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Gallery Wall in the Family Room!

by | Jun 4, 2013 | Decorating Inspiration, Details, Family Room

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Gallery Wall in the Family Room!

Do you ever have one wall in a room that bugs you because you can’t seem to decide what to do to pull it together with the rest of the room? Our long wall on the right as you enter our family room was THAT WALL for me. It was longish, with no windows.

We used to have a TV on that wall, but when we did our kitchen and family room floors, we moved the big TV upstairs to the “media room” (it sounds so fancy when I say that, but really it is just a big bedroom with a TV and a sectional in it haha). After it was gone we decided we really didn’t miss it in the family room, at least one that big.

So that left the big long wall with no real purpose. Our sofa faces that wall so it just seemed awkward for everyone involved. Why do we face the wall? We don’t know.

We could turn the sofa against that wall to face the other way, but then we couldn’t have the room for a dresser or any other storage, which we need. Plus, the ultimate goal is built ins on the long wall so the sofa needs to be across the room.

So, what to do in the mean time?

Gallery Wall in the Family Room!

We didn’t want a big mirror or big art over the dresser, because we already have one big mirror on essentially the same wall in the adjoining kitchen. Ah, the trials and tribulations of room arrangements. So many things to think about if you want a room to feel right all the way around.

Finally we decided just a simple collection of frames and mirrors would be enough to finish off the wall above the dresser.

I wanted to hang up some of the art that I’ve collected from places we’ve traveled. I’ve missed seeing those water color memories up on the wall.

After a quick trip to Target, I had frames and some very pretty Target Threshold gold sunburst mirrors which would bring just a touch of “glam” to my more rustic beachy vibe. And of course, the mirrors played up the gold on my newly fancied up dresser hardware quite nicely!

Gallery Wall Tip:

I get asked often about how to do a gallery wall and the reality is, I just wing it by laying it out on the floor first and then taking a few measurements and start hanging, hoping for the best.

But, I think the BEST way to do a gallery wall is to cut out a piece of brown craft paper the exact size of your framed art and punch a hole where the hook is.  Then you can tape the paper up on the wall until you get the right arrangement.

Gallery Wall in the Family Room!

I love how pretty and classy the gallery wall looks, while still making sense with my eclectic rustic casual style. The small gold starburst mirrors are the perfect finishing touch since they don’t overwhelm the small collection of art, nor do they steal the show from my focal point fireplace or the large mirror in the kitchen.

Basically I needed to keep this gallery wall on the smallish side so it didn’t over power the room or existing features.

I always have several considerations when I am hanging things on a wall, one is obviously how it looks when you look right at the wall. But the other very important consideration is how does it look in context of the room and even in the house itself?

Gallery Wall in the Family Room!

In order to give my eyes a place to rest when I scan the whole room to see how everything works together. Sometimes that balance might be hard to convey in pictures, but I definitely prefer to decorate for real life and not just to stage it for a photo.

I am probably the weirdest decorator on the planet but I even start at the front door and walk through the house to see if things feel right in each room before I decide on an individual wall.

Gallery Wall in the Family Room!

My favorite thing about this wall? I love that the art in the gallery brings back happy memories!

**UPDATE! I’ve recently gotten a new cabinet in this space! Below is a sneak peek. Come see the rest here!

Gallery Wall in the Family Room!

See you here tomorrow for the Summer House Tour!

Wall color: Glidden Polished Grey

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  1. Helene

    Hey! That is just right! I love how the gold accent mirrors bring out the color of the refurbished pulls. So pretty and classy (not to mention USEFUL!). Those of us who do not have “the eye” can use this example as a template to create proper-looking gallery of our own. And what a nice example of how to decorate without spending an arm and a leg!

  2. Glenda Childers

    The white matte board is much wider than I would normally use … and I really like it.


    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Thanks, I love that look. Especially when you have smaller art and you want to give it a little more presence on the wall!

  3. Soiledrotten

    How cute! Great job

  4. Leigh Ann

    I love the gallery wall! Forgive me if you already posted this, but I just started reading your blog and wasen’t sure! What paint color did you use for the walls? I like it!

  5. Carrie

    It turned out great! I love the colors of the prints and the mix of the frames and sunburst mirrors. Can’t wait for the summer house tour tomorrow! :)

  6. Pam

    Love the look very serene! I really like the mirrors. I might have to swing by target and have a look at frames and mirrors ;). I just did a big tall wall in our stairwell and there is a lot going on but it feels good to have the photos that I love out.

  7. Corrie @ Little House On The Update

    It turned out so lovely! I love that it’s simple. Some gallery walls tend to get a little overwhelming. I also love that footed bowl :)

  8. Lisa

    I love the variation of shapes and sizes. Is lovely and eye pleasing.

  9. N.

    I love those mirrors! Can you share the source of those non-white frames too? I love that shade of grey (brown? taupe?)

  10. Tanya

    I love how the white backgrounds of the pictures really pop against the gray wall. Love this wall!

  11. Cynthia

    I think this wall looks great and I love the sunburst mirrors. I also really like that blue glass jug in the picture. So pretty!


  12. KellyHicks

    Love this look! its so fresh ,clean, and friendly looking! that wall color is the perfect grey shade :)

  13. Richella Parham

    YES, Melissa, I have a wall like that. And I used to use it as a gallery wall, but I’ve taken that down. . . and now I’m thinking that was the best use of the space after all! Yours looks wonderful.

    I tend to wing things with gallery walls, too, but I’ll add a tip to your tip. If you’re dealing with HEAVY objects, it’s completely worth it to do the kraft paper templates. That’s what I did with the mirror gallery wall in my bedroom (have you seen that? I love it), and with hanging mirrors it was wonderful to know exactly where everything would go. I actually nailed in the hangers right through the kraft paper, then pulled the paper off the wall after I made sure the mirrors were exactly where I wanted. But with lightweight things, it’s a simple matter just to eyeball things and move them around as needed. Unless, of course, you have a phobia of nail holes. :)

    Hope you’re having a great week!

  14. karen on Bainbridge Island

    I like it. I think the arrangement of the frames and mirrors looks well thought out, as does the colors of the frames, the mirrors and the watercolors…it’s very soothing, but still interesting. Good job.


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