Giving Yourself Grace At Home {A Guest Post for Ann Voskamp}

Giving Yourself Grace At Home {A Guest Post for Ann Voskamp}

You’ve probably heard that our home should reflect who we are and what we love.

That’s great if we like what we see.

But what if the reflection staring back at us scares us? GASP!

What if our home tells us we are a complete disaster and we need to lose a lot of (ahem) excess clutter? GULP!

Who wants to hear that?

–from Love the Home You Have

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

You can read a little bit about how I feel about our home being a reflection of who we are in a guest post I am sharing on my friend Ann Voskamp’s blog!

Ann and I met at a conference years ago, I believe it was the first time she had ever spoken in front of a crowd after the release of her book A Thousand Gifts. She was really nervous and I was all intimidated to meet her, but she immediately put me at ease.

Ann is the kind of friend who looks you in the eye and makes you feel like you are the most important person in the world, even if you just met. We bonded over our introverted ways and we quickly became friends. Ann was such a big encouragement to me as I wrote my book, in fact, I’m quite certain there may not have been a book had she not convinced me I could do it. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to share a story from my book on her blog.

You can find the post here!

PS. Be sure to notice the glimpses of Ann’s lovely farmhouse kitchen in the photos she shares in the post!

Giving Yourself Grace At Home {A Guest Post for Ann Voskamp}


  1. Hi Melissa.
    My book has just arrived and I shall be settling down to read it with a nice cup of tea after lunch. I had a quick flick through and it looks really good. Thank you ever so much. x

  2. Two of my favorite bloggers in one place… I adore everything about this! :)

  3. your book’s sweet premise and true heart will win over the masses, i am sure. the idea of practicing ‘being content’ has been on my mind a lot lately. i believe it is a very worthwhile ideal, and your book will be of great help in my endeavor.
    all the best!

  4. Wicorel Koning says:

    Melissa, you know her (too)! Recently I started reading ‘A Thousand Gifts’ and writing my own Gifts-list. I love the profound truth in it all! My friend Inge and I are heading up a True You-project for women in our church about what we really believe about ourselves and about God. It is based on Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ ‘Lies women believe and the Truth that set them free’ and I already included the Thankful-living where possible. I will try to include your contribution to Ann’s blog also. Because you unmask lies, just the same. You can be really proud (through grace) of all you have achieved.

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