Inspiration for Creative & Unique Kitchens

Inspiration for Creative & Unique Kitchens

Coastal Living

With the holidays just around the corner, our kitchens are the hub for entertaining once again! And with entertaining at home, comes a fresh look at everything we’ve neglected around the house. Suddenly we notice the peeling paint, the lack of storage, the tired or outdated decor and all the flaws we somehow managed to live with all summer.

Inspiration for Creative & Unique Kitchens


Inspiration for Creative & Unique Kitchens

Coastal Living

I’ve been known to kick into high gear on redecorating or remodeling projects just weeks before holidays (or right before I put a house up for sale!). I get more done under pressure, I guess. I think that is because I start throwing out any notions of perfection and move quickly past all indecision.

I get down to business, solve problems and finish projects in record time. I start hanging pictures that sat on the floor for months. Minor repairs get made. I start touching up paint. I finish a project creatively that had been waiting for the perfect solution.

And really, when I work with a limited budget, using things I already have, and I find creative solutions to solve problems, the end result is a room no one else could duplicate. And I often end up with a room I love all the more because of the creativity that went into the room.

If you are wanting to add a little creative zing to your kitchen before the holidays, enjoy these inspiration photos and tips!

Inspiration for Creative & Unique Kitchens

Inspiration for Creative & Unique Kitchens


Inspiration for Creative & Unique Kitchens
Coastal Living

Inspiration for Creative & Unique Kitchens


Inspiration for a Creative & Unique Kitchen:

  1. Bring in a desk or dresser to supplement storage and workspace.
  2. Punch up the personality with color, stained glass, chandeliers, or checkerboard floors.
  3. Add fresh new or vintage accessories to liven up a tired kitchen in a hurry.
  4. Scour “rebuilding” centers for reclaimed items to add character.
  5. Rethink the need to buy new…your old bookshelves could become your new china cabinet!

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Inspiration for Creative & Unique Kitchens


  1. I added a cheery little windowsill herb garden, which will come in handy as I prepare all those Holiday dishes!

    I also did some instant decorating by adding some hurricanes, glass pieces & beaded garland combined with some Holiday scented candles! (Pics are over on my blog, past the cookies!)

    I am really looking forward to the Holidays this year!

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  2. Does picking up all the stacks of papers and clutter count as freshening up your kitchen?? ha.

    I love these older kitchens. So cute.

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  3. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall says:

    The kitchen is my favorite room in the home. Love the first one, all the color!

  4. I do like the red in the kitchen today :-)

    My favorite, though, is that first pic with all those windows!! I would love that.. excpet for maybe cleaning them…lol..

    God bless,

    Sallies inspiring blog post..Someone has to win… someone has to lose

  5. I love the really unique, personalized kitchens. I am so bored with the typical box look on the walls……..bring on the open shelves, glass doors, freestanding pieces, etc. I think I may just tackle painting my old pine wood boxes before the holidays, as soon as I get through my son’s wedding this weekend!!!

  6. Just yesterday I was thinking I should spruce things up with new paint before I decorate for the Christmas season… Thanks for the creative and unique kitchen ideas, that’s my room the most attention since we live in the kitchen.

  7. Oh what yummy and inspirational ideas! I always start a massive decorating spree before the holidays too :)


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  8. I love these kitchens, Melissa. Have you visited Linda, at Lime in the Coconut? She’s on my blog list, at the top of the list. You should she her kitchen!! In fact you should see her home! Amazing! I love it. I think you will like her kitchen, designed and put together by Linda.

    Pats inspiring blog post..~Fifty-One Days~

  9. Love all the kitchen inspiration, I have a thing for kitchens even though I don’t use my to its full potential! Thanks for the sharing and for the ideas…I love re-using and recycling old furniture/goodies! Brings so much character to your house/kitchen!

    ~ Tara~

  10. Love the pictures- don’t know what’s up with me lately but I’m really starting to like light and airy kitchen- totally something new for me-
    Great ideas- we are looking to buy a small second home- I will be saving all your great ideas-
    side note: good luck with all your new adventures- hope to hear more about them :}

  11. I always love to come here for inspiration. You always have great ideas. I tend to have lots of projects all over my guest room but when I have a deadline, everything gets done too.

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  12. oh, i have found my dream kitchen! i love that little one with the hula skirt for a cabinet curtain…i can dream i live on the big island :)



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  13. Cara Mirabella says:

    Last year, I painted a wall in my kitchen RED. It was the best thing I did as far as decorating the room! It actually made the plain white stock cabinets look better. I also added a book-case to hold my appliances and some decorative accessories.

    Fantastic ideas!

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  14. What a wonderful post! I think kitchens are my favorite rooms to decorate, these are fabulous!

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  15. wonderful post. great ideas just what I was in the mood for today. I love the kitchen and continue to tweek it to make it cozy and with personality.

    LuLus inspiring blog post..Thoughtful Find

  16. JUST what I needed today! I am getting ready to spiff my kitchen up just a bit. Thanks for the push in the right direction!

  17. I am beginning to get the itch to go through my home with a white glove and an eye for change. I would love to get everything n order before the holidays so I can relax and enjoy the beauty. These kitchens are so beautiful, they give me lots of ideas:>)

    Kathys inspiring blog post..I voted

  18. I swear, I’m often jealous when I look at the pictures you post. I don’t really have time to look at home magazines most of the time and I’m so inspired by the different looks and ideas, and all the creativity in the rooms you find for us.

    I can’t wait to have a place of my own, something I can decorate. Then I’ll send YOU pictures!

  19. love the kitchen brightness!

    lylah ledners inspiring blog post..Becoming an On-Purpose Home Keeper Series – Part Four

  20. Oh, I SO wish hubby would let me paint our cabinets. Wonder how upset he’d be if I did it while he was away for work…LOL. Oh, if only I was so selfish. He likes his things the way they are. He threw a fit when I changed the over-the-sofa artwork. I’ll go easy on him.

    Debs inspiring blog post..What DO You Do?

  21. Wow I love all those beautiful kitchens. I love the ones that have all that personality and unique looks. Charming just charming.

    Karins inspiring blog post..ENTERTAINING ON A DIME

  22. I love your blog, who needs magazines? Excellent ideas and such a warm focus on family and improving things for those around us.

    Please stop by to pick it up .

  23. Now I just want all those kitchens for my own! (Mine’s so dinky.) You find the best photos. Good luck with your moving–I’m eager to see what you do with your projects this season.

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  24. Beautiful pictures full of inspiration :)

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  25. Thanks for picking some our staff favorites.

    If y’all are interested in more kitchen inspiration, we recently picked several of our favorites for a special gallery. Here is the link:
    You might notice that our site has a new look too. We are very proud of our new design just launched this month.

    Gayle, Online Editor,

  26. Beautiful!

  27. I love seeing new kitchen ideas! One of these days, I’ll work more on mine – too many other things to get done right now.

    I know what you mean on houses – all of our houses looked their best right before we sold! And we always thought – why didn’t we do this sooner? We plan on staying put in this one and are trying to gradually keep making it the way we want instead of putting it off.

    Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolatess inspiring blog post..Bloggy Giveaway Winners!

  28. i just love those colored bottles one the sill with a single flower in them! and i love the tip about using old bookshelves. i actually put two in my kitchen which hold my small cooking appliances, cereal and baking materials. they work great and everything is visible and within reach.

  29. Natalie Harmer Designs says:

    just beautiful! lovely colours :) love the first one
    .-= Natalie Harmer Designs´s last blog ..Top Floor “Ethereal” Rug =-.

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