How to Hang Plates, Platters & Bowls on a Wall {video}

How to Hang Plates, Platters & Bowls on a Wall {video}

I love hanging interesting objects on my walls, including my favorite plates, platters and even my Polish Pottery quiche plates in my dining room! But how do I actually get them to hang on the wall? How to hang plates on a wall is a FAQ answered here on The Inspired Room and one I’ve shared in The Inspired Room book, too. But today I thought it might be helpful and kind of fun if I actually showed you, so my daughter Courtney and I put together a little video as a visual. See below (make it full screen if you want to!) or click here to watch on YouTube!

You can find plate hanging supplies (as well as many other items from our home) in our online shop. You can also find them here and here.

How to Hang Plates, Platters & Bowls on a Wall {video}

Be sure to stop back later, I’ll finally post my latest ideas and a few more inspiration pics for my new dining room! I cannot wait to transform it into a room we’ll love spending time in. 

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How to Hang Plates, Platters & Bowls on a Wall {video}

Our Media Room {FAQ on our Navy Sectional}

Our Media Room {FAQ on our Navy Sectional}

From time to time I like to share some of my FAQ from readers on the blog.

Today I thought I would answer a question I get quite often about this room we call our “media room.” I haven’t talked about this room much, so no wonder there are always questions about the sectional and how it’s holding up! A couple of years ago we decided to create a media space upstairs in one of the bedrooms and move our TV from the family room upstairs. It’s not a really big room, so to make this space really cozy and functional for a big group to gather around for movie or game watching, we got a La Z Boy sectional years ago (the Collins).

I have to say that over two years and several dogs later, we still LOVE our sectional. It is so comfy, so soft, and has been really durable. None of the fears I had in choosing this sofa were founded, the wild dogs, the teen boy, the food … none of it has damaged the sectional!

We use this room all the time. We have dreams of ripping out the carpet and adding hardwoods in here, but that’s a someday plan (and honestly, how in the world does one get new hardwood floors in a fairly small room when you have a giant sectional like this? Hmmm). My husband uses this space as an office, too (he works from home during the week, still for our church) and so lately we’ve been working on a few changes to the space which I can show you once I find the time to take pics. :)

PS. The new leather love seat (toffee leather) I ordered back in September for the family room downstairs (see my post about why we are getting leather here) is scheduled to be delivered TODAY! Yay! Bonus, I got 25% because it was on sale. I’ll let you know what I think about it, soon!

Our Media Room {FAQ on our Navy Sectional}

Our Media Room {FAQ on our Navy Sectional}

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