well. I was finally diagnosed in 2008, and I’ve been on compounded desiccated porcine powder for years. It really helps! I, too, eat gluten-free, but other than that, my diet could be better. All 5 of my sisters have it, and 2 of my 3 children have it. There is a strong genetic component. I supplement daily with apple cider vinegar, and that keeps the sickness at bay for me. Rest is a huge component in giving your thyroid time to heal, so may God bless and heal you as you take a step back to allow that to happen. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I understand.

      • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

        Thank you Louise! I’ve been on the natural desiccated thyroid as well and prefer it by far. My original naturopathic doctor had his own formula but he passed away and his clinic closed so I’m trying other options! I’d love to hear which brand you like. Feel free to email or message me, I love hearing what works well for others, thank you so much! I agree rest and taking care of ourselves is so important to healing. I’m enjoying this extended time of rest!

  3. Lori

    You are blessed to have lots of family and friends around you. Take care of yourself and get lots of rest. Taking walks with my pups helps relieve some anxiety for me….well when it’s not 8 degrees out it does..brrrrrr….

  4. Ashley Urke | Domestic Fashionista

    I’m so sorry Melissa! How frustrating. I feel like we have gotten out of routine with moving and after we settle in I would like to get back on some healthier habits as well. How exciting for the new journal. I finally finished Dwelling during our cross-country trip and it was such an encouragement to me.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      It’s so easy to get out of healthy routines and put yourself last during a stressful season like a move! I’m so glad that Dwelling was an encouragement to you. XO

  5. s

    Melissa – snuggle up under the blanket, and how ever much you want to do something, be like the Queen for a while – i.e. “Could someone just get me a hot chocolate and a cookie please?”, ” Could I just have a small supper here by the fire?”, “Would you take the dogs round the block?” etc. etc. etc. Rest up and enjoy….. the blog can wait, and readers will be patient!! Merry Christmas xx

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I like how you think! Haha!! So funny but that sounds good to me, I might start sounding just like that ?!!

      And thank you! I appreciate your support and kindness so much. Merry Christmas!

  6. Diane Dickson

    I am so sorry you had a setback. Sounds like you are on the toad to recovery. I too have a thyroid condition. I look forward to reading your new journal.

  7. Susan Seale

    I hope you will be feeling 100% soon. I so enjoy your book and your eye for beauty and simplicity in design. I’m such a fan of yours. Happy and healthy new year to you!

  8. Helene


    Praying for a speedy recovery and a healthy holiday season for you.
    Enjoy your time with family and friends.

  9. Christine

    Praying for your complete healing. I want to get the new journal and will be pre-ordering it soon. Sitting by the fire and sipping tea sounds wonderfully peaceful. Everything else can wait. Take care of yourself and much love and blessings for this coming year. Have a wonderful Christmas. The love of Christ surrounds you.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you Christine! Your comment was so encouraging, I’m so grateful!! Merry Christmas!

  10. Lori

    I have Hashimoto’s too and have been on Synthroid for 20 years. Do you not want to take that drug because it’s synthetic? A few years ago with my doctor’s approval, I tried cutting the dose, but my TSH level rose after three months, so I had to go back to original dosage. I looked into Armour Thyroid many years ago but was trying to avoid all animal products so didn’t give this a go. I’d love to know more about your journey with this disease.

  11. Sharon

    Hoping you have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by loved ones. No one cares if our houses are perfect; they just want to be together. Enjoy your rest and I am praying for you.

  12. Jenny

    Take the time you need for your health concerns. We aren’t going away and will bide our time till you are well and active again. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      I’m so grateful for this community, thank you for your kind words and for being here Jenny! It means so much to me. Merry Christmas!

  13. Debbie Keith

    I’m so pleased to hear you’re on the mend. I love journaling, so yes, this sounds amazing. In the meantime, sending good thoughts for a return to full health and a Christmas filled with everything wonderful! ~ D.

  14. Rebekka

    Oh that old autoimmune. I had EBV virus in high school and it has affected my whole life. So I understand how you have to go to your quiet spot.

  15. Sue

    I know how you. I fell the week before Thanksgiving and broke my right shoulder. Being right handed there are so many things I can’t do. I have to wear an immobilizing sling so it has really cut back in what I can do. But I have to remember it could have been much worse. Hope you feel better soon. A Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Sue in Fl

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh I’m so sorry Sue! What a crummy way to start the holidays! That sounds painful. I hope you’re on the mend and feeling better. Merry Christmas!

  16. Jo Jo

    Praying you’re feeling well very soon and can enjoy your family and planned festivities! Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy New Year for you & yours filled with God’s Blessings!

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