New York Times Best Seller!

New York Times Best Seller!

I visited my girls in Seattle yesterday so we could get our nails done. GIRL time :). As we were stopping for lunch, I got a little message from my friend Ann Voskamp letting me know she had just noticed that Love the Home You Have was on the New York Times Best Sellers List. SAY WHA? I read her message a few times and finally we pulled the car over to gather our thoughts (and OK, we had to Google the list to see it, hahah) because we were in total disbelief! We thought we must be reading it wrong! MY book? Love the Home You Have? On the NY Times Best Sellers list? How! What?

New York Times Best Seller!

Wow. I guess it’s been on the list for a few weeks I just didn’t know and it didn’t even occur to me to look for it (author newbie here). I keep looking over at the list, you know, just to make sure there wasn’t a mistake. HA! But no, there it is, with several other books I have or want to read!

Anyway, I just wanted to just pop in to THANK you all so much for your help in allowing me this honor, because without YOUR SUPPORT, without you sharing the book and telling your friends about it, there is no way something like this would have ever happened for a first time author like me. This past year has been SO full of surprises and things I never dreamed would happen. I definitely feel like I have to pinch myself sometimes.

The message of loving our homes and finding contentment with what we have is so important, I’m so happy to know that it resonates with you all too. I love seeing your Instagrams (#lovethehomeyouhave), your blog posts and your kind reviews. Thank you, friends.

New York Times Best Seller!


  1. Wicorel Koning says:

    Wow, I am so happy for you Melissa. Sing Praise…!!

  2. Congratulations, Melissa! That is awesome! :)

  3. Just ordered my copy from Amazon!

  4. Put a big old grin on my face this morning. Congrats!

  5. joanne hrycak says:

    No surprise the book is great. It’s something you will keep going to for ideas helpful thoughts and just a fun book. CONGRATULATIONS! You rock!!!

  6. Fantastic and well deserved!! Congratulations! I posted my review last month. Cheers!

  7. Congratulations Melissa – so pleased for you – well deserved!!
    I too am going to get my copy today.\
    I’m betting Jack has a big smile on his face too!

  8. karen on bainbridge island says:

    How funny that you didn’t even think to look. I wouldn’t have looked either. What a happy, happy surprise for you and your family. You worked hard…enjoy your great success.

    ps we sold our house. Four offers in four days, all over asking price. We feel pretty lucky ourselves. Now the hard part…finding a house to move into, then making it our new home!

    • Wow! Karen that is amazing.?im so happy for you. Having a house for sale can be stressful so I’m glad it was not only quick, but exciting too to get over asking price! No surprise though, your house is gorgeous. Yahoo! Can’t wait to see where you end up! Congrats!

  9. Congratulations! Haha that’s so funny. I’m actually surprised you weren’t checking it twice a day with how beloved your blog has proven to be; to my embarrassment I totally would have. Not expecting it, but hope, hope, hoping it’d show up there. Great job!

  10. OMG! Good for you!!!

  11. This is awesome! So well deserved!

  12. Colette J. says:

    That’s amazing! You are amazing! Congratulations!!!

  13. I’m so proud of you!!! xoxo

  14. You are so deserving and I’m so happy for you! Hugs!

  15. Congratulations!! That is such a huge accomplishment. How exciting!

  16. Congratulations Melissa! I have, read and love this book, so I am not surprised! I guess when it comes down to it, we all long for a home and to be in love with it. Again, congrats!

  17. Congratulations for a job well done!! What an achievement :)

  18. Congratulations!!! I still don’t have a copy yet (sorry) but I have it on my Amazon wish list for when I can treat myself to a purchase. :)

  19. That is amazing! Congrats! I can only imagine how great that feels. To have worked so hard, and get those kinds of results must be so rewarding! I love the idea of the book so much. BE sure to celebrate and take in the huge accomplishment!

  20. Congratulations Melissa!
    I have to say I am not surprised! The book is absolutely wonderful and I’ve enjoy singing its (and your) praises. God is so good. [hugs]

  21. Congratulations…scratch that off your bucket list!

  22. Pat Selman says:

    Congratulations Melissa!
    Having enjoyed your blog for so very long , It was great to buy the book that now has become a
    reference for me. Looking forward to your next book.Best wishes to you and your family that
    have spread so much pleasure. Dog Blog too. Thank you so much.

  23. Wow!!! That’s amazing! (though not surprising) Congratulations!!!

  24. Thrilled for you Melissa, exciting news. I have really enjoyed reading it and appreciate having it.

  25. I have yet to buy your book but totally plan on doing so. Congratulations! How exciting and deserving!

  26. That does not surprise me at all. It is one of my favorite books of all time. You are like my long lost soul sister. It’s gratifying to finally know that someone else in the world is so much like me when it comes to homes. I love your book. Can’t wait to meet you someday in heaven. Congratulations and looking forward to reading the rest!

    • Ann, thank you so much for your sweet message. It made my day, I appreciate your kind words so much. And maybe we won’t have to wait until Heaven :). I appreciate your encouragement.Take care! xo & blessings.

  27. We are all celebrating with you here in Eugene, Melissa! Congratulations!!

  28. Congratulations, that is a great achievement, and so well deserved. I must find you on instagram now!

  29. well heck, of course it’s a best seller! you have combined the best of all subjects ~
    way to go, friend.

  30. Melissa ~ for a woman of such faith, you need to have some faith in yourself! Why WOULDN’T your book be on the NYT bestseller list? Congratulations!

  31. Heather says:

    Congrats!! So exciting! :)

  32. Yeah for you! So glsd your girla were with you for the moment you found out!! I am only to chapter 9 but I am absolutely loving your book. I keep telling my friends about it. Last night I was inspired to stay up an extra 20-30 minutes to complete kitchen clean up and making lunches rather than crash in bed. It allowed me a fabulous morning of devotions, catching up with my hubby a bit and an overall enjoyable morning!! So glad I saw your blog post a couple months back on P31!! Your blog and book have truly inspired me in so many ways!! Keep up the great work you are doing!

  33. I love love love that you had to pull over! Of course you did! Making the NY Times Best Seller list is about as epic a milestone as you get! Congratulations! Keep sharing the home love!

  34. Huge congrats!! What a feeling that must have been!

  35. Congratulations! Your book deserves to be on the NY Times Best Seller. Gives a wonderful perspective on using what you have, love what you have, and enjoying your life! It is amazing how differently I am
    looking at various things in my home, putting them in different places and how great it looks! Thank you1

  36. How awesome for you! Congratulations!!

  37. Congratulations! I have read the book and loved it. You are an inspiration and I wish you continued success!

  38. Awesome news, Melissa! You are so deserving of this accomplishment. Congratulations!

  39. Congratulations!! Your book is here and I’m looking forward to enjoying it on my deck this summer. I adore your blog and your style! I’m so happy for your success. If you ever drive down to Gig Harbor I’ll take you out to celebrate!!

  40. Congrats! So excited for you! I’ve ordered it and can’t wait to get it!!!

  41. Congratulations!! The honor is definitely deserved! You’ve written a fun and practical book – I loved it. My stepmom loved it; she’s afraid women aren’t being taught these things anymore, and she was so relieved to see you doing it. She said, “When you write to her, tell her I love her!” She’s 83 and still so spunky about house love! I’m still working my way through the 31 day challenge (for about 2 months now? eek! work is SO busy), but wanted to tell you how much help your book has been (cleaning frenzies – love it!) and how much we’ve enjoyed it. Thank you, Melissa – and CONGRATULATIONS on NY Best Seller status! (I’ve gotta tell my stepmom!)

  42. Congratulations! My copy just arrived in the mail and I can not wait to get some down time to read it! I’ve been keeping up with everyone’s thoughts and praise on it and has only made me that much more excited to read it! So many big and exciting things happening for you!

  43. Congratulations Melissa! That is awesome! I’m currently giving away a copy on my blog and enjoying reading your book! I can’t wait to read your others!

  44. Congratulations! I love your book. I’m working through the 31 Day Challenge on my YouTube channel, and I just love it. So many of my subscribers have been encouraged and blessed by your book and the process of walking through the 31 Day Challenge in their homes! I’m so happy that you are on the New York Times Best Seller list because I know how much joy this book brings! I’m glad others are receiving it too!

    • Rachel,

      WOW!!!!! I’m SO impressed with your videos. I can’t even tell you what a HAPPY SMILE I got on my face! You are such a blessing to so many and this is a real encouragement to me. I’d love to connect! I would really like to share links to your videos so my readers could enjoy them as well! I’m thinking of some ideas and would love to help get the word out about your great series both for my book and your others as well. You are a delight, thank you so much for your time and effort to share the book!!

      • Wow! I’m so excited you enjoyed seeing my series! I have been so blessed by your book, blog, and all you’ve shared. I would be very honored if you chose to share my videos with others! I’m open to whatever you would like to do. Blessings to you and thank you!

  45. Congratulations Melissa! Your book is awesome, and this is a well-deserved honor for you. Great job! I’m going to give your book as a gift to the brides whose showers I’m invited to this summer!! Your book will help them so much as they start their new homes. Contentment is such a key in helping their marriages be better too. Have you ever considered that your book could be a big help to people’s marriages? Helping find contentment helps marriages!

    • Wow, that’s so awesome! Thank you so much, that’s a wonderful idea to give it as a bridal gift! I might have to share that idea, I love it. And you know, I am so glad you feel it is helpful even in other wise like marriage. I sure hope so! That would be a real blessing to know it helped someone in such an important way. Appreciate you coming by and leaving your comment and encouragement, it means a lot to me!

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