{Inspiration} Summer Style

{Inspiration} Summer StyleLonny

{Inspiration} Summer StyleLonny

{Inspiration} Summer Style
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{Inspiration} Summer Style

{Inspiration} Summer StyleLonny

I thought you might want to ease into the week with some lovely summer inspiration rooms! It’s been ridiculously HOT here so I need a little distraction from sweating, so naturally, I was on Pinterest.

If you are used to experiencing 100 degree heat you might think I’m wimpy, but to me a week or more with temperatures in the 90s is like we are baking in an oven. I don’t normally sweat here in the NW (unless I intend to, and even then I don’t like it). Next week I’ll be in Georgia (Haven, anyone?) and then North Carolina and I have a feeling I’ll be dying of heat stroke there too, except hopefully there will be some air conditioning somewhere to resuscitate me. COME ON, FALL!

So, you know what I like about these rooms?

They are simple, but still interesting.

You don’t have to use a lot of things in a room to make a statement, but you do have to use the right combination of things if you are going with the less is more look. Less can be more, unless a room still feels boring. Why live in a boring room? I wouldn’t want to live in a boring room. I love to look at pretty things!

You don’t have to use a lot of color or accessories to make a room come alive (although color and accessories can help tell an interesting story!), but what you do choose to use in the room should please your eye and create a pretty composition so you’ll love being at home!

Happy Monday, friends! (PS. are any of you going to Haven?)

{Inspiration} Summer Style


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE these spaces!! I think I just pinned them all. Thanks for sharing these!! :)

  2. What a lovely start to a Monday morning! You aren’t wimpy. Here in Texas, we turn the air and fans on about April and leave ’em cranking until Thanksgiving!! 90+ degrees without air conditioning and fans is torture! My relatives on Whidbey Island may have melted away by now!

  3. I so want that bench. Any information on it or DIY to make it ? I wish I could share with you the life buoy wall hanging with hooks I just put in our laundry area at our guest cottage. This bench would complete the look and the paddle beside it too!

  4. Barbara Lavallee says:

    Yours was the very first blog of any kind that I started to follow and many years and many blogs later you are still my absolute favourite! I love the inspiration you provide both pictorial and written.
    My husband and I are in the process of rebuilding our cottage on Steenburg Lake (Ontario) and I will be incorporating all the wonderful ideas from your Summer Style blog! Beautiful! ? It was like I hired an interior designer and she took everything I love and put it together just for me! Thank you!!

    • Oh, that’s so nice of you to say! I’m thrilled you are still following and enjoying. I’m so happy to have people that are still here :). How fun to be rebuilding a cottage!! I hope you’ll share it with me when you are done, I’d love to see it

  5. Karen on Bainbridge Island says:

    I particularly like the room with the antique pine furniture and the blue chairs. It just looks soothing and relaxing and easy. I certainly hope to achieve a relaxed atmosphere in my new house and I think I will keep the concept of “simple” in mind.

  6. I love these rooms. They whisper “serenity” :)

  7. MarySue says:

    I certainly agree with the simplicity and very interesting. You’ve made me rethink more than once to pare down my “stuff”. We’re in 24-7 AC mode here in AZ. I never get use to the heat and hope that beautiful Northwest gets back to normal before my August vacation in Oregon. Best wishes.

  8. southern girl says:

    Do you know where the boat pictures came from in Picture #3?

    Thank you!

    Southern Girl

  9. I’m up in Ontario (Canada) and we haven’t got too much heat yet. I’ll also be attending Haven next week and am bracing for the extra hot temperatures (about 10-20ºF warmer than what we have here right now). As long as it’s not too humid, it doesn’t feel as hot!

  10. Well it’s freezing in this part of the world but I still enjoyed these pictures – oh my that first one – so simple but with a little bit of shine in the back splash. Can’t stop looking at those barstools, so lovely – they look like copper . The last room is so simple and serene and inviting with the fan in the window – even though I have a rug over my knees here. You have done it again as always – some loveliness to start my day. Thank you!

  11. Thank goodness I have a pool for the heat we have been having!! I head to Atlanta about 3 times a year and girl, brace yourself. The heat and humidity combo are ruthless! I all but give up on my outer appearance while I am there…I am a hot mess!! Hope you have a great time at Haven!!

  12. i think the era of ‘simplify simplify simplify’ is final here. the 90’s just had too much stuff! (ie: a lot to dust and wash! lol) just love your pics here. I am happy looking at them;)

  13. Love the simple, elegant, classy looks here. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  14. Do you know where I can find those exact bar stools?

  15. Yes please- where can I purchase those bar stools.

  16. Love the whole look. Such peaceful rooms. Especially love the bar stools. Where can I purchase them?

  17. Marie Villareal says:

    I am in love with the rustic metal barstools but can’t seem to find the exact ones you posted in picture which I think look the best vs the comparisons I’ve found on Overstock, Amazon and Target. Can you please tell me where I can find the ones you posted?
    Awesome posts

  18. Darcy Perry says:

    Yes can you please tell me where to find those exact barstools

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