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Cozy up for Fall in the Family Room {new updates!}

Ever since that one weekend where I decided to clean the family room and it turned into buying a new ottoman and rearranging furniture, I’ve been tweaking things in this room.  Not cleaning, but tweaking.  When I mentioned the new tufted ottoman I said I had rearranged the furniture, but almost forgot to come back and show you what it looked like! Oops! So come on in and see how the room is coming along (feel free to grab a pumpkin square on your way in).

First of all, I am LOVING the sofa facing the fireplace. There is something so inviting and comforting about that arrangement! It is actually how I had my family room arranged when we first moved in, but back then our kitchen was still chopped up and in its “before state” so having a sofa cutting the rooms up even more just didn’t work as well. Now it feels right to me, at least for now!

Some of you who are extra observant will notice that I still haven’t brought in a rug after I took ours out. While generally I would think of rugs something you’d want to add in to be cozy for fall, I also think of rugs as the perfect place for a dog to barf or test out potty training techniques.

So, no rug is actually less work which means I love living in my house just that much more. So at least for now, no rug. That may also change without warning.

Oh, and the Fiddleleaf fig? Still recovering. It will hopefully return to the corner when it feels better.

Cozy up for Fall in the Family Room {new updates!}

I’m still loving the ottoman. It’s just the coziest.

Cozy up for Fall in the Family Room {new updates!}

Of course, I always have my Plush Pumpkins out somewhere this time of year.

Cozy up for Fall in the Family Room {new updates!}

I got a couple of new frames for the mantel that were big enough to make an impact and just popped in art from lovely people like Jones Design Company and a drawing a sweet blog reader made for me after we lost our 19 year old pup Winston earlier this year.

Cozy up for Fall in the Family Room {new updates!}

And then a few weeks ago I was window shopping {cough, cough} at Pier One and fell in love with these little gold end tables. I didn’t really have a spot to put them at the moment, but thought they might work if I put two of them side by side to use as a console table. So I made them work.

I love them.

Cozy up for Fall in the Family Room {new updates!}

If we turn around you can see the view into kitchen. The cable knit blanket on my sofa is my fall FAVORITE! It was from Pottery Barn (disclosure: they sent it to me, but I adore it!). There is also a small but big update going on in the dining room beyond the kitchen that you cannot see in this pic, but I’ll hopefully be able to show you the updates in the upcoming weeks.

Cozy up for Fall in the Family Room {new updates!}

PS. In case you are wondering about something in these photos, maybe some of these posts will help (if not, ask away!):

Paint colors in these rooms can be found here
The  kitchen remodel is here
The kitchen sources are here
The bamboo blind post is here
My curtains are my DIY IKEA embellished curtains
The gallery wall (just out of view) post is here.

The ottoman is from World Market.

The trellis chair is from Pier One.
White sofa is Pottery Barn (via Craigslist).

Cozy up for Fall in the Family Room {new updates!}

Happy Fallifying!

***Catch up with the 6th annual Fall Nesting — 31 Days of Falling for Fall series!***

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  1. Emily Clark

    I always love to see pictures of your home. And, it’s just the right amount of warm and cozy for Fall. Love the idea of the two tables behind your sofa.

  2. Julia @ Hooked on Houses

    It all looks lovely, Melissa! So pretty. Can’t wait to see what you’re up to in the dining room! :)

  3. Dria

    Your room looks gorgeous, I LOVE the wall color and the fireplace wall. Your new ottoman is divine!

  4. Susan

    It’s all so warm and inviting! That looks like a gas fireplace…we don’t use ours often, it burns wood (Louisiana) but if I had one with gas I would love that. Pretty room.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yes, it is! We always have had wood burning ones and while they are pretty they mostly went unused at our house. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE flipping a switch and getting a fire! I use it ALL winter long.

  5. Jennifer

    I love this new arrangement! I have a similar great room and have always tried to make it work with the sofa facing the fireplace, but I have this strange half wall that makes it look awkward. I’m tempted to try it again seeing how great yours looks. The mantel looks great too and perfect for fall. I’m rug-less right now for the same reason as you, the dog!

  6. Sharon V

    I think the room looks smashing without a rug! So much texture and the floors are stunning – would be a shame to hide it!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks so much, Sharon! You are right, the floors are very pretty and I do love seeing them so no rug is probably for the best all around! :-)

  7. Shannon [Our Home Notebook]

    Really love the two gold tables behind your sofa. They totally work there. And your velvet tufted ottoman? I think I need one somewhere :)

  8. Lana Manis

    Melissa ~ this is so inviting! I love the colors… and especially the aqua touches. It’s always inspiring to visit your blog!

  9. Grace @ sense and simplicity

    The new arrangement definitely makes the room work well and ups the cozy factor. I love the soft blues and grays that you carried through to the accessories like your plush pumpkins and new throw (which is gorgeous, by the way). Enjoy cocooning.

  10. Kayli Schattner

    Absolutely love how cosy this looks! The best part is that it still fits the color scheme of the room and isn’t too overwhelming…beautiful!

  11. Lori

    Hey Melissa, the link for your paint colors isn’t working, either from this post, or from the front page. Is it me or you? Thanks! Love the new layout, BTW.

  12. Jo @ To a Pretty Life

    Gorgeous! I just want to curl up in one of those chairs with a cup of tea. One day I’ll have a sanctuary-room like that. The colours are perfect, especially with the turquoise ottoman (my favourite colour).

  13. Dana @ chocolate and sunshine

    What a pretty room! Loving the ottoman. Checked out your previous post and couldn’t believe it came from World Market and I didn’t see it there. One of my favorite stores. I’m loving those plush pumpkins, too.
    You’ve got the touch…

  14. Dana@chocolateandsunshine

    I love what you have done to this room! Your ottoman is beautiful and as I checked out your previous post for the source, I couldn’t believe I missed it at World Market. I’m also loving your plush pumpkins.
    You, obviously, have the touch…

  15. Kristi@Chatfield Court

    Your room looks great Melissa. I especially love your ottoman and your new gold tables. Love your pumpkins ( I love mine too! ;))


  16. Carole@Rustic Artistry

    The room looks great! Love the whole look of the fireplace and mantel vignette. I need a white chair like yours. Where is that one from?

  17. Faith

    Thanks for the warm welcome into your cozy family room. Love it! Can I have another one of those yummy pumpkin squares? (:

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Please, I will give you a whole PLATE, they are SO addicting I don’t want to eat them all myself :-)!!

  18. Linda

    Melissa ~ I just love your family room. I could stare at it all day ~ you have done a wonderful job incorporating the kitchen and family rooms together and making them bright, but cozy. I was wondering about the little brass apples (?) on your mantel? I love how they pop against the white. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Kelly Allen

    I just adore your style! You’ve perfected comfy and cozy. Q- what did you use to hang your plates with in the dining room?

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thank you so much!

      I used wire plate hangers that stretch around the plates, I believe you can find them at a home improvement store like Lowe’s or Target.

  20. Sarah @ 702 Park Project

    This whole room looks fantastic! I’m dying for those Pier 1 accent tables!! Do you have a link?

  21. Abbey

    What a beautiful room! Where did you get your gold octagonal box on your ottoman-coffee table? It’s lovely!

  22. Beccy

    Gorgeous, I love the blue Ottoman with the gold fog leaf. The colours and textures you’ve used create such an cozy room!

  23. Laurie

    Wow! What can I see. The room is lovely. The color of the ottoman is so perfect. Thanks for welcoming us into your home :).

  24. Jill @ Still Keeping On The Narrow Way

    Love the new arrangement Melissa! It definitely looks cozier. And that ottoman….still love it! Are those real branches on your mantel? I’ve been wanting to bring some inside, but I’m afraid they will just dry out and the leaves will drop (I guess it really WOULD look Fall then, huh? LOL.) Any tips??

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Yes, real branches off my tree. So far so good, maybe because I put them in water! :-) Thanks!

      • Gayathri

        Are the leaves as fresh or did they dry ? what do you do to keep them from drying and falling ?

  25. Gigi @myfabfitforties

    I found your blog while searching for some decorating inspiration! I have to say that I love this room! It looks so welcoming, comfortable, and put together……and that blue ottoman is just beyond wonderful!! I think it makes the room! I’m looking forward to spending lots of time browsing your blog!

  26. sarah

    Oh my I adore your family room! So cozy, fun and eclectic. Love the ottoman and your sweet touches of fall(velvet pumpkins).

  27. Gayle

    Beautiful!! You have perfected airy and cozy for sure!! Did you keep the little bookshelf you had on the side where you had the lamp?? Just trying to envision the whole room and studying how you manage the space.. Thanks!!!

  28. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    Not only is your family nice and cozy….it’s dressed up for the holidays too. Always….lovely. Always Extraordinary!!


  29. Crystal

    I I love all of the updates you’ve been making to the house. This spot is super cozy! The blue ottoman is perfect for the space and I love to have the sofa facing our fireplace. I’m hoping you might have a source for that throw pillow on the left…or know what fabric that is.

  30. Kathy

    Hi, you are so helpful on your blog. Can you give any info on the gas logs in your fireplace? I have looked online at HD and Lowes but it is hard to tell what they will look like.

  31. Morgan

    Hi I love the fabrics you used, especially the pillows (the blue, orange, white, and brown is my fav!) can you share the names of the fabrics? Thanks!

  32. Jenny Park

    Can you tell me where you got the tall glass base at? I need on just like that for my kitchen. Thanks!

  33. Jennifer Winders

    How did you build the boarded area above your mantel?

  34. Jentre Olsen

    Really love the fireplace. Trying to recreate the whitewashed stone look for my sister’s fireplace. Do you remember the name of the stone or where you got it? Thanks so much!

  35. Jordan

    So very pretty! I love the colors and your fireplace :)


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