10 Cozy Winter Kitchen Rituals (Part Two)

10 Cozy Winter Kitchen Rituals (Part Two)House Beautiful

10 Cozy Winter Kitchen Rituals (Part Two)

Hello! I so enjoyed readying your thoughts yesterday about winter in the kitchen. I hope you’ll tell me about your kitchen today in the comments, it’s fun for me to hear more about where you live! If you missed the first five tips in part one, you can go back and catch up after this post. Today we’ll just jump right in with #6 and the second half of the 10 ideas for cozy winter rituals to cheer us up in the kitchen.

10 Cozy Winter Kitchen Rituals (Part Two)BHG

6. Organize your kitchen.

I’ve just started organizing our new kitchen (not to worry, I’ll show you the entire kitchen just as soon as I can!). It is been a wonderful evening activity on these super cold nights when the kitchen is still warm from cooking. After I unload the dishwasher, I start puttering about the room assessing what would bring the most joy in each drawer.

10 Cozy Winter Kitchen Rituals (Part Two)Atlanta Homes

It’s enjoyable for me to find pretty containers to group spatulas, utensils or baking supplies. You can even use things you already have! Little bowls, trays and baskets make wonderful drawer organizers. If you don’t have something that would work, measure the drawers and make note of the sizes and shapes you need.

There’s a coziness and peace that comes from puttering and nesting in the wintertime. There’s a kitchen organization shop on the blog, so go see what might inspire you!

10 Cozy Winter Kitchen Rituals (Part Two)
The Inspired Room (my last kitchen sources and details)

7. Bring in light.

In the darkness of January, how could you bring more light to your kitchen? A reader yesterday spoke of having a skylight in her kitchen that warms up her space with sunshine and allows her to enjoy watching the birds outside even on a freezing day. Dreamy! While we can’t necessarily add in windows or wire in new lighting this month, maybe we could set a lamp on the counter or bring in some accessories that can provide a sense of warmth and light in a dark kitchen. Copper pots can reflect light and warmth that is already in the room.

Sometimes a lack of natural light can be compensated for by simply adding more warm homey touches. Go for an extra cozy vibe in the winter, not a sterile space.

8. Refresh your kitchen linens.

If your linens and dish towels have seen better days, cheer yourself up with a new set. Sometimes that’s all it takes to make a girl happy. Am I right? These buffalo checked towels are my current favorites and they are on sale right now!

10 Cozy Winter Kitchen Rituals (Part Two)

9. Focus on your health and well-being.

Make your health and happiness in the kitchen a priority! What are some special habits you could practice this month to contribute to your own well-being in the kitchen? Start every day with your blinds up and end the day with a clean sink.

I don’t enjoy drinking freezing cold water in the winter time (I’d much rather stick to holding a hot cup of coffee, ha!), but it’s a healthy way to start the day.

To help inspire me, I fill up my pretty mint colored Klean Kanteen with cold filtered water every morning. See my water bottle in the photo above? That’s a tiny kitchen sneak peek, too. :) Get a good water bottle here. Fun fact, I ordered a special bamboo and stainless cap for mine (not shown the photo) here.

When the bottle is empty, I refill it so I continue to drink plenty of water all day long (and I don’t add to the dishes in my sink!). Sometimes I even add in a little extra healthy zing with pure essential oils (only use in a stainless or glass water bottle and use oils labeled as safe for dietary use, find quality ones here) or a slice of lemon or lime so it tastes super refreshing.

10 Cozy Winter Kitchen Rituals (Part Two)House Beautiful

10. Prepare for spring.

Since winter can feel so dreary and lifeless, bring in things to remind yourself that spring is on the way. Add a plant or a tiered stand for brightly colored fruit or vegetables. Make a weekly trip to local farmer’s markets to bring home flowers. We love going to farmers’ markets in Seattle regularly right on through the season to pick up winter vegetables, fruit and inexpensive bouquets.

Use this season to plan a kitchen garden.  What herbs or vegetables could you grow in your garden this year?

10 Cozy Winter Kitchen Rituals (Part Two)BHG

So, tell me about your kitchen in the comments today! What do you love about it? What do you not love about it?

Don’t forget if you missed Part One of this post, you can catch up here!

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Kitchen Remodel Update: Sink Location & Counters Under Window

Kitchen Remodel Update: Sink Location & Counters Under Window

Happy Tuesday! Excuse the dark grainy cell phone pics but I wanted to give you just a quick update. It’s hard to get into the kitchen with contractors here all day until it’s almost dark!

There much is going on around my house right now. Fun stuff, but lots of it! With Christmas just around the corner we are in fast drive trying to get some projects done so we’ll be ready for family to arrive on December 25th.

Our appliances will arrive Friday and the finishing work in the kitchen will be happening before and after that, hopefully to be complete (or mostly complete) by Christmas. We have the flooring, cabinets and countertops all in so we are getting so close! The kitchen will be painted (walls and ceiling) hopefully next week.

Besides the kitchen project, our new flooring is finally scheduled to be installed downstairs in the family room and new office this Wednesday and Thursday. Yay! But basically that means our entire house is a mess upstairs and down and we have only two weeks to pull it all together before guests arrive. :)

Kitchen Remodel Update: Sink Location & Counters Under Window

I know most of us have Christmas on the mind, as we should, so I won’t be taking up a ton of your time talking about my kitchen until after Christmas! But since I’ve had several excited readers wanting an update, I thought I’d answer at least one of the questions we had about our galley kitchen layout.

Kitchen Remodel Update: Sink Location & Counters Under Window

^ kitchen before ^

Many of you might remember many months ago when I considered moving the location of our sink. With a lovely view from the back window out to our backyard and the water and mountains beyond, it just seemed like it made sense to at least move the sink to the back wall. At least it did to me!

We had a lot of ideas for opening up the kitchen or even moving it into the existing dining room. But at some point I had an epiphany about some good reasons to not move the sink and leave the whole kitchen right where it was.

With a galley kitchen, we needed to use (and will use) every inch of our available space. One of my pet peeves in a small kitchen like mine is if the counters have to be broken up too often by the sink and appliances or various heights of counters.

We were able to add a really nice long span of countertops and lots of drawers around the room and right up under the window (where there used to be a low desk-type counter and a microwave stand). We really needed the storage, so it was a win-win on many fronts.  Now we can have a clean and unobstructed view out our windows and still have plenty of storage and counter space t0 bake or lay out plates or even just daydream.

Kitchen Remodel Update: Sink Location & Counters Under Window

This is probably one of the worst pictures in the history of ever, but at least you can get the idea of the layout (and another little peek at the room!).

Remember, the walls and ceiling planks will be painted (I’ll discuss those elements in their own post!).

Sometimes we see a sunset (love that) out the back corner window, and sometimes we have to shield our eyes from the bright sun in the late afternoon of summer (it’s actually best to not have to stare straight out into the sun at that time, ha) or like this time of year, it’s dark before dinnertime. This photo was taken with my cell phone about 4:00 in December and it was almost totally dark within 20-30 minutes!

There are often dishes to load and unload from the dishwasher (which makes us turn our head to look out the window!), but there is also time dedicated to food prep, baking, entertaining, coffee-making, cleaning, and even just enjoying a clean kitchen. We can see out the window (and even through to the dining window!) during all of those activities and not just when we stand still at a sink.

It’s just a nice light and bright space to work in. With our sink on the side of the kitchen, we’ll be able to enjoy peaceful evenings with our guests in the living room without gazing at dirty dishes piled up on the stove or sink from dinner.

I can tell already I’m going to love the layout of our kitchen! We think this layout gives us the best of all worlds, the view, lots of light, function and style even in a small kitchen.

A window over a sink is a really pleasant experience, though. To make our sink wall feel like an extra special focal point, we changed out the existing average window with a round one. It fit right into the existing windows space and the window will be trimmed out to finish it. Don’t worry, you’ll get to see it all. Soon. Very soon. :)

Here are a couple of pretty inspiration photos that show a counter right up under a window (rather than a sink or upper cabinets!). It sure offers a nice clean view through the window.

Kitchen Remodel Update: Sink Location & Counters Under WindowSabbe Interior Design

Kitchen Remodel Update: Sink Location & Counters Under WindowNew England Home – Designer: Karen Swanson New England Design Works

Kitchen Remodel Update: Sink Location & Counters Under Window
Elizabeth Kimberly / Northstar Builders, Inc.

Kitchen Remodel Update: Sink Location & Counters Under WindowHGTV

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Have a great Tuesday!