{Fall Nesting} Media Room Update! The New Sectional Has Arrived!

{Fall Nesting} Media Room Update! The New Sectional Has Arrived!

UPDATE: Summer 2014: I’ve received quite a few questions recently about my La-Z-Boy sectional and how it’s holding up with our pups and family. I’m happy to say two years later that it’s been a dream! The dogs try to destroy it on a regular basis and so far, they have been unsuccessful! We love snuggling up on it in the evenings, it feels so luxurious and everyone has room to spread out. Clean up is so easy I don’t worry if anything gets spilled! I’m very happy with our choice! Click here for an updated post about the media room progress after we added brass sconces.

So, back in the dark ages I talked about making the decision to create a “media room” out of one of our little used bedrooms (aka storage rooms) on the second floor. It’s high time we see how that project is coming along, right? We wanted a space where our son could invite friends over, where we could hang out together for movie nights with our family, where some chick flicks might happen with the girls. We wanted a big comfy sectional rather than multiple chairs and couches since the room is not really big. And we wanted it to be a space away from the hub of the house, which is our kitchen family room.

{Fall Nesting} Media Room Update! The New Sectional Has Arrived!

When La-Z Boy offered to send us a sectional of our choice, the timing was PERFECT so of course I jumped at the chance! Money doesn’t grow on trees around here so FREE is always the right price for us. Knowing the sectional would arrive at our house this fall, we had a deadline to make enough room for it. Just the motivation we needed to get things rolling.

So, we began the process of clearing out the unwanted, the excess and reorganizing how we used our space upstairs. This room hasn’t been a main focus for us, as we’ve been hard at work on 20 million other projects throughout our home. But, little by little we were able to make room for the new sofa.

{Fall Nesting} Media Room Update! The New Sectional Has Arrived!

This summer we decided on the La-Z Boy sofa we wanted. It is called the Collins and the fabric choice is # C982054. My daughter and I spent a lot of time in the showroom picking out a super cozy fabric that feels like VELVET! And, oh my, has it been exactly as we imagined! We wanted something soft. Something you can sink into and run your hands across and feel warm and comfy on. We wanted a durable fabric because this is a family space so we definitely steered clear of any fabric that was not labeled as such! We knew this gorgeous grayish navy  (changes with the light!) velvety feeling durable fabric was exactly what we wanted.

The white pillow with the gray medallion came with the sofa. It came with four of them! Score!

The rest of the wonderful pillows all came from Target or from our own stash.

{Fall Nesting} Media Room Update! The New Sectional Has Arrived!

I love pillows. I wanted plenty of pillows on the sofa so everyone will be super comfortable curling up and watching movies!

{Fall Nesting} Media Room Update! The New Sectional Has Arrived!

While we have a long way to go on accessories but we thought this gigantic clock and movie reel from Pier One are a good start to the feeling we are hoping to capture in this family media room.

{Fall Nesting} Media Room Update! The New Sectional Has Arrived!

Our plan is to get a few cube style ottomans so we can easily move them around, as well as give us access to the pull out bed!

{Fall Nesting} Media Room Update! The New Sectional Has Arrived!

Yep, we decided to make this room as practical as possible and ordered the sleeper version! It’s a double but it will be perfect for the kids friends or extra guests.

We also want to add shades and curtains to our windows and an area rug to define our seating area. I’ll be sharing more as we complete this room!

So far we really love the sofa and our experience has been great! Feeling pretty blessed to have it! It is the kind of sofa you curl up on and then you don’t want to get up again. Ever. I’ll keep you posted as it gets used more and will let you know how it holds up to family abuse. It isn’t a room that Jack really goes in right now but I am sure he will want to join us too. He may not be allowed on it, we’ll see. He may have to have his own corner with a blankie. We can’t wait to put it to the test this winter, I think it will be the perfect nest for the long cold evenings ahead!

{Fall Nesting} Media Room Update! The New Sectional Has Arrived!

Oh, and keeping it real. There is the other side of the room where we didn’t quite finish our decluttering. You might have seen this on Instagram or Facebook. Our plan is to clear out the rest of this corner, and move our flat screen TV in here above the desk. And then we can officially call this a “media room.” I can’t wait!

*Update – below is our media room currently, as seen in our 2014 Fall House Tour!

{Fall Nesting} Media Room Update! The New Sectional Has Arrived!

Do you have a cozy room for family nesting?

La-Z Boy provided me with this sectional for review. All opinions and experiences are my own.


  1. I just love your sectional….they are giving it to you! Fabulous! nettie

  2. Wow oh wow oh wow! What a great piece for a media room. I like your mix of pillows with it, and the ginormous clock. We have a great room for nesting, but lately the screened in porch has been more of a hangout with this beautiful fall weather. Hope you are enjoying the same!

    • Oh yes today was gorgeous! We’ve been pretty lucky with summer and fall weather but you can tell things are changing and it will not last forever! We’ve had a few rainy days lately as a preview!

  3. Oh wow it’s so beautiful and cozy! I wish I could join you! I’ll have to remember the name for when we go sleeper-sectional hunting ourselves. If we ever get around to our media room, of course. Great job you guys! I love progress!

  4. What a great sectional! My sister bought La-Z Boy seating years ago and it has really held up well to lots of family and kids. So comfy too. We hang out in our family room and dream of having a new sectional too, as that would be the best fit for our family and the room shape.

  5. Oh my do we have a cozy family room! It’s a small bedroom…filled with bookcases, a LazyBoy hide-a-bed sofa, our flat screen TV, and a blanket chest I made a long time ago that serves as our coffee table. It’s super cozy…but I never spend any time in there since we elected to not get cable when we moved here. I think we’ve only watch 2 movies in a whole year. The up side….it’s easy to clean!! :D

    • Ha! I forgot to tell you that I’m loving your fabric choice….it really looks super cozy. Great color too! And the clock is to die for!!!

  6. What a wonderful space to just kick back and watch TV or a movie.
    Our family loves to hang out in the home office. We’ll watch movies or TV programs on the computer. It’s a fun space.

  7. Love this sectional! My hubby brought one to our marriage, and I love to give him a hard time about it because it’s from the early ’80s. I love this one…definitely going on a wishlist!

  8. No. I don’t have one. But… I’m working on a secondary ‘crash’ pad… I started out calling it ‘the den’…now, I’m calling it my wonder-room. Since I’ve just called it a crash pad…I’m thinking it really is a ‘wonder-room’…as in I wonder what it will be if I ever get it finished!

    …Love that sectional. Have never EVER owned a sectional. The Honey isn’t a big fan of them!

    I like the color too. Pat

  9. Hey, great post! I love that retro clock wall in particular :)
    and I want to wooden chair too in the photo at the bottom!

  10. Oh it’s just perfect, I love the colour of the sofa, and all of the wall decorations. It is perfect for a media room. I’m very jealous I would love to have one!!

  11. Looks great! What’s the wall color? So warm….. :)

  12. ah … the ‘keeping it real’ photos are always the best part of any post!

  13. I love it! We’ve been considering a sectional to replace our leather couches for a while. I like the idea of everyone being able to spread out while watching tv. A nice comfy fabric is a must after leather, too.

  14. Perfect! It looks very cozy and inviting! Love the pillows. I may have to go check out the pillows at Target. :)

  15. I’ve heard such good things about La-Z Boy!!! My boss just got a recliner and LUV’s it! Not your grandfather’s chair!! The color you selected is gorgeous, too. franki

  16. We have a room for nesting, but not as cozy as yours :) Love it and those pillows are awesome! And a pull out bed-Score!

  17. I do appreciate the “keeping it real.” Our office is such a hideous mess. It would take two days to totally clean it up and out. And who has two days. My favorite part of your sofa is the color — is it a grey? or Grey blue? My second favorite part is the bed. My third favorite part is the COZY. Very nice that you have space to create the media room. Well done!

  18. Beautiful Melissa! It looks so comfy! Do you still have the name of the fabric? We are looking for a new couch and I am craving velvetty blue right now.

  19. Gorgeous sofa! I love the color and it looks very comfortable. And how awesome that it is versatile with a pull-out double bed! I’ve loved my leather Lazy-Boy recliner that I’ve had 10+ years. They make quality furniture. I have to admit I’m alittle jealous! I am happy for you and your good fortune.

  20. Awesome ..nothing like a big sofa…to spread out on. I find when my grandchildren are over…they all like to sit by or close to me…..a sofa like that is perfect for such times.
    Happy Day

  21. Wow … what a pretty sofa. The color and velvety look are really pretty.

    We’ve have a LaZBoy leather sofa for 6 years, and its been a great piece for us. We went with leather because it cleans up so easily in our house full of little kids.

  22. Oooh! I love the sectional! We are waiting for ours–it takes forever, but we’ve been planning for it for a long time too, and then we’ll have an even cozier, prettier nest.

  23. I dig your sofa something fierce! The color and style are perfect. I’ll be right over for movie night!

  24. I think you made an awesome choice! I love that fabric for a media room; looks super comfy–and durable.

  25. Beautiful choice! I’m glad to hear that you have an “upstairs” media room too — so do we -but we call it the “loft”. We are just about to start working in that room. You will probably finish before we get started, but isn’t it so nice to cross another room off of your “to-do list”?!!!!!

  26. I just love the color of the new sectional! So pretty! I think you made a great choice. :-) Can’t wait to see more progress of this room!

  27. Love the sectional, and the practical pull out bed – we just never have room over the holidays and that would do the trick. Great look.
    Oh yeah, and thanks for the “keeping it real” shot.

  28. The sectional is fab, great colour and fabric, enjoy!

  29. Wow Melissa this couch and room is fantastic! I bet you family loves to sprawl out and watch tv :) Is Jack allowed on it? hehe. Great color also!

  30. Your space and couch is fabulous! There is nothing like “comfort” that entices the family to be together. Our family room houses the “comfy chairs”. My husband and I regularly meet there for conversation, a small project or two but especially for movies and football games (Go Vikings!). These 2 chairs were originally in the living room but when I wanted (different look) new chairs in the living room my husband said “Lets get 2 new chairs, and a couch for the living room and put the comfy chairs in the family room”. So, with the instant answer of “SURE, LET’S DO IT”. We moved the chairs to the family room. The “comfy chairs” are great and no regrets at moving them.

  31. I love the mix and match pillows! Any sources for them??

  32. Went into lazyboy today after falling in love with the look of your sectional. I too love the Collins and was wondering if you knew the name or style number of the fabric you selected. Are you still pleased with the sectional. We are looking to outfit our media/bonus room as well and have 3 small kiddos- we need something durable and comfortable!

  33. Love the color of the sofa. Do you know if that material is still available? I can’t find it on Lazyboy’s website.

    • Tonya grimm says

      Well, I emailed Lazyboy and they said the fabric has been discontinued and is no longer in inventory.

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