Vote Here! Scent-sational Giveaway!

Vote Here! Scent-sational Giveaway!Scratch N’ Sniff Gingerbread (via Flickr: Gaeten Lee


It is our first HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY DAY! Let’s debate and VOTE on something a little less stressful than political issues, shall we? Like our favorite scents! [enter BIG SNIFF!]. There is nothing more festive than a home that smells wonderful! So to kick off the delicious scent of the holidays, we have a super fun giveaway!

The other day I came home and was greeted by a HORRIFIC smell as I walked in the door. Fish. We had cooked fish for dinner the night before and accidentally forgot the fish wrapping in the garbage! PEEEWWW! It was nasty. I thought for sure something had died.

But, lucky for me, URBAN BOTANIC had just sent me a box of yummy smelling fragrance oils and a scent warmer! Yippee! I whipped that baby out and before long, my house smelled like Christmas. Sigh. I love delicious smelling rooms.

Scent is such a powerful thing, isn’t it? Sometimes I will catch a whiff of something and suddenly I am transported back to another place and time.

I am very excited to introduce you to the lady that is sponsoring our giveaway today! McKenna Gordon is a reader of The Inspired Room and has started a great home & personal fragrance business called Urban Botanic.

The great thing about her products is there is no flame, no wick, no wax, and no harmful chemicals! And, all the fragrances can be customized and unique to you. And wouldn’t it be cool to BE a fragrance designer? You can check out that option at her site too! She is new to blogland so please visit her site and show her how awesome bloggers are! Thanks McKenna for hosting this great giveaway for us!

Vote Here! Scent-sational Giveaway!


Vote Here! Scent-sational Giveaway!


The Home Collection from Urban Botanics. Retail value is $49.95. It includes a Fragrance Warmer of the winner’s choice (colors are White, Black, Latte, Sage and Denim) and 3 fragrance oils, you choose the from the collections below! You can use just one fragrance at a time, or personalize your scent with a combination of the three!

Vote Here! Scent-sational Giveaway!


German Chocolate Cake – Chocolate, Brown Sugar & Coconut
Almond Cookie – Almond, Maple Spice, & Coconut
White Linen – Freesia, Green Tea & Waterlily
Maui Pear – Pina Colada, Coconut & Pear
Coconut Lemongrass – Verbena, Coconut & Lemon
Harvest Spice – Allspice, Maple Spice & Cinnamon
Sunshine & Pomegranate – Grapefruit, Mandarin & Pomegranate


You can tell us about your favorite scents (either for your home or personal) here in the comments (no hanging chads or double entries allowed)! Leave a comment with your favorite scent and you’ll be automatically be entered into the giveaway! Contest closes on Friday November 7th, 9PM PST and winner will be drawn by a random number generator.



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  1. Sounds DELICIOUS ~ and my favorite would have to be:


    Jans inspiring blog post..Come to Jesus and Pray

  2. I love anything that smells “fall baked”. Apples, spices, pumpkin and so on.
    For spring/summer, I love the smell of pear or freshly cut grass.

  3. hmmmm My favorite scents vary with the mfg. I like a very good vanilla and I have an apple pie candle at my office that smells great too. I use lavender essential oil often to scent my home. EO’s are more predictible in their fragrances. I like some florals but find there is a big difference among various manufacturers.

    Kay Phillipss inspiring blog post..I’m Knitting!

  4. White Linen, hands down for me. I love how soothing Green Tea is (I wear Elizabeth Arden “Green Tea Lotus” everyday to work!) & I think I have 3 Water Lily candles going at the moment!

    Jinxs inspiring blog post..Spiced Cafe Mocha Cookies & Dragonlings

  5. peg karrasch says

    Anytime of the year I enjoy the strong spicy smells..cinnamon, cloves, gingerbread. It reminds me of the holidays. But for a night on the town Estee Lauder’s Knowing has always been my very favorite scent.

  6. Christie Groth says

    I would say my #1 favorite would be lemongrass.

    Christie Groths inspiring blog post..Is it over yet???

  7. For my home in the fall and winter Iwould definitely choose Harvest Spice. Of course, my choice would be a little different in the spring/summer. That time of year I enjoy cucumber/pear type scents. What a nice giveaway. :)

    Staceys inspiring blog post..Vote America!!

  8. I am casting my vote for Harvest spice.

    Hope at Monkey Giggless inspiring blog post..In God We Still Trust

  9. My favorite is definately Harvest Spice! What a wonderful giveaway. I love wonderful scents. With cats and kids flames are not an option! LOL :)

  10. They all seem like they would small AHmaazing…but I would love to try the Almond Cookie. Wow.

  11. In the cold months I love anything smelling of cinnamon, so definitely my vote is for Harvest Spice.
    What a great giveaway! I’m off to check out McKenna’s Urban Botanic link…

  12. For my home I vote for fresh, citrusy scents, probably like the Coconut Lemongrass.


  13. This time of year, nothing would beat Havest Spice…fall scents bring such a warm and inviting feeling to a home.

  14. So many to chose from. Perhaps the smell of a newborn baby. Although, that German Chocolate Cake sounds divine. Chocolate, brown sugar and coconut – what’s not to like?

    Merediths inspiring blog post..Happy Bags!

  15. The White Linen sounds lovely! I love for my house to smell fresh and clean like laundry.

    Joelles inspiring blog post..An apple a day…

  16. I LOVE vanilla. Anything that smells like vanilla. I live in Florida and we won’t be having hanging chads today! I am off to vote:)

  17. I usually like vanilla and lavender, especially together. I also really like Sunshine and Pomegranate above… maybe I’ll try something citrusy in the near future!

  18. Harvest spice! Especially this time of year!

    Jens inspiring blog post..{full moon – halloween style}

  19. mmm Almond Cookie sounds delish!

  20. Yummy! I would love Harvest Spice! Ü

  21. I love a variety of scents. Right now the spicy scent of fallen leaves in a forest have to be my seasonal favorite! I also love vanilla, grapefruit, cookies baking, and warm bread. Some of these are not scents you would find in a store, but they are wonderful in my home:>)

    Kathys inspiring blog post..300th Post Give-Away

  22. It depends on the season. In spring and summer I love citrus scents so I’d love the Sunshine and Pomegranate. In the fall I am all about vanilla and cinnamon – so the harvest spice.

    Emilys inspiring blog post..Sunday Link Love: Sugar Overload Edition

  23. How could one choose?? I’m between German Chocolate Cake and Coconut Lemongrass. . . .I think the lemongrass is winning.

  24. What a great giveaway! I LOVE the sound of all of the scents, but I think I’d choose Sunshine & Pomegranate because of the uplifting properties of the scents – perfect for dreary winter.

  25. It would be Almond Cookie. Anything cookie is a good thing…

  26. I like sents that make you feel like you just walked into a warm house where someone has been baking all day. Yum

    Stephanies inspiring blog post..Sewing Seeds

  27. MMM…Almond Cookie….(drool)

    supermommys inspiring blog post..Not That I Think You Need A Reminder But…

  28. Melissa: I love the idea that there are NO harmful chemicals because all that I burn in my home are the pure soy or bees wax candles. I also hate nasty cooking odors so I cast my vote from the selection as:
    Harvest Spice – Allspice, Maple Spice & Cinnamon..perfect fo holiday scented house!

  29. Oh these sound amazing. I love filling my home with delicious smells. For me scent is tied so closely to my memories so I like scents from my childhood…Harvest Spice sounds closest to the Harvest candle my mom used to burn when I’d come home from college on fall or Thanksgiving break. That’s my vote!

    Kristens inspiring blog post..It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  30. sunshine & pomegrante sounds WON-DER-FUL! I make a soap that I love the scent of – Bamboo & Green Tea but it sounds like this one could win me over.

  31. Thanks for hosting such a great give-away! I would have to chose Harvest Spice, perfect for the holidays! I just adore your site, its packed pull of information and I visit often, you did a beautiful job on every aspect of it!! Im also having my very first …..GIVE-AWAY !!!….too!! so stop by if you get a sec, and thanks so much for always being an Inspiration!!! ~ Hugs ~ Cynthia

  32. I just found your blog a few days ago and love it!!

    My favorite scent is pumpkin pie spice or apple cinnamon.

    Kelly Ks inspiring blog post..Halloween

  33. Harvest Spice! :-) What a wonderful giveaway!

    Mrs. H.s inspiring blog post..

  34. Definitely Harvest Spice this time of year!

  35. I’m thinkin’ that Maui Pear would be fabulous! What a nice giveaway!

  36. I really like the smell of toasted almonds… on the other hand, I like citrusy scents, too!

    Emily @ Little Homes inspiring blog post..Italian Dressing

  37. Oh boy Oh boy…nothing like a great scent in the home! I change it up all the time (and have been known to layer too!) Warm burning wood/amber smells in the fall…Crisp evergreen in the winter, citrusy, frangipani in the spring, clean linen and sunny scents in the summer. ALL of hers sound perfect!

    Linda@Lime in the Coconuts inspiring blog post..Ode to a Key Lime Tree…

  38. My baby girl’s neck…or Toasted Almond!

  39. Harvest Spice for me! I love to let the scents do the works, saves me from a lot of cooking!

    We are THAT familys inspiring blog post..THAT Family Tree Society-Issue 16

  40. German Chocolate Cake – are you SERIOUS!? I’m all over that one! Brown Sugar and Coconut makes my mouth water. I am thinking that I might gain five pounds just having that in my house, but I’m willing to do it, for the greater good.

    Huse Yo Mamas inspiring blog post..We have a wiener, I mean a winner.

  41. Oooooh, I’m a “scent whore” LOL I love me a good scent!!! I can’t leave the house with out perfume and my house ALWAYS has a tart melting or something scenting the house.
    During the summertime, I like clean fresh scents – like Yankee’s Clean Cotton – but during the fall and winter I like bakery scents like a good
    Harvest Spice, Banana Bread or Yankee’s Cranberry Chutney is one of my all time favorites!!

    What a wonderful giveaway!

    Tidymoms inspiring blog post..Thank you Ms. Pumpkinhead…

  42. Adrienne S says

    Cinnamon pumpkin would be my favorite scent. I love the harvest smelling ones.

  43. At this time of the year, I would have to say that HARVEST SPICE would be my favorite. It just makes you think of Fall. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks, Joanne ~~

  44. I have Spiced Pumpkin in my house right now, but that Harvest Spice sounds delicious. I love spicy, holiday smelling scents during the Fall and Winter months. I think Harvest Spice would be perfect for me!

    Rachael Wills inspiring blog post..Halloween Night in the Neighborhood!!!

  45. Umm, yummy! I love delicious-smelling rooms, too!

    My favorite scents vary with the seasons. In spring, I like fresh, crisp scents (White Linen!); in summer, I like fruity, citrus scents (Sunshine Pomegranate!); in fall, I like warm, spicy scents (Harvest Spice!). In winter, I like vanilla, buttercream scents (Almond Cookie!). (Okay, my mouth is watering now …)

    Uh, and I made tuna fish this morning as I packed lunch boxes, so I could really use a sweet smell around here! In the meantime, I ground up some orange peels in the disposal. :-)

    Kathryns inspiring blog post..Resolute … in Absolute Truth

  46. Bonnie Mattson says

    They all sound great but this time of year the Harvest Spice sounds fabulous.

  47. Coconut Lemongrass sounds like it would smell yummyliscious.

  48. Definitely the German Chocolate Cake…mmm…

    Jenis inspiring blog post..Red Sky

  49. I love coconut scented things and have been trying to find a coconut perfume. Jennifer Lopez had one called Miami Glow but it was only out for a limited time.

    I used to sell a similar diffuser and scented wax bars (by Ganz maybe?). One day I decided to try out the butterscotch in my store and soon everyone in the mall was trying to figure out who was making pancakes. It was the yummiest smell.

    Jens inspiring blog post..Christmas Planning

  50. My favorite scent is harvest spice! Those scents (individually and combined) remind me of the holidays and spending time with family.

  51. Oh. My. Goodness. That German Chocolate Cake sounds absolutely scrumptious. It could become a winter favorite for me. Yummo!

    Debs inspiring blog post..Maybe You’ve Heard it This Way

  52. Right now Harvest Spice sounds best. The other scents sounds like they would be wonderful too. I will have to check out her website.

  53. I love citrus. There is nothing better than a fresh juicy orange!

    Eileens inspiring blog post..

  54. I love anything with a lovely fragrance! Harvest Spice sounds lovely!

    Lindsey Langhanss inspiring blog post..The cutest duckie ever!

  55. I <3 yummy smelling things, especially when they match the current season! So I would have to say Harvest Spice. =)

  56. My “favorite” really depends on the time of the year. Right now, I have the Harvest Spice theme going on because it is fall and I love the apple/cinnamon/spice aroma.

    During the Christmas Holidays, I usually go for a cookie scent. During spring I break out the clean linen smells and during the summer – something with citrus.

    Starwoodgals inspiring blog post..Recipe: Turtles Candy

  57. So many good smells in the world!! I love the scent of pumpkin pie in the fall. Limes (in my margarita!!) in the summer. The smell of baby lotion. I love to clean with lavendar and peppermint. As far as the Urban Botanic scents . . . hmmm . . . I think Coconut Lemongrass sounds devine!!

    Leslies inspiring blog post..A weekend getaway!!!

  58. i’d have to vote for harvest spice. with allspice, maple spice, & cinnamon, it’s the perfect oct-dec scent.

    feisty tourists inspiring blog post..TTT: VOTE!

  59. The White Linen sounds wonderful.

  60. I vote for Sunshine – It’s so sad to see summer go – I’d love to smell it in my house all winter long!

    Melissas inspiring blog post..Create a Hat just for you!

  61. I’m a really big fan of anything citrus-y!

    Wendys inspiring blog post..Inspire-me Tuesday~

  62. harvest spice all the way! i love this time of year and all of the smells!

  63. I love the freshness of the grapefruit scent, so I think the
    Sunshine & Pomegranate would be perfect.

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for offering it!

    cindas inspiring blog post..Painting in the tub!

  64. I love this time of year and the smell of “Harvest Spice” just evokes so many memories of the season. It’s like gingerbread cookies baking in the oven… What an exciting give-away!

  65. My home desperately needs HARVEST SPICE. We too cooked something that smelled so awful there aren’t WORDS to describe how awful…and it lingered….yuk….I’m heading over to her blog to look, wish I could smell it too!

    Debbie @ ribbonwoods inspiring blog post..VOTING DAY!

  66. Tammy of Lurksville says

    White linen sounds great to me!

    Thanks for the contest and a great blog to read and enjoy!☺

  67. April in CT says

    I love the smell of apples and cinnamon all year ’round. I enjoy a vanilla scent too, but it makes me want to bake cookies all the time! The Harvest Spice scent sounds fabulous.
    Thanks for the give away and a new site to check out!

  68. Hmm…depends on the time of year. These days, VANILLA is the winner for me. Soon it’ll be gingerbread/sugar cookie sorts of things…then come spring, citrus! I’m a little too ADD when it comes to things at home; don’t want the same scent year ’round.

  69. Mmmmm….
    Those all sound like lovely smells. :) I think I would choose the coconut lemongrass scent.

    I’m not a big fan of stinky stuff. I usually avoid Bath & Body Works (or whatever it’s called) because the smell is overwhelming and gives me headaches. It’s one of the reasons I started making my own soap. I love lavender soap or rosemary mint soap.

    By the way, dump some baking soda in the stinky trash to help with odor control. Works like a charm!

    Astrids inspiring blog post..Dear Chip and Amy,

  70. mmmmmmmmmmm …. the smell of home-made bread baking! (a smell not often sniffed in my house…) But as far as fragrances for my home, none that imitate delicious foods, it just makes me wish the real thing were here!

    Violet Skiless inspiring blog post..Doggies Dress Up

  71. Yum. I’d pick the Havest Spice if I won… ’tis the season! In the warmer months I like crisp things, such as cucumber.

    Julies inspiring blog post..Tybee Island, our vacation

  72. I like cinnamon smells and have lately fallen in love with a cherry candle that smells just like my favorite cherry chapstick.

    The scents listed above look great but I would have a hard time choosing between Coconut Lemongrass and Sunshine & Pomegranate.

    Christys inspiring blog post..I Made it Myself– Crafty Conservative

  73. Almond cookie would be my pick. I have to admit I am known to just open up my bottle of almond extract and sniff it until I can’t get anymore scent in my head:) Crazy I know.

  74. Yum. Harvest Spice would be my choice!!

    Queen Bs inspiring blog post..Crisis Kinda Averted

  75. It depends on the season for me. In the Spring I like a Clean Cotton scent, Summer would have to be a fruity scent like Cucumber Melon, Fall would be Pumpkin Pie, and Winter would be anything Cinnamon.

  76. I love candles so much!! Ive always got one burning to make things smell yummy! I love scents like vanilla, peppermint, anything that smells sweet and delish!! I just bought a buttercream frosting candle… YUM! So that German Chocolate Cake scent is probably fabulous!! xoxox!

    Hollys inspiring blog post..merry christmas children’s book swap!!

  77. I love fresh clean smells. Anything that has green tea in it I absolutely love, so I’d probably like the White Linen scent the best!

  78. I love anything fallish or coffee scents…pomegranate too!!! In the spring and summer, I love lilac and pear scents……mmmmmmmm

    Andrea @ Big Creek Cottages inspiring blog post..Still, oh so thankful……..

  79. I love the smell of vanilla and also very light floral scents…..nothing with gardenia in it for sure!! As for the list of Urban Botanics, that Maui Pear sounds fabulous.

    – Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wife

    Suzanne, the Farmer’s Wifes inspiring blog post..Election Day

  80. It really depends on the time of year – during the fall and winter I like spicy scents like cinnamon or gingerbread, during spring I like lighter scents like white linen, and during summer I like beachy or citrusy scents.

    Renees inspiring blog post..Election Day

  81. Ooh, I love clean scents, so White Linen sounds (smells?) amazing. I’ve noticed the UB logo before and was drawn to it. Great stuff. And I’ve done the food wrapping in the trash overnight, too. Yeeeah. Kinda gross.

    My First Kitchens inspiring blog post..Hearty Beef Stew

  82. Almond Cookie!!!

    Thanks for the scentsational giveaway!!!


    Bella Casas inspiring blog post..Another Incentive To VOTE

  83. I would have to say

    HARVEST SPICE. Love that scent.

    Laurels inspiring blog post..What Are You Doing Today?

  84. Almond cookie sounds yummy! i’ve never seen these…i love smelly stuff

  85. White linen for me! So clean and subtle.

  86. I love the fall smells….harvest spice definately!!!

  87. Harvest Spice.

    Jennifers inspiring blog post..Three teenagers, say it isn’t so!

  88. Almond Cookie sounds absolutely WONDERFUL!!!

  89. cinnamon for the home
    lavender for me

  90. Mmmmmm… Almond Cookie! It’s getting to be “winter” here which brings to mind Christmas Cookies and baking.

    Barbaras inspiring blog post..Blogger of the Week : Fifi

  91. White Linen is my vote!

  92. German Chocolate Cake sounds Fabulous, oh wait this is about scents sorry I got caught on the cake…actually it would have to be anything that smells sweet or like I ACTUALLY baked German Chocolate cake, my hubby would walk in and be soo excited….& Sadly disappointed…thanks for hosting a giveaway, although I love your site even without giveaways! :)

  93. elizabeth holder says

    my favorite scents are Cucumber and melon mixed –
    also cherry’s ummmmm

  94. I LOVE sweet smelling scents like cinammon bun or sugar cookie, but for my house, I love to have fresh scents like clean linen to make the house just smell so clean!

  95. Adrienne W says

    They all sound great, but my vote is for white linen! Pomegranate takes a close second! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  96. White Linen would be my choice. I love the fresh smell.

  97. Mmmmm, warm apple pie.

    But that German chocolate cake is sounding pretty yummy.

  98. I’m digging Apple right now. It makes me thik of autumn. I know it’s November but it hasn’t snowed yet so I still am in Fall mode. So yummy.

    Renees inspiring blog post..Killing Flies = Hilarious

  99. danana banana says

    love hot-apple-cider scent during the cold winter months. during spring & summer, I love all of those clean-linen scents.

  100. –i’m all about the harvest spicey-stuff, and if you threw a little pinch of apple in there I wouldn’t mind at all!
    –not much for anything attempting to smell like baked goods, but apple things are the exception
    –the white linen also sounds very appealing- very cool and clean, probably with that i-just-did-the-laundry freshness that I am forever pursuing in my home

    Summers inspiring blog post..butterscotch pecan muffins

  101. Coconut Lemongrass sounds marvelous!

    Stacys inspiring blog post..This Morning

  102. Vanilla is my favorite scent, closely folloewd by anything “fall”. Pumkpin, apple, cinnamon etc. They make a home smell warm and comfortable.

    KellyMBs inspiring blog post..Card #2

  103. I love spring smells such as freshly mowed grass and call me crazy, but I enjoy the smell after lawns have been sprayed. Makes me excited for summer.

    SarahJs inspiring blog post..Initial Hanging

  104. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could smell them all via the computer. This is a tough one because so many sound yummy. I have decided on Coconut Lemongrass. Please enter my name! What a fun giveaway!

    Donnas inspiring blog post..Setting a Pretty Table

  105. I am torn between fresh basil and tomato leaves.

    Rita Finns inspiring blog post..T. Rex

  106. Mary Jane Harris says

    All of the scents smell w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l! I think my favorite this season would be Harvest Spice. Thanks for the sweet smelling contest!

    Mary Jane Harriss inspiring blog post..Mom’s & God’s Strength

  107. mine would be a toss up between almond cookie or harvest spice. but i don’t think i’d want to combine the two.

  108. I love citrus smells. My favorite is Satsuma from the Body Shop. However, I also adore spicy winter smells!

    Kims inspiring blog post..Shopping!!

  109. Love the combinations!
    I would pick the Maui Pear : )
    Thanks for entering my name.

  110. Harvest Spice would be my pick of those listed but to draw up my favorite holiday memories I would have to say Peppermint and evergreen. They both remind me of going into the woods to find our Christmas tree every year. And yes they were always a little “Charlie Brown” looking but perfect!!

  111. I like the smell of skunk! Not for home fragrancing, though, heh. Right now I’m using caramel and apples n’ cream for fall.

  112. Hi! I love Cinnamon and spice scents for the fall/winter. For the spring and summer Linen or something very light and refreshing. I love reading everyones blog. Mybe some day I can get the courage to do one. :)

  113. This time of year my favorite scent would be the Harvest Spice, it just sets the tone for FALL. But…I also think I would love the Sunshine and Pomegranate. I have some soap that has pomegranate in it and I love it!

  114. I LOVE the smell of Ginger. Mmmmm. What a great giveaway! Sign me up!

    lydia.bower @

  115. Probably because it’s fall and I’m always cooking with apples lately – but I would have to choose Harvest Spice as my favorite.

    Brendas inspiring blog post..totes-ISOTONER’s New Wedding Line

  116. Harvest spice for me, too! Sometimes, it’s nice not to have to bake. :D

    Vee~A Haven for Vees inspiring blog post..Election Day

  117. Coconut Lemongrass sounds divine. What a beautiful set and giveaway. Love your blog.

  118. I think I’d have to go with the German Chocolate Cake! For myself, I only wear Burt’s Bees products and White Tea and Ginger Body Splash from B&BW. For my house…I like coffee, chocolate, apples, citrus, and vanilla. My husband likes the Firewood candle also from B&BW.

  119. My home needs some great, warm scent. I love the Harvest Spice scents!

  120. I love the cinnamon, spicy, pumkin scents this time of year. My all time favorite is Cinnamon Cider from Aromatique!

  121. My fave scents for the home are vanilla and cake smells!!! Mmmmm!!! I also love a crisp smell like “clean linen” type scents.

    HBees inspiring blog post..Take A Picture Tuesday 1st Ed.

  122. Umm, I love it when my house smells good. I love woodsy, musky scents. My current favorite is “Soothing” from Aspen Bay, but I’m always looking for new, greener fragrances – this sounds great. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  123. yum yum Harvest Spice! good enough to eat

  124. Anything Pear related wins hands down! Maui Pear!

    Pear scents invoke memories of an elderly couple who became my surrogate grandparents of sorts. I remember days of jumping on the trampoline (in the guest bedroom!!) Kewpie dolls on the dresser, and sitting in the living room watching the wife turn down her melted candle edges, while her husband would sit back in his recliner, still wearing his railroad style overalls, listening to his old record player. Their house always smelled like pears. One Halloween, the wife dressed me up as Mary Poppins… that was my best costume EVER! (Just had to throw that bit in!)

  125. All of the scents sound wonderful, if I have to pick….. coconut-lemongrass! No, harvest spice, No, german chocolate o.k. you pick and surprise me!

  126. I have to go with the spicy scents for fall/winter too. Cinnamon, gingerbread, anything in that line. Vanilla is good all year long!

    Charlottes inspiring blog post..Annual Halloween Party 2008

  127. Maui Pear, mmmmm, I can smell it right now. Hope I win!

  128. Yum, German Chocolate Cake sounds like a winner to me!

    Roxy @ There’s No Place Like Homes inspiring blog post..I Think I Need Reading Glasses

  129. Because I love almond cookies, almond horn, marzipan and Bed Bath and Beyond almond flavored stuff I bet I would just love, love, love the almond cookie. Oh I can just smell it now!!

    sues inspiring blog post..Gratitude3……

  130. Autumn Spice- I love the warm spicey scents!

  131. Warm apple pie. The smell of baking in the home brings such comfort.

    Emily Dunows inspiring blog post..Great job kids!!

  132. I love fresh linen in the spring, vanilla coconut in the summer, and orange & clove for the fall.

    Darlenes inspiring blog post..Get Healthy..Get Informed!

  133. White Linen – sounds fresh and clean. Sort of like my favourite simple pleasure, line dried sheets!

  134. My absolute favorite is Sage and Cinnamon by Yankee.. but, they don’t make it anymore :( I like anything spicy like cinnamon, pumpkin pie.. that kind of thing!!
    Can’t wait to have you up in my neck of the woods.. We’re on Whidbey Island!!

    caras inspiring blog post..Here’s what I did to those stars….

  135. white linen…clean, fresh, crisp. perfect year round

  136. Harvest spice for sure!

    Mrs darlings inspiring blog post..Why am I called Mrs Darling?

  137. Tough call, but I think Harvest Spice just barely wins out over the Almond Cookie scents for me. In the spring and summer, I loved the smell of the tomato plants and rosemary in my first garden. Funny, considering I don’t care to eat tomatoes, but they sure smelled good.

  138. Oh I would pick Harvast Spice but they all sound great….it’s chilly here so I think I’m going to light a candle….

    LuLus inspiring blog post..Election Day

  139. Gingerbread…ummmm my favorite!! Thanks Laurie

  140. Ahhh … I am a lover of all things pretty smelling. As for a favorite scent, it would depend on mood and time of year. Throughout the year I have lavender and rose scents “in bloom”, my office has lilac, a new discovery for me. I love the smell of anything fresh baked, particularly cookies and bread, though baked apple pie is a must have candle in the kitchen for those “oops, forgot to take out the trash moments.” The funny part is that my pup likes fresh laundry. He will stick his head into the clean laundry basket and inhale like it’s his last breath!

    Spanish Princesss inspiring blog post..Join me for a cup of tea … part 3

  141. My favorite would be Harvest Spice. My personal favorites are lemon-scented geranium (any geranium actually), tomato leaves when you reach in to grab a ripe and ready fruit, the rosemary and lavender plants in my small garden, bread baking, laundry drying (WITHOUT dryer sheets!), cut lemons, and the perfume I’ve been wearing since 1985. We were traveling in France and I wandered into a perfumerie in Cannes. They were spritzing everyone with a new scent and when I returned to my husband he said, “What is that!? I love it!” I’ve worn nothing else since–Diva by Emmanuel Ungaro.

  142. For me it’s all about “Maui Pear” Sounds delightful!
    Happy day

  143. My all-time favorite smell is COCONUT!!! Mmmmm… :) However, the choices above all sound delicious! My top choice though would be:

    Maui Pear – Pina Colada, Coconut & Pear

    with a close runner up of:
    Almond Cookie – Almond, Maple Spice, & Coconut

  144. German Chocolate Cake……..I love the smell of baked goods without dirtying any dishes.

    Laurels inspiring blog post..Truth in Advertising

  145. I love the smell of apple-cinnamon! Ooo…that Maui Pear sounds good! Thanks for the opportunity!

  146. my very favorite scent is of the pomanders that my grandma used to make at Christmas time – orange and clove. Any time I smell them together, I think of sitting on the worn linoleum of her kitchen floor, under the table, putting cloves in the holes of an orange that she’d just pre-poked for me to “help” her make the pomanders.

    Theresas inspiring blog post..May’s Sock Club

  147. oh my !!! ::::: PLEASE ::::: let me win….!! let me win….

    ok, hands down, my fav scent is lavender. mmmmm. love it.

    love you too bff!

    shelbis inspiring blog post..:: our new nest :::

  148. Another spicy girl here-Harvest Spice!

  149. Love the smells of fall and winter. Right now like the pumpkin spice smells, and shortly will switch over to the scented pine cones. It just smells like the holidays!

  150. Mt favorite scents are those of fresh cut roses.

  151. Sunshine and pomegranate sounds wonderful, crisp and clean

  152. love the almond cookie and the harvest spice.
    if it was spring or summer i would chose the sunshine and pomegrante.
    great combos!

  153. I have favorite scents for the different seasons. For autumn and winter it’s ‘warm sugar and vanilla’. For spring and summer it’s ‘lilac’.

    Looking at the offered collections I’d have to say my pick would be the Sunshine & Pomegranate one. Who wouldn’t want their home to smell tropical all year round? :D

  154. Right now my house smells like wet dog, soooo… any scent would be welcomed. My favorites scents are fresh cut grass, apple pie, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and orange. I think the Harvest Spice would be lovely. (As long as it can erase wet dog!)

    Karins inspiring blog post..Altered.

  155. Harvest Spice sounds fabulous….

    Kims inspiring blog post..Easy Italian Pasta Bake

  156. My favorite scent would be Sunshine and Pomegranate. It just sounds like it will energize/invigorate you, which this mama needs with two boys ages 3yo and 7 months old. One doesn’t let me sleep and the other requires tons of energy once he wakes up. Also, pomegranate does remind me of Fall but the mandarin and grapefruit remind me of summer. So really, you’re getting a year round scent!

    Mary Annes inspiring blog post..Praying For The Election

  157. What a fantastic giveaway! I would have to go with grapefruit scent..or my other choice would be White Linen, Freesias are my favourite flower :-)

    Thank goodness you got rid of that dreadful smell…oh no, not nice :-(

    annes inspiring blog post..I have been TAGGED…

  158. I love anything lavender, vanilla, and cinnamon at Christmas!

  159. I fall for autumn. ;-) So it’s Harvest Spice pour moi.

    Thanks for hosting another great giveaway!

    laura @ the shorehouses inspiring blog post..Voting is not a right.

  160. I’m in the Harvest Spice camp this time of year, but they all sound wonderful!

  161. Harvest spice, definitely.

  162. I love the Maui Pear scents so that gets my vote. All such fresh smells remind me of summer time
    Thanks for the chance to win

  163. without a doubt, white linen. mmmm, I can smell it already, so clean, so fresh, ahhhhhhhhh. Bliss.

  164. This time of year I love all the fall scents, especially pumpkin spice. All year long I can’t resist the Christmasy aromas either: cinnamon, pine, pomegranate, etc!

    Mary Jos inspiring blog post..Something to be grateful for…

  165. There are so many wonderful scents in the world but the one that came from my memory immediately was a memory of the first time I smelled a spice bush while sitting on my Grandmothers front porch. My thought was if only that scent could be bottled, I’d being buying some. Rich with many layers, sweet yet earthy. Smell comes in the Spring here in Missouri before the leaves arrive on the spice bush.

  166. Sweet Cottage Dreams says

    LOL! Fish? I know what you mean!!! ~ Like you, and so many others, I love to have our home smell pretty by burning candles. My favorite smell is orange blossom, vanilla and patchoulli. I know….patchoulli is so “old hippy” but I love it. It really is a great combo.

    For the choices you have listed, I think Harvest Spice would be dandy!

    Happy Day my friend!! Huggies to Winston!!

    Becky and Duhgall

  167. My favorite smell is CLEAN. The air after it rains, a dryer sheet, a clean baby, cleaning products (weird, I know). I think the White Linen would be my favorite, due to my adoration of CLEAN!

  168. rachel crisman says

    White linen would be my choice!!!I love to have a candle or incense burning in my house all the time.So relaxing and calming.

  169. Sugar 'N Spice & Mostly Nice says

    Have to go with Harvest Spice!

    Sugar ‘N Spice & Mostly Nices inspiring blog post..Happy 5th Birthday Logan! Winners announced!!

  170. I would have to say the Maui fragrance, but they all sound amazing!!! Maui’s my favorite place on earth, in fact we’re headed there in a couple weeks!!!!! Nothing beats the aroma of maui when you first step of the plane…. sigh……..

    Karols inspiring blog post..Introducing…HEADS-UP GIRLS!

  171. Harvest spice sounds great for this time of year. I love wonderful smells in my home. Thanks for doing this giveaway and introducing these products.

    Debbies inspiring blog post..Smiling Is Good For Your Health

  172. I would love Harvest Spice! So happy it’s fall!!!!!1

  173. OOH, Maui Pear sounds perfect!!

    Corinnes inspiring blog post..Time Is An Illusion

  174. Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall says

    My all time favorite year-round scent is Trapp Candle’s Guava Mango. It is light and refreshing. Just love it!

    For the holidays, I love Yankee Candles, Mistletoe. The perfect Christmas scent:)

  175. Almond cookie sounds amaaaaaaaaazing.

    But my all-time favorite scent is honeysuckle, or a mix of honeysuckle and wisteria.

    Joyful Abode: Domesticity by Trial and Errors inspiring blog post..Self-timer and a dog

  176. I love cinnamon for the home… and Green Tea for personal. Thank you for sharing your good scents :)

  177. mmm…I love the baked smell (apple, gingerbread, pumpkin, etc).
    also, the white linen smell–so clean!

    taras inspiring blog for us mavericks on tuesday!

  178. Gosh, they all sound good. But Sunshine & Pomegranate sounds freshest to me!

    Terris inspiring blog post..Paris snapshots

  179. It’s a toss up for me – white linen and coconut lemongrass.

  180. Favorite scent? Would have to go with the White Linen. Sounds clean and simple.

  181. It has to be Harvest Spice. I love those smells! They make me think of my house at the holidays when I was little.

    Elizabeths inspiring blog post..A Tale of Fritos, An ADHD Moment & Brotherly Love

  182. I like the white linen. Sounds like it smells clean.

    Amys inspiring blog post..Here is a great deal from Victoria’s Secret

  183. My favorite, regardless of the season, would be harvest spice. Even in the dog days of August, this scent reminds me of childhood and the cozy-ness of home!

  184. I love the Harvest Spice selection. Fall is my favorite time of year, along with pumpkin pie being my all time favorite dessert!

  185. I love all the autumn/winter spicey scents! also anything with cloves, or things in the “musky” family, like patchouli and nag champa.

  186. My favorite scent is (I know this sounds weird) but Mint & Baby Powder together.

    But of the choices given I’d love Sunshine and Pomegranate!

    Jessica Smiths inspiring blog post..How Far Would You Go to Find…

  187. Coconut lemongrass, without a doubt!

  188. Melissa, you come up with the most delightful photos and challenges for your readers. Always a delight!

    Here’s my list of favorite scents:
    Winter-Cinnamon pinecones and apple cider.
    Spring-Lilac bushes and other fresh flowers
    Summer-Freshly mowed grass and honeysuckle near my mom’s house.
    Fall-Apple pie and the vanilla in vanilla bean ice cream.

    Now I’m hungry-lol. Have a wonderful week!

    Lisa from celebrate CREATIVITYs inspiring blog post..A Bursting Star

  189. I love the “fresh baked” scents. Cookies, Pies, Fried Ice Cream.. anything of the sorts. I gobble those up!

  190. I love the “warm” scents… Harvest Spice and German Chocolate Cake both seem AMAZING…. I need to go light some yummy candles right now…. :)

    Heather @ The Striving Wifes inspiring blog post..Small Victories + Every Day = A Striving Wife!

  191. I love jasmine. Real jasmine… from South Carolina. Mmmmm!

    Amy from Texass inspiring blog post..Toy Drive

  192. The Body Shop has this scent called Satsuma (or something close to that!) – if you mix it with their other oil scent Exotic – you have yourself a nostril cocktail. I’m telling you. It’s amazing. I must have six sets of each sitting in my cabinet right now. I abhor the day I ever run out.

    Kristens inspiring blog post..Yesterday.

  193. I love fresh scents like lemongrass and basil.

  194. hmmm going to have to go with Anthropologies scented Volcano candle…
    indredible, i have to be careful to burn it slowly or else i would keep it burning all the time.
    Fun giveaway Melissa, thank you!

    Julias inspiring blog post..

  195. I can’t tell you my favorite scent because I was born without a sense of smell, but I would love to win the prize! I think it would make a great Christmas present for one of my non smell challenged friends.

  196. Yum- I can’t think of a nicer smell to come home to than German Chocolate cake. On my person, I like to smell fresh and crisp- cucumber and melon.

    robins inspiring blog post..Happy Halloween!

  197. I love love love cinnamon so I vote for the Harvest Spice collection! Nice give away!

    Hugs, Pat

    Pats inspiring blog post..Trash To Treasure Tuesday

  198. For me, it’s a toss up between Harvest Spice and German Chocolate Cake. My hubby loves the Harvest Spice scent and requests it in our bathroom. I love it too, but German Chocolate Cake reminds me of the cake that my mom used to make every Christmas. It was a humongous triple layer delicacy that she usually shared with others, because it was too much for her and Daddy, and my husband doesn’t like coconut! I miss that from the holidays, but that scent would definitely bring back that sweet memory.

  199. I love vanilla apple. Such a great combo.

    Danas inspiring blog post..Happy Halloween

  200. Hi I hope I did this right.
    I’d pick : Anything with Spice
    Harvest Spice – Allspice, Maple Spice & Cinnamon
    and Almond Cookie – Almond, Maple Spice, & Coconut
    Yum !!!
    Thanks for the giveaway

    Tamis inspiring blog post..Update

  201. My favorite fragrance is red currant. I just love the way it smells and it doesn’t seem to vary too much better mfgs. Just love it!

  202. I would have to say sunshine & pomegrante from the ones you listed; I love the smell of fresh lavender—eucalyptus, fig and other clean smells—I have worn the same fragrance for years and I love it–it is clean and mild—:)

    what great fun this blog is.


  203. ooh, easy pick … white linen for me!

  204. My favorite of these would definitely be Harvest Spice! Thanks so much for doing this! ALL of our VOTES count!!!! Especially today:):) My favorite scent for a perfume (on me) would be GARDENIA>>>>AHHHHHH!!!!! Pinky

  205. I like lighter scents like Pear.

  206. Peppermint! Hands down. It’s head-clearing and headache-easing, refreshing and clean. :)

    sherriegs inspiring blog post..more P and a new KitchenAid!

  207. I think the white linen sounds very fresh and inviting for a home scent.

  208. I love freshly mowed grass…the smell reminds me of summertime!

  209. I vote for ANYTHING that smells like baked goods!!!

    Karas inspiring blog post..Change

  210. Lavender…vanilla…chocolate….

    Stephanies inspiring blog post..Sabbath Reflections

  211. My favorite scent would have to be the scent that my mother used to wear. Whenever I smell it, it reminds me or her and all the wonderful times we had and how lucky I was to have the best mother in the world. I miss her terribly!

  212. My vote is for Harvest Spice! It sounds like a great combination!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  213. Harvest spice of course. I am a little crazy over anything pumpkin…and harvest spice sums that up quite nicely!

    Kjerstens inspiring blog post..Harvest Festival

  214. Something cinnamon spicey but not too much cinnamon. I also love vanilla or baked sugar cookies smells. HMMMM it is making me hungry just thinking about those yummy smells.

    Karins inspiring blog post..ENTERTAINING ON A DIME

  215. From the above choices, I would definitely say my favorite is Harvest Spice – I love fall scents. My favorite scent at home right now is called “Roasted Chestnut” – another fall scent of course!

  216. My favorite scent…..hmmmm….I love all the fall scents with pumpkin/cinnamon.

  217. My fav out of those would be Harvest Spice or German Chocolate Cake, but truely my fav scent is clorox-is that weird? This is a fun giveaway!

    Amys inspiring blog post..Fancy Pants!

  218. Mine would be white linen.. I love this type of smell…

  219. I have a complete bias to anything cinnamon scented!! So my vote is for Harvest Spice!! YUM!!! Nothing like it for the holidays!

  220. I vote for White Linen. I love anything that smells clean.

  221. At this time of the year, the smell of Sugar cookies!!!! YUM!

    Laurens inspiring blog post..AND THE WINNER IS….

  222. My favorite scents vary with the season. Right now I enjoy spicy and heavier scents, in the spring and summer I like fruity, light scents.

    Nicholes inspiring blog post..Vote

  223. Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I enjoy your blog. My vote is for Harvest Spice although Almond Cookie would be marvelous too.

  224. Michelle K says

    I just LOVE baking/food scents for the fall/winter. I really like the sound of your Almond Cookie and Harvest Spice scents. During spring/summer, I prefer lighter floral scents….especially lilacs.

  225. The sunshine and pomogranite one sounds amazing!!

    shainas inspiring blog post..Free Family Fun Day

  226. It’s a no brainer for me…..
    HARVEST SPICE all the way!

    Dawns inspiring blog post..(vote!)

  227. Mulled Cider All.Year.Long:)

    Kristals inspiring blog post..Homemade Christmas

  228. Yum, the Almond Cookie whets my senses! Count me in.

    Terris inspiring blog post..How about those Raiders!!!

  229. Sylvia Cutmore says

    In my house I love the scent of fresh baking – cookies, bread etc and in candles and soaps I love the scent of fruit.


  230. While I am like many,I love the scents of the seasons.

    However, after a while i tend to grow tired of apples and cinnamin or Havest — for scents are memory creaters and if EVERY day smells like freshed baked cookies, by behind grows just at the thought.

    So, alas, i will be boring… but sincere when i say i never tire of “clean” or linen. Then when i do bake some cookies or an apple pie its REAL and not just a mask.

    Thanks for your site, you do inspire us all.


  231. I love harvest spice :)

  232. Any scent that is spicey works for me!

    Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIss inspiring blog post..~* My Bench–Yes It’s Black…lol *~

  233. I would choose Harvest Spice as my favorite from the list. I love homey, yummy fragrances that remind me of holiday baking.

  234. 100% Harvest Spice. I LOVE LOVE the smell of apple-y, pumpkin-y air that hits you when you walk in. Feels warm and inviting — makes you want to go take a bubble bath or something.

  235. White Linen sounds wonderful!! I also love spicy scents in the fall and winter.

  236. Vanilla and harvest spice are my favorite! There used to be a candle that had the fragrance of baking bread which was very nice too!

    Thanks for the giveaway fun!!


    mary (megardengal)s inspiring blog post..Day 3 oops 4! Contentment Therapy- "Who is rich? Those who are happy with their portion"

  237. Harvest Spice for the fall/winter, Maui Pear for spring/summer. What a nice giveaway.

  238. i live abroad so i might not be allowed to really VOTE, but i love scents so i’m posting anyway :). i especially love vanilla, cinnamon and the smell of white linnen. always have.

    ylvas inspiring blog post..otålig

  239. Mmm, white linen! Fun giveaway!

    Also, thanks for mentioning my blog, Melissa!

    Crazy busy day, but wanted to send you a quick note of thanks!

    Sandys inspiring blog post..Confessions of a Party-Giver – Part III

  240. Also, I’ll figure out the button thingy tomorrow – hugs!

    Sandys inspiring blog post..Confessions of a Party-Giver – Part III

  241. Yummy! I would say Harvest Spice as my choice!

  242. Love the scent Orange Vanilla.

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. Want this really badly

  243. They all sound great. But Harvest Spice would have to be my top choice. I just love the winter.

  244. woops….messed up earlier…put the incorrect website down.

    katys inspiring blog post..Clock Giveaway at …A Soft Place to Land.

  245. What a fabulous giveaway! My favorite would have to be Harvest Spice! It sounds yummy!

    Elizabeths inspiring blog post..Who Will Win?

  246. coconut lemongrass……yum!

    Debbies inspiring blog post..Workin, Waitin, Watchin…

  247. Harvest Spice. YUM!

  248. I love Fall scents…pumpkin, gingerbread, apple, pear, etc!! I would have a difficult time picking if I were to win, though–they all sound wonderful! (I’m up for the challenge of choosing, though!) :-)

  249. I love any fruity scents but my all time favorite is Bergamot Coriander.

    Donnas inspiring blog post..Mikah’s Mini Office

  250. I love Vanilla


    sarah @ a beach cottages inspiring blog post..2 Min Armoire Makeover

  251. Melissa

    Of course, include me!

    Taras inspiring blog post..Breakfast In Bed

  252. the smell of sea

  253. my favorite home scent is cinnamon. my favorite personal scent is ???. Right now i’m using the last of a ralph lauren perfume that i got for christmas 2 years ago.

  254. I favor the musky scents…..Yankee Candle company’s “Midnight” is my absolute favorite, year around and I also Favor Tyler Candle Company’s “High Maintainence”. Both are extremely romantic scents.

    Jens inspiring blog post..Beth Moore on the Election

  255. mmmmm . . . they all sound wonderful! i go in phases between warm food/baking smells (vanilla, pumpkin, apple pie) and fruity/flowery smells (mango, gardenia, coconut) :) what a great giveaway!

    Katy Lins inspiring blog post..Randomness . . . Caution, may contain a rant.

  256. Freshness of orange, sweetness of an astor lily and the comforting aroma of bread baking in the oven.

    If anyone could bottle the scent of a fresh cut lawn I would be in heaven!

  257. I prefer a light floral scent, freesia comes to mind, also like white linen or lavender. No food smells for me, I have a weight problem and if I smelled vanilla, pumpkin or gingerbread I would be off and running to the fridge.

  258. I love anything that is for fall. Harvest spice, cinnamon,vanilla,etc. I had two that I like at christmas- sugar cookie and one called Home for the Holidays(yankee). that one has a hint of pine and it just smells like Christmas.

    Danielles inspiring blog post..Ick!

  259. Maui Pear…it sooooo reminds me of the tropics and how wonderfully relaxed I feel whenever I can get there.

  260. White linen or german chocolate cake, it depends on my mood, but I’m afraid the chocolate would make me crave chocolate more than I already do!

  261. of the ones you’ve listed, I’d pick White Linen. Of my favourite scent, I grew up in Bangladesh and I love rich Indian inspired smells so for a single scent I’d pick Rosewood.

    Robertas inspiring blog post..Couscous & Cabbage

  262. I adore coconut lemongrass ! Yum, yum, yum!!! The coconut lime verbena collection from B&BW is so good, but I love to support moms & other ladies in their businesses. Thanks for the giveaway!

    blessedmamas inspiring blog post..I will not talk about the election…I will not talk about the election…I will not talk about the election…

  263. Jessica Redding says

    I have two favorite scents! I love the smell of mulling spice simmering on the stove in some fresh apple cider. The whole house smells like fall. I also love the smell of fresh pine greenery and boxwood, including the Christmas tree. I love natural holiday decorations, so for Christmas the whole house is infused with the scent of different pine greens. I love bringing nature into the home!


  264. I vote for Harvest Spice, I love spiced scents!

    That pot looks like a great deal, I love the idea of no flames!

  265. Are you kidding? We have to pick ONE. As much as I love the thought of the warm smell of fall and baking, I think I would have to vote for the Maui Pear. If I can’t go to the islands, that scent would take me there! Aloha! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  266. Melissa,
    What a generous giveaway! My favorite scent for the past few years has been Carrot Cake. I bought a candle from a local lady who used this scent and I have been sold since.

    Catherines inspiring blog post..Kreativ Blogger Award and a New Little Painting

  267. Harvest Spice gets my vote for fall! I love the memories that it brings.

    Stephanies inspiring blog post..Halloween

  268. Cris in Canada says

    My favourite scents are hot apple cider & I *love* the smell wafting out of those LUSH stores!

    All of those Urban Botanics scents sound very yummmmmy! If I *hda* to pick a couple, I’d go with Harvest Spice & Sunshine & Pomegranate!

  269. I have to say White Linen sounds awesome! I usually like laundry-smelling things, and it’s really neat to see what actually goes into making a laundry scent (who knew there was green tea involved?)

    Saras inspiring blog post..Money talks

  270. Ooooo…The Harvest Spice Collection! It makes it smell like you have been hard at baking even if you haven’t! I love your site!

    Tammy Ws inspiring blog post..Quote

  271. I love the smell of fresh coffee. Even when I didn’t drink coffee (which I do now) I always loved the smell when you first opened a can or when it is fresh brewed or when it is being ground. So it is coffee for me.

  272. I love lavender and citrus…lemon and lime.

    The White Linen sounds yummy…but so does Harvest Spice, Coconut Lemongrass and Sunshine and Pomegranate…oh dear…decisions.

  273. During the Fall/Winter I love anything apple, cinnamon spice. In the Spring/Summer I love anything tropical, coconut etc. Thanks for including me in your giveaway.

  274. I love so many scents: lavender, lilac, freshly mowed grass, fallen leaves, rain, grapefruit…

    Jens inspiring blog post..Fall Beauty

  275. Spicy Baked Goods are my personal favorite!

    Jennifers inspiring blog post..10 Things I’m Loving Right Now

  276. I always love anything scented like apples or apple cider!! Yum!

  277. Harvest Spice sounds wonderful!

    Sharons inspiring blog post..Cat Naps & Bedtime Books

  278. I love the smell of cinnamon this time of year. I think either the Harvest Spice or the Almond Cookie would be my favorite.

  279. My favorite would have to be “sunshine and pomegranate”!!!

    Thanks for the cool giveaway!


  280. wow…how fun! would love the Sunshine & Pomegranate – Grapefruit, Mandarin & Pomegranate one. love give aways and having a scented home.

    thanks melissa…great job here woman!

    lylah ledners inspiring blog post..Becoming an On-Purpose Home Keeper Series – Part Four

  281. I love clean scents, with citrus in them, and light, clean florals, not rose, more like freesia and honeysuckle. But there is nothing like cinnamon and vanilla for the holiday smells. So, of the listed ones, white linen, harvest spice and sunshine & pomegranate all sound wonderful.

  282. I would definitely go with the Harvest Spice, those are some of my favorite! Thanks for offering this, it’s so cool!

  283. Fall is my favorite time of year .. so I pick Harvest Spice.

  284. Almond Cookie – Almond, Maple Spice, & Coconut sounds absolutely delicious!!

    ginas inspiring blog post..the making of a Christmas card

  285. I have been torn between the seasonal scents of Almond Cookie &
    Harvest Spice yummm
    but in the end I think Maui Pear has won me over for the year round appeal.

  286. I love the smell of baked goods in the fall (cinnamon rolls:) In the spring my absolute favorite smell is of the flower daphne. In the summer, honeysuckle and lavendar.

    Darcys inspiring blog post..Dress and Tiara

  287. Love the Harvest Spice scents for the fall and winter and Maui Pear for spring and summer. My all time favorite, though, is lavender for its fresh clean scent!

  288. Harvest Spice since we are approaching the holidays.

    Rhodas inspiring blog post..It’s a Giveaway!!

  289. At this time of year with fall setting comfortably in, I’d have to say the German Chocolate Cake -chocolate, brown sugar and coconut sounds fabulous and just what I need for my new kitchen!

    I also love the scent of lavender and my husband loves it too!

  290. I would have to vote for Harvest Spice – it just fits the time of year!


  291. Melody from ~Pennies In My Pocket~ says

    Ohhhh I love any and all things that have Pina Colada & Coconut so I’d have to pick Maui Pear – Pina Colada, Coconut & Pear!! Yummmmm! Perfect scent for Summer time or for the Winter when you WISH it was Summer! hahaha

    FAB giveaway!


  292. coconut lemongrass…is my fav..i LOVE verbena!!!!

    Looks like she has a great bunch of products!

    Thanks for the opportunity to cast my vote!

    karens inspiring blog post..VOTE * IT DOES COUNT!

  293. I would love my home to smell like German chocolate cake!

    LuckyGirls inspiring blog post..Keeping Up With The Big Box Stores

  294. Oh, I think Harvest Spice sounds wonderful.


    Shannons inspiring blog post..

  295. Harvest spice all the way!!

  296. My favorite scent in the world just cannot be bottled, but it is the smell of fresh clean laundry when it has spent the day hanging out on the clothes line on a crisp fall day! Fresh linen scent or lemon verbena come pretty close, but there is nothing like burying you nose in a pillowcase dried on the line!

    Heathers inspiring blog post..The Final Push

  297. I don’t think you can beat the smell of nice clean baby fresh from their baby bath – plus you get cuddles to boot! :D

    For me – my favorite scent is Philosophy’s Pure Grace

    For the home – the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking

    For the giveaway – the Almond Cookie sounds divine

    Thanks for the fun!

  298. I love the smell of Creme Brulee! And for the holidays, fresh winter spruce. And in the summer, pineapple crush from Tyler candles.

  299. Ohhhhh German Choc cake sounds divine!

  300. Smells good to me…

    citrus scents or baked apples for me. Depending on the weather outside of course!

    heather janes inspiring blog post..Matching Again

  301. I’m not sure….several scents sound like they would smell divine! For my home, I generally like kitchen-y smells. So I think I’ll pick Almond Cookie. I can imagine biting into one right now!

  302. Such wonderful and unique choices! My favorite would have to be – Sunshine and Pomegranate. It reminds me of a sun drenched villa in Tuscany.

  303. Sunshine and Pomegranate wins my vote!! But they all sound unique and wonderful!

    Jeanne @ Inspiring Ideass inspiring blog post..Thanksgiving Ideas + Giveaway Winner

  304. Maggie Black says

    Vanilla, almond and coconut are my favorite scents because they are so cozy!

  305. Carla Pullum says

    Harvest spice !!!

  306. Oh how very very cool! I LOVE scent! Usually I go for scented diptyque candles but they are too pricey for me right now. My absolute favorite scents in diptyque are “Feu de Bois” (Firewood), and Menthe, but I also love ‘Teak” and Fig & Cassis. I used to go wayyyyy out of my way to get my hands on certain candles…I wish I could still afford to do that!

    I love nature scents, and lots of other ones too…just not cinnamon.

    Elaines inspiring blog post..Halloween….

  307. It is a tie-Almond Spice and White Linen. I love the warmth of the Almond Spice and the freshness of the White Linen.

  308. I adore the scent of Balsam. But also the traditional lavender, soothing every time.

    Laurens inspiring blog post..Jumping ahead

  309. Rainydaygirl says

    Anything that makes my house smell warm and cozy wins with me, but it is usually a spice mixture – like cinnamon and apples. I have to vote for the Harvest spice – nothing would be more fallish than that. Thanks.

  310. This is great stuff and doesn’t bother my asthma – LOVE IT! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! Lizabeth

    Lizabeth Rolfsons inspiring blog post..Online Giveaway – Mary Engelbreit Cookbook!

  311. Kelly Larsen says

    Would love to give it a free try! Have 2 dogs and 3 cats! Any scents are better than there’s at times !

  312. My all-time favorite candle scent would have to be “Baked Apple Pie”… So yummy smelling at this time of year!

  313. I love my husband’s smell…smells like graham crackers.

  314. I love a clean, crisp smell, like the white linen. I do alot of baking, so my kitchen usually smells like cookies, hot rolls, pies, and good homeade soups.

  315. As far as scents from the giveaway, I am sure that the German Chocolate Cake was created just for me!! :)

    Scents I like in general are vanilla, cinnamon, then chocolate and hazelnut. But I also like fresh clean scents – so difficult.

    Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolatess inspiring blog post..Bloggy Giveaway Winners!

  316. Tough choice among these. I would lean toward the German Chocolate Cake though!

  317. Jackie Cook says

    I like fresh clean scents

  318. I’m a fall leaves, apple orchard, pumpkin-huntin kinda gal. I love the sights and smells of fall. The apple cinnamon will fix me right up. What a great site and a great offer! Thanks!

  319. Oh I love coconut and lime and lemon. It reminds me of the beach and its a clean smell, not heavy. Oh, to be at the beach right now!

  320. I love Green Tea in the Spring and Summer because it smells to clean and fresh, but my all around favorite scent is vanilla. It makes me feel cozy!! I am excited about the website for future options. Thanks.

    Danis inspiring blog post..Wordless Walker Wednesday

  321. My vote is for Maui Pear…I was in Maui this summer and miss it terribly!

  322. Toni Sudduth says

    My favorite would be German Chocolate ..though I’d probably stay hungry all the time

  323. My favorite would have to be the Harvest Spice.

  324. Renee Alam says

    Hi.My fave scents are cinnamon,cookie scents & apple pie.I just love the scents of baked goods. :) Renee

  325. The best aromas in the whole world to me are: Puppy breath, fresh bathed babies (puppies or human), Rain, fresh mowed grass, vanilla, and fresh baked bread.

    This is such a great inspiring place to visit, I just recently “found” you, what a pleasure. Thank You.

    Pomergranite and sunshine. Oh heck, ANY of them.

  326. I love this idea. Don’t want to be burning wicks with lead in them with a grandbaby in the house! I am intrigued by the White Linen. That sounds particularly lovely to me.

    ((hugs)) Rosie

  327. My favorite scents are anything to do with baking…chocolate, pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon, coconut, almon, chocolate (oh, I already said that didn’t I).

  328. I vote for sunshine & pomegranate. Great giveaway idea!

  329. My favorite scents …
    Soothing lavender
    Comforting vanilla
    Energizing mint
    Cinnamon makes me feel hungry
    Burning leaves reminds me of home

  330. definetly Lavender. In this crazy time in the world. It’s easy to get really stressed. I lie down for 15-20 minutes with Lavender on the table. Result- it helps to calm me down for awhile. (LOL) Not trying to be a drag. :)

  331. I vote for german chocolate cake…

  332. I love harvest scents of any kind! The sunshine and pomegranate scent sounds divine though. :)

  333. Oh I love giveaways! how fun. Harvest Spice or Mulled Cider are my absolute favorites for anything – candles, warmers, oils, etc…

    Brings back WONDERFUL memories of my childhood!

  334. I think it’s from the photo of the gingerbread cookies, but Harvest Spice sounds so divine right now!

  335. Harvest spice sounds great!

  336. I love a goos scent! My favorite is citrus and sandalwood together


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