Inspired Holidays {Day 5}:: Simple Fall Decorating Around the House

pinecone decorating ideas

Twine wrapped pine cone and old book.

Fall 2011: Simple Decorating Ideas!

In case you are just joining me, welcome! So nice to have you here!

I’m on day five of a 31 Day series on getting inspired for the season and holidays ahead. I’m starting out with sharing a few Fall decorating ideas, but I’ll be transitioning to ideas like preparing for guests, setting holiday tables, getting a jump on Christmas ideas — and I’ll be throwing in some crafty and gifty ideas in there along the way.

So, I don’t do a ton of fall decorating at my house. Just a touch here and there. I showed you my mantel already. I keep it all very simple, which is pretty much my style all year round. Simple is how I roll.

Decorating for Fall gets me in the right frame of mind for this nesting season. It transitions my mind towards all things I love still to come this season.

Mini-apple in a frame.


Fall hydrangeas from my yard, placed a tarnished teapot.

Fall apothecary with potpourri, pine cones, nuts and moss. And very glaring glass.

mini gourd

Pretty gourds tucked in here and there on the mantel.

Green apples under glass dome.

precious puppy

Crazy white 4 month old Goldendoodle puppy named Jack watching
Sponge Bob on TV like he is our second son.
I get lots of requests for more pictures of Jack, so there you go!

Thanks for following along with my series! You guys are awesome.

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  1. I am inspired!

  2. I am ready to fall into fall!

  3. Question: Do you think it a “no-no” to leave hints of turquoise in my sitting room with my fall decorations as well? I have lots of orange and natural browns like acorns and pinecones. I painted some dollar tree mini pumpkins and gourds turquoise yesterday and I LOVE them on my mantel in an orange dish.. Thing is, I’m a perfectionist {cursed} and I have found myself asking, “Is this ok?” Thoughts?

    • No, I do not think it is a no-no! :-) Unless it makes you cringe. If you don’t like what you see, just put it away until spring. But my guess is that it would look really pretty with the orange and brown…and if you like it, keep it!

      • Oh, and did you see the post on Day 3 of my series(I think?) turquoise frame with fallish feeling decor. LOVED that!

  4. Your decorations are always gorgeous, but I can see how you get requests for pictures of Jack – what a cutie! Just looking at that face you could never imagine that he could cause any mischief!

  5. Great fall decorating ideas. I love the apple in a tiny frame – such a cute idea.

    My favourite fun thing to do in the fall is make leaf rainbow art using the coloured leaves. Last year I made a rainbow heart and this year a rainbow arrow and a flag. You can see pictures here:

  6. Michelle Koelliker says:

    I love everything you do!! I have used many of your ideas… Thanks for making my new house feel like home.

  7. The apple in the frame is my favorite!
    Lindsey recently posted..I know I said I wouldn’t be back for a while.My Profile

  8. Your decorations are very pretty! I love fall decorating- I love the bringing of nature in with the browns, oranges, greens and red.

    I would like to invite everyone to join me over at my blog for a weekly Handmade Christmas Carnival. I would love it if you would come link up your ideas!
    Abbi recently posted..A Handmade Christmas {Week One- Please join me!}My Profile

  9. Beautiful as always! I am really feeling the fall colors this season — moreso than usual. And I adore the twiggy textures. Loving the season!

    Angela (Cottage Magpie) recently posted..I Might (or Might Not) Have a Tiny Little ProblemMy Profile

  10. Love this … the one below isn’t actually my latest post, something weird going on with my blog but you can get there from here! I love the apple in the frame too …
    Holly recently posted..Fall Nesting …My Profile

  11. I love your ideas…my favorite is the potpourri, cones, nuts, moss piled into glass jars. So pretty!
    I put some potting soil, moss & chestnuts in a stem-less wineglass today – it was a fun and quick way to add a tiny bit of fall to our home. Thanks for inspiring!
    Jadyn recently posted..Week 1: Create a Vision // Day 4: BenchMy Profile

  12. I think the most simple decorating elements are usually the most beautiful. Love your style.
    I just bought a small glass dome the other day and am having a difficult time deciding how to use it. So many options! I might have to steal your idea with the apples.
    Hmmm, maybe red apples and mini white pumpkins . . .
    You got me thinking!
    Amy recently posted..31 Days of Fall Fun {Day 4}: Two Fall Wall Décor IdeasMy Profile

  13. That dog of yours is seriously all kinds of cute.
    The apple in the frame is my fave this go around. :o)

  14. And duh, btw, I didn’t check the box the first time. I’m blamin’ it on the pregnancy hormones. :o)
    Mindy recently posted..Candlelight DinnerMy Profile

  15. Jack is THE cutest Goldendoodle I have ever seen. How do you get anything done with that face looking at you?

    The apple in the frame is a cute idea and your hydrangeas are beautiful. May have to get me some of those!
    Hallie recently posted..Why Freelance Writing Makes My Head SpinMy Profile

  16. I love the apple in the little frame. I like simple little touches that make people smile! :)

    I ALSO like all the blog traffic I’m getting for my 31 days series. Thanks SO MUCH for the opportunity too link up this year…I’m so glad that I did! :)
    kelly recently posted..{OrganizedHome} Day 5: Fabulous PantriesMy Profile

  17. Your dog is cute! I love the hydrangeas in the silver pot. Two of my hydrangeas didn’t bloom at all this year. :(

  18. Lovely post and as always fun and easy. We in India are going to celebrate festival of Dussehra tomorrow and Diwali in a fortnight. Winters are round the corner. THis post makes me feel so cozy. Thanks
    Riya recently posted..Promises to keep: 32nd birthdayMy Profile

  19. Loving your series and doing the 31 Days on my blog as well…..31 Days to a Cleaning Routine.
    Becky – Clean Mama recently posted..Day 4My Profile

  20. Great ideas and I love the pic of Jack. I need to post some of the pics of my dog Belle. She thinks she’s a person.

  21. I love decorating with fruit! And HEY we have a golden retriever named Jack…he’s a big hairball. Any inspired ideas about what to do with hairballs ; ) JK

  22. Love the pine cone on a book idea. I’m a simpleton, so that would be perfect and easy. Love your series!
    Lauren recently posted..Day 4: Cinnamon BreadMy Profile

  23. I think simple decorating has the most meaning! Because, usually, they are things you have, or re-use. They have a special place in your heart.

    I have framed a hymn book of “Amazing Grace” and it looks great with my fall pumpkins. Simple. And it speaks to my heart every time I walk by it!

    loving your series Melissa!
    Stacey recently posted..31 Days {Day 5} :: There’s a fountain flowingMy Profile

  24. Love your hydrangeas. I think I’ll rescue some of mine before they freeze and turn white.
    Kathryn recently posted..Homeopathic Alternatives to Tylenol–Part 2My Profile

  25. Great ideas….I especially loved the idea of wrapping a pinecone under the twine when giftwrapping – I’m a bit obssessed with pinecones, they are all over my house! I was also kinda partial to the picture of your second son! lol. He is stinkin adorable! Thanks so much for sharing…loving the series.
    Shona recently posted..Lotsa Headbands!My Profile

  26. What a great blog. I just stumbled upon it this morning. I am inspired by all your great idea’s.

  27. I love natural elements too. I have some plans for pine cones coming up soon. I have a question about your pup. How big will he get (pound-wise)? He really is adorable. We’ve considered getting another pup, but want to keep it under 50#. I also think this is neat to pull the last post from my blog, very cool!
    Andrea recently posted..Stenciled Initial PillowMy Profile

  28. I love coming here every morning…so fun. I posted this in my FB page today so all my friends could have just as much fun.
    Happy Day
    teresa recently posted..Say cheese please-My Profile

  29. We did some rearranging over the weekend and now that I’m satisfied with the new layout, I’m completely ready to start adding some comfy fall touches! :)
    Shauntelle recently posted..Day 4: A Few of My Favorite ThingsMy Profile

  30. Alice Adams says:

    love the apple in the frame! Jack is growing like a weed! (we say that in the south)! He has such a sweet face! I have a 10 month old Chihuahua and I can relate to all that chewing. I have changed some of my fall decorating just so the new puppy CoCo will not eat it! I love this season and so enjoy your blog! Have a great day!

  31. I look forward to lots more inspirtation!

  32. The most inspiring picture was Jack! It made me smile. Sorry, but if you noticed my email address you might guess why. Decorating around and with children and animals can be a challenge.

  33. Love the cute photo of Jack!! Nothing beats the crazy 4month – 8month old puppy phase (except being done it, and able to leave shoes out in visible sight)
    Erin recently posted..31 Days {Day 4} Cozy on Over – Blankets and ThrowsMy Profile

  34. Love the apple in a frame. It’s hard to go wrong with anything autumn. It is the perfect season.

    I am having sooooo much fun with the 31 Days. Committing to writing every day about something I love feels so good. And it’s so fun and inspiring to read everyone else’s posts. Well, not everyone’s…that would take a REALLY long time!!!
    shelley. recently posted..{Day Five}: remember they are a personMy Profile

  35. Hi Melissa! So excited to be one of your new sponsors. It’s going to be fun meeting a whole new group of decorating fans! I just completed a blog post this morning about decorating for fall with coastal elements – not always easy, but I think the driftwood centerpiece came out pretty cute!

    PS for Talysa – I think Turquoise and Aqua are ALWAYS appropriate! Soothing calming colors, and so many other colors blend very well. Have a great Wednesday!

    Caron recently posted..An Autumn Driftwood CenterpieceMy Profile

  36. One more P.S.-
    Jack is absolutely ADORABLE!!
    Caron recently posted..An Autumn Driftwood CenterpieceMy Profile

  37. I LOVE the frame apple, so simple yet so elegant!

  38. Cool I can see my last post, thanks for the opportunity to post….
    Yari recently posted..31 days of Home Remedies: Day 4, Use Cork as Fire StarterMy Profile

  39. HI Melissa, thanks so much for the visit! Hey I really am trying to visit as many participants of this party. Yes it is crazy long, the list. But I’m getting wonderful ideas. Too bad fall doesn’t last longer! hahahaha…then maybe we could actually use all those ideas! yay!
    Debbie recently posted..All White Fall Table and BuffetMy Profile

  40. So, I’m definitely going to wrap a pinecone with some books and I love the framed apple! Simply perfect! Your silver pitcher makes me miss my oak leaf hydrangea’s that I left in Illinois. :-( They are beautiful.
    Karen B recently posted..Warm and CozyMy Profile

  41. I just love your hydrangeas in the tarnished pot. I have 2 tarnished vases I love to use, too.

    I’m really enjoying this series. it goes to show that it doesn’t take a large effort – just a little effort and a little thought – to make something special.

    All the best,
    Dana at Cooking At Cafe D
    “31 Days – 31 Minutes To a More Organized Life”
    Dana recently posted..31 Days To a More Organized Life: Day 5 – Cleaning and Organizing Your Cell PhoneMy Profile

  42. You’ve inspired me to do some Fall decorating! BEAUTIFUL! I am making my rounds to all the 31-dayers – come and visit me at!
    Laurie recently posted..31 days of sewing: a christmas preview!My Profile

  43. Yep, I could comment on fall decor (think I’ll use the apple idea…) but what I’ve really taken from here is that I need a Jack in my life!

  44. Oh my goodness Jack is getting big!!

    I’ll take the cute fluffy puppy for my decor, thank you!!

    Although the hydrangeas in the water pitcher made me really happy, that was beautiful!!

    Hugs and God bless, Fi
    Fiona’s Mosaic recently posted..Camping Part 2My Profile

  45. I love the pine cone and twine on the old book!!! And I also love seeing Jack. He’s got so much personality oozing through the technology ozone. Sometimes I think he’s a guy in a fur costume. :-)
    Diane recently posted.."Thus, during this October month of wonderful afternoons they roved along the me…My Profile

  46. I love these ideas! Nothing store-bought or man-made can compare to the beauty of natural objects: the colors, textures, designs…are already perfect! happy decorating indeed!
    Hailey recently posted..31days of Soul Searching: four days of D.I.Y.’s!My Profile

  47. Elizabeth says:

    Just reading your blog makes me feel warm & cozy & excited for the rest of the autumn months!

    Elizabeth recently posted..{day eight} A week inMy Profile


    OH MY GOSH! I am so inspired!!!

  49. I really enjoy this relaxing approach to home decorating. I am glad decorating is such a thing right now, but it can be consuming and easy to loose the main idea, which you bring out so well. My blog is just beginning, but I hope you visit! It is more about looking at cross-examining society and how it affects our life. Thanks

  50. I love your inspiring blogs

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