Tufted Ottoman for the Family Room

Tufted Ottoman for the Family Room

So I am in EXTREME fall nesting mode (as will soon be abundantly evident when I start my annual Fall Nesting series next week, will you join me?!). I started a cleaning frenzy this weekend but got sidetracked by furniture rearranging which turned into bringing home a new oh-so-cozy teal blue velvet tufted ottoman. YAHOO! HA! Maybe you can relate? You start to clean and next thing you know BAM! you are shopping for new accessories.

Or, is that just me? :-/

Tufted Ottoman for the Family Room

While a coffee table is extremely practical and I loved the one I had, once I fell in love with my new room arrangement I knew an ottoman would be ideal (I will talk about the new arrangement during my Fall Nesting series that starts next week!!). At $199.00 at World Market, the price was right and the color was divine! My daughter needed a coffee table so I passed mine on to her to make room for this beauty.

Tufted Ottoman for the Family Room

I think my photos show a more true representation of the color, but the above photo is from the World Market website.

Have I mentioned how COZY this is in my family room? Can’t wait to talk about it and show you the new arrangement. Of course, if you follow me on Instagram you may have already got a sneak peek right as the rearranging happened, but before the ottoman!

I should point out that we have a separate TV watching room where we spend time together and this ‘family room’ is really just a place my girls and I sit by the fire and sometimes where our guests sit during parties or visits from out of town. We don’t really eat in that room so food isn’t much of an issue. And don’t worry about the pups, Jack & Lily will get to lounge on their favorite old indestructible leather ottoman which will be (awkwardly) located near the window for their viewing pleasure.

My new woven basket tray and gold leaf shaped tray are Nate Berkus for Target (none of these new things or the ottoman are sponsored, just my own finds).

So, is anyone else a sidetracked home executive (anyone remember that book?) like me?


  1. It’s beautiful!

  2. Mmmmmm. That is some tufted velvet goodness. Love it!!!!

  3. I love the tufted ottoman, great color too!

  4. That is gorgeous! I really wish we had World market in Canada.

  5. Love the color and the size. The only thing that would worry me is the dirt and dust getting into all those tufts and how hard it is going to be get it out. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love this. I pinned it last month, haven’t gotten it yet. I love your home and look forward to your new posts.

  7. How could you NOT bring that gorgeous thing home?! Great find!

  8. I love it especially the color!!! And I have a word market not to far away! I am planning my visit soon!!!

  9. Perfect addition to the family room! works great with all your other stuff esp the white slipcovered sofa and pillows. wait a minute, WHERE’S THE RUG? :) more power to you!

    • Thanks! Very observant of you :-). We rolled it up and decided to just have the wood floors bare for awhile. Lily our little pup is still not for sure accident-free since she’s just a few months old, so while the rug was an indoor outdoor rug that is easy to clean outside with a hose, it’s just easier to not have a rug at all right now. For cleaning I love the ease of just sweeping up the floors, too, rather than dealing with rugs. I do love trying rugs in different rooms though and moving things around for different seasons so with fall and winter coming I may just switch rugs around a bit. I have a round one I may bring in!

      • It’s just like having a human baby/toddler! We had a jute rug in our family room too and though it made the room feel cozier and more put-together, it’s been puked on three times, the first two times I was the ever patient first-time mom who meticulously cleaned it, the third time was a “that’s it!” Moment. To see your family room without a rug and still feel cozy and pretty just really inspired me and “validated” that decision to put the rug away for a little while (or maybe forever)

  10. Hi Melissa. Beautiful ottoman. Love the color and love World Market. We just moved and I live 1/2 mile from one. Needless to say, I am in there A LOT. ;)


  11. It’s really beautiful, and made a statement to the family room.
    I’m kind of a “suspicious” person to say, just because I love your taste and I love blue :)

  12. I just adore that color and of course the tufting! Congrats on your new beautiful piece : )

  13. Oooh….what a pretty piece! The color is so rich and it looks SO good with your white sofa. Glad Jack gets to keep his leather ottoman though. :) Looking forward to seeing the new room arrangement.

  14. of course you are the only one who gets sidetracked … ;-)
    (its a lovely colour!!!)

  15. Such a pretty find!

  16. Of course I remember that book! My mom and her friends were totally gung ho about it for quite awhile, and I read it and used it (not enough!) when we were early married. Oh to be a recovering SHE!

    Such a pretty ottoman. Now you can rest your feet on the equivalent of a giant velvet pumpkin!

  17. I love your new ottoman. Blue is my favorite color, so it’s especially appealing to me. Great addition to your family room!

  18. That is gorgeous! I like the true-to-life color better than the one in the image… I’ve been in nesting mode too since I just moved into a new (much bigger) apartment!

  19. Love the color and yes, I lOVE the Sidetracked Home Executive book too! Still have the card file I made when reading it. Great system. Flylady.com is modeled after the book

  20. Lovely! A perfect compliment to the patterned pillows on the sofa. Another way to keep dust out of the tufts is to have a clean paint brush in your cleaning arsenal to swipe down deep into those grooves and then vacuum away.

  21. Gorgeous! The color pop is great.
    I think cleaning naturally makes room for new things. Happens all the time!

  22. That is a beautiful ottoman. I love the colour too. We used to have a large ottoman in our last house, and I love it. Funny I’ve been fall nesting mode as well, and i’ve been moving things around too.

  23. Perfect!! Totally!!! If I were you’d be living in that “ah” moment. Enjoy!

  24. What a gorgeous piece and fantastic color. I love tufted pieces very much!! Can’t wait to see what it looks like in its space!


  25. I too get sidetracked very often when I am supposed to be out shopping for a client….LOL! I almost always end up finding things for my home. The ottoman is a fantastic find and the color is awesome!

  26. I love the new ottoman. And the SHE books too. My mom used them when I was growing up and gave me a copy when I married 15 years ago. The notecard storage system saved me many times. And I still love to go back and read their stories–soo funny. Did you know one of the sisters has a newer company for kids called House Fairy? My kids love the program.

  27. love it! the color is awesome and love the tufting! it’s perfect!

  28. Love it! Love it! I am always getting sidetracked. I love furniture. I’m actually attempting to make a very similar ottoman but it will be round and navy. Love the tufting

  29. Beautiful tufted ottoman. I would LOVE to have that at the foot of my bed! I like the leaf “tray” and your throw pillows. Living rooms without tvs are so relaxing and engaging. Our main floor floor living room doesn’t have a tv just a piano! Thanks for sharing your beautiful space Melissa.

  30. Its so pretty! I love it.

  31. Oh, fun! Don’t you just love having a new prize to be excited about?

  32. I love the ottoman. If we had room for one I would consider that one- World Market has some great stuff. We have a separate TV room too! Soooo worth it to me because I am just not much of a TV person and get highly annoyed with it on in the background when my husband is watching.

  33. Totally just gasped at this!! It’s SO BEAUTIFUL!

  34. I saw this at World Market (and fell in love with it!) when we were on vacation in California a couple of weeks ago. I’m so happy to see it in SOMEONE’S house- haha. It’s lovely in your space!


  35. Wow, that looks really great, especially with the pillows in the background. It looks better in your house than in the ad. Yours is more of a “dusty blue,” a bit more sophisticated looking. Love it.

  36. What a gorgeous piece! Your family room looks wonderful.

  37. Love your new ottoman! The color is amazing and probably really pops against your white slipcovered sofa. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to the full reveal. And yes I can relate to buying accessories when I should be doing something like cleaning the house or reorganizing.

  38. Love a pop of color….and when the house is full of family….extra setting. =)

  39. Long time lurker…do you recall where you found the pillow on the left? I love it!

  40. I like such units of furniture because they add comfort to the room and create special atmosphere in it. Especially I liked the color of this ottoman. It is extravagant and useful at the same time. And it can serve as a table and as place to sit.

  41. BEAUTIFUL! I love, love, LOVE it!
    The color is amazing… that’s the color I want on my kitchen walls… beautiful. I think I’ll need to head over to our local World Market soon! Thanks for sharing :-)

  42. love it.
    need to make a trip to world market!

  43. Yes, I remember that book. Several of us women used to do little snippets from the book at women’s church gatherings. Haven’t thought of that for years! (It was before kids, even!) I know you had a daughter marry a few years ago. Oh the cupcake logistics, haha! But I am still having a hard time focusing on anything after months of wedding preparations, lists, etc. being MOG, MOB, and hostess for the whole shebang. I am not ready to be stuck inside, either. I’m thinking beginning some fall decorating, late for me, will send me in a new direction. Similar to your story of cleaning, sorting and then buying this beautiful ottoman!!

  44. I remember that book! As a young mom I loved it and used a lot of their ideas.

  45. I’m so glad that I found your site by searching for this exact ottoman. I was really in awe when I noticed this on the WM site; but was a bit hesitant on the color, so I went searching to see if anyone had blogged about it. And, I found you!

    Here’s my only dilemma with going with this color, I currently have a beige ish chesterfield velvet sofa that I love. So, no problem there; however, my dining room is an open space right next to the living room and I have the walls painted Celery- from Home Depot.

    Do you think this will work? Might be too much and I may end up with the peacock effect? I love Peacocks by the way, LOL. The living room is painted in a neutral color, BTW.
    There is a beige version of this called mushroom- but, then I feel like I’m matchy matchy, ugh!

    Any advice would be appreciate, since I’m not a pro.

    Mom of three- 13, 4, 2
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Rose! The ottoman is such a pretty color (a little more blue than green) so I think you will probably love it in your space, but it might be something to try first! If you get it home and don’t like it with your walls, it’s pretty easy to transport so you should be able to take it right back if it doesn’t look nice! :) I hope it works out for you, I’m sure it will look amazing!

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