5 Budget Friendly Take Away Design Tips

5 Budget Friendly Take Away Design Tips
House & Home | Photographer: Virginia Macdonald | Designer: Jack Creasy Bloomsbury Fine Cabinetry
5 Budget Friendly Take Away Design Tips

1. Create a New Mood with Color

It’s important to consider how the natural light and other architectural features impact the feel of a space. Incorporating a moody color palette (like in this Modern English Country kitchen) can play up a dramatic ambience for your home!

5 Budget Friendly Take Away Design Tips
One Kings Lane

2. Paint an Old Wood Floor!

Painted wood floors can look amazing and solve flooring problems, too. In our own home we have several areas of wood floors that don’t match the floors in other rooms. Maybe paint is the answer!

5 Budget Friendly Take Away Design Tips

5 Budget Friendly Take Away Design Tips
House & Home | Photographer:Virginia Macdonald | Designer:Cory DeFrancisco

3. Double the Impact of Creative Storage

Lidded baskets are among my all-time favorite storage pieces. People often ask where I keep extra pillows, blankets and seasonal decor! Baskets are my go to solution. Double the potential storage space and design impact with two baskets behind a sofa, under a console or near chairs.

5 Budget Friendly Take Away Design Tips
One Kings Lane | Photographer:Manuel Rodriguez | Habitually Chic

4. Divide and Conquer the Room!

I love this solution for a small room or a long wall. This is another idea I’ve considered for my own living room. Freestanding bookcases add character and storage, break up a long wall (or long room) and create a cozier niche for furniture.

5 Budget Friendly Take Away Design Tips
One Kings Lane

5. Be Bold with Blues

While I love the classic look of navy blue and white, I think utilizing several shades of blue brings a fresh modern coastal feel to a space.

What ideas are inspiring your home lately?

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Dwelling Well + Giveaways

Dwelling Well + Giveaways

Today I wanted to introduce you to the other two very special friends who are a part of my Dwelling book launch blog tour (and make sure you follow the links below so you can get two more additional entries in the epic giveaway!). Sandy from Reluctant Entertainer and KariAnne of Thistlewood Farms.

Both of these ladies have amazing blogs. While they are unique from each other, they each communicate a message about “dwelling well” that is so important!

Each of these ladies live their lives to the full. And isn’t that why we need to take better care of ourselves, so we can live life to the fullest? Both of these ladies bring their sense of joy for life to their home and to their readers!

Dwelling Well + Giveaways

KariAnne (Thistlewood Farms) has quite a talent for describing her life and home in a funny story that often ends up with important take away lessons. I just love reading her posts. She recently was able to purchase her gorgeous childhood home and move back into it (which would totally would be my dream, too!).

Fun fact, KariAnne and I have been working together for the past year or two to write a decorating book that will be released this September!

KariAnne is the author of several other books, too, including her newest book on decorating styles. You can find her new book The DIY Style Finder here and her other books are here.

Get another entry into the epic giveaway by commenting and entering on this post on Thistlewood Farms blog!

Dwelling Well + Giveaways

The other friend featured on my book tour that I want to introduce you to today is Sandy, the creator of the inspiring blog Reluctant Entertainer. I love her tagline, Feast on Life! And boy does she ever live that out!

Not only does Sandy savor her own life, from enjoying nature in the great outdoors to traveling extensively with her husband, but they open their home to be hospitable to many people!

She serves good food and shares conversations around the table to build true connections and relationships.

I share lots of tips in Dwelling for gathering a community, friends and family, as well as for being in inviter of people and a joy bringer. Things Sandy does so well!

You’ll find all of her recipes, inspiration and tips for genuine hospitality, home and life on her Reluctant Entertainer and Instagram. Also, I LOVE all of the amazing charcuterie boards she makes. You’ll be inspired, go check them out!

Sandy is a true delight to follow!

You can get another entry in the epic giveaway by commenting and entering on this post on Reluctant Entertainer!

* * * * * *

Dwelling Well + Giveaways

If you haven’t yet entered the giveaway on The Inspired Room or the other blogs mentioned, you can do so here! One lucky winner will win ALL of the items above!

Thank you all so much for your support this week during my book launch. For the sweet comments, for sharing Dwelling with your friends and family, for the kind reviews…it all means so much to me. I am grateful for all of the ways you’ve helped me spread the messages of this book with others!


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