Front Door Refresh

Front Door Refresh

A few weeks ago we noticed our door needed a fresh coat of paint. Between the dogs and all the traffic in and out, the paint was getting a little beat up. For the past year or so, we had been entertaining the idea of softening the front door color. Now that our paint colors are starting to flow better and we have a more clear direction for the overall color scheme of our home, the black just seemed a little harsh. (You can see the black door here.)

Front Door Refresh

I love black doors, but since I had been questioning whether or not it felt too harsh in my house for so long, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try a softer tone! Since we had plenty of our kitchen cabinet paint (Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal, see all of my paint colors here) and we knew it worked great in our overall color scheme, we thought we might as well start there! It was worth a try.

Front Door Refresh

Turns out, we love it! See the difference? I only wish I hadn’t waited so long to try it!

Front Door Refresh

Update: See details about my new indoor/outdoor entry rug here!

By the way, the trim color is Dove White by Benjamin Moore and the walls are Studio Taupe by Behr All-In-One.

Take a tour of this house (and my new Seattle house!) here.

Front Door Refresh

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  1. Yes definitely looks like it blends better. Glad you love it.

  2. So pretty!
    I like your unusual birch branch propped in the corner — it’s unexpected + interesting!

  3. Soft, distinctive. A stand-out, especially against the white!

  4. Lovely, just lovely. The grey must be such a welcome change from the stark black. I am so in love with so many shades of grey right now, and this one is just perfect for your door. I love the door style, too! The birch branch, the basket, the wainscoting, it all comes together just perfectly!

  5. Love it! In my book, charcoal gray is always a classic.

  6. Looks GREAT!

  7. Beautiful! Can you tell me the other colors you used such as wall & trim. Also interested in your floors. Every thing so refreshing.

  8. Love the change in color to Gray – you are right the black color looked harsh. Touch of the basket and birch branch along with a little potted plant and family frame to the right softens the whole entryway and is very welcoming.
    Are you planning on adding a rug ???

  9. Genius! It looks perfect!

  10. Okay I totally need to try this! Looks amazing!!


  11. Can you please let me know where you got your wooden floors from? I have been looking for floors like that for literally a year! Thank you x

  12. Do you paint the door with it hanging there or do you take it down and lay it flat? My front door is looking for a new color but I always get overwhelmed with the process! LOL!

  13. How did you paint the door without actually replacing it? The paint stays tacky for so long!

  14. Love it! Looks so much softer and seems to flow better.

  15. That is very pretty! I love the idea of tying your entry colors with the kitchen. We’ll be doing something similar once we get around to redoing the kitchen. Flow is so important!

  16. love the wall color in these photos! what is it? we’re looking to re-paint our living room…

  17. Karen on Bainbridge Island says

    We had a black front door in our old house in California. Benjamin Moore “Soot” with just a hint of purplish/gray in the light, which softened it a bit. I really like the change in your door, and, over time, I bet the wear and tear isn’t as noticeable as with black.

  18. MELISSA! LOVE the change, isn’t it funny how something like this can be staring us in the face then all of the sudden one day it is time to make the change and then you wonder why you waited this long to change it? It looks fabulous, love it with your beautiful floors,
    Happy Friday,

  19. Love the color—especially with your interior wall color!

  20. Melissa, it’s a perfect choice, it looks wonderful! and good job using what you already have :-)

  21. Did you paint the inside and outside the same color? I really want a black door to do with the outside colors of our house, but like you think the black would be too much for the inside.

  22. I LOVE the color of the door. Also love the color of the paint in the room – do you know what color that is? Looks great!

  23. Love, love, love the gray door! It works perfectly with your interior wall color too! Great choice.

  24. We are actually getting ready to paint ours a similar color. I think it’s called Muted Ebony by Valspar. It was on the same line of paint chips as our wall color so it goes really well. Love your color!

  25. Love it! I’ve been entertaining the idea of painting our front door pretty much this very shade of gray and this just clinched it for me.

  26. Perfect! I’m amazed at the softness and feel of the ‘new’ color in the entry. I also like the dresser to the side of the door. It feels more like a room than just an entry now. Isn’t it amazing how changing the tone can change the atmosphere completely?

  27. I actually like both looks a lot. But you’re right, the charcoal gray gives the room a softer touch. Nicely done!

  28. I also like the gray, but I’ve gotta say (hehe), that I think I like the black better. Maybe it’s the French in me. :) Both are lovely, and I’m glad you’ve done something that works for the feel of your home. :)

  29. I am wanting a new colour on our door as well and I am certainly going to check this colour out. I was looking for a true grey without blue or mauve undertones so it’s time to try a paint chip on the front door. Once that is decided I want to get rid of the brass hardware and pick out a brushed nickel set. You always seem to get me thinking!!!

  30. Taberah Carter says

    Quite lovely!

  31. I love the charcoal door…it’s perfect! Small changes can make such a difference.

  32. I’m a BIG Chelsea Gray and Kendall Charcoal fan! We went with a black door as the dining room adjacent is Iron Mountain (dark!), but in our last home we had Chelsea in the kitchen. Loved it! And love the subtle change to your entry door. Perfect!

  33. Christina says

    I love, love, love the charcoal gray and your whole house for that matter. Where is your door from? I’d love to replace ours to let a little light into our foyer.

  34. Could you please share where you got that chevron doormat? It’s wonderful!

  35. Loved the new door color. I loved the black too, but this one definitely feels less “harsh.” So pretty!

  36. The door looks great! It looked nice before, but just that simple change of color created such a warm area! Great choice!

  37. denise Kass says

    I am in love with your blog! Could you please change my email address to the new one I just posted? Happy creating! Denise

  38. Becky Bolat says

    Where is the door itself from? Looking for one like that!

  39. What color is the gray paint on the door? LOVE IT!!

  40. Dave Buster says

    Hi! I showed this to my mom and not only does she love the colors, but she loves the DOOR and wants to get one for her home. Could you share where you got the door?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Dave, sorry for my delay in responding. The door was here when we got the house so sadly I’m not sure. I’ve seen similar ones at Home Depot but there is no label and I don’t know the exact manufacturer. I hope you can find one similar!

  41. I’m loving this entryway. Beautiful!!

  42. Love the colors!

  43. Did you buy that front door or was it there when you bought the house… Ive been looking for one EXACTLY that style 3 window panes, over 3 exact sized panels and cannot find one, and don’t want to have one custom built… if you know the make/model please share it would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Michelle, the door was here when we got the house so sadly I’m not sure. I’ve seen similar ones at Home Depot but there is no label and I don’t know the exact manufacturer. Sorry about that! I hope you can find one similar!

  44. Echoing previous post: PLEASE let us know if you know who manufactures this door. LOVE IT but am ONE TO TWO WEEKS away from needing this style of door so my contractor to install. Thank you much!

    • Hi Nancy, the door was here when we got the house so sadly I’m not sure. I’ve seen similar ones at Home Depot but there is no label and I don’t know the exact manufacturer. Sorry about that! I hope you can find one similar!

  45. I love the the gray and bought it in satin for my front door . Now im thinking I should have got it in semi gloss. Which finish did you use. Your door is really nice.

  46. I love the door—source?

  47. I see that your gorgeous door is painted in BM Kendall Charcoal but could you advise me on finish? Semi-gloss?

  48. Do you know anything about your flooring? I am thinking of going with a lighter color and so far not many agree with me. Lol. What I chose looks very similar to yours.

  49. Hazel collins says

    Hi there, can you advise where you got your front door from please? I would like something similar, TIA H

  50. I love the door itself. Can you tell me where I could find one or the name/style as google searching hasn’t helped!

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