{Inspired By} Unique Doorknobs

{Inspired By} Unique DoorknobsDesign Sponge

One of the things we are pretty happy about in our new house is the very solid wood doors. Our old house had the expected new house style hollow core doors, so we almost forgot how nice it feels and sounds to shut a solid wood door! While we do want to change out our hardware at some point, it’s a project we are excited to tackle since hardware can transform the personality of a door and room!

{Inspired By} Unique DoorknobsManhattan Nest

{Inspired By} Unique DoorknobsOne King’s Lane – Design by Michelle Smith

{Inspired By} Unique DoorknobsApartment Therapy

{Inspired By} Unique DoorknobsClark & Co Homes

{Inspired By} Unique Doorknobs
Design Indulgence

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{Inspired By} Unique Doorknobs


  1. Rebecca Cousineau says:

    Melissa we definitely share a love for unique doorknobs! A huge part of the charm of my house and part of why I bought it was the fact that on the main floor and top floor every single door has it’s original crystal doorknobs! They add so much charm to my house and despite my husbands complaints (they require regular tightening) we will never change them!

  2. Melissa,
    I’ve always admired vintage hardware, especially doorknobs. What fun you have to look forward to, finding just the right door knob for solid wood doors.

  3. Ms. Maggie the Elder says:

    Guess I am not into doorknobs. But I like to change out other hardware such as for cabinets. And all light switches should match throughout the house. I love that peaceful look. I think it is truly one’s home when all the light fixtures (well most of them) are of your choosing (or at least you are sure you can live with some until you find the right one…).

  4. I love the doorknobs from Design Indulgance! Love the backplate especially. You’re right, there’s nothing like a good solid door!

  5. The ‘earring’ of the door. (New, precious, hand-me-down, antique …. Perfection!)

  6. I just stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast (Oak Hill on Love Lane) in waynesville nc that had a collection of old door knob photographs displayed in the main hallway. They were stunning. I love it when something so simple is captured and shared.

  7. Love the knobs in your post! For our new house build, one of my first stops was to an architectural antique shop to find unique old door knobs. It’s great that you also showed that unique non-antique options readily available. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I LOVE vintage knobs. They’re the jewelry to your architecture!


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