Finding Fall {Home Tour}

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

Hello, my fall lovin’ friends! Come on in! I’m SO HAPPY to invite you all in for a little tour and visit on this fine day! I’m excited to be a part of the Finding Fall Home Tour this week!  Twenty bloggers coming together for a Fall house tour? YAHOO! If you are stopping by from Laura’s blog, Finding Home, welcome! {and thanks to Laura for hosting!}

If you were really standing at my door right now, I’d swing it open and welcome you in with a hug and then you’d be immediately trampled by two dogs wanting to kiss you. I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty crazy whenever someone comes to the door. There would be a huge commotion. You can see our Labradoodle, Lily, standing on the stairs in the top pic (muddy feet and all) just like she would if she saw you ring the doorbell.

She’d be there for just a split second and then she’d be down by the door wanting to kiss your face. Jack (our Goldendoodle) would be scrambling around the corner to make it to you before Lily got there, leaping in the air and skidding around on the wood floors trying to grab a toy or eat or something to calm himself down. He would be ridiculously excited to see you (sorry, we are still working on his manners and anxiety issues heheh).

But once we got past all the excitement and fur flying, you’d finally feel that it was possible to come all the way inside. :) So, welcome.

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

Everything about Fall makes me happy. I mean, no explanation of my love for Fall needed after all these years, right?

We live near Seattle on a peninsula out in the Puget Sound. Even though I don’t look forward to the gray rainy days of winter you might associate with Seattle, in general Fall is absolutely FANTASTIC here. Be jealous. It’s not hot or cold or gray (at least not now ha!). The NW has some nice weather this time of year! I bring out the umbrellas just for fun, but the weather is just about perfect for much of September (and if we are lucky, it will probably be beautiful in October too!) I actually look forward to September and October all year round. Autumn is my favorite.

And to be honest, the gray rainy days are perfect for snuggling inside and nesting inside, so I’m even cool with those kinds of days now and then.

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

While I love Fall, I’m not as crafty as some of the talented ladies in blogland, so by comparison my Fall decor is pretty subtle. I’m just not that into themed seasonal decor, but I do love to make my home more cozy this time of year! That’s my thing and cozy is what Fall is all about around my house. I bring out the blankets, pillows, rugs, candles, layers, textures, plants, and I even switch around books for the season! The feeling of the house starts to evolve as little things change. I just keep on adding the layers until it feels warmer and cozier!

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

Mirror Source

It really doesn’t take much to make the slow transition from summer to Fall, but I savor every little detail! It’s still early Fall, so as the season goes on I start to add more and more layers. (You can see what my house felt like in the summer for my summer house tour.)

I snipped Fall branches right off a tree in our yard for my mantel. I just love the simplicity of a bit of natural decor all year round, but especially in the Fall. Creating the mood and ambience for the season is one of the many joys of my life :).

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

Soon I’ll be lighting the fire and spending the cooler nights curled up on a chair by the fireplace, or nestled up on a sofa with my coffee. To me, Fall is about comforts and making our home our sanctuary and refuge from the world.

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

My girls and I have fun setting tables and lighting candles (I’d say candles are probably my most favorite decor between now and spring!).

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

While I don’t feel like I have to use “fall colors,” I do kind of love bringing in some reds, oranges and greens in small doses. Those colors always put me in a cozy and festive mood. That’s one of the things I love most about my simple neutral palette, I can pretty much bring in any color for any season and it works!

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

I also love Fall because I start to get more motivated to cook and bake, so you’ll find me in this corner a lot more often! I love when my house smells like freshly baked pumpkin cookies!

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

This is the time of the year when we get back into our rhythms, when my son returns to school and all his Fall routines become a part of our days. Our hall “command center” board is where we keep all the important papers and things I need to keep track of everything this time of year! Being a little more organized is definitely part of Fall nesting.

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

I also love creating a comfy little nest in my room in the Fall! A few more cozy pillows and blankets and fluffy comforters make their way to our bed.

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

I meant my fluffy feather comforters, but these two think they are THE official fluffy comforters and should be allowed up here to keep us warm. I try to keep them off, but I’m outnumbered. And, their faces kill me.

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

Speaking of adding extra pillows and blankets, I was asked on Instagram over the weekend where I keep all my regular bed pillows when I make my bed in the morning! Great question. This lidded basket (pictured above) is where they go! It keeps them clean and off the floor. The decorative ones can go back in the basket at the end of the day or some pile on top (or on the settee which isn’t pictured). It’s an easy system! The basket is from Birch Lane. (the art is from Between You and Me on Etsy).

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

Want to see our coziest Fall hangout at home? This is our upstairs TV/media room. It’s the only room in the house where we have a TV! It’s not a very big room, so the sectional (LaZ Boy) makes it really warm and comfortable in the Fall, especially as the nights start to get cooler! I don’t get to watch a lot of TV (book writing takes up a lot of my free time!) but we do try to watch something together every week as a family, so it’s really nice to have this space.

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

Thanks for coming by for a peek at what’s going on around my house! Every day is Fall nesting around here (and soon I’ll be starting my 21 Days of Loving Fall series) so I hope you’ll hang out and be inspired all season long!

*** Check out part TWO of my house tour here! ***

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

Finding Fall {Home Tour}

Meanwhile, to start at the beginning of the home tours and find the links in order, you can visit Laura at Finding Home and then the next up on the tour is Thistlewood Farms! And here are a couple of fun links, check out Better Homes & Gardens 100 Days of Holidays and be sure to follow the the BHG Finding Fall Home Tour Pinterest Board!

Enjoy the rest of the Fall tours!

*** Check out part TWO of my house tour here! ***

Finding Fall {Home Tour}


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Subtle and beautiful! ~Sonya

  2. Melissa – your home and words are beautiful. Thank you so much for being part of the tour. You started us out beautifully.

    Tage care, Laura

  3. Melissa! This looks gorgeous. Your dining room table is perfection and I’m totally loving your mantel. What a beautiful home!

    xo Michael

  4. Your home is beautiful with it’s nod to fall, Melissa! I love your subtle touches that are cozy and homey!

  5. Such a beautiful home – any season! Thanks for the tour and for letting us see more of those cute doggies. I have a golden retriever so I understand the meet and greet craziness every time someone comes to visit!

  6. Love those dogs of yours and of course, your fall home is gorgeous! Nicely done Melissa :)

  7. My favorite photo HAS to be the dogs on the bed. Coming in at a close 2nd + 3rd would be photos of your blue sectional (want one!) + that cute blue + white upholstered bench at your entry. Doesn’t that pattern remind you of an old Irish Chain quilt? I know you told us, but please tell me where your kitchen sconce was purchased. I know it has to be one of my online crush companies but don’t know which. TY, in advance!

  8. I love your home. It looks amazing – light and airy, but still comfortable and cozy.

  9. Your home is beautiful, and I love your philosophy of simplicity and using what you own. Can you tell me where you got the beautiful tray for your dining room table? It is the perfect canvas for seasonal vignettes! Thank you–Jeanne

  10. One more question–which lazy boy sectional did you buy? I am looking for a smaller scale one for my rec room. Yours look comfy and “tight” vs sprawling. Thank you1–Jeanne

  11. I like your subtle approach to Fall decor.
    My autumnal decor inside matches what Fall looks like outside of my home. I pluck branches, berries, leaves from my yard. I do not use slave labor made (aka China) items, what God blesses me with in central VA is sooo much better .

  12. I absolutely adore your house! You have the best taste and you coordinate everything so well! Awesome-sauce!!! I want my house to look like yours! :-)

  13. You do Fall well…pinning this for so many reasons…. Creating a home…thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Your home is beautiful! And your dogs are ADORABLE!! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Marilynne Rowland says

    Love, love, love your blue!!! Can I move in? Would not change a thing! Navy and neutrals have always been my go-to colors and moving my house back to them. When we moved to this house 10 years ago, I unfortunately got caught up in reds and golds! Over it!

    Love the dogs on the white comforter! Here, too!

  16. What a beautiful home and talents for making it so you are blessed with! I must look at your summer decor next! Our daughter and son in law lived on Whidby Island about 10 years ago and it is wonderful there on Puget Sound. Thanks for sharing you home with us.

  17. Love the horizontal “siding” in pic #11(pantry area). Would love to know more… did you install it ?
    What is it made of? Super cute idea for my hallway… much easier to clean the dog slobber from Kong chasing down the hall. Please share!

  18. Melissa, I love this walk-thru tour of your home. You have accomplished so much in the last few years in your home, and it has all come together to create the perfect space. Stunning – and so you.♥

    I am really happy for you.

  19. I like the fact that you are not into seasonal themed decor. I love the subtle hints a room can convey. Your rooms are lovely.

  20. I love that this tour is accompanied by dogs! Lovely rooms too. Fall is pretty great here in the San Francisco Bay Area too, but too warm with our usual Indian summer for layers yet! Maybe a few branches of leaves though…

  21. Love your living, fluffy comforters on your bed! :) I had to laugh at your description of what happens when the doorbell rings. It’s pretty much the same here! I could just curl up with some of those comfy throws that you have all about your home. Thank you for the tour!

  22. Fall is definitely my favorite season, and I love making my home cozier, too. My sister and her family live in Seattle. I’m with you on the cold, overcast days – I don’t mind curling up on the couch with a blanket and a good book, but I know it’s hard when my niece and nephew don’t get to go outside. The amazing summer-into-fall months make up for it, though! Looking forward to your 21 Days of Loving Fall series!

    • Thank you Kelly! We do have such a lovely summer to Fall that we really can’t complain much. And honestly I should say that the winters aren’t that awful, all things considered. A little gray and rainy, yes, but still overall pretty mild! :-)

  23. I agree. Love love love your home. So cozy and inviting.

  24. You have a warm and lovely home. The floors are to die for. And I love those sweet doggy faces too. My two Yorkies sleep with me. And we sleep blissfully.

  25. I just caught a glimpse of your kitchen island. Where did you get it? Or did you build it? I’m so tired of my builder grade island. Must change it.

  26. Thank you for the inspiration ! Almost ready to do the Fall makeover at my house but it’s 85 degrees outside so I’m waiting just a little bit longer.

  27. Your home is so lovely & comfortable. And…thanks for sharing your ‘Doodles with us. My Goldendoodle, Stitch, looks exactly like Jack, but my Labradoodle, Buddy, swam around the poodle end of the gene pool a bit longer. My boys also act like morons when someone comes to the door. Thanks again for sharing!

  28. Just visited for the first time and so enjoyed your tour and beautiful, peaceful home, especially all the pretty table centerpieces. Thank you!
    Also, I have the exact same curtains shown in the tv room behind the sectional and love that unique color combination so much.

  29. Melissa, your home is beautiful, every inch of it looks cozy and comfortable. Very inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely home.

  30. So inviting, Melissa. Love your subtle touches. Happy fall!

  31. Hi there! Love the mirror over your fireplace. Restoration hardware? Your doodles are adorable as well. We are contemplating adding one to our family and wonder if you got them locally?

  32. Love seeing your beautiful home…including your dogs!!! We also have a Goldendoodle…Little Mrs Mavis…Thank you for inspiring…so lovely!

  33. I think I just swooned a little bit. lol I want to curl up with a book and hot cocoa, and relax in your home. You have done such a beautiful work making your home gorgeous, yet welcoming. :) Thank you for the tour.

  34. Thank you for inviting us into your home. I love the warmth and tastefulness of the decor. I also like your choice of not having a TV set in every room. :)

  35. Thanks for giving us a tour Melissa! Your home looks so lovely and cozy. I love all the layers and textures you’ve added…..especially those two fluffy “comforters” of yours. Do they use that little mirror on the stair landing to check their faces before they greet guests at the door?

  36. I love everything about your home including your dogs. Could you tell where to find the drapes in the TV room? Thanks

  37. Melissa your home is always so cozy and welcoming, but the Fall touches really make me smile. I love that your blankies are always at the ready, I just washed all of mine so they’re extra fluffy and ready for those wonderfully cool nights. unless of course you can enlist a puppy to lay on your feet, which is always good. thanks for sharing!

  38. You have a beautiful home! Can you tell me where you found the mirror you have hanging over your mantel? I love the shape and frame color.

  39. You killed it. As always. LOVE everything in your home, Melissa! ;} Especially the pooches ;}

  40. Love how pretty everything looks! I love, love, love that clock and the mirror over the mantel.

    Thanks for sharing your home and your heart!


  41. Your dogs are killing me. They’re so cute. As a girl from the other side of the sound, I love the beauty of this time of year before those gray, rainy days set in. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.

  42. Sharon Adams says

    I love the collection of white plates in your dining room. I don’t see any plate hangers showing though. May I ask what plate hangers you used?

  43. So beautiful Melissa! I love all the touches of blue in your home. And those dogs are adorable!!

  44. Love your home and blog. Just found it recently. Would you mind telling me where you found your dining room curtains and your pillows in your bedroom? Love the mirror and the vase with leaves on mantle. The dogs are precious. Now I will have to check out all they back pages of your blog.

  45. LOVE every detail.
    I especially love that you keep it simple…adding baskets, blankets, and candles.

    Those bread boards in the kitchen scream fall…perfect season for baking!

  46. My sister has a big, slobbery, wet-kiss giving Bulldog.
    I’m used to it.
    You are like us down here on the Oregon Coast. Fall is some of our best weather, even though it’s so hard to see Summer go, I do enjoy it! It’s almost like an extended Summer ;)
    Thanks for the warm and welcoming tour! I’ve got the same Nate Berkus Target lamp. Love the gold hex design. Here’s hoping for a Fall that stays gorge till October.

  47. It’s beautiful! Light and bright and fresh – just perfect for this time of year when things start getting a little gray …

    Enjoy your fall!
    xo, emily

  48. Melissa,
    Your home is stunning! Love the simple fall touches you added and that plate wall is fabulous!

  49. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! You did an amazing decorating job in every space of your home. I am totally in love with the various colors of blue. I have began incorporating the different shades of blue into my home and I am loving it! I never thought that I would have a blue home but now I think that blue is my forever and ever color for my home. Thanks for sharing Melissa!

  50. Melissa…..I enjoyed your fall home tour so much. Your fur babies are precious and remind me a bit of our labradoodle, kennedy. She goes nuts when we have visitors. We keep hoping that it is just a puppy phase, but she really isn’t a puppy any longer. I loved seeing each of your rooms, but your cozy media room is my absolute favorite. That blue sectional is to die for. Would you mind to share the color on the walls? (I loved on your paint colors page but couldn’t find it!! Thanks so much for the lovely tour! I am inspired!

  51. So lovely. I am too too envious of your fall weather and being cooler most of the year rather than Hot and Humid! It’s obvious why your blog is such a favourite – your writing makes me feel like we’re just having a chat and your home is everyone’s Inspiration!

  52. love the basket at the entry on the wall. Can you tell me where to find cute decor items like this?

  53. Lovely tour! The description of your dogs’ behavior gave me a laugh, I could just imagine it. :-)

  54. I really really hope you see this! Where is the table runner from? It is so wide, and lays so nice! I have a similar table, and the same chairs!

  55. Where did you get your comforter/duvet from? I have been in the market for one for a long time now.

  56. Love, love it all! Your home is beautiful and I love how you create magazine-worthy rooms that still look like real humans can actually live there. :)

  57. Your home is stunning. The first picture with the grey and white striped wall and the turquoise! so beautiful! And Jamie above is right, these are magazine-worthy rooms. :)

  58. My husband and I love the gray paint in the first photo. Would you mind sharing with us the name of the color and brand? We are hoping to paint this weekend! :)

  59. Melissa, I love your home. It was so cool to see your kitchen featured in BHG!! I was wondering where you got the nailhead gray chair next to the fireplace and where you got the dark gray captain chairs in your dining room? Have a wonderful night!

  60. Melissa!
    The gushing could go on endlessly.. What a gorgeous home!

    I absolutely LOVE the mirror on your mantle and dining room curtains.

    Would you be willing to share where you found these gems?

    Many thanks!

  61. Your home is beautiful and I love your style! Did you ever post photos of the rest if your media room after putting the TV in? I’m redoing our bonus room which is odd shaped and am looking for ideas. I would love to see your whole room layout in one picture.

  62. I came across the photo of your TV/media room on pinterest; it looks wonderful! Would you mind sharing the name of the color and brand of the wall paint?

  63. Hi! Love your house! What is the stone around your fireplace? I’m redoing mine and love yours!


  64. Can you tell me the stone around your fireplace? I love it!

  65. I LOVE your flooring – what kind is it? Beautiful home and pups!

  66. Your home is so warm and inviting! I especially love your dining room. Could you please tell me where you purchased the striped table cloth/runner?

  67. Beautiful home! What is the paint color on the wall in your media/tv room?

  68. I want to emulate your fireplace – we are probably getting a gas fireplace installed that’s very similar. is that white brick with a wooden hearth? What is the hearth made of?

  69. Hello from Lake Stevens, WA!
    We just purchased a NW Contemporary home with lots of cedar….I LOVE your style. Do you do consulting or design help?

  70. Beautiful rooms! I have been looking for a wall clock like the one you have in the TV room. Would you share where that was purchased? TY in advance

  71. Where did you get the round tray on your dining room table? And also the stool in your kitchen- white metal legs with wooden seat? Thanks!!!! Love your simple style- so how I want my house to look when it’s done :)

  72. Where did you get the 1 corinthins 13! Your home has a warm cozy inviting feeling to it! Thanks for sharing!!! Sharon

  73. So Pretty, Love the stripes! It caught my eye because I’m now searching for the right gray paint for my walls, what looked right in the store is too dark. Do you mind sharing your colors? Thank you!

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