The Kitchen Floor Plans {Before & After Bird’s Eye Sketch}

The Kitchen Floor Plans {Before & After Bird's Eye Sketch}
While it has been about ten months since my kitchen was officially “completed” enough to call it done,  I never did show you a sketch of what the room layout looked like before and after!

It was so fun to share each step of the remodel last year so you could follow along with the whole process before the reveal (because half the fun is in the journey, right? … if you can call remodeling mess fun heheh), but before I forget about these, I did want to go back and show you this “bird’s eye view” for a look at how moving the dishwasher and small section of cabinet transformed the room!

As you can see in the “before” sketch (and the photo below), our kitchen was divided basically in two by a stretch of counter top which caused lots of traffic jams. It made both sides of the kitchen, the cooking area and the eating area, too small and tight for our family to comfortably function and entertain. With six of us and now two dogs we wanted a bit more breathing room! And that basically is how the whole remodel began! :-)

The Kitchen Floor Plans {Before & After Bird's Eye Sketch}

We didn’t have to tear down walls or add on to make our space feel bigger, all it really took was removing one set of practically useless tiny junk drawers and an awkward corner cabinet and relocating the dishwasher to the right of the sink. We didn’t even have to sacrifice counter or cabinet space because now have six brand new drawers to the right of the dishwasher to hold our silverware and dishes, and a nice long counter next to the sink, making the kitchen much more efficient.

Of course, the other big change we made was to remove those cramped upper cabinets at the far end. And no, I still don’t miss them one bit. I love the breathing space over the lower cabinets!

The Kitchen Floor Plans {Before & After Bird's Eye Sketch}

The freestanding island we are using in the middle gives us additional counter space and storage, but still allows us to open the dishwasher and for traffic to flow easily around it. We also have room for a couple of bar stools with breathing room to spare. We may get a new island at some point, but it’s working well for us for now!

The small space where our kitchen table used to be was left intentionally open. Our dining room is right outside the kitchen so we don’t need another table at this point. When we entertain we like to have plenty of space for people to gather in that area without so many obstacles and without being in the way of the cook! Not to mention plenty of space for the pups to run around without running into tables and chairs. We sit in the chairs all the time and I just love how cozy it is to have comfortable chairs in the kitchen!

So, you finally have the bird’s eye view (sketch) of my kitchen! Now I’m itching to start something new. And after 8 days of the flu {!} I’m getting a little restless, so who knows what might happen next at my house. :-)

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Dish Addiction {Display Dishes on Open Shelves}

Dish Addiction {Display Dishes on Open Shelves}

One of the things I was most excited about in choosing a simple neutral color scheme for my kitchen (with charcoal base cabinets and white uppers) is that I could have fun by adding colorful dishes, books, towels or accessories. The look of my kitchen can change with my whims or with the season. It can be simple and neutral, or much more lively with a kaleidoscope of pattern or colors!

This summer I’ve especially been drawn to accessories in yellow and lots of plants. I don’t worry about staging open shelves perfectly, since the dishes and accessories themselves are cute and all work together just fine. It is nice to repeat colors a few times, but that is usually the extent of the thought I put into styling. With the variety of finishes in my kitchen I can also add in accessories from silver to gold and it all feels right at home.

I use the dresser in our family room to store extra dishes. That way I can just bring out certain colors of dishes or seasonal items to use on my open shelves and keep others in drawers. My dream is to have built-ins in both my family room and front room / dining room so I can have even more room to store my favorite accessories and dishes for the kitchen.

While I’m all for paring down in life and not having excess we don’t need, there is something I really love about having a variety of pretty but casual every day dishes and serving items. We no longer have fancy china or crystal, we only keep what we love and would really would use day to day.

And since we do like to entertain, it is fun to have items we can use for any occasion. Most of our main dishes are white, but I do enjoy having special colored and patterned salad and dessert plates to mix things up!

Since we use our dishes frequently we don’t worry too much about dust as they are getting washed regularly. And just like any surface in our home, when we clean we dust everything off. Yes, dust happens, but we do try to keep our kitchen as clean as possible. That is one of my favorite things about a remodeled kitchen I love so much, I am very inspired to keep it clean and pretty!

Do you love dishes on open shelves as much as I do?