Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

{you can find my exact floors at Mohawk: Natural Hickory Hardwood Flooring}

Last week when the painters removed the paper from the floors after painting my kitchen cabinets and family room trim, walls and ceilings they both exclaimed, “WOW, the floors really make this room!” It wasn’t that the cabinets or walls didn’t look lovely on their own, they do (you’ll get to see more of the kitchen, soon, I promise), it was that the floors added a beautiful natural element to the room that brought the space to life! 

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

If you think about it, flooring is an important part of the design of any room. Flooring choices can completely change the character of any space, so it is important to think about how it might affect the mood and look of your home.

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

This was my kitchen — prior to the remodel and the new hardwoods in the dining room. So much has changed! I’ll have before and afters and updates for a long time to come as we did end up changing quite a few things over the past year! I feel like our home flows so much better now in large part due to the new flooring.

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

After new hardwood floors

Even though our rooms open up to each other, the previous flooring was different from room to room making each space feel much smaller. Last spring, we put in Mohawk Natural Hickory pre-finished hardwood flooring in our living room, dining room, up the staircase and in our master bedroom.


Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

Then this summer we started a kitchen remodel, which left our original wood floors with large holes and other damage when we removed a section of cabinetry and plumbing from the middle of the room. We weighed all the options from refinishing to fixing to replacing.

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

Our family room was well loved over the past few years and ready for some updates!

Since we also needed to replace damaged carpet in our connecting family room (which had taken quite a bit of abuse after kids, dogs and falling paint cans full of black paint!) we decided the option that made the most sense to us was to change the flooring to the same Hickory wood throughout all the connecting spaces on the main level.

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

It was so exciting to see the floors going in after all the thinking and planning and dreaming.

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}


Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

We love how our rooms flow together with the same gorgeous hardwoods. The Hickory has beautiful light and dark tones that bring so much warmth and light to even these dark gray days in the NW!

In addition to the new hardwoods (and kitchen renovation), we’ve been sprucing up walls with new paint (which you can see a bit of in today’s photos!) and we added tongue and groove plank paneling. We recently completed a fireplace makeover. Everything is feeling much lighter and fresher. We love that we have been able to add to the character and quality of our home and give it more of the look and feel we had hoped for when we first moved in!

We are still not done with the final touches of furnishings or rehanging photos and accessories (so many new ideas running through my head, I can’t wait to work on details now!). But now that we have some of these key foundational items done, we feel like we can really have some fun with the decorating. We are looking forward to bringing in layers of personality, color and more texture to create a warm and comfortable home for our family.

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

 Dash & Albert Rugs via Wayfair

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

While our furniture is still the same (although I do have a few plans for some tweaks and updates!), the flooring really makes a difference!

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

Mohawk Hickory Hardwood Floor Project {The Reveal!}

I’m so excited to add in all the finishing details to these rooms. Blinds, curtains, chairs and accessories will continue the transformation. (update: here is the family room and hardwood floors in Fall 2013!)

I’m so grateful that Mohawk selected me to be a brand ambassador for this flooring project, it has been an amazing experience and they have been wonderful to work with. It was a HUGE blessing for us to get new flooring and we are so excited to see how our home comes together as a result!

I’ll be sharing my final post on the floors later this week with a few tips on how we keep our floors clean and pretty! But that won’t be the last you’ll see of these rooms! I’ve got lots more details to show you and more reveals in the weeks and months to come.

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NOTE: The wood floors I have can be found on the Mohawk website right here.


Sponsored in partnership with Mohawk.


  1. For an instant, I thought the little white Westie in the before picture had grown into a HUGE white dog in the after picture. Then I realized they were probably two different dogs. :)

    • Ditto on the dog!

      Do you find the wood grain and varied coloring does a good job of hiding the *stuff* that gets dropped, tracked in, etc.? That is super important to me, and that wood looks like it might be great for camouflage.

      • Hi … just a reader chiming in … I had hickory floors in a past house. With three little kids, and a dog, the hickory really did hide a lot! My favorite floor ever.

      • Oh yes, I had dark stained wood floors in my old house and they always showed a layer of dust. These are much better since there is a nice variation in the grain to hide all the dust and grime that gets brought in. Obviously the stuff is still there no matter what kind of floors you have, but it is nice to not have to be constantly dusting and flustered over seeing how bad the floors get. I have a post for tomorrow on how I clean my floors. They are really easy to deal with!

    • Love the floors! We have carpeting and I HATE it! Came with the house. Anyway we can hide it will be good! Three kids keep it rough looking.

  2. Love the new flooring! What a difference.

  3. 2 words: nail polish…need I say more?
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. So VERY beautifully done…Looking forward to seeing more…:)

  5. With having two kids my carpets have been worked hard. Wood floors and new carpet are awesome,

  6. The house looks beautiful, and I think that rug would start my house down the same road! ;)

  7. I love the floor! We have original hardwood floors. The previous owners put carpet over them and there are nail holes & cuts in the wood. This new floor of yours gives great ideas.

  8. Lovely! Can’t wait to see the whole reveal. xo, Faith

  9. What a beautiful change! And I so want to hug that Jack of yours. He is so regal looking in the 3rd photo down. if you ever need a dog sitter…. ;)

  10. I love your new floors! They are such a refreshing change from all the dark, chocolate colored wood floors that are everywhere right now. While I think they are beautiful, they just aren’t practical for our FL (hello, sand tracking in!) family with six kids and a white haired shedding Lab. I love the varying tones in your floors!

  11. Claire Rose says

    Your floors look amazing- so light and bright-congrats on a great makeover- Claire

  12. Beautiful remodel. The floors are perfect for tying everything together. I think I’m having a touch of Mohawk Hickory Hardwood envy. :)

  13. Such an beautiful change! You are always a source of inspiration!

  14. Floors are beautiful! I thought the same things about the dogs as Lynn LOL

  15. Your floors, & home are lovely!! We are currently in the middle of a home remodel (!) and I have the perfect place for a beautiful new Mohawk rug. Merry Christmas!

  16. It is amazing how drastically the floors can change the whole look of a room or rooms. Your home is beautiful…of course, I thought that before the floors were done! Just when I think it can’t get any better…

  17. Thanks to reading The Inspired Room I’ve rediscovered my long-lost interest in decorating our home and in particular updating the look of our family room that has been the same for too long. It has khaki/tobacco colored walls, red with white floral slipcovers on loveseat and sofa, and a well worn ( years-dirty, actually, and possibly steam-clean-proof! ) 5×8 area rug that carries the colors of the walls, slipcovers, and old pine wood floor. Oh wow, does this room need a makeover! So,along with plans to purchase (on clearance) loose-fitting slipcovers in a neutral, a gray (toward blue) paint for the walls–maybe one I’ve seen here–and a lighter-feeling area rug, I think these may be the simple changes we’ll need to refresh this much-used room. Regarding the criterion for awarding Mohawk’s giveaway of a 6×9 area rug–and that color sounds within my preferences–how about rediscovering one’s passion? Win or lose, I’m happy to keep planning the update! A very nice giveaway–

  18. I am loving all of the changes you’ve made! I am so impressed with Mohawk flooring and would love to be the owner of one of their rugs. It sounds durable enough to stand up to our 7 kids and 2 dogs! Thanks!

  19. Simply beautiful!

  20. This looks great! We already have hardwood floors in our old house but they are skinny caramel colored oak, none of which I like. I struggle to cover them up since they are original to the house but I’d much rather have some rustic hickory as well!

  21. Beautiful!! We just replaced old carpeting with hardwood throughout. It looks SO much better.

  22. Scratches from dogs claws!

  23. What a fantastic renovation!

    • We just removed two walls, need to patch/ cover up the patch of hardwood flooring underneath. Thanks for the opportunity!

  24. A much needed rug would replace mine with the edges frayed. Hope it comes my way.

  25. The puppy has grown up! We can finally start to replace the old rugs :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. Wow, look how much the dog grew! Lol! In all seriousness it looks great!

  27. What a change! Looks great. :-)

  28. Your floors look amazing! I love hickory! My folks had it in their old house and I always loved it. I agree, the floors to make the house!

  29. Chelsea Moran says

    Absolutely lovely!

  30. Anita Gambrell says

    Floor nightmares! I got them! Last fall I went to CT to visit with my son. I come home to naked floors! My husband decided to pull all the carpet and padding up . The plan was to put in wood like floors , a lil at a time. Money being tight and getting harder to come by, I still have nasty naked floors! I could really use a good rug, floor, carpet….

  31. Those floors are gorgeous. Love the changes.

  32. amber Peters says

    Looks great! and thanks for the giveaway!

  33. LOVE those floors! And what a great color palette. I’ve always been drawn to dark woods, but this is making me rethink things!:)

  34. Stunning makeover! Thanks for the giveaway.

  35. I love your choice of flooring and that entire wall of subway tile with darker grout is amazing. The paneling is so beautiful too! Love it and can’t wait to see the “afters” in full!

  36. I have kids and kids and carpet do not go hand and hand. Spills and stains are something I deal with a lot. I would love to have a new rug to cover up some the oops moments we’ve had.

  37. The floors are spectacular and inspirational. My home is in need of updating, and I can find lots of wonderful ideas here.

  38. The floors are beautiful and I love the paint. It’s amazing to see the two rooms side by side. That’s when the difference is really noticeable. It looks so much lighter and open. I bet it feels different, too. We just bought new floors yesterday for our upstairs. I can’t wait to get them in and installed. My boys have destroyed the carpet so it’s been a long time coming!

  39. I soooo need a new rug. We are renting and lets just say the carpet in this home has seen better days. :) Since I can’t change it I’m hoping to cover it up with a great new rug!

  40. I would just love to win a new rug! Your floors have turned out gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the kitchen reveal!

  41. I would love a rug to cover up the wear and tear our carpet has seen from our kids!

  42. Love your remodel. It looks so different, so much lighter, warmer. I, too, installed hardwoods throughout both levels of my home a few years ago. (Posted on my old blog: I’m curious. You have a gas fireplace, correct? Why didn’t you take the hardwoods all the way up to the fireplace? I removed that weird square of tile that came with my home (and a crazy half pony-wall that was a wasted division in my smaller home) when I installed my floors. My choice was 3/4″ Brazillian Cherry. I get SO much light in my house that my previous maple floors felt like I was floating away everywhere. I chose the darker floors so I could feel grounded. Maybe in many meanings of the word too. Love your blog. Really love it.

  43. I would love a new rug for my family room! My flooring disaster story – a big box store installed carpet in our hall. They did not adequately get it locked down in a couple of places (popped up in the next couple of months but they said it would cost $150 to come back and fix it). Agh!

  44. loooooove your new floors! i’m usually more of a fan of dark floors but love how bright and inviting the lighter floors make your space feel. you may have converted me!!

  45. I LOOOOVE the beautiful way your floors turned out. And I love all the personalization you have been doing throughout your home – making it truly your own. My dream is to tear up the tile and the carpet in our home someday and replace all of it with hardwood, so watching your progress has been a great learning for me. Thank you for this giveaway, I am loving the opportunity to win this beautiful area rug. Why the builders use such light color carpeting in all of these homes out here in the desert I will never understand. The extreme heat makes the blacktop/asphalt wear off on to the bottom of our shoes and feet and then rubs off on to the flooring in our homes. Therefore, we all have black “runways” in our homes and in front of our seating areas. Plus, dogs and light color carpets don’t go hand in hand no matter how often you clean the carpets. I have a couple of seating areas that I would LOOOVE to anchor with a large size area rug – maybe this beautiful Mohawk rug????!!!!!! :) Thank you again for the chance at this giveaway.

  46. Your flooring is gorgeous, and I’m still crazy about your tiled wall:)

  47. Absolutely beautiful!!

  48. It came out really nice!!!

  49. Love the before and after pictures, it really does show what a big difference it makes. Lovely floors!

  50. Thanks for your inspiration. Wishing you a blessed day.

  51. I would just love to have a new rug! We have a new house with lots of empty floors! Your new hardwood floor looks beautiful!

  52. Yes, doesn’t it make such a difference when you have the same flooring throughout? It makes your home look bigger–and it’s beautiful, too. Looking forward to more reveals.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Blessings and Merry Christmas!

    • Oops, clicked on rafflecopter AFTER I commented. I was supposed to tell you about my flooring horror stories. Well, we moved into a tiny home with 4 small children and WHITE floors– in the mountains, with lots of mud. My floors WERE a horror story in themselves most of the time. We eventually changed them out to bamboo floors, and I love them.

  53. Diane Westbrook says

    Oh, I just love all the changes! I had been thinking of using the paint color that you used to cover up the swine walls and now I really am liking the new color of paint that you chose to use in the family room area!! Please share the color name!
    Thanks a million and yes I could really use the rug as I have no floor covering at all right now…Merry Christmas toooooo!! Diane

  54. Our entire home has beautiful hardwood floors (which I love), except it’s not the most friendly for a baby learning to crawl! We’ve slowly started to invest in area rugs for each room, but it’s expensive to find a good quality rug (we do have a Mohawk rug in one room and love it). We’d love to get one for our living room :)


  55. I love the color of the floor! you didn’t have to pick between all light and all dark you got both. The floors make such a huge difference.

  56. Wow! What a great giveaway! After 2 kids and 3 cats and 1 dog and 1 messy husband and too many years to count, my family room rug no longer looks clean (even after I clean it)! Yikes!

  57. Oh goodness … a new rug would be fabulous in my rental. Before we moved in, I saw this house before it was cleaned and I’ve never gotten past my horror of the dirty carpeting. And then the landlord cleaned it himself, so I don’t think it was a very thorough or professional job since the stains re-emerged within a couple of months. Ugh.

    Love, love, love your hickory floors. Yes, I agree that floors make the home. Your floors do add such a warmth.

    I am also a PNW girl … so I love your subway art with the locales.

  58. I am sooo happy for you! This home is completely fresh, updated, inviting!! You’ve accomplished it~ charm!

  59. We just moved into a new house and are looking for the perfect rugs. Thanks! By the way I love your flooring – so unique and beautiful.

  60. Your floor is amazing! Completely changes the feel of your rooms. I would love a new rug! Three daughters and a dog are demanding it! :)

  61. Love all that you’ve done!! such great choices!! Can you share your paint colors and brand for the living room walls, ceiling and kitchen area? Please!!!

    • Thanks! Yes, I should do a new paint color post! The family room with the white fireplace: walls Glidden Polished Grey, ceiling Glidden Woodsmoke. The kitchen ceiling is Glidden Polished Limestone and the walls are Glidden Polished Grey. The woodwork is Benjamin Moore White Dove. The darker walls in the dining/living/entry/stair wall are Behr Studio Taupe. Hope that helps!

      • Your home turned out beautifully! Another quick paint question. I seem to recall that you recently painted your front door a pale blue and I noticed the interior shot of it being black. What color did you utilize? Did you keep the front of it blue? Please let me know when you have a moment. Thanks!

  62. michelle stringer says

    We are.remodeling a home we bought in August. We pulled up all the ugly laminate on the lower level and stained the concrete. Total flop :( with a week until closing we had no choice but to paint the floors and they look terrible already! Your floors look amazing!! I will be daydreaming of them while we save our pennies. ;)

  63. We rent so having an area rug would be great to cover up any flooring we’re not too keen on!


  64. I would use the rug in our apartment to add some pizzazz and color! My husband and I just got married this year and are slowly building up our home. It would be great to add in some extra brightness! Love your new floors!

  65. The floors look great!

  66. We are planning on pulling out our carpet and extending our wood floor this coming year which means we need some new rugs!

  67. Patricia Marcus says

    I would love to win a rug. I inherited a 1850s farmhouse and am rehabbing it a little at a time along with refurbishing our craftsman bungalow. Try almost 20,000/ year in just property taxes. Your floor would look great in either house:)

  68. My husband and I are in the process of building a new home. I was delighted to see that River Stone is gray. Our house will be decorated with gray tones. Merry Christmas!

  69. I have a hard time picking out rugs, since they are usually kinda pricey and seem like a big commitment. Excited to do an upgrade of old college rugs!

  70. I love the flooring, it can be so universal…you can do both a rustic farm look or an elegant formal look! Great pictures, thanks so much for sharing :-)

  71. I haven’t read the comment thread so forgive me if someone already asked this, but what material did you use on the updated fireplace hearth? We need to redo ours and love the look of that grayish material you switched to! Thanks!

  72. We are in the process of building our dream home. A new rug would certainly provide comfort and warmth for our happy feet! Your flooring turned out beautiful and your open kitchen is such a dramatic change. I am excited and nervous to see our new house coming along – the electrical starts tomorrow as most of the windows and doors are in, the roof is on, and plumbing got done last week. I can’t wait to pick out accessories, including new rugs! :)

  73. Absolutely beautiful, Melissa!

  74. Well I surely don’t DESERVE anything, but my family just moved into a new home with wood floors and we definitely could use a rug! Thanks for the opportunity!

  75. One word: kids. They get sic…, they (and we) live through toilet-training… they love sharpies and paint… they don’t take off their muddy boots before running through the house… the list goes on!! That new rug wouldn’t cover it all, but it would sure help!!

  76. Love that new flooring!

  77. We ordered a beautiful jute rug that was on backorder for 3 months. Our rescue dog that was supposed to be house trained ruined it within a week! Sooo sad. We have been looking for an indoor/outdoor that we like well enough to put in the dining room.

  78. I would love this rug. We are doing an attic renovation and keeping the existing subfloors. It will add loads of character to the space, but we will definitely need some nice rugs to minimize wear and tear!

  79. Thanks for the giveaway. I can’t wait to see the paint colors on the kitchen cabinets soon.

  80. Your flooring turned out great. The wall colors are Gorg….and Jack is adorable and it looks like he’s a big helper.

  81. Love your new floors!

  82. beautiful! I love the variations in natural unstained wood; ours is oak and (among other things) it hides the mess awesomely! :)

  83. I absolutely love these floors!!! It’s cottage chic:-)

  84. We’re in a rental right now, and the basement has become our media room. Whenever we watch a movie, the kids (and dog) inevitably end up on the floor. I’d love to have a new rug for them to lay on — as well as to add some definition and style to an otherwise dull space!

  85. Love! Love! Love! Congrats.

  86. Well, with two big dogs – you can always use a good rug to cover some accessorizing that they’ve done!!

  87. What beautiful floors!

  88. Love the new flow, beautiful floor and wall color!

  89. I have rugs on top of carpet because I have 2 toddlers. The new carpet that I got 5 years ago I thought would hide spots, it’s complete opposite it shows every spot. Hopefully I can get hardwood floors someday. Your make over is beautiful!!

  90. I love this! How wonderful. I think the contrast between the colors of the wood is stunning. I also think this giveaway is awesome. I moved to my first apartment back in August and am having a hard time finding rugs and accessories to make my place a “home” without breaking the bank.

  91. This is simply gorgeous! Love all of it!

  92. Cindy aka Sealion says

    I love the look of your new floors!
    I actually don’t have a carpet horror story because we had Smart Strand carpeting installed when we moved into our current home in July 2011! Even when my dog got sick and had diarrhea on the carpet several times it didn’t stain. We have yet to replace the vinyl flooring in the dining area so a Smart Strand rug that can stand up to spills from the grandchildren would be awesome. :)

  93. Your floors look amazing! I would love to have them in my house!

  94. Our house has a few different types of hard wood. Two bedrooms darker wood (of course I forget what kind the flooring guy said it was?) two bedrooms, the hallway, the back stairs and the living room/dining room have a lighter pre-finished oak that the flooring guy raved about and said was super expensive but I’m just not in love with it. It is pretty and in excellent condition but I would much prefer this hickory flooring you chose, it’s beautiful and I am in love! Can’t wait to see the continued progress and many more before and afters coming soon. Great job on your flooring selection! You’re a genius :)

  95. Sue DeChant says

    Your floors are absolutely stunning!

    I think I deserve to win this beautiful Mohawk rug because I am in the process of doing some renovations in a home I purchased this summer and trying to do as much of the work myself as I can. The livingroom and bedrooms are/were covered in nasty old carpet that is covering hardwood floors. The house was built in 1962 and I think they are original. My budget is so tight I can’t afford to properly sand and refinish them but I found a product that did a really nice job of refreshing the livingroom floor for now. But, I still have a lot of work to do.

  96. LOVE your new flooring! It is beyond beautiful!! A few days after we replaced the carpet in our twin 4 year olds bedroom, they both got the stomach bug and stained the carpet a not so pretty shade of pink. And even after a professional clean job, it is still slightly there. It would be fabulous to have something like this either in our foyer or dining area!! Merry Christmas!

  97. Everything looks so beautiful! Wish I had hardwood floors, my carpet needs to be replaced so badly. I could’ve use the rug to put in my dining area. Have an old one there that is so outdated.

  98. We’re working on some updates to our new-to-us condo and wood floors are on the list soon after the new year. We will be needing some rugs so this would be great timing!

  99. Nail polish and 7 kids need I say more lol!!!

  100. I love the floors. Mine house came with 70 year old wood floors. I refinished them but there’s only so much I can do with it.

  101. Looks fantastic!! I can’t wait to do something similar in our home, the mismatched flooring really does close rooms off, even in an open layout.

  102. Love the floors!! I desperately need a new rug for my family room….ready for a change.

  103. the floors are gorgeous! and so are the rest of the details!

  104. i notice the change in the fireplace hearth. what did you use in place of the shiny black tile on the floor? is it wood or tile?
    love the flooring…so beautiful with the contrast in grain & color.

  105. WOWZA everything is just gorgeous!!!! COngrat’s on such a beautiful space.

  106. Wow, love the cottages look and feel. The floors are gorgeous!

  107. We have wood floors in the kitchen. I noticed some of the boards seemed to be turning black……um, not good. After a few months I told my husband to move the refrigerator, there it was, a leak! We now have many boards that are in need of replacing!

    When we built the home I let my dear husband choose the carpet color, he chose WHITE! We have three dogs! Slowly, very slowly, we have been replacing the carpet. Truth be told, we need all new flooring in this home.

    Thank you.

  108. I think your floors are jaw dropping gorgeous! My floors are unspeakable…I have 5 teenagers and a dog. And a husband. Need I say more?!

  109. Julianne Johnson says

    We are about to redo our floor and we will need a new rug. This is a little gross but my one year old boy just had tummy troubles and leaked out of his diaper. It wasn’t #1 !!

  110. Allison Van Leeuwen says

    Love the color variation!

  111. Oh I am dying for those floors, they are beautiful!!
    I would love to win a new rug because I have a big dog that likes to track mud in all over my white carpet!

  112. So pretty, love the color of the wood : )

  113. When we were getting ready to install new tile and hardwood floors, my husband was putting in the board that goes underneath the tile. He had to put screws in every 6 inches, and didn’t realize that he had put screws through a plumbing pipe. Luckily we caught it before we got too much damage.

  114. I just love your house – it so charming!!! i love all the wood, the beadboard – it is soooo wonderful. you must be thrilled!!!!! can’t wait to see the kitchen!

  115. I love the new floors. Consistent flooring does make a home feel so much more unified and spacious.

  116. What a big change! It makes me want to rip all the carpet out of my great room and carry my hardwood throughout! Thanks for sharing!

  117. Love the floors and fireplace remodel. Beautiful.

  118. Ahhh!! Soooo pretty!! I really want to have hardwoods in our kitchen but our main floor is original 1950’s wood so I know it will never match. I’ve kindof dreamt that I could just replace all the woods on the main floor with new hardwood so I can have it match. If I could, I would chose this flooring! It’s beautiful! I can’t wait to see more of the reveal!

  119. Gena in Texas says

    Love your new floors. We are finishing this weekend putting in new laminate floors and definitely could use a new rug!

  120. A 4 year old and hot pink nail polish! What a disaster in our new rental. Now, we have American Cherry and Travertine tile, so a new rug is definitely needed around here.

  121. I am in love with your floors, walls, colors,everything! My horror story ia I have 3 boys, and although I love beautiful things, it feels impossible to accomplish with them! I sure love them & wouldn’t

    • Comment cont…. I wouldn’t trade those boys for anything! But, after buying a white shaggy rug a year ago and having it now look like it had been tye dyed gray, I have given up on clean bright colors. I would love a durable rug so my boys & my dream of owning beautiful things could live together! :)

  122. Gorgeous Melissa!!
    I am overjoyed for you.

  123. Love the hickory!

  124. Kids throwing up red Kool-aid & hot dogs isn’t fun on white carpet!!!

  125. I’m usually not much of a ‘commenter’, but your floors inspired me to tell you that they just look AMAZING! Clean, light, lovely!

  126. Loretta Cowan says

    Your floors are beautiful! We moved from new construction to 70’s ranch three years ago. The place had been updated with laminate flooring, that reminds me of a color copy of a plank of wood!

  127. sooo pretty!

  128. I love that Hickory flooring! It’s beautiful! We have two kids and a dog so our flooring is far from beautiful!!

  129. I’d love to win this! My husband had just finished refinishing the wood floors throughout our first home which took forever, was a labor of love and looked fabulous. I was shaking a can of paint to touch up a bit of the trimwork and the lid flew off, spilling paint all over the brand new floors!

  130. Teenage boy…enough said

  131. I entered. Your floors look fabulous!!!

  132. Your flooring turned out divine. I know how long you have waited! Glad everything came together….just before Christmas.
    Merry Christmas

  133. Love the floors even though your house is light and airy it the floors make give it the cozy feel

    • OH and I would love a new rug or my living room because I have a beautiful oriental that my child spilled sunny delight on and it now has a big yellow stain on it that looks like someone urinated all over it!

  134. Hope I can win a rug to go in my new house!

  135. I have several bare floors in my home that could use some cozying up with a new rug.

  136. I need a new rug because our dog thought the one in our dining room was her personal bathroom. gross. thanks for the giveaway. I absolutely love your new hard woods, they look great.

  137. the flooring is beautiful! what a change that your family will enjoy for years to come!

  138. Simply Beautiful! Love the flooring!

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  139. The floors look great! A nice improvement, the grain in stunning. I like how you put the planks vertically in the living room, and horizontally in the hallway. Was there a design principle involved in doing them horizontally in the hallway?

    • So sorry for the delayed response on this question on the flooring! Thanks so much for your comment and compliments!! The reason planks go a particular direction is due to the floor joists. While I may have preferred them to go one way over another, the deciding factor was really made for me by how the floor supports are laid out. Also, it appears that the planks go one way in the living room and another in the hallway, they really don’t. It is just that the rooms themselves change direction, so sometimes it looks like the planks run horizontally in one room and other rooms look like they are vertical, but all the flooring actually goes the same way in the house. Hope that helps! :-) Happy New Year!!

  140. Great floors! Would love to win a rug!!

  141. I would love to win the rug, deserve the rug? Not so sure ;)

  142. I LOVE the new floors. Like you said, the upgrades were amazing on their own, but those floors bring it all together. ohh la la

  143. Been saving for a new rug in the family room so winning one would be wonderful!
    Our current area rug is about 8 years old and has seen it’s share of wear and tear with three boys, a cat and a dog. :)

  144. Looks absolutely amazing! It’s nice to see such a different choice when these days all you are seeing it people installing dark hardwood floors. I am in love.

  145. I love the look of the new wood floor!

  146. Melissa it looks amazing!!!!! I love how much lighter everything is. I so wanna head that direction. Unsure because my four boys are still relatively young. I painted my two story entryway chocolate brown just for that reason-markers, crayons and handprints constantly on the walls!

  147. Please come makeover my home! This is incredible!

  148. Leah Henderson says

    We purchased our first home a couple months ago and have mostly tile floors in the common spaces. Tile floors are cold when you live in Alaska and hard on the feet. Right now the bedrooms carpet is a disaster and we can’t wait to save up and replace with hardwood (thanks for the inspriation) but for now we need some rugs to cover up there spills and doggie stains!

  149. My worst carpet disaster happened when my Boston, Jax, decided to tear a 6 by 6 inch hole in the middle of my living room carpet. He had NEVER done anything near that destructive and then one day he just got it in his head that there was a bone or something stuck under the carpet. Well, I’m not really sure what his rational was, but it was a disaster nonetheless.

  150. Well, I’m not sure if this is a carpet or flooring horror story, but it sure is a horror story! I was walking down my basement steps last year when they completely collapsed! I fell at least 10 feet and then had to find a way to get out of my basement (without my phone!). To top it all off, I had food poisoning that day so I was super weak!

  151. Your flooring looks great! My worst flooring disaster was pulling up carpet in my sons’ bedroom, and instead of finding hardwood, we found burgandy paisley-ish linoleum. So, rather than attempting to pull up 60-year-old linoleum (probably full of asbestos), we laid black and white checkerboard self-stick tiles. It worked out great for our then-toddler and preschool-age boys. No worries of spills, stains or sick.

  152. Oh, man!! If we owned our home right now, I’d so be itching to do some renovating! Beautiful!

  153. I am DYING over your whole house! I’m a new follower on here and facebook! Can’t wait for more inspiration coming from you!

  154. We replaced carpet and tile with hardwood in our new home and it makes such a difference in our craftsman home. I have the perfect spot for a new rug!

  155. I love the floors! My husband just finished remodeling our 2nd home and he installed wood flooring as well. Now I’m begging for wood flooring in all the rooms at our current home, and I’ll need to show him your after photos! Thanks for sharing and hosting the giveaway! That rug would fit perfectly with my decor. :)

  156. Nice floors! We need a rug for our cold floors. :-)

  157. I love your new hickory floors! I can’t wait until our house search is over so I can start doing some decorating.

  158. April was in CT now CA says

    We have a SEA of ceramic tile in our downstairs area and I’d love to have a rug to help soften that up!!

  159. Katherine Richard says

    Two words: two boys! I am always replacing area rugs because of mishaps.

    I love how your space turned out.

    Lovely design.

  160. Jessica Baer says

    I have to say that I’d never have chosen this particular type of wood floor prior to seeing it here, but I love it! It’s opened my eyes to how different can be so wonderful! Why would I love an area rug? We have a 1 year old crawler, and it’d be perfect in my kitchen…

  161. ​I love the hardwood floor you have selected! Great idea and durable for a family home too!

  162. I haven’t had any horror stories but we just bought a home and are laying down wood floors and I would love a rug to warm the place up :)
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  163. Hi Melissa! I came across your blog as I was doing an online search for hickory wood floors. We are hoping to do a “floor makeover” on the first floor of our home this spring. We currently have 3 different flooring materials (wide plank pine with large gaps, terra cotta tile and carpet) in approximately 1000 square feet on our first floor and I would love to replace it with all hardwood. My original thought was to go with a traditional oak, but after reading about natural hickory and then coming across your blog, hickory is now my number one choice! Your house and floors look gorgeous. Can I ask what width of flooring you used? Sorry, if you already commented on this and I did not see it. Also, this is the first blog, I have ever commented on… I am now a follower:)!

    • Hi Julie! I’m so glad you found my blog, and left your first comment!! Welcome!! YAY! I’m excited about that! Thank you so much for your kind words on my house and floors. The width of the Hickory I used is maybe 3 1/4 inches, I think…just a regular width. I know lots of people are going for the wide plank but my rooms are so narrow I decided the smaller planks would be in better scale with my room. You can ask your flooring installer about widths too, sometimes there are good reasons to go with a particular width of flooring depending on your own home and circumstances.

      Have fun with your floor makeover!! The new floors sure transformed my house and I really love how it feels!

      • I thought your floors appeared to be about a 3 incn width. I think it was the perfect choice. Thanks for your response!

  164. I am a new reader to you blog and I am in love with your kitchen? I’ve tried searching for what color you painted the cabinets but I can’t find anything, have you posted it yet???

    • Hi Dawn, that’s because the cabinets didn’t get painted until the week before Christmas. and there are still a few parts not done yet. The reveal is still coming up! The cabinets are Kendall Charcoal lower cabinets and White Dove for uppers :-)

  165. Hi I just LOVE your wood floors and have been looking for them. I was just wondering if you could tell me the size of the planks? Your house is absolutely beautiful!

  166. After seeing your beautifully put together kitchen and how every aspect blends so well, I am inspired to tackle my own. The continuous floors throughout are gorgeous. I would love to know where you purchased your dining room chairs and the mirror against the wall. Thank you so much for your time to answer…I realize it is probably in short supply with all the questions you receive.

  167. Hi,
    I just emailed earlier but your reply was sent to my spam folder and deleted. I had a question about how your new hardwood floor has held up to your dog’s toenails, even if they are trimmed short. Do you know if engineered hardwood is better for that type of wear? We’ve had Pergo laminate in the past and it held up great but in this house we are leaning towards real hardwoods. I really enjoyed your kitchen and floor update!

    • Thanks! Here was the response, hopefully it won’t go to spam :-)

      They are a hard wood so they hold up great to every day living. Like all hardwood, they get fine scratches on the surface but that’s one thing I love about hardwood, they have character! Because they have such a beautiful grain any scratches are far less noticeable than they would be on a dark wood floor, so that helps too. Many years down the road they can be refinished and restored, so they really stand the test of time! We love them!

  168. I just love how your hickory hardwood floors look! Like your home, my home has smaller spaces but an open floor plan – I like your advice about using the lighter color and smaller planks to open up a room. If I could only convince my spouse that we should replace our carpeting with hardwoods!

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