A Place for Everything

A Place for Everything

A place for everything, and everything in its place. I love that.

A Place for EverythingBHG

A Place for EverythingBHG

A Place for EverythingBHG

A Place for EverythingBHG

A Place for EverythingBHG

A Place for Everything

When I can easily find the things I use and love in my homewhen I can open a drawer or a basket or a closet and see exactly what I need and I don’t die in an avalanche of stuff I don’t even care about simply trying to find the one thing I was hoping to locate? GAME CHANGER. But that sense of peace in my home can only happen when I have made the intentional choice to simplify, declutter, and get organized! When we take the time initially to get rid of stuff we don’t need, it gives us freedom to do the things we really want to do! Creating a home on purpose changes everything.

So, that is my goal at home. Less stress. Less clutter. More order. More beauty.

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A Place for Everything


  1. Andrea L. says:

    This is my goal as well for this year! Love all the ideas! Hope I can do it!

  2. That’s an excellent goal! I work towards it a lot. Great ideas and inspiration!

  3. I totally adore these organizational designs! We are very organized at home but not stylishly like this. Certainly on our to-do list (or at least mine!). The only issue I often run into is when something fits into 2 categories…that stresses me out. I suppose it is silly, but true! Great post.

  4. I have been feeling trapped with too much stuff….I need to adopt this same goal.
    Thank you for your help.
    Happy Day

  5. Ms. Maggie says:

    We love stopping the DVR/DVD and looking closely at kitchen organization, especially homes in the Hamptons. It is our “I spot..” game with play. Very nice kitchen in “The Affair” on Montauk. So organized that the “mistress” was overwhelmed by it.

  6. Katie martell says:

    Hi, Melissa. I love your blog! I just bought your new book, Love the Home you Have, and I am really enjoying it. Love the organizing and decorating information and illustrations/photos you have. Keep up the good work!

  7. I am loving all this organization! I always make sure to keep my home organized so I can find things easily. Decluttering is just as important, haha.

    The Office Stylist

  8. Well, as a professional organizer, I am standing up and applauding this post:) All of this stuff just make me happy. I always say how freeing it is to get organized.. it just relieves stress and makes you feel in control.

  9. My “favorite” thing at my house is purchasing a bin or basket to organize things and seeing that my kids left whatever goes in it on the floor or shelf ‘near’ said bin or basket. ;) lol

  10. Love this! I am so not an organized person & struggle to get control of my house. I want to try to simplify & organize for 2015. Found your blog through Ann Voskamp…. great work!

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