Inspired Holidays {Day 30}:: Fall Drive Bys

Happy Sunday everyone! We are almost to the end of this extremely long series called 31 Days of Inspired Holidays. Ha! I’m thinking next year I’m going to go for 12 days instead of 31.

But, anyway.

You know, it always sounds like a good idea in the beginning — but by the end of this I’m about ready for 31 Days of Silence. I promise I will NOT talk this much in November.

During this series we’ve covered a little bit of everything from nesting in the fall to Thanksgiving tables to some Christmas stuff. Kind of a little smorgasbord of seasonal and holiday inspiration. But, at least we got to enjoy the Fall season and dip our feet into the idea that the holidays really are coming.

I’ve been at The Relevant Conference the past few days and our internet connection is reeeeeaaaaaalllly sllllooooooow.  It is nearly impossible to blog, like almost painful to get a post out. So I thought the best way for me to post today would be to link up to a few seasonal drive by posts you might have missed or would be fun to revisit!

If you are a regular around here, you probably know my “drive bys” are one of my most favorite activities both in the fall and at Christmas time. I love to see houses decorated for different seasons! While I unfortunately haven’t yet had a chance to do a Fall Drive by THIS year, I have done quite a few Fall drive bys in the past that hopefully will still be fun.

Fasten your seat belts everyone! Enjoy the ride!!

Fall fairytale houses Portland Oregon
Fall Neighborhood Drive by Seattle Washington
Fall Drive By Queen Anne Hill
Fall Sunday Drive By: Seattle
Halloween neighborhood drive by

Do you have favorite “drive by” neighborhoods near you? I’d love to come visit your neighborhoods so if you’ve done a drive by, be sure to leave a link to your own drive bys in the comments!

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  1. That pale yellow house in Seattle is amazing. Love the balcony and all the architectural detail.
    Mimi recently posted..31 Days of Orange: Day 30 Dessert Table DecorMy Profile

  2. I still have one your first drive bys saved! Mine is a run through my neighborhood in Denver, before the snow last week.

  3. Franki Parde says:

    Welcome to my world…we have thee s l o w e s t internet connections imaginable…that’s “country life” for ya! :-D franki

  4. I have so enjoyed the 31 days. I hope you will continue it at some point. Thank you.
    Joani recently posted..Morning RitualMy Profile

  5. This has been a fun series, Melissa! Fun. Really. I have very much enjoyed it. It makes me a little nervous when you state in advance that you won’t be around so much. I understand it, but I feel shaky. Quivery. Something. Ahhh, the drivebys…those events that I can not possibly compete with though you’ve sent a few visitors my way to see some old posts. It makes me giggle to even think about it. ☺☺☺
    Vee recently posted..A Tumultuous Privacy of StormMy Profile

  6. Melissa,
    I always enjoy your drive-bys.
    I did one on Mid-Century Garage Doors a while back.

    You can see it at:
    Dana recently posted..31 Days To a More Organized Life: Day 25 – Grab and Go!My Profile

  7. I really like the house with the cranberry door. My favorite thing is the plastic andirondak chair. Who doesn’t have one of those? I think it looks great.

  8. Really enjoyed looking at all the beautiful homes on your fall tour. It is fun to see how people decorate their homes for Halloween, you can almost tell who has children and who doesn’t; I have a ten year old, so I am still dragging out the giant spider and cobwebs!

  9. hi there,

    i’m new to your blog. if you don’t mind, i plan to add you to my google reader list. anyway, i wish i would have known about this 31 day project (i just recently started blogging). it sounds incredible. i think it’s awesome that you drove around taking pictures of inspiring houses. there are some INCREDIBLE homes in my neighborhood and i want to photograph them so badly! i’m always afraid they’ll catch me though and i’ll get in trouble, lol! my house NEEDS some curb appeal, so i need some driveby inspiration :) anyway, nice to ‘meet’ you, and i look forward to reading more!
    ashlee recently posted..more lessons learnedMy Profile

  10. I adore the red door house with its pretty pointed peek thanks for sharing its a save for me.
    Comeca recently posted..Fall @Our CottageMy Profile

  11. Melissa!
    I haven’t been here in forever….we moved from Orlando back to North GA about two months ago and life has been crazy!

    Before the move, we were so busy in the interview process for my husband’s new job……

    I’m glad to be back into regular blogging visits….I’ve loved catching up on your 31 days series!

  12. Hi, Just found your site and plan to continue its lovely. Im looking forward to your emails.

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