Master Bedroom Makeover! {A Progress Report!}

Master Bedroom Makeover! {A Progress Report!}

Four score and many moons ago, well, more like last June, I talked about updating my bedroom. Five months ago, we started many house projects. I have been on a mission to reorganize and redecorate my home to make it work better for us. And slowly but surely, we are making progress and things are coming together! YIPPEE!

Call me crazy for working on more than one project at a time, but I actually think it was a great decision for us and has worked out well for the long term. I’ll try to explain in a future post why it has been good, but getting my rooms to flow together better and only buying what I love has been much easier when working on several spaces at once. I’ll try to explain that process more in future posts.

Master Bedroom Makeover! {A Progress Report!}

You can see how the room looked before. Kinda exactly like it looked when we moved in. Uninspiring. We just set stuff down, hung some ugly towels in the windows for privacy and moved on to other things.

It kind of drove me crazy knowing it could look so much better, but I just had too many other priorities so I simply averted my eyes when I was in my room. That is, until our 17 year old dog started having regular “accidents” on the carpet every day. ACCKKK!!!! Then, my sense of smell was involved. Averting my eyes was one thing. Plugging my nose was getting ridiculous, right? It was clearly time to refresh this room!

Master Bedroom Makeover! {A Progress Report!}

Master Bedroom Makeover! {A Progress Report!}

First thing we did this summer was to empty the room of all the furniture and give it a fresh coat of paint.

Buh-bye hideous swine walls, hello Polished Limestone by Glidden. It is a gorgeous soft gray with a hint of blue that is so soothing and pretty I can’t stop staring at it! It sets just the right mood. We decided to paint the ceiling too in the same color since it is vaulted. The consistency really made the room feel like a cozy nest. Maybe someday we’ll add a wood ceiling but for now I’m thrilled with how it looks.

You might remember I was working with Lowe’s on a hardwood floor project in several rooms of our house and our bedroom was one of them! You got a little peek of the floors and room in that reveal post.

The wood floors made such a tremendous difference in how this room felt. Before laying the wood, Lowe’s painted the subfloor with Kilz to make sure no odor would remain. Not only does it feel fresh and clean now, but the floors look fantastic! I’m so in love with them (Natural Hickory prefinished hardwood by Mohawk). I love walking around in my bare feet now! I’m excited to finally see my dream of a new house with charming features becoming more of a reality. I’m grateful to Lowe’s for their support of this project!

Master Bedroom Makeover! {A Progress Report!}

You might have noticed I switched beds! I didn’t get a new bed, I simply moved my iron bed frame into my daughter’s room/the guest room so she could have a frame for her bed. This sleigh bed was in our former guest room and because of its size actually works better in our room! Shopping the house is always fun when you can do it! And, in this case, it saved me some money! I love the textures of real wood in this room, balanced by the softness of my new velvety feeling curtains from World Market.

My bedding is still the same ol’ bedding I’ve had for years and years. A matelasse coverlet and shams. They are such good quality they’ve lasted longer than I ever imagined. Again, money saved! Only new additions to the bedding are the two bird fabric pillows found at HomeGoods a few months ago. I already had the awesome giant grain sack pillow. I found the round mirror at HomeGoods as well, and used a gift card they provided me at their grand opening in my area to make it mine! Thanks HomeGoods!

Master Bedroom Makeover! {A Progress Report!}

For light control I put up some bamboo blinds from Lowe’s. They were so affordable and easy to install. And they work like a dream! I love how they roll up so you can see the roll in the front. Details, details but I love stuff like that! Layers and textures and details are my kind of fun. The blinds come rolled up in plastic and are called “HOME”  Style Selections (they have a bright green label that says Bamboo Rollup Shade).

I’ve been on the hunt for new nightstands. The ones I have are fine, but they are different heights so my lamps are all wonky and that kind of bugs me. I tried putting books under one lamp but then it felt kind of precarious. I was actually out looking for nightstands when I bought my settee instead! Ha! Does that ever happen to you? Oh well, I’m loving the settee so, back to saving money for nightstands.

Master Bedroom Makeover! {A Progress Report!}

The fantastic blue patterned rug you see next to my side of the bed is a Dash & Albert rug that Wayfair provided to me (yay!). It was originally going to go in my entry but while we’ve been remodeling I thought I would put it in here for now. We don’t want a full area rug because they are more maintenance since we have dogs, so a little one really suits us better.

We don’t have very extensive shopping options here in our area (we live on a peninsula and often have to ferry over to Seattle to find things I like) so I’ve been doing more and more shopping online. Wayfair is a great online shopping resource, they have almost everything. I bought my entry lights from them as well!

You can also see in the picture above how the wood floors actually coordinate really well with the stone tile in our bathroom so that was a bonus too!

I have a fun plan for the long blank wall on the other side of the bed resurrecting something I already have once again, so you’ll be seeing more of this room as it progresses! I’m really into adding new things layer by layer so I’m sure things will evolve more and more in time! But, I’m happy with progress and actually really love my room now!

Master Bedroom Makeover! {A Progress Report!}

*UPDATE: See my bedroom in 2014 here! Here’s a sneak peek >>

Master Bedroom Makeover! {A Progress Report!}


  1. Do you have walk in closets?? What color are you painting them I am clueless and need help LOL Do you really like the shades?? We were thinking of using them but uncertain that they really block light??

    • We do have a walk in closet but it is in our bathroom. Neither of which is painted. We might paint them the same color or a slight variation, we have plenty of paint so we may just use it up! The shades do block light but not completely. You might want to double up with a curtain or find some that are lined if you really want it completely private and dark on their own.

  2. Your room is simply beautiful! I love the pillow fabrics.

  3. it loos great! I have that Thomas Paul fabric in earth in my kitchen and I love it! it’s such a great pattern. I can’t wait to see the finished project!!!

  4. The room is fab. Where is the grain sack pillow from? I love it!

    I avert my eyes with my master bedroom right now. :P

    • Thanks! I actually can’t remember the name of the shop online where I got it, I’ll look it up and post it when I find it.

      Averting your eyes is a good strategy when you aren’t ready to do a project, HAAAA!!

  5. It’s lovely, Melissa. You must just sink into bed with a happy grin.

  6. I love this makeover! It’s gorgeous–can’t wait to see more!

  7. Looking good…wish I could find the same bird pillows…..I have a chair with the same pattern in my master bedroom.
    Step by Step.

  8. You have done a great job, really. The analysis of your choices seems reasoned without sacrificing esthetic. That you have a progress plan seems like the way to get a satisfying result. One’s tastes mature as life offers options and judgements are made. And you can avoid that ” dated” look by keeping up the idea that the room will never be finished. I look foreword to following your blog to see how the bedroom evolves. Ann

  9. Love that you shopped the house and mixed up the room with some new stuff. I too am on a mission to simplify and make my home feel better to me. It’s a journey with lots of projects going on at once, but the end result is always fab.

    I really like the simplicity of your wood roll up shades!

  10. Barbara (WA) says

    What a beautiful makeover and I, too, love that you shopped your house. That mirror is fabulous!

  11. So gorgeous! You did a great job! It is absolutely breathtaking. And that mirror? So perfect!

  12. Where did Homegoods open locally (I am in Poulsbo)? I love the room!!

  13. So soothing and peaceful looking. Shopping the house is always fun and the BEST price :-)
    Cheers, Gee

  14. Your room is looking so pretty with the new paint and window treatments. Love the wood floors. Big improvement! :-)
    Mary Alice

  15. I love the remodel. It’s beautiful.

  16. I love your bedroom makeover – love the soft blue-gray, the wood headboard, the round mirror over your bed, and the simple bedding. I recently did a makeover on our master bedroom and used a slightly darker blue-gray (you can’t beat blue-gray for being a calm peaceful colour) and put a round decoration over our bed as well. You can see it here:

  17. Your bedroom has a really soothing and cozy feel to it. The paint color is de-vine. And the flooring is too cool. Nicely done.

  18. It looks sooooo good! That color is beautiful and really made a difference in the room. AND the floors! oh my goodness what a difference wood floors make in a room. I can’t wait to take out our gross carpet in the boys’ room and put in wood or anything…just get rid of the carpet, please!

  19. I love this. So much.

  20. It looks completely lovely! The color of your walls is so pretty now, and I think that mirror above your bed is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see more updates about this room!

  21. Looking good! I love the floors!!!!!!!!

    ~ Jillian

  22. The grain sack pillow is great. Where did you get that? I also love the bed and the hardwood floors.


  23. Beautiful, Melissa, and the room looks so peaceful and soothing.

  24. Love, Love the mirror and the yellow pillows just look so pretty on the bed. Great job :)

  25. Loves:
    –blue and yellow touches
    –that you are sensible in your makeovers!

  26. Hey Melissa, I love what you have done so far. It is very pretty without being so pretty that the man of the house won’t love it too. It’s a fine line… I know! Love the wall colour you chose- very calming, I can see why you love it so much. Can’t wait to see the rest!

  27. Very nice. It’s soft yet stylish. Funny, I just painted my living and dining room wood smoke also. I don’t know why I didn’t think of having it lightened too :) but it’s a nice color. Very neutral.

  28. Lamps, Mirror, Shades, Flooring…WANT!!! It looks beautiful :)

    xoxo, Tanya

  29. Beautiful, Melissa! I love what you have done with your master bedroom. The ideas of shopping the house & online are brilliant. All very inspiring! :)

  30. Perfect everything! Love it.

  31. The bed frame and floors look so good together. The feel of the room is romantic and calm and country and rustic and glam – is there a name for that?

  32. Hello, I love your site. The bedroom is beautiful. Where did you get the mirror over the bed.

  33. Looks great so far, Melissa!! Can’t believe how beautiful your wood floors are.. and I love the look of those blue curtains against the bamboo blinds. What a great makeover from before!

  34. great! where do you put your pillows that you sleep on when you make your bed up?

  35. Pretty! I love the splash of yellow.

  36. I am looking for window shades and saw your other posts and this one. Did you hang these roll ups from the rod or install them on the wall? I am hesitating on the inside/outside mount or using a rod until I decide! The bedroom looks perfect!

  37. Ok let me know when you are available to do mine ! I love your blog and you really have great taste! I have clutter to go through b4 I attempt mine, I last decorated my room when my son
    was 2 he is turning 12 this month. At 51, I dont seem to have the drive I used to, any tips on clutter busting? Im gathering and sorting for a yard sale, but I want to really make sure Its organized… long do you gather things for a yard sale? I feel like Im drowning. Thx.

  38. I love your whole home! So much inspiration! Is that one or two window panels on each window? My master is set up very similarly and I’m struggling. Would you also mind sharing the source for the curtain rods? Thanks so much!!

    • Thank you, Ashley! In these photos, it’s just one panel on each window. But I have since added a second to each window for a fuller look! I think I got the curtain rods at World Market. I also get rods at Target sometimes but I think these ones were World Market! :)

      • I love the color combo of the curtain panels with the bamboo and the different textures. Where are those curtain panels from?

  39. where did you get the mirror i love it.

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