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How to Start Organizing Your Home

by | Feb 12, 2020 | clean + simple, Organization

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How to Start Organizing Your Home

When we feel overwhelmed by disorder in our home, we often think we need to get better organized.

Where do we start? Add drawer dividers? Buy a new cabinet? Get some bins? Stuff things in baskets?

I ran across a post I had written years ago that offered a simple answer to this question. It’s still true today.

What we usually need to do first when we are overwhelmed isn’t to “organize” anything, it’s to pare down and declutter.

The less we have, the easier it is to find what we need.

The less we have, the less overwhelmed we feel.

The less we have, the less time we will spend maintaining and cleaning things.

The less we have, the less money we will want to spend buying new things we don’t need because we know they will just end up cluttering up our closets and cabinets.

The less we have, the more we will enjoy what we do have.

The less we have, the less “organizing” we actually have to do.

So while it’s probably the least fun part of organizing our home, decluttering is really the first step. But it’s the most rewarding and important step of all.

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Find inspiration and the strategies that inspired me to declutter and simplify in my book Make Room for What You Love.

How to Start Organizing Your Home

Get inspired to organize your home: Simple Organizing: Amazon or Barnes and Noble

How to Start Organizing Your Home

Love the Home You Have (NY Times Bestseller): Amazon or Barnes and Noble

How to Start Organizing Your Home
How to Start Organizing Your Home
How to Start Organizing Your Home
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  1. Nicole

    Love topics,tips,and reminders to declutter and live a simpler, well meaning life.!

  2. beck campbell

    Agree 100%…I believe the best way to get organized is to DECLUTTER! Or simply, get rid of “stuff.” When I clean out any space, I first empty it entirely and my goal is to “purge” at least 50% of what is in there…after a few
    “purges” that may seem difficult but you would be surprised at how quickly you fill up space with things that really aren’t NEEDED!!! Forget the whole “does it bring you joy” crud. If you have to think about its usefulness or purpose for more than 3 seconds, GET RID OF IT!!

  3. Toni Stockwell

    I am reading your “make room foe what you love “ book. I have a fairly organized home, but have slipped into some bad habits now that all my children are grown and gone. I really needed a boost and your book is giving me just that. Thank you

  4. Samantha

    Love that! It’s so true. I have been in decluttering mode and it has been so freeing! I really enjoyed Make Room For What You Love too!

  5. Corinna - TheBohoAbode

    Those are two of my favorite books! They’ve really helped shift my mindset to one of “less is more.” I’ve been able to let go of so many things that were just causing clutter in my mind AND home this past year.

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