Introducing Home Love Stories! {& GIVEAWAY!}

Introducing Home Love Stories! {& GIVEAWAY!}

If you caught my post last week, you might have noticed I’ve been up to a little something special for us. I invited the adventurous types to give the beta testing of our new community site Home Love Stories a try and wow, over 300 of you did! The community is off to a great start. It’s so fun! (PS. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the end of the post!)

But today, I’m making it official and inviting everyone to come make themselves at home! Home Love Stories is officially launched into the world as the most wonderful blogging community for home-lovers.

And good news, you don’t have to be a blogger to join!

Have I mentioned this is FREE? :) YEOW! It’s a gift. From me. To you.

Introducing Home Love Stories! {& GIVEAWAY!}enter in the comments for letter press blocks of your favorite word or phrase!

Home Love Stories is a place to be authentic. Open your home. Share your stories, daily routines, favorite corners and pretty things. Ask design questions and get answers from your neighbors without fear of mean people (y’all, mean people will be evicted!!). Take us on your remodeling adventures. Meet friends and connect.

It’s blogging, but more like old-school blogging at its best.  It’s easier, less pressure and more fun. It’s a community for people like you and me.

And the best is yet to come!

We’ll be hosting block parties and open houses and drive bys. Just like the old days of blogging when we all joined in and had fun times sharing lives and homes through parties and events.

Introducing Home Love Stories! {& GIVEAWAY!}

Enjoy being creative in any way you want to! You can even add video tours! Make your posts fun, pretty, or inspiring. But no matter what, don’t put pressure on yourself. So far, everyone at Home Love Stories has the right idea! Just be YOU. At Home Love Stories we can even deal with camera pics and imperfections because nobody needs to feel pressured to keep up with the Jones’. Just be yourself. Share in a way that inspires you and in turn, that will inspire others.

At Home Love Stories, we are putting the heart back into home. Won’t you join us? I would love for you to be our neighbor.

Introducing Home Love Stories! {& GIVEAWAY!}

Follow @homelovestories on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter (or find our Instagram feed featured at the bottom of Home Love Stories to see what we’ve posted) for each weeks’ festivities and ideas that might inspire you! Tag and share with your friends using #homelovestories so they can belong to the neighborhood, too! Follow your friends, make new friends and have fun sharing stories.

Alright, after you enter the giveaway here, go sign up to be in the neighborhood and get to know fellow house-shaped heart people just like you!

Introducing Home Love Stories! {& GIVEAWAY!}
Before you go, leave a comment telling me why you will enjoy Home Love Stories :) … and I’ll enter you into a giveaway for one word or phrase of choice in these awesome letterpress blocks from my wonderful friends at DaySpring (see mine above!)! These blocks are so great, you can mix and match lettering and set them on tabletops or hang them the wall! Aren’t they fun?

Introducing Home Love Stories! {& GIVEAWAY!}


Introducing Home Love Stories! {& GIVEAWAY!}

I totally messed up in hanging mine so my more perfectionist husband is going to redo it for me using the provided hanging hooks and clips. But you know what? Even imperfectly spaced art can be part of a wonderful story!! Right? That’s what I always tell my husband when I’m hiding three thousand nail holes behind everything I hang.

There will be three winners in all! Giveaway ends March 24th and winners will be contacted by email.

PS. Amazing deal alert, my book Love the Home You Have in digital version is up to 50% off at your favorite ebook retailers through the launch date of March 31! You can find direct links at my new book page, Love The Home You Have.

Introducing Home Love Stories! {& GIVEAWAY!}


  1. I think I will enjoy Home Love Stories because . . . I always enjoy a good love story:-)

  2. I don’t have time to blog, so this will be an avenue for me to share and stay motivated! Thanks!!

  3. I think Home Love Stories will be great because, while I love looking at beautiful homes, I also love enjoying home that are REAL and have families.

  4. I absolutely love connecting with those who find joy in putting their heart and soul into making a comfortable home to share with others. Simply put, I LOVE my home and sharing it with kindred souls.

  5. I love Home Love stories and have signed up already – what an amazing little community to belong to and to share our stores! can’t wait to make friends with my neighbours :-)

  6. I like the idea of seeing regular homes and houses. The perfect homes in blogs and magazines inspire me, but they frustrate me because I’ll never achieve that level. I think that Home Love Stories will help me appreciate my house AND inspire me, which is what I am looking for.

  7. I am currently trying to update the look of our house into something that is fresh and a little more modern. My husband is being good enough to help me paint the walls. We picked a light gray color, and now some of the furniture is looking very old. We’ll probably need to update a couple of chairs at least. I don’t know whether to re-upholster or buy new chairs. I need lots of advice! I think this will be a great website to get good advice from people who have similar interests. We all love your blog!

  8. I look forward to Home Love Stories because I love getting glimpses of how others really live in their homes.

  9. Caroline says:

    I am excited to join the Home, Love, Stories community because I have just bought my first home with husband and am struggling to know where to start with decorating and making it our own. I am looking forward to being inspired by others, the sharing of spaces, and the adventure of finding our own style in a budget friendly way! Additionally, I am contemplating starting my own blog about the transformation of our townhouse from the 80s into our dream come true. I love your blog and can’t wait for the book to arrive!

  10. Julianne says:

    I am so excited for Home Love Stories! As someone who feels totally grateful to love the home I have, I’m always looking for new ideas to personalize it and make it uniquely our own!!

  11. I love everything about transforming your house into a home & the stories that go along with it.
    And I also love the idea of going back to old school blogging…Seems like everything now is too perfect & impersonal. I want real life, real people, and real stories!

  12. Kristen D. says:

    I am heading off to sign up to join Home Love Stories right now! I think I will enjoy it because we are getting ready to start a major kitchen, living room, and deck renovation in April. I can’t wait to share and learn from the community!

  13. I like the idea of being “Old school” blogging – I love getting a glimpse into other bloggers’ homes to get inspiration!

  14. SueinMtVernon says:

    After reading this post, I went to your new website this morning and just spent an hour reading through all the wonderful posts that my “new neighbors” have made. I subscribed to many and cannot wait to see and read new posts as they come in. So much inspiration! Now I want to leave work and go make my house my home! Would love to win these letterpress blocks – thanks for the chance!

  15. I think I will enjoy being inspired by all the beautiful posts and ideas.

  16. Because home is love and simply that is what it is all about, and this is simple.

  17. I’ve been browsing around Home Love Stories and I am thrilled to see real people living in real houses! Just what I need.

  18. Judy King says:

    Finally…an avenue that’s easy, accessible, and fun! Sharing ideas, success stories and even mistakes with others who share a kindred spirit. <3

  19. Sometimes I want to share something in my home, but I don’t want to start a blog. Maybe this will be a fun way to do just that!

  20. Sheran Steading says:

    I have been having so much fun with Home Love Stories already. I am really looking forward to the community!

  21. It’s really the stories that make a house our home. And what a nice giveaway. Looking forward to Home Love Stories. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  22. I think I will enjoy Home Love Stories for the authentic ideas (and not just lofty dreams of Pinterest) that I can try in my own home, and for the community it will create between everyone.

  23. Lauren h says:

    Soo excited about Home Love Stories! Looking forward to taking pictures of my space to get ideas and advice from many different people!

  24. I think it will be wonderful to see real homes, not beautifully staged or with perfect photography. I love my home, yet most of it is not on trend with so many I see on-line, therefore, I can’t wait to see everybody’s different styles.

  25. What an awesome way to bring people together. I’m looking forward to learning from everyone! I did my first post this morning =)
    Happy Day

  26. I tried blogging and it isn’t for me, but this looks like fun! Maybe I will try this!

  27. I am loving Home Love Stories. Like blogging but no stress!!

  28. I miss old school blogging sooo much!

  29. I really LOVE the quick, simple yet gorgeous fun and creative ideas I find on Home, Love, Stories. You make everyone feel at home! <3

  30. I love the idea of “old School” and of just letting all the real hang out!

  31. I’ll enjoy HLS because I can share and learn from a community of home lovers.

  32. I love this idea! I am excited to share the little things that make our homes special and to be inspired by others. I would love to win these blocks too. Such a cute idea :)

  33. I love the idea of seeing new ideas in a quick and easy format!

  34. Home Love Stories looks to be a place I will go to for inspiration. I am also looking forward to reading Love the Home You Have, the cover art is just wonderful.

  35. Hillary M says:

    I like that it will be non-judgy people sharing and asking questions. That’s a relief to those of us who love design, but ahem, have trouble conceiving the vision!

  36. Jennifer C. says:

    I can’t wait to check it out now!

  37. Christy Greagor says:

    love reading about real families and their traditions and lives!

  38. Teresa Vanselow says:

    I love looking at the decorating ideas that others have in their homes.

  39. “never look back” would be great for our family! After a lot of health scares and moves we keep looking forward and hoping for the best!!!

  40. Ah Melissa!

    I am loving Home Love Stories. I think it is fun to read each others’ stories and to share in our mutual love of home and everything home means to us – Family, friends, hospitality, haven, love.

  41. This is the perfect outlet for inspiration without anybody putting you down! great idea!!!

  42. April was in CT now CA says:

    I’m looking forward to the inspiration!! This will be fun!

  43. I love that there are always new ideas on how to create a cute home! I’m always looking for new ways to revamp my place!

  44. Jessica Preston says:

    I will love Home Love Stories because I am always looking inspiration for my new home. Being a new and first time home owner I sometimes need ideas on how to decorate, arrange, and get the most out of my house. I can’t wait to see everyones thoughts and ideas.

  45. Manette Gutterman says:

    I enjoy reading blogs about the beautiful things in life. Home Love Stories looks like exactly that!

  46. This idea of yours is brilliant, Melissa! What a wonderful casual “down home” way to exchange ideas with all the others out there who love their home and caring for it. I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of your book!

  47. I think I would like Home Love Stories because we’ll see that our home doesn’t need to look like a catalog and that everyone else’s home (with rare exceptions) doesn’t either. :D

  48. I’ve been in our new home now for four years and it is still bare/has no personality. I have lots of ideas but get overwhelmed when trying to implement. This new community sounds like what I need to get going.

  49. What an amazing and fun idea! I’m excited to see take life and will enjoy learning from others.

  50. Carol Bicknell says:

    I think it will be fun to see how others present their creativity and ideas! It will be refreshing to see ideas by ordinary home lovers without fancy photos!!

  51. I seriously can’t wait to begin enjoying HomeLoveStories! I’m looking forward to seeing all the creating posts. This is a great way to jump into blogging since I haven’t really had the time to begin and really need to get some practice! Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  52. Sounds exciting, I’m in! Love the inspiration I get to use in my own home.

  53. I think it is important to find love in the everyday things of life.

  54. Debbie w says:

    My word is Family. Amen!

  55. Home Love Stories sounds like “home” to me! I’m so excited to try it out. I would want my blocks to say Home Brings Joy…gotta love it! Thanks Melissa! :D

  56. I think that I will enjoy Home Love Stories because I feel like I am shifting my thoughts and ideas about homemaking and decorating. We will be purchasing our first home hopefully this year and I want to have a clean start with our new home in decorating and homemaking. I am looking for lots of beautiful but simple inspiration to develop a style that works for our family and our new home. And I just love hearing about others homes! So, I am really excited to see Home Love Stories!

  57. I know I will love Home Love Stories because I love sharing our log home with friends. We keep it real and share what living with a child who has special needs is all about. It is about love, it is about struggles and it is about real life, everyday.

  58. In the process of redecorating and need all the inspiration I can get!!

  59. Eve Lewis says:

    I think that’s a great idea!
    I like the word Blessings! Because we need to remember all of them, (count) them and be thankful to God for all His many blessings to us.

  60. I think it will be inspiring to read about people’s homes! I can’t wait!!

  61. I am so excited about this. I already left one post and loved getting great feedback from other “neighbors” and checking out their posts. You are right….it is like old school blogging with all the good parts.

  62. Samantha says:

    Real stories by real people, what’s not to love?!?!?!

  63. Laura Carter says:

    I love Home Love Stories because I really hate my house and need inspiration to make it into a home I love. I really hope that your book can help me do that so I do not have to sell and pack everything to move again.

  64. So excited to get started with Home Stories, Melissa! It’s going to be awesome to have so much support and inspiration in one place. I can’t wait! Coco

  65. Mary Ann says:

    I love home decorating. Even if I don’t have the time , energy or resources to decorate the way I would like … I can always dream as I gather ideas.

  66. I will use it because i am not a blogger. I’m new to blogs and seeing all the perfect rooms and photography can be hard to always to to capture. I need a place to show my average pictures and my non white couch and a place i can ask stupid questions for a novice

  67. Jamie Herbrand says:

    Real homes with real people and ideas that most normal families can afford and make reality is exactly what everyone needs :)

  68. Heard about Home Love Stories from a friend & am excited to be a part. I think it’s so neat to share the simple things that bring us joy (esp within our homes) to encourage others to find what that is for them.

  69. love begins at Home

  70. I can’t wait…love that it’s going to be “comfy” :)

  71. Ashley C says:

    I love this concept, it reminds me of how blogging used to be :) I can’t wait to see what others post!


  72. Great idea! Thanks for trying this!
    Great giveaway too!

  73. leigh smith says:

    Wow! I love this concept. My table is SO plain! I’m in wait made to redo my dining room (or honestly “do” it). I can’t wait to read what everyone does!!!!

  74. I am looking forward to the inspiration, ideas & community.

  75. Beckie Davis says:

    I love this idea! You are the first one I go to when I’m on the web. So inspiring , can’t wait to see what everyone is going to share!

  76. I recently discovered your blog and when I read about Home Love Stories, I had to check it out. I am a member now and I can’t wait to share projects and stories in that wonderful space! Thank you:)

  77. I love this! Excited to browse and maybe post!

  78. Great idea! I would love to see a place where people share their visions, creativity and overall love for their families in either their home designs or their family traditions.

  79. This sounds like so much fun! I can’t wait to see what everyone shares. (:

  80. for inspiration:)

  81. Awesome, how fun! LOVE it!

  82. I’m already excited about your new blog. I am always looking for new ideas and inspiration for the home. I like your ideas and can’t wait to see more!

  83. I really love the idea of sharing the reality of our homes, sharing ideas and having the online community. I’d love to have the word dream in my home. It’s freeing and we try to hold onto it in our family.

  84. I love seeing what everyone is up to. Dreaming, creating and planning is awesome to shares. I can’t wait to join. My word is family. Di

  85. Karen Gebbia says:

    Home is Where Your Story Begins

  86. I love MY home and enjoy finding inspiration to make it even more special. Sounds like this will be a great place for that!!

  87. I decided to join Home Love Stories because I feel so blessed to have my home and my family and I know that there are a lot of us out there that feel very strongly about their homes. I wanted to join the conversation.

  88. my home is not only where I do life with my “people”- my guy and 4 kiddos- but it is also where we share our life with others. Our family is passionate about hospitality- sharing our home and hearts with those around us.

  89. I look forward to Home Love Stories for the inspiration, tips and great stories.

  90. Decorating my home has been my passion forever. I am excited to have a place to ask for advice and opinions as I now live far from family and friends that used to help me with the big decisions. So y’all can be my helper friends now when I’m debating purchases and changes, okay?? Please. Can’t wait for my book to arrive!! Melissa, you have been such a blessing. Thank you for all your inspiration. God Bless you and those you love.

  91. i will love Home Stories, because I love the families making the stories!

  92. CarolineCD says:

    One of the best things we can do for our family and friends is love our home. It gives them memories to cherish for a lifetime. It is such a lovely thought to journey along with others that feel the same!

  93. This is going to be fun! I love that you don’t have to have a blog to participate. I’m excited to join this great community!

    • Debra Spaulding says:

      I would love the words: BLESSED and GIVE THANKS. Thank you for your inspiring blog. I am a daily reader. have a blessed day and give thanks for all we have and do.

  94. Patrona Dyck says:

    I’m excited about Home Love Stories because…. I love to decorate and redue. I am passionate about making my house comfy, and inviting to my family and guests alike, while living on a budget. I am just a normal mom with and awsome family! So excited for a chance for a creative outlet with other ladies like me!

  95. I think the section for helping each other with design questions will be so helpful and informative.

  96. I am looking forward to Home Love Stories because I love getting new ideas of how to bring my family’s history and time living in Germany into my house and making it our home.

  97. I’m going to love this because…with all the UNlovely things going on in our world, it’s going to be refreshing to steer my focus to lovely things.

    Thanks Melissa. You’re site is a breath of fresh air.

  98. I am at home a lot….a lot….and so it is important to make it a place that I enjoy, but also a place where others can come and be comfortable. This spring I just sense it is a time to focus on Beauty…and order…in not only my home, but in my heart. And they really both go together, don’t they? I am looking forward to even more of the inspiration you will bring to my corner of the world and in turn being able to share it with my friends.

  99. I love the idea of Home Love Stories. We’ve moved many times as a military family, and found even the most temporary of places need to be loved to feel like home.

  100. Alicia Fausett says:

    I get inspired by getting a glimpse into other people’s homes. I love seeing things used i unexpected ways, and it makes me appreciate other decorating styles more.

  101. Stacey Trap says:

    Because…….There’s no place like home……There’s No place like Home……There’s No Place Like Home!

  102. Exciting stuff!

  103. I love seeing other’s home design! I recently moved in with my boyfriend and am slowly making his house into a home :) I will also use it for questions as I go – I already have one stewing! Thank you!

  104. maybe it’ll be a start to loving the home I have

  105. I will enjoy Home Love Stories because I love home and everything that goes along with it and love to share in a community of people who feel the same. Very exciting!

  106. I will enjoy Home Love Stories because I love Home and everything that goes along with it and sharing with a community of people who feel the same. Very exciting!

  107. I’m already loving the community feeling I’m getting from Home Love Stories.

  108. I will enjoy seeing the different ideas people have for decorating their homes. When it comes to decorating, I really need inspiration:-)

  109. Judy C in NC says:

    I just love, love happy stories … my children are in their 50’s now, and the best time we have is remembering them as children and what they did and did not do. Especially when I knew nothing about it. They seem to think that is very funny now. Judy C

  110. I’ve always loved homes and stories, so it sounds like a perfect combination to me. Excited to see what stories are told!

  111. I love the idea of sharing stories about “homes” because a home is about making a nest for those you love, so it’s really about family love stories and that’s what life is all about isn’t it?

  112. I look forward to the encouragement from hearing how others are aspiring to make their home a beautiful sanctuary?

  113. Home Love Stories. I do not have time for a blog, but there have been times that I just wanted to share with somebody when I finally ‘got it’ after having a design challenge within the walls of my home. Now I know where to go! thanks!

  114. I think I will love it because I love looking a beautiful homes to get ideas to make mine better

  115. Will very much enjoy seeing pictures of other homes to give me ideas and inspiration.

  116. Melissa, Home Love Stories sounds like such a neat way to share authentic ideas and experiences from everyday people. I love the idea of this virtual neighborhood, so creative :). I plan to join you all :). Blessings to you & your sweet family.

  117. Always looking for new ideas to make our home a place of comfort and inviting for family and friends!

  118. Leilani Perez says:

    I love the idea for the Home Love Stories. I can’t wait to be a part of the community and contribute pics, share thoughts and ideas I have utilized in my home. I’m so excited. :D

  119. Charisse says:

    I enjoy looking at photos of homes for design/ DIY ideas, especially when they’re average people who don’t have an interior decorator budget like myself. Also, LOVE the idea of the Design Questions section & being able to get feedback from so many in one place!

  120. What a great idea! Have totally loved your blog and pre-ordered your book
    “Love the Home you Have” and can’t wait to receive it. Looking forward to finding
    new ideas on Home Love Stories!

  121. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s ideas!

  122. Love gathering and sharing ideas to make a house a true home.

  123. I think that I will LOVE Home Love Stories because there’s nothing that makes my heart sing more than talking about making homes beautiful. Mine, or anyone else’s. ;) Having another fun place to talk is like a little slice of heaven! Plus, I like Melissa, A LOT. ;)

  124. Sounds like great fun – like an old-fashioned neighborhood get-together.

  125. Oh how fun! This is actually my first visit to your site and I’m definitely enjoying myself! I’m learning so much these days about loving my home and taking risks to change things here and it’s a fantastic adventure! :)

  126. I am so excited about this! I just quit my job to stay home with my baby, and I want to start blogging regularly. Maybe this will be a first step in establishing a routine for that. I also love seeing everyone else’s ideas! We built our house 2 years ago so decorating has been an ongoing process. Thank you for establishing this community. :)

  127. I’m excited about being inspired to actually do a project (instead of leaving it at the “idea” stage).

  128. Teresa Moses says:

    I have moved 16 times as a military family, so it is always of great interest to see what others are doing to make a house their Home,