Create A Home on Purpose

Create A Home on Purpose

Do you have a clear idea of what your home is for? Sure, it’s a shelter and that is a blessing. But hopefully, it means even more than that. We all use our homes in different ways and have unique goals in life we want to achieve. I believe our home can inspire us to do those great things we feel called to do, both inside and outside our home, but it all starts with identifying what your home is for and what it means to you. That clarity of purpose can offer you the focus and inspiration you need to move forward and embrace your dreams!  And not only that, but a statement of your intention can offer relief from the unrealistic expectations we bring upon ourselves or feel from others.

My home has a distinct purpose for our family. I shared our own statement in my book Love The Home You Have. How can you create the home environment you need to reach your goals and live an authentic life? You’ll find plenty of suggestions for creating your authentic home in the book, so start there! Once you’ve read the book, take those ideas and inspirations and turn them into a practical statement of purpose for your home!

You can find a Home Purpose Statement sheet here that you can use to write out your statement. Put it in your home notebook or hang it where it can inspire you daily!

Now that you have a clear purpose for your home, see how it will inspire you! As you begin to create the home of your dreams, come join us and share your Home Love Stories!