My Spring Mantel

My Spring Mantel

Spring Decorating

Last week I was very ready to give my family room mantel a little spring lift!

I couldn’t think of a better way to nudge spring along than to add some new spring plants and a moss wreath. Green is the perfect color for the first glimpse of SPRING! The plants will likely meet their demise before Spring is actually over, this is true, but I’ll enjoy every minute of their life on my mantel. Hopefully I will not forget to water them.

And the moss wreath, yes, I know I could have made it myself. But I didn’t. And this one was affordable, perfect, DONE and didn’t require me to glue gun bits of moss to my fingers. SOLD. True story.

I love decorating with all my heart and sometimes I like to make things, but usually I just like to look at pretty stuff. LOOK, not glue. Not injure myself. Not get frustrated when I mess something up and have to throw it in the garbage. Clearly I’m Not a DIY Diva and sometimes I just don’t even want to try to be one. I’m OK with that.

{Changing subject} Do you ever buy orchids at Trader Joe’s? Always lovely.

My Spring Mantel

The mantel needed a little something else to finish it off so I brought out those ever useful plastic craft eggs from last year’s display (below) and stole a few of them for the mantel. They add just a little hint of yellow, which I love.

My Spring Mantel

The egg branch creation from last year. Now THAT is my kind of DIY. No glue guns or burns involved. And you really can’t kill a plastic egg.

My Spring Mantel

These little flowers from the plant on the mantel were so precious and dainty I just had to bring them home.

I think the flowers are a type of winter rose but I can’t really remember what the garden person said they were. So, I just call them pretty.

My Spring Mantel

Come on, Spring. My mantel is ready for you.

Do you love browsing through pretty garden stores like I do?  Even though I eventually kill all plants I bring home (let’s just be honest here), I just LOVE walking through crushed gravel pathways looking at pretty plants. It is kind of therapeutic for me.

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5 Spring Mantel Decorating Tips {Roundup}

5 Spring Mantel Decorating Tips {Roundup}

5 Spring Mantel Decorating Tips {Roundup}Nibs

Today I thought I’d round up some of my favorite spring mantles. My own mantle is finally complete but you’ll have to wait until next week to see it because I need to take pictures for you first! I’ve been trying to catch up on some projects this week so I’ll be able to show you what is going on!

Meanwhile, since we have been talking about spring decorating, here are some mantles from around blog land that I like and why  I like ’em.

I can be a bit persnickety so sometimes it helps me to analyze why I like something and how it can be duplicated! PS. If you are on Pinterest, I’d love it if you would pin this post by its banner (5 spring mantles) to remind yourself of the round up, but it would be great if you would pin your favorite individual mantles to the original source so they can get the full credit. Thanks!

Be Bold.

The first one (above) by Nibs struck me as unique with the dramatic wallpaper backdrop and accessorized with simple watering cans and a bunny print. Sometimes, simple paired with bold is just better. Bigger pattern on the wallpaper, bigger watering cans times two, one simple themed print. Bolder is almost always more visually appealing on a mantle so generally it is best to err on the side of boldness..

5 Spring Mantel Decorating Tips {Roundup}
Perfectly Imperfect

Use Contrasts.

This mantel from Perfectly Imperfect is lovely. It has a great mix of dark and light, rough and smooth textures mixed with soft beachy colors, symmetrical and not symmetrical all in one. Just the way I like it.

5 Spring Mantel Decorating Tips {Roundup}

Craftberry Bush

Try Layering.

This is an interesting one. While it does have quite a few smaller items which ordinarily might get lost on a mantle, this one is filled in nicely by layering the window frames and a mix of plants and white accessories. The unique layout with the caged plant on the books takes center stage, making the center of the mantel more of a focal point.

5 Spring Mantel Decorating Tips {Roundup}

The Lettered Cottage

White dishes and greenery always work.

This mantle from Lettered Cottage has been around awhile, but it is still one of my favorites.  As a collector of white pitchers myself I find them to be among the most versatile accessories I own.  Pair them with some spring green accessories and you can go from winter to spring with minimal fuss.

5 Spring Mantel Decorating Tips {Roundup}Centsational Girl

Make a color statement with pops of color.

And last but not least, a mantle from my buddy Kate proves that white with a pop of repeated color is a great formula for any mantel display.

Oh, and UPDATE! here is my own spring mantel, finally complete!

5 Spring Mantel Decorating Tips {Roundup}

The Inspired Room Spring Mantel

Do you have any almost spring weekend plans? In the northwest we set our clocks ahead this weekend. Do you “spring forward” where you are?

5 Spring Mantel Decorating Tips {Roundup}

5 Spring Mantel Decorating Tips {Roundup}