Fall House Tour {Part Two}

Fall House Tour {Part Two}

Hello! Welcome! HAPPY FIRST DAY OF FALL! OH MY GOODNESS! How amazing is that. I mean, honestly. I wore BOOTS last night. BOOTS! Fall lovers UNITE. RIGHT? I’m so glad you are here! Come on in, you can keep your boots on if you want, or kick ’em off and make yourself at home. We are casual around here but that doesn’t stop me from getting all excited about Fall nesting and making things all cozy and pretty this time of year.

Fall House Tour {Part Two}

If you feel like it’s a deja vu to be invited into my Fall house tour it’s because, well, it is. :) And not just because I invite you all in every Fall, but you were invited in for a fall tour last week. This week I’m joining up with the lovely hostess White Buffalo Styling blog tour to invite ya’ll in for a few MORE peeks of the rooms as they are so far this season. So, welcome!

If you are just joining in the tour today from the last stop on the tour yesterday, Rain on a Tin Roof, WELCOME!

Fall House Tour {Part Two}

Similar Lamp Source

I’ve been wanting to try filling my glass HomeGoods lights with seasonal decor ever since I got them. And I finally told myself, self, this is the week to try it. So I got out my stash of pinecones and cinnamon sticks and filled the glass. Now check out how awesome they look! They warmed up the glass and just look so Fallish!

Fall House Tour {Part Two}

Similar Lamp Source

I’m so excited about these lamps. Imagine the possibilities? I did a post with some great ideas for glass lamps like this awhile back so now watch out world, I’ll be changing these all the time now. It’s like crafting for people who have no crafting skills! You have no idea how much simple ideas like this mean to me. Hahaha.

One of the things I’ve been pondering lately is how much I have enjoyed bringing in traditional Fall colors like browns and a few pops of rusty reds, greens and even some maroons. With mostly neutral rooms and decor it’s easy to just try new colors and go with my seasonal whims. And if my whims want greens and rusty reds mixed in with the grays and blues, my whims win out and I just do it. It’s fun.

Fall House Tour {Part Two}

I showed you the mantel in the last tour, but here’s a close up. I am so happy with the Restoration Hardware mirror, it’s just a nice focal point there on the fireplace so I can add a few seasonal touches around it and that’s really all it needs. I just don’t get too fussy when it comes to decor, so it’s nice to have the basic structure of a mirror there to anchor the design.

Fall House Tour {Part Two}

One thing I love about preparing my house for Fall is making things all cozy especially with BLANKETS. I always thought it would be fun to have a big cabinet filled to the brim with beautiful blankets. You know, like in a store when you see an amazing antique armoire or something piled high with beautiful Dash & Albert blankets? That’s my dream. But, I don’t have that. I have three Target blankets on a small shelf. You gotta start the dream somewhere. You better believe when it gets a little chillier I’ll be snuggled up under one of these.

Fall House Tour {Part Two}

In the kitchen I’m already thinking about how much I enjoy delicious hot breakfasts like oatmeal (I love putting cinnamon, brown sugar and walnuts on mine on a cold morning). I also start feeling more domestic and enjoy Fall baking (you can see a fun guide here that I put together for eBay of some of my favorite Fall baking items). I also love styling my open shelves (you can see my kitchen shelves here).

Fall House Tour {Part Two}

That blue and white vase we got at the Goodwill has been filled with Fall flowers for a few weeks now. I just keep going out in the yard and cutting things! This weekend I picked up some pretty Fall flowers at Trader Joes. Fresh seasonal flowers and natural decor really speak to me so much more than anything I could make myself. Just seeing a little plant or bouquet as I’m passing through a room makes me ridiculously happy.

Fall House Tour {Part Two}

I don’t even mind that it starts getting darker earlier because, CANDLES!!! Tell me candles are not one of the best things about this time of year! (The tray and pumpkins are from LoveFeast. If you missed the $200 shopping giveaway for LoveFeast yesterday, go enter!). By the way, the glass lanterns are from Mary and Martha (I’ll be having a Fall giveaway for a few fun things from them, too, soon!).

Fall House Tour {Part Two}

It’s time for the sweater pillows and cable knit blankets to cozy up the nest. You can see a couple of other views of my bedroom in my last Fall tour.

Fall House Tour {Part Two}

And now we are in the entry, just about to the end of what I have to show you for the second part of my Fall tour! My fiddle leaf is still growing and happy…I’m pleased to report.

I’m still excited about my 21 Days of Loving Fall series. I’ve only shared one day so far but fear not and stay tuned for all 21 days over the next couple of months. I’m just going to be sharing the little things that make me embrace Fall and love every minute of it.

Fall House Tour {Part Two}

Thanks for coming by! Please stop by the next love Fall home tour today…my friend Beth from Home Stories A to Z!

Fall House Tour {Part Two}
Fall House Tour {Part Two}

*Don’t forget to visit part one of my Fall Home Tour!

Fall House Tour {Part Two}


  1. I saw your gorgeous table setting yesterday on Instagram and loved it. Everything is so pretty. I adore your muted color palette.

  2. I love all the extra pillows and blankets – so cozy!!

  3. your home looks fabulous as always- love your entry!

  4. Love all the prettiness! Just wondering where you got the cute little gold mirrors in the first photo? Home Goods?

  5. Melissa, I just love your entire home! It is so beautiful. Thank you so much for joining in on the tour! It’s an honor to have you :)

  6. Happy Fall to you + all your whims! Grocery store flowers make me delirious, so note to self: bring some home with the Affy Tapples! ;-)

  7. I love, love, love your tablescape in the dining room!

  8. Just beautiful and I got a chuckle out of “It’s like crafting for people who have no crafting skills!” I am now determined to infuse Autumn in the tiny part of the house that isn’t torn up :)

  9. Everything is absolutely beautiful! Could you tell me where you got the gorgeous dark blue flower pillow in the last photo? Thank you!

  10. I was instantly drawn to the glass lamps. Pine cones are a MUST for fall decoration.

  11. Your home looks out of a Pottery Barn catalog! Love love your layering of textures and colors.

  12. You got me with the candles!

    It is all lovely, happy first day of Fall!

  13. You got me with the lamps! I have a sideboard very similar and they would be perfect.

  14. Loving this photos, Looks great!


  15. Love the wall with the pictures and the three circular mirrors. Did you purchase those from Target?…love them! Your home is so cozy and welcoming. Where did you purchase your fiddle leaf plant? I have not seen any in the state where I live….Texas. Great home and once again, thanks for sharing!

  16. Susan Lambrix says

    I love the round wood centerpiece! But……………….it is sooooo expensive. I’ll have to search for a similar one that is more affordable!

  17. I have such an enormous crush on your house!! My very favorite is your CLEAN, CLEAN floors! Some days, I look at MY hardwood floors and the debris-fallout from our toddler, and I think, “Would the gal at The Inspired Room live like this?” And then out comes the vacuum cleaner and the steam mop. But seriously, your talent for decorating is amazing; your style is exactly my style. Well done.

  18. I love those Home goods lamps! I also love your mantle. Do you mind if I ask how wide you mantle is? I am so limited with mine because it is so narrow. Eventually I want to replace it with a wider one. I also love the gray door and gray cabinets! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Melissa, it’s wonderful that you share your beautiful home with all of us, and I enjoy seeing the loving touches you add every season. But, speaking of seasons, I need to tell you one little thing: the names of seasons are not capitalized (Fall, Summer, etc.) Reading this blog entry made me a little dizzy with the constant capital Fs. Just think how easy it will be to type a seasonal post without having to hit the shift key so much! ;) Truly, you do a wonderful job writing, and your style is so personal and warm. Please keep doing what you’re doing and making all of your readers feel “at home” in your home.

    • You are correct. I know the rule is that fall should not be capitalized but it drives me crazy not to :). We capitalize Monday and October but leaving fall without the same honor just seems wrong to me. I fight with myself over it every time. If any season deserves to be capitalized, I think fall does (which makes me a rule breaker, I guess.) But I don’t want to make anyone dizzy so maybe I’ll reform my ways. :) Thank you, Debby for your sweet comments. I’m glad you came by!

      • I’m just glad I found your blog! I confess I’m a professional copyeditor, so I tend to get bogged down in the “rules” sometimes–but no matter what, you are an engaging writer, and your home is lovely.

  20. Melissa….I think you just might be twisting my arm for my future home. I have color ADD I’m pretty sure. A neutral background would be perfect for me. It sure is for you. ;) I can’t pick a favorite spot. Everything just looks so warm and wonderful. But…I must say the family room setting is visually stunning.

    Happy Fall my friend!

  21. After living in the Philippines for 13 years I was able to collect a lot of wonderful “stuff” with which to decorate. Now that we live in a semi-retirement community we have many opportunities to entertain. I love to decorate every table with a wonderful tables cape. I guess my favorite table is fall–or Christmas–or spring. Oh, I love them all.

  22. I adore your home Melissa! Your kitchen is one of my favorites ever! I love the fall lamps and your newly painted door. Lovely tour!

  23. Fall or otherwise, your house always looks lovely. Happy your plant is doing well – I would love one but am so afraid it won’t get enough light in our living room. Happy Fall – I wore boots to church this morning : )

  24. Love this so much. I feel like we have kindred design styles and also I live in WA too! Can I ask where you found your blue throw pillows in the bedroom photos? I have been looking for something special like that for mine. Thanks!


  25. Where did you find the picture frames in the first photos they are the perfect color for me.

  26. Hi there! I realize I am super late to the conversation about your beautiful space, but, I’d love to know where you purchased the stool with the white legs (next to your Fiddle Leaf). Thank you!

  27. Hi! I just found your blog! So pretty! Do you mind telling me what color you used on your front door? And also the color on your banister handrail? thanks!

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