Dwelling: The Heart of the Home-Maker

Dwelling: The Heart of the Home-Maker

Today is launch day for my new book Dwelling!

I love hearing the wind chimes in the trees outside our open windows. They chime softly, gently playing a soft melody as the wind blows. They are one of the few man-made sounds that really relax me. I thrive best in quiet spaces. I prefer hushed voices; soft, soothing music; silenced TVs and computers.

Of course, my home doesn’t always sound or even feel peaceful. It can be rather chaotic. Dogs barking at who-knows-what, TVs blaring, people swearing (well, not so much swearing, but it rhymed better than people speaking in loud voices).

Dwelling: The Heart of the Home-Maker

Nevertheless, I can tell my house is growing quieter. It’s probably quieter right now than it’s ever been. Soon my husband and I will be empty nesters. Our son, the baby of the three, is graduating from high school this June and he’ll be off to college.

I can sense the seasons in our home changing. Some days, the changes around us feel more vivid and alive than others. Other days, things feel a little cloudy or foggy.

Part of me is excited for the newness of what is to come, part of me is still holding on, and part of me is feeling that sense of “uneasiness” that comes with the unknown of all that is ahead.

We’ve had two girls already leave the nest (quite a few years ago now!), so I know that it is wonderful to be in a season with grown children. But I scarcely can imagine what it will feel like to be truly empty nesters.

Dwelling: The Heart of the Home-Maker

I want to savor these remaining days, just like I tried to savor what I could in each of the seasons that came before this one. It’s not always easy to do, though, is it? In the chaos of young family life, finding the peace and quiet I thought I needed to savor anything felt almost impossible at times.

But after all of these years as a “home maker” (I use that term to describe myself as a maker of a home, whether I also worked outside of it or not) I can say this for sure:

All we can really do to be at peace in any season is to be as intentional as we can. How can we live well in the season we find ourselves in? We don’t have to know how to do everything perfectly. Who really knows how to do it all, anyway? We don’t. We should be always growing. Always learning. Always adapting. Always giving ourselves grace while bringing as much of our heart and soul as we can into every season of our home.

Dwelling: The Heart of the Home-Maker

Whether we are in a season of loud or quiet, peaceful or wild, happy or less-so, we already have in front of us what we need to savor today.

Dwelling: The Heart of the Home-Maker

Today is book launch day!

Today is book launch day for my new book Dwelling! I’m always blessed in these seasons to hear from others that I am not the only one who feels so deeply about being intentional in the place we call home.

Dwelling is not so much about the structure of a house, or the decor we fill our home with (although you know I feel deeply about that, too!) but it is more about the ways we can care for ourselves and the people IN it.

Dwelling is a simple book to read or scan through, but ideally one you’ll want to slow down and read with intention.

Let reading it slowly be a gift of self-care!

There are journal questions to spark ideas and to help you process your own thoughts. You’ll find prompts that I hope will stir your heart and inspire you to action. Read with pen in hand. Paper to write on and an open heart to see the blessings always in front of you.

If you haven’t ordered your copy, it is ready to ship today!

You can order your copy of Dwelling here!


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Dwelling: The Heart of the Home-Maker

Feel Well Where You Dwell + Dwelling Launch Week Giveaways!

Feel Well Where You Dwell + Dwelling Launch Week Giveaways!

A home should be sacred space. It’s a place where we should feel our best, a safe shelter in the world where we can learn to better care for ourselves and the people inside.

We should be able to turn the key and feel warmly welcomed inside. To create a nurturing space, we must become more mindful of the atmosphere that inspires us to feel our best.

Feel Well Where You Dwell + Dwelling Launch Week Giveaways!

We are the gatekeepers in our own home. In many ways, we get to decide what crosses our threshold.

This really is a powerful responsibility and a tremendous gift we can give to ourselves and the people we love.

Caring deeply for our dwellings, both home and body, matters deeply.

We can’t control everything that comes into our home or life, of course, but I believe there is always something we can do to feel a little better. That’s what Dwelling is all about. The simple things we can do.

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Feel Well Where You Dwell + Dwelling Launch Week Giveaways!

A home is more than just a structure to hold belongings or shelter us from the elements. It’s where our very life is lived. It’s a place for enriching conversations and celebrations. It’s a setting where memories are made, a place to create moments we want to hold sacred.

A home becomes the atmosphere where we raise a family and love those with whom we share life. Intentionally designing a home that nurtures and inspires the life we want to live is crucial to our well-being.

Melissa Michaels, Dwelling (2019)

The choices we make for ourselves and for our home will not only impact our health and how we feel in profound ways, but they can change the world around us.

Tuesday my brand new book, Dwelling, will arrive in homes around the country (and maybe even the world!). Will it arrive in yours? I hope so!

I’ll admit, book launches make me nervous. It’s a vulnerable feeling to open your door (and heart) to let so many people in.

Feel Well Where You Dwell + Dwelling Launch Week Giveaways!

Learning to take better care of our own dwellings (both home + body) is such a personal journey. Yours won’t look or feel exactly like mine, so I don’t pretend that I have all of the answers for you. I know I don’t.

But I hope as you read this book (as fellow HomeBodies!), you’ll agree there are things we can do and improvements we can make. And if we start sharing our stories with friends and encouraging others to share theirs, I think we will all feel better.

This is what I hope for most of all.

Feel Well Where You Dwell + Dwelling Launch Week Giveaways!

As Dwelling travels to homes this week and in the months to come, I hope it will be used to open more doors, start more conversations and build more connections so we can all learn and grow from each other.

Would you share your stories with me and fellow HomeBodies? I’d love to connect with you and hear how this book impacts your life.

If you find the messages in Dwelling worthy of sharing with friends, or think others would benefit from this book, I’d love for you to share it online or in person and leave a review on Amazon, too!

There are quotes and book images you are welcome to use or pin here. Use #dwellingbook and #feelwellwhereyoudwell and tag me @theinspiredroom when you share on Instagram so I can find your posts.

And please feel free to message me any time! I love to connect with you.

As we cross paths and link arms on this journey, I just know we’ll become good friends!

If you haven’t ordered Dwelling yet, you can get your copy here.


Feel Well Where You Dwell + Dwelling Launch Week Giveaways!

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