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 Getting in the Rhythm {Day 1: Loving Fall}

As I was daydreaming about Fall (blissfully, I might add, heh heh heh) and pondering where to start with my little fun Fall series, 21 Days of Loving Fall. I kept trying to think of the perfect way to start the series. But I kept getting stalled. How does one START Fall? For the love. I thought about ALL THE THINGS I could do for Day 1. I was simply trying to come up with the most inspiring perfect activity or project I could to do to kick things off. I mean, I did the Fall house tour (thanks y’all for coming by and your sweet words, seriously, you are all the nicest!) and you’d think that was STARTING Fall off with a bang, but no.  A house tour wasn’t IT. That isn’t how I start Fall.

Then it became clear to me why I couldn’t figure it out.

Fall isn’t something you DO.

I can’t START Fall with a bang.

Fall is something you EXPERIENCE, it’s a gentle rhythm you get into at home, like the season that unfolds one yellow falling leaf at a time.

 Getting in the Rhythm {Day 1: Loving Fall}

So, that’s where we begin. We take a little step forward toward a new comfortable rhythm at home. Maybe it’s simply slowing down to create an intentional and comfortable rhythm of rest, work, and play. Perhaps new rhythms of eating and cooking in the kitchen. Maybe it’s establishing a rhythm of regularly organizing spaces that have spiraled out of control in the heat of the summer. Or finding a new passion for decluttering the things we no longer want to manage at home. Or perhaps it’s rearranging what we have to make the most of our space. Or even a new rhythm of pursuing the finishing details in a room to make our home feel more complete and peaceful.

 Getting in the Rhythm {Day 1: Loving Fall}

That’s what I most love about Fall. I love embracing or reviving rhythms that make our house our home.

So today I took an hour to simply just be present at home. To look around at the current condition of my home and the areas that had quietly fallen into disarray when I wasn’t paying attention. There was no agenda. No pressure. No expectations of instant transformation. I just puttered around, organized shelves and put some things away. I didn’t do it for the blog, it wasn’t for a big upcoming project. I just enjoyed returning to a peaceful rhythm of nesting, because that is what Fall is all about!

What Fall nesting rituals are you enjoying this week?

 Getting in the Rhythm {Day 1: Loving Fall}

This is a special periodic series running through October and November! See Day Two here!


  1. Kay

    My fall rituals are many, + they include one or more pots of Dunkin Donuts spiced pumpkin coffee throughout the day, one 3-pack of Affy (caramel) Tapples per day (!!) + binge-eating that bag of Mary Jane peanut butter kisses that I errantly purchased in late August. Perhaps today I’ll splurge + have a pumpkin pie-flavored mini Blizzard from DQ. (I wish I was kidding!)

  2. Peggy

    Hi…love this post and fall is my favorite time of year. You are right…starts with puttering as I like to say. First you wipe down the counters…then you rearrange a shelf…but you glide from one thing to the next with your favorite tunes playing….this is “house-keeping” and “home-making.” Love, days like this….peel some apples for applesauce –yummy…brings sense of calm and your family can feel it when they walk through the door:)

  3. Cheryl

    The bread board says it all! Home.

    Why this Fall I’m loving bread boards so much, I have no idea but I am. And that one is gorgeous. Fall rituals: taking down the garden and getting it ready for spring planting, ordering bulbs and figuring out what changes in the garden I want to make for next spring (dreaming my spring garden), making apple pies, bringing out the throws for movie-night, editing each room as I clean, hiking and walking. Thankful for the change and movement in seasons as they invite me to reflect and notice.

  4. sandyc

    Fall in the Arizona desert isn’t marked by the turning of the leaves – you have to go up to Flagstaff and surrounding areas for that. And it’s not marked so much by a change in temperature because, although lower, we’re still getting 3-digit numbers. But in our community, one begins to see bit of life, almost as if people were coming out of hibernation. People start walking their dogs in the daylight, snowbirds begin to meander down for their winter visit and “away for the summer” owners begin to wend their way back, traffic increases and community activities that shut down for the summer begin to get back to business. Here we really long and live for “winter” – as many people say, “that’s why we live here”. For me, it’s vicariously enjoying all the beauty of the changing seasons through your blog and others and recalling memories of many trips to Oregon during my marriage. However it happens, it is a most wonderful time of year – after all it culminates in Thanksgiving Day!

  5. Decor Musings

    Fall is the perfect time to get organized. I’m doing the same – donating items I no longer have use for and doing a little rearranging to make my place feel fresh. Nice post!

  6. Doris Rakowski

    I’m in Az also but closer to Flagstaff and we get a bit of color so that starts the Fall for me. Next I clear off my shelves on back porch and take down the Spring stuff and put up the Fall stuff. I always change it and add a new twist each year. I’m looking around now for ideas. What is it about Fall anyway everybody loves it.? The colors.or anticipating the Holidays or the kids are back in School? Ha Anyway it’s a great time of year. I love your blog

  7. Barbara (WA)

    My Autumn rituals tend to begin with the garden – tossing spent annuals, cutting gorgeous dahlias, puttering in the greenhouse deciding what to overwinter in there. I pot up and display orange pansies and mums with a few purple pansies thrown in for fun. Then I would move on to putting out my favorite deep pumpkin orange decorations and Fall dinnerware but this year things are in disarray due to the remodeling. SO back outside to the garden and greenhouse :)

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Oh yes! Fall gardening is wonderful! Remodeling does throw everything off though, hang in there!

  8. Heather

    I think you completely nailed it!
    Remember “That’s so fetch?” , from Mean Girls.
    I think there should be a new saying…”That’s so Fall!” ;)
    Fall is all things familiar, all things fuzzy and all things that make us feel loved and secure.
    Thanks for the smile! Happy Fall!

  9. Shannon

    This was great, Melissa. Earlier this week (like, yesterday) I found myself getting frantic about FALL. Much the same way I feel about Christmas. It struck me that I was doing something wrong and you nailed it. I want to experience Fall ~ the slow quietening of nature, preparing myself, my family and my home for winter. Its not a riotous explosion of activities (like spring & summer) but a simple slipping into rest. Thank you for articulating so well what I was feeling!


    Beautiful post! You are so right about the rhythm it has not quite changed in my neck of the woods, still short and flip flops around here, but I have the bug to get my fall plantings going. I usually start out on my porch flower bed, then there is the candle lighting ceremony that just organically evolves. Looking forward to that.
    Great post as always Melissa!

  11. Susan

    I love this reminder!! I have been so busy that I have not taken advantage of changing things up in my home – plus our weather has been a bit on the warm side, so hard to transition!! Thanks for the reminder, looking forward to the series

  12. Tammy

    Love this. Wish I could redo my kitchen to have my favorite Fall additions. Beautifully done.

  13. Jenn

    So much of fall is based on the feeling. It’s still 90 degrees here but I have started to crave blankets, and soup, and Garfield specials.

  14. Barb

    We moved into a new house in June so this is my first fall here. This past weekend was spent fall gardening, new mulch and hyacinth bulbs were put out. I love the thought of being welcomed by the smell of hyacinth next spring. I usually forget the bulb planting so I’m very excited! After that was done I set out my new tricolor mum on my front step along with a very cool “specialty” pumpkin The fall weather definitely gives me motivation!

  15. Nana Bon

    It is just as you say, a sort of ‘falling’ into the new season; easy does it … and it feels so gooood. And, by the way, where did you buy your marvelous cups? Love those.

  16. Mary

    Fall in north Texas is gardening time. August and most of September means the garden looks spent and the people feel pretty spent too (from the heat and drought). But fall brings cooler morning temps, rain and sometimes even surprise sweater weather in October. That’s time to garden at our house. We rip out the dead veggies, prune back tomatoes for their second show, plant cool season seeds and start nurturing the perennials. This year we are adding a living fence of blackberries to give privacy to our family garden. We need to clean out the chicken coop in a major way and its time to move around all of the perennials that need a new home. Just like moving furniture to give the inside of your home a new lift, I love shuffling perennials. I was laughing last weekend that in the 5 years I have lived in my home, hardly any outdoor garden “room” has stayed the same. It’s good cheap fun :). Love the idea of fall bringing a new pace. You can feel it in the air and when the light starts changing, fall lifts my soul. I love the dark mornings. And I love filtered light out my kitchen window when I am making dinner.

  17. Cathy

    I really love this post. It is spot on. It seems like people have had their homes decorated for fall as early as the first week of August. I don’t know about you, but August is my favorite part of summer. I LOVE summer!!! I am never ready to see it go. Also, it has been in the high 90’s to 100’s since the first of August. I am still enjoying each and every hot summer night. My favorite thing to do in the summer.

    I have a routine every year. I spring clean and organize every inch of my house in the spring and fall. So, I have just started organizing, ( going through ) closets and drawer in my master and kitchen. Things stay pretty organized around here so it is really just purging a few things.

    As far as decorating for fall. I add a couple of throws and a few more candles but that is it. Christmas is when I go crazy.

    So, excuse me while I go and enjoy summer. It isn’t officially fall for at least another week. :)

  18. Deana

    I have to admit I’m not a lover of fall. No wait….don’t shoot the messenger. It’s not that I don’t like fall. In fact it’s grown on me since I’ve aged. But I guess I don’t live fall bc I know what comes after. And winter is definetly not a fun time for me. Cold/snow…yuck. But I have to admit, this month I have been enjoying the sunny days, low humidity, cooler mornings. So I am easing into a love relationship. I perked up my paper straw jar with brown & orange straws. I changed my mantel, and bought a few baby pumpkins. But my most favorite thing is making comfort foods like chicken pot pie, and chili for cooler nights.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Well, there you go. You found something to love about fall! That’s wonderful. Winter will come soon enough so enjoy this beautiful season while it is here! :-)

  19. Sally

    I have been doing that lately too… being intentional about taking time at home. It’s amazing what you can get done — even without more of a plan than just BEING there. Our home isn’t large or fancy — but it’s home, and I’m so grateful for the days when I get to spend time just BEING here!

  20. margaret elkins

    Thanks for reminding me to enjoy my home. I needed to hear that today.

  21. Julie at Being Home

    Ha! I am not surprised that you have that kind of coffee maker, my Seattleite friend. lol There just aren’t enough coffee shops, are there? ;) I do not live in Seattle anymore, I grew up and lived there for many years though.

    Fall – Well, I am just trying to get the house, etc. ready for the winter. lol Yep, I need to slow down and take a break. However, we have already had our first snowfall. Not much, but it’s coming.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Hahahahah! Right? We have issues here. ALL THE COFFEE. ALL THE TIME. ALL THE PLACES. Wow, snow already? That’s kind of not fair!

  22. Jane

    21 days of loving fall…love it already.. and even more so since my move to NC 4years ago from Vancouver Island. We’ll always miss the west coast, but fall leaves here are amazing and the thought of winter is not so bad.

    Move over vanilla cream & banana loaf and hello pumpkin spice and pumpkin bread…mmmm. Thoughts of the crockpot paired with your yummy bread and the possibilities of the warmth of a fire. We’ll start our fall off with planting fruit trees tomorrow and organizing the porch.

    Julie is right..Seattle has great coffee shops…we always take an extra day in Seattle when we go home

  23. Crystal @MyBlissfulSpace

    Oh my gosh, yes, yes yes! If there’s one thing I’m craving right now (besides fresh-baked anything… ;)) it’s quiet, calm, peaceful organization…a deep breath…and to enjoy fall. Thanks for reminding me how to do that!

  24. Karen on Bainbridge Island

    Our fall rhythm was totally disrupted by an uninvited guest. A mouse decided my pantry was his or her personal grocery store. We spent over three hours cleaning, sanitizing and figuring out how to prevent it from happening again.

    Fall brings us beautiful colors, beautiful light, slower rhythms…and mice!

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      OH MY GOSH NO. Just no. That’s awful. I’ve been there (in our old house) and it’s the worst feeling. Ugh. I’m sorry about those unwelcome visitors!

  25. KD

    I noticed that all your bottles of flavored syrup next to your coffee maker are empty.

    • Melissa @ The Inspired Room

      Well, actually they aren’t empty! Those are light colored syrups and the background of the pic kind of blurred them. But, they are getting low because we actually use them :-) so I guess it’s time to refill!

  26. Shelley Beckes

    Fall is a wonderful time to reorganize and re prioritize. I start looking through my soup and bread recipes. I also find a new home for summertime clothing and items I no longer need.

  27. Linda Wilgus

    I really love what you wrote about Fall being something you experience and not “do”, and simply taking the time to be home and enjoy your home without the pressure of having to do something big. Fall seems like a sort of introspective time to me, as here in the UK the weather is getting quite a bit colder and you spent more time indoors. It makes me long for indoor-coziness, evenings by the fire, hot cocoa and doing some simple crafts, maybe a bit of knitting. My Fall nesting this week includes getting some cooking apples from a friends’ garden and doing a Dutch apple pie with them, spending the evenings relaxing on the sofa with a good book and/or the knitting, puttering around the house getting small chores done and, not necessarily Fall-related, waiting for our baby to arrive as he/she is due any day now. Thanks for an article that put a big smile on my face!

  28. lina

    I’m definitely glad fall is here! So looking forward to slowing down and getting all areas of the house organized now that we’re not hanging outside all day long!

  29. Shannon @ Distracted by Prayer

    I must confess it was tough to let go of summer. But now that the weather has ushered me into fall, I’ve spent some time arranging old decorations in new ways. Welcome Fall!

  30. Jessica

    I am so glad I came across your website! You have some awesome content and this one about Fall is perfect! I seriously love fall decor and bringing out the warmer smells of candles and baking pumpkin pies. YUM! Cant wait to keep browsing your site!! Chat soon


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