Got your Bliss on?

Got your Bliss on?

Do you know who is going to be at Blissdom?
Yeah, you know it.

Very brilliant and influential people.

Nester. And me.
Don’t miss the pathetic insightful never before heard experiences of our mishaps rise to fame and fortune death defying climb to blogging super stardom from our first year in blogging. We’ll share everything we wish we had known in the early days of our blogs but didn’t know to ask. From our big blunders to our accidental successes and everything we plan to do in the future {after we learn a few things at Blissdom}. Ask us questions, introduce yourselves, hang out. Girl time. It will be fun.

Wait. What did you say? You aren’t coming to hear us?

You are going to hear {clears throat} Simplemom? {blush}

Oh. Of course you are. How silly of us. So are we.

So get yourself over to register before the end of the year for the great discount! See you soon!

Meanwhile, keep up on all the happenings at Twitter! @blissdom and #blissdom09

Got your Bliss on?

Got your Bliss on?