Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

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Greetings, lovelies!! I’m so excited to be a part of the week long Summer Tour of Homes — 25 of them to be exact! I’m kicking off Day Three here, so if you are just joining us, you definitely will want to catch up with Day 1 and Day 2 of the House Tours, as well as follow the awesome Day 3 tours! All the links are at the bottom of this post!

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

Thanks to Gina from Shabby Creek Cottage for rallying us all to participate, and inviting you all to join in with your own summer tour this Friday! You’ll find the link y this Friday at Gina’s!

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}If you are new to The Inspired Room, welcome! I hope you’ll leave a comment letting me know you were visiting today and tell me who you are! After nearly SIX YEARS of blogging (YAY!), I truly LOVE LOVE LOVE the community of fellow “house lovers” that hang out here, so I’m glad you have joined us! If you are a regular, I am showing some new pictures just for you!

Come on in, make yourself at home and enjoy the house tour, after the jump!)

I’ve lived in this house for a few years now and just completed a kitchen remodel that I’m very happy about! But I feel like I’m just getting started on many of the rooms, I have so many plans I’m excited about! A home is always work in progress, right?

I love decorating on a budget, using what I have or what I can find at a reasonable price, and I even do the occasional DIY project! YAY! So let’s get started.

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

You can find lots of links to my home projects and decorating updates on my main “house tour page” and my Decorating 101 page, so feel free to browse around or “pin” a few favorites and come back later to explore!

There is a source page for the items in the kitchen if you have specific questions about where I got things, what colors I used, or any of the projects, and you can see the full kitchen reveal here. 

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

New in my kitchen , the amazing round cutting board from my sponsor Boxwoods Furnishings!! I LOVE it — it is HUGE!!!

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

Where to find the mirror in the kitchen!

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

Under the stairs IKEA Pantry Makeover

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

My “take action” message board!

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

Check out the DIY Map Wall

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}
Come see the Gallery Wall & Dresser Hardware Makeover!

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

You can find posts about our family room here!

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

The entry makeover progress posts can be found via the link.

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

I haven’t talked about our “living room/gathering room” for a long time, so I’m due for an update on how things are going and what the plans are!

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

You can find posts about my dining room here!

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

The posts about my home office can be found here.

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

 The Powder Room makeover is here.

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

The Kids’ Bath room makeover is here.Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

Visit the Master Bedroom Makeover Progress post!Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

 Our Front Door Makeover

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

I’m also a big outdoor room & indoor / outdoor small garden lover.

And last but most importantly, we have so much fun in our home because we have adorable pups like this ….

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

No, that’s not Jack! If you haven’t seen the news on Facebook, we have a PRECIOUS new baby sister for Jack named Lily! She’s a smaller-than-Jack Australian Labradoodle. Oh, our hearts!

She’ll receive a proper welcome on the blog this weekend with lots of pictures and videos. GAH, we ADORE her and Jack so much! We are sure Jack will have PLENTY to tell you on his inspired dog blog soon, or follow him on Facebook for his adventures!

Thanks so much for visiting today! Don’t forget you can find many of the posts containing more information on any of these rooms by going to my House Tour page or my Decorating 101 How to Decorate series!

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

Come back again soon!

Be sure and visit all the beautiful homes on this tour, including the home right before mine on the tour, the lovely Sandra of The DIY Showoff and the next stop on today’s tours none other than Wendy of The Shabby Nest!

Summer House Tour {The Inspired Room}

For a complete rundown on all the tours, visit each of these links!

DAY 1 (June 3rd)

2 – The Nester @ Nesting Place
3 – Mandi @ Vintage Revivals
5 – Ashley @ The Handmade Home
6 – Kristin @ The Hunted Interior

– – – – –
DAY 2 (June 4th)

1 – Beckie @ Infarrantly Creative
3 – Chris @ Just a Girl
4 – Brooke @ All Things Thrifty
5 – Karen @ The Graphics Fairy
6 – Emily @ Decor Chick
7 – Roeshel @ DIY Show Off

– – – – –
DAY 3 (June 5th)

1 – Melissa @ The Inspired Room
2 – Wendy @ The Shabby Nest
3 – Donna @ Funky Junk Interior
4 – Marianne @ Songbird
7 – Brittany@ PrettyHandyGirl

– – – – –
DAY 4 (June 6th)
1- Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality
2- Traci @ Beneath My Heart
3-Stacy @ Not Just a Housewife
4-Jen @ Jennifer Rizzo
5-Lindsay @ Makely Home
6-Sandra @ Sawdust Girl


  1. I wish I could take pictures as lovely as yours!

  2. Lovely! As a baking blogger I gravitate towards the kitchens, and yours is a beauty! Well done!

  3. I love your home; it’s decorated perfectly and it looks so inviting and warm. You’ve paid attention to every nook & cranny; nothing has been forgotten & it looks amazing! As a novice blogger with my very first blog that started a month ago, you are a great inspiration and I’m so excited I’ve come across your blog a few weeks ago! Happy 6th anniversary :)

  4. All very fresh and summer like! I decorate very much the same :) Check out my website and twitter!
    Cheers to summer!

  5. It’s great to see so many of your rooms together in one post. Love it! Everything looks beautiful and is so inspiring. I’m loving this multi-blogger house party! Woo-hoo!

  6. I just love looking at your home and I never noticed that planter on the island before. Very cool! Lily is a doll.


  7. Mary Soulios says

    Your home is lovely. Thanks for sharing with us. May I ask where you got your blue mason jars, or are they the antique ones?

  8. Gina @ The Shabby Creek Cottage says

    I have no words to describe how much I love your home. It’s one of my all time faves! And Lily… oh that pretty girl!

    Thank you so much for joining in the home tour!

  9. So thrilled to hear about Lilly!!! I admit, I am addicted to Jack’s page! LOL


  10. Fabulous tour, Melissa! I adore your home so much… clean lines, light and bright, but what stands out for me is the fact that it’s casual AND elegant. All your various wall galleries are so striking! My eye just wants to keep going up those stairs!

  11. I love your Pellegrino station! That is a fantastic idea! Maybe a station like that in my kitchen will stop me from drinking sugary ice tea (from a mix)!

  12. Brandie @ Spoon and Saucer says

    Love it! Especially the pantry storage under the stairs. I’m inspired!!

  13. I love how bright your kitchen is. Did you make the ruler flower pot? I want one. :)

  14. Lovliness. No other way to describe it. Your home reflects you. Just lovely! Lisa~

  15. LOVE – LOVE – LOVE that post where it is all put together! So many elements in your home are what I am looking to do in our own home. Guess I can just create a Pin Board with your house on it!! LOL And, Lily…….ahhhhh….I’ve been sharing about her with all my dog friends too! Enjoy!

  16. Melissa~Your home is absolutely beautiful! I love the blue wall and the bright curtains in your office. Love Love Love!! It makes me excited to work on my house. Thanks for the great inspiration! ~Linda

  17. Oh Melissa! I think I want to rent your house for my next vacation. What a delightfully relaxing spot you have created. It truly says sanctuary to me…and one you have created so perfectly for your family. I could go from photo to photo and say something…but just know I am loving almost every single thing you’ve done. Good to see that the famous blue coffee table has made it’s way back. ;)
    I feel congratulations are in order….you certainly have done an amazing job.
    p.s. I did follow along on the {ditto} challenge…but I won’t be participating in the summer house tour. Instead…I will just ooo and ahhh over everyone’s summer homes.

  18. OK, I’ve been reading your posts for some time, and I love, love, love your decorating style. But what I’m MOST excited about is Lilly! Jack must be over the moon, after losing Winston earlier this year. What a great idea to get another pup! Can’t wait to hear how she takes over your house and lives! (and your readers’ hearts, too).

  19. I love your house and your style you did such an amazing job on decorating. I really like the dark bottom cabinets and that puppy is so cute!

  20. your home is luuuuuvvvelyyyy!! I have been to your blog before and even done some pinning (and today too!!)—and I also love dogs, having two myself, one of which is a golden doodle!! I feel in love with Jack at first sight and with Lily, well, just let me say, I am SMITTEN!! Thanks for sharing!!

  21. me again here–today I pinned your office pix. I have been considering using a deep blue and light blue with a coral or pink in my gathering room. I cannot tell from the picture, however, if the curtains have pink or coral… with the seat cushion and the flowers in the vase. Are you using one or both? Thanks for clarifying. I do love the floral curtains.

    • They have so many colors, that is what I really love about them! I can go from red to orange to coral to pink or all of the above and it always looks fantastic!! I love to mix things up with several shades of one color even, thus the rusty reddish lamp, the orangey cushion and the pink flowers! :-) Thanks so much!

  22. Melissa,
    Your house was lovely before you made any change, but I have to say, you have made it SING over the past couple of years! It’s been so fun to follow along! I love how much personality you’ve given it and the best part is that on top of being magazine worthy, it feels like a real home. I hope you and your family are enjoying it so much!

  23. Paula Gardner says

    Gorgeous home! Love your blog!

  24. Can I just say I love it all!!!!

  25. Such a beautiful home, Melissa! (And darling pooch!) Your kitchen is by far, my favorite room on your tour. Love everything about it. The cabinet color, tile and your perfect styling.

  26. Love your blog and your house. I visit you often from Kentucky!

  27. Oh I just love it all Melissa!
    Of course I do!
    I especially love your floors, and subway tile and lighting!
    Your espresso maker!
    Best of all I LOVE that BIG gigantic furball perched up on the couch looking just like Doogan does looking out the window!
    Miss Lily will be right by his side up there in no time at all. Speaking from experience, you’ll totally think you’re seeing double! ;)
    Love a home filled with children & cozy spaces and furballs!

  28. How, oh how, did I miss the Facebook news about Lily??!! I can’t wait to read all about her. And you house is lovely as always, Melissa. :)

  29. Melissa…I enjoyed seeing all the rooms in your home…such a beautiful space you guys are creating.

  30. Your house is so gorgeous! I’ve just come across your website looking for ideas because I’m redecorating my parent’s sitting room. That gallery wall is genius and there are so many other projects I’d like to try out! You’ve done a fabulous job on this place. I’ll definitely be following your blog in the future!

  31. Melissa, I love your home and everything you’ve done. I love those maps and how creative you are!!!

  32. Melissa, your house looks so bright and cheerful! I love the kitchen – it makes me want to pull up a chair and have some coffee (don’t worry, I won’t really do that!) Lily is BEYOND adorable! So glad you are in love with a new pup!


  33. What a lovely, inviting home! I especially love how airy and light your kitchen is! Thanks for the tour!

  34. Oh, Melissa–your home looks more and more like YOUR place all the time! I just love the way you’ve made this place yours.

    But ohmygoodness–that Lily! She’s absolutely adorable!! I’ve never even heard of an Australian Labradoodle. Looking forward to seeing more of her!

  35. I love everything about your home! It’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I love your dogs too, so stinkin’ cute!

  36. patty austin says

    this is amazing, just starting at day 1 but so happy to be at the party : )

  37. Ooooh, how fun to see everything all in one place! You have a really beautiful home.

  38. Melissa, you have a beautiful home. I just love the woodwork around your doors and windows and the stained glass in your dining room is stunning. Thank you for the tour!

  39. I am IN LOVE with your home. Seriously. It rocks my face off. And I officially want a labradoodle. Can they BE any cuter? I die. It may be a toss up for which one I love more. ;} LOVE your style, girl!

  40. It is so fun to see your home all in one post! And your best accessory is that sweet Jack :) You have such a beautiful home!

  41. BIG FAN of your site. Loved seeing your home. Thanks!!

  42. KATHYSUE says

    I loved this post, so fun touring your home. The new kitchen is a stand-out!! So many clever ideas throughout your home and you have executed them beautifully. Also I must mention your photography!! Wow! Looks like a magazine shoot,
    Happy Thursday,

  43. Your house is stunning! Love the ruler flower pot! Gorgeous photos!

  44. KellyHicks says

    wow! I love how there’s a lot of white, that really screams summer and is just so refreshing! your dog is so cute goes well with the white summer theme ;)

  45. Girl, your home is absolutely lovely, and I am. smitten!

  46. So I love your home. The kitchen, the dining room etc. All of it. But I think you should change your blog name to The Chick With the Great

  47. oh This is such a lovely home. I hadn’t seen your great room or dining room before. I am impressed with how you mixed all that pattern so masterfully – the stained glass and the drapes, the wingback and the pillow – it all adds to the effortless look I love about your style! thanks for sharing.

  48. Hi, Your home is beautiful and your photography is amazing. I love Jack and Lily the best. Would you be able to share who the breeder is that you got Lily from? Thanks so much!

  49. I’ve got serious house envy right now! Your home is light, airy and gorgeous, and oh my goodness, Lily is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Great post, Melissa.

  50. Oh, I do love that Lilly! It’s fun to see all your home in one post – thank you for sharing!

  51. Oh I love your home. It is beautiful and creative. Thx for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  52. Your home is so gorgeous!

  53. Beautiful home, just found your blog and will be signing up to follow all your projects.

  54. …swooning over your kitchen …love the cabinet colours!

  55. I love your kitchen and the cabinet colors. I don’t know why I have such trouble finding the comment section on some of your posts! lol…I loved the ‘colors” post too but couldn’t comment. hmmm oh well, your home is beautiful and you have another follower now. :)

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