Inspired Holidays {Day 19}:: Set Up to Wrap Presents

Inspired Holidays {Day 19}:: Set Up to Wrap Presents


One of the things I miss the most about my big old house was my separate craft room. I could walk in and easily grab any sort of craft or wrapping supply! Now I have to be a little bit more creative with my storage. I haven’t quite figured it all out yet but I’ve been really inspired by some images online!

Inspired Holidays {Day 19}:: Set Up to Wrap Presents


Most of us really have a lot more space than we realize. We think we have to have a designated room but honestly, when I look around my house, a lot of space goes to waste. So even if you don’t have an entire craft room at your disposal, look for nooks and crannies or behind doors for places to store your supplies. I bet we could all find plenty of space for what we need.

Inspired Holidays {Day 19}:: Set Up to Wrap Presents


Inspired Holidays {Day 19}:: Set Up to Wrap Presents


So if you don’t have your wrapping supplies organized yet, start thinking about where you could put some gift wrap, ribbon and supplies! That way when it comes times to wrap, you’ll enjoy the process instead of cursing your roll of wrapping paper because it is stuck in a ripped up cardboard box under the bed.

Inspired Holidays {Day 19}:: Set Up to Wrap Presents


You don’t have to have a big fancy craft room. You might just need to get a little creative.

What about:

A free standing cabinet
An unused closet
A back of the door rack
A peg board in a hall way
A wall rack in a little used bedroom
A laundry room
Where else?

Inspired Holidays {Day 19}:: Set Up to Wrap Presents

It is also a great time to start looking around for fun bits and pieces of ribbon or things you can use to wrap presents. I’ll be doing some gift wrapping posts in the future to hopefully inspire us with ideas!

More inspiration:

Inexpensive Ribbon Organizer

Organizing Gift Wrap Back of a Door

Craft room & wrapping stations

And that wraps up {heh heh} day 19 of my 31 day series…need to catch up?

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So are you already organized with your gift wrap? Come on.
Let’s hear where you keep stuff.

Inspired Holidays {Day 19}:: Set Up to Wrap Presents


  1. Wow. Those laundry rooms actually make me want to do laundry and wrap presents.
    Lynn from For Love or Funny recently posted..How to make your personal jet-packMy Profile

  2. For me, the laundry room would be an impratical place for wrapping gifts. I prefer keeping the counter for the utilitarian aspects of folding clothes plus mine is in the basement with some humidity issues.

    I can totally see a closet set up for a wrapping station. Thank you for the suggestions. They do make me think. Looking forward to a future post about gift wrapping.
    Vee recently posted..Vintage Stove TopMy Profile

  3. Okay, after I wipe the drool from my face, I’m going to look around my house for a wrapping spot. Thanks for the awesome photos. Very “inpiring”.

  4. I really like that first picture. My laundry room is shaped almost exactly like that, so I could probably managed to create a similar storage/shelf system. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Imperfect recently posted..{Day Nineteen} :: Pray ScripturesMy Profile

  5. My wrapping area is down in the basement of our old house. I keep all the paper in a big long “Rubbermaid” box, along with some ribbons and tags in a seldom used storage closet. Then when it’s time to wrap I know exactly where everything is even if it’s not in a real wrapping area. At Christmas I always set up a table in the basement area so that everyone can easily wrap their own gifts. It usually goes away sometime in January when I finally get down there – or March – or May – ha ha.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE that laundry room … shelves, baskets, colors, counters … and especially those wonderful little drawers! No problem filling those babies up!

  7. what wonderful inspiration photos! i need to finish my craft/studio space! hope you are well! susan
    susan recently posted..Fall Bedroom Update.My Profile

  8. Having room enough to enjoy a space like that is only in my dreams! My diningroom table becomes my wrapping table during holiday season. And its not a pretty site. I’m always buying new paper each year. Left over paper is kept in tubs in my basement….and I always pray that it doesn’t go bad in the year its down there.

  9. I really like the back of the door idea – might have to snag that one!
    Gina recently posted..Front door halloweenMy Profile

  10. I have a four-drawer rolling cart that holds all my wrapping supplies. On the back, I used cardboard to build a box to hold rolls of wrapping paper. I can zoom it around to any room as needed. Love it!

  11. my ‘wrapping station’ is in a long rubbermaid under-the-bed box. this keeps my supplies (gift bags not included – they have another home) together and ready for action. it holds some crafty things for impromptu card making, rolls of paper, lots of ribbon, tape, scissors and the like. it was born out of necessity for 2 reasons: small space and keeping it away from little hands. :)
    Becky recently posted..Sunday SetlistMy Profile

  12. I always, always find inspiration here.

    It’s funny you mentioned ribbons…I love getting lost in the ribbon. Maybe I’m flashing back to my pigtail wearing days.

  13. Yeah I have no organization of the wrapping!! It is stored in the attic with the other christmas stuff. When I pull x mas stuff that comes down too. It is a mess and I recommend to no one my method. But I might try to do something better this year? We will see, right? Did I just start yet another project? Geez!
    Sunny recently posted..31 Days to a Better Me day 19My Profile

  14. HI Melissa! I am blessed, after 20 years of having my sewing on the dining room table my hubby OFFERED to give me a bedroom-sort of guest room as my craft/sewing room. That was 31 years ago and it is wonderful! We do have to watch out for stray needles and pins on the floor but hey someone has to sacrifice for all that goodness! yay!

  15. hi there,

    my name is ashlee. i came across your blog tonight via another home decor site.

    i added you to my list of favorites :) i hope you don’t mind if i ‘follow’ your blog.
    ashlee recently’s thrift findsMy Profile

  16. I don’t have a wrapping room at the moment, but we get our basement back in 4 weeks when my cousin and his girlfriend move out and I have a lot of space to work with. I am working on planning my craft area and incorporating a wrapping station would be awesome. Thanks!

  17. Oh. my. goodness. I am drooling!!! These are gorgeous! And so handy! I am actually getting excited about wrapping gifts while reading and gazing at these lovely inspirations!!!

    Sigh…let the holidays begin! :D


    Mrs Mary Joy Pershing

  18. Oh. my. goodness. I am drooling!!! These are gorgeous! And so handy! I am actually getting excited about wrapping gifts while reading and gazing at these lovely inspirations!!!

    Sigh…let the holidays begin! :D


    Mrs Mary Joy Pershing

  19. Those rooms look very cool, but I need carpeted floor space to wrap gifts. I know it sounds silly and isn’t the easiest when the gifts are large (the soft carpet tends to make it easier to punch corners through the paper) but it’s how I roll! haha. Wrapping paper is always kept in the spare closet. Ribbons, tape, tags and bows are in my Christmas decoration tub in the plastic bag the bows come in. Once December hits it all gets put behind our little 4 foot high Christmas tree. Nothing fancy, but it works for me!
    Carla recently posted..Daydreams – Day 19: Getting Away From It AllMy Profile

  20. Sometimes though a room is spacious it doesn’t turn out that amazing if we don’t choose the right design. I like your advice on maximizing the space. The pictures are impressive and they thought me that creativity could turn my small room into something amazing.
    Betty recently to get a girl to like youMy Profile

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