Master Bedroom Update {The Year of the Cabinet}

Master Bedroom Update {The Year of the Cabinet}

Hello! Last year my main home goals for 2014 involved taking a good look around the house and figuring out where I could ramp up the storage and style. One thing I’ve always felt I could use more of in my life is cabinets and dressers. Not because I wanted to store more stuff, but because I really wanted to simplify life, and being more organized with our everyday things was one of my main goals. I had some dressers and cabinets, but I felt it was time to up the game and identify what was working, what wasn’t, and make changes accordingly as I was able.

Master Bedroom Update {The Year of the Cabinet}

While I’m always on the lookout at second hand stores for what we need, sometimes I just don’t find what I want. Usually that’s because I have specific needs in size or depth, but it’s also because I really don’t like to get dressers in particular if they are hard to open.

I don’t know about you but adding frustration to life isn’t something that really interests me, so I’m pretty mindful of what I add to my home these days. It has to add something special, serve a purpose, look pretty and be functional.

Master Bedroom Update {The Year of the Cabinet}

After looking forever for a nightstand/dresser for our bedroom, I finally saw something online that would work for us at Joss and Main (and I had a bunch of credits to use so it was a great deal)! It was the right depth for our space and a good width to use the space we had. Plus, I loved the unexpected pattern and gold finish on it. I took a risk and kept my fingers crossed that it would be as pretty in real life as I imagined it would be!

Master Bedroom Update {The Year of the Cabinet}

And I wasn’t disappointed! It weighed a TON so we didn’t get it upstairs for a really long time (honestly it was getting embarrassing how long it was sitting at the bottom of our staircase, haha) but once it finally arrived at its destination in our room, I was so happy! It has very shallow drawers that don’t open far at all, but it works fine for our purposes. By the way, I just checked and it’s still available at Joss & Main, it’s called the Grace Chest.

Master Bedroom Update {The Year of the Cabinet}

I love how the gold in the dresser ties in the gold from the antique chinoiserie cabinet on the wall opposite of the dresser. This cabinet was in our living room and entry in our earlier days in this house, before we moved it upstairs. It’s a family heirloom–my grandparents brought it back from Thailand many years ago. I love having such a treasure in my home and all the memories of it being in my grandparents’ home so many years ago.

Master Bedroom Update {The Year of the Cabinet}

I haven’t yet figured out exactly what I want on the left side of our bed, but this little console is doing the job just fine for now. It used to be just a solid color but in a moment of craftiness with a tube of Rub n’ Buff, I gave it a little gold detail, just to class it up a bit.

Master Bedroom Update {The Year of the Cabinet}

So, little by little in 2014 I made my way around the house improving small corners with style and lots of function! I’ve started to call 2014 “The Year of the Cabinet”. :) I didn’t get as far as I had planned in my mind, but…I also didn’t know I was going to sign a contract to write three books over a twelve month period (plus five more after that, heh heh) when I considered my goals for the year, so I guess I can give myself a little mercy! It was a productive year and I’m pleased with the progress.

Master Bedroom Update {The Year of the Cabinet}

For those of you wondering right now how I have a white duvet cover and two dogs, the truth is that I don’t put it on the bed when the dogs might be muddy. The duvet gets folded on the other side of the room and we just use an easy to wash blanket during the day, just in case of muddy dog calamity. Nobody’s got time for that.

Master Bedroom Update {The Year of the Cabinet}

So how did you all do last year, 2014, on accomplishing your goals around the house? Even if it was a slow year on the home front, it’s a new year so I hope you’ll take a little time to set even just a few goals for this year. Don’t forget to download your Home Goals worksheet, it might help you to zero in on a few things you want to do! Next Tuesday I’ll share mine for 2015 so I hope you’ll come back and have a few to share with us!


(some affiliate links and many were purchased awhile back and may be sold out!)

Paint colors can be found here!

Gold dresser/nightstand – Grace Chest

Duvet cover

Cable knit throw blanket

Bedside lamps – HomeGoods

Mirror above bed – HomeGoods

Curtains – (Slate Green Velvet, appears to be sold out currently)

Navy euro shams in the back – Anthropologie (40% off sale items now!)

Euro shams (in the front) – Williams Sonoma

Sweater pillow – West Elm (similar here)

Long pillow is made from an antique grain sack

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  1. Hi, I was wondering where your curtains are from… I love how they drop so effortlessly!

  2. Love this room and the various blues you’ve used. What color is the wall painted and who is the manufacturer?

  3. What is the paint color on the walls?

  4. Your bedroom looks so pretty, Melissa. I love the new chest and the way you’ve mixed woods and finishes. It’s light and bright and cozy, too! Jack and Lily seem to love it!

  5. I love the whimsy and delight that can come from repurposing a piece somewhere else and for something else. I also love the relief and satisfaction that comes from finally finding/getting exactly what you wanted. Your bedroom is so lovely. For me, the little big accomplishment occurred at the very end of the year. For the two years I’ve lived here, I’ve tried numerous ideas for storage to the right my desk in my totally open office but everything displayed everything and nothing look clean or finished. My brilliant computer genius bro in Missouri sent me a pic an antique cabinet he had repurposed for storage of his stuff. The timing was right and by end of the week I’d found a neat pine TV armoire for cheap at my favorite consignment store, and by the end of the next week, with my bro’s long-distance assistance, I had built an extra shelf in the top half and now both printers and all my computer equipment is neatly behind closed doors with channels to hold cords stored, and my monitor and phone are the only items on my desk and I’m on my way finally to having a lovely but functional home office. It is a great feeling to accomplish something. I’ll start on my 2015 goals now and I’m eager to see yours and read what others are planning.

  6. Your room looks so nice. I am so ready to incorporate some if your tips to organizing (as soon as we can get everyone well from the flu :(
    I wanted to ask about your curtains….where did they come from?

    • Thank you Gayla, I hope you feel better soon! These curtains are from World Market. I got them a few years ago. They’re called Slate Green Velvet, I’m not sure if they have them anymore but I think they still have other colors!

  7. Your room is beautiful! Any chance you remember where you found your bamboo shades?

  8. How pretty! Love the doggies — isn’t it cute, the way they always seem to sneak into photographs? ‘Tis good their fur kind of matches the coverlet, no? Our house goals involve our ongoing (almost 2 years, now!) project — our Dutch colonial fixer upper.

  9. Can you tell me how you did the window treatments? I really like the shade on the curtain rod. The whole room is beautiful!

  10. Louise DeSantis says

    Hi, Melissa — I like how the chinoiserie cabinet grounds the room, and I think your crafty moment with the Rub & Buff was very successful, that touch of metallic on the table brings it to life. In general I would say that I am proceeding slowly in embracing the sudden input of the color gold/metallic in current decorating. For so long it was almost as if gold was verboten! I also like the look of the vase and open ottoman on the floor; something about that placement is very pleasing.

  11. Melissa, I really like your new cabinet, and love how it ties in with your family heirloom. Beautiful bedroom!

  12. LOVE those fluffy, floppy dogs. Thanks for the room tour today! It gets me in the mood to “get-with-it” and do some things that I have been putting off. I am new to your blog and am really enjoying it.

  13. That is such a beautiful room. I should invest a little more time in decorating my master bedroom. The basics are all in place, but a few extra touches would be nice. The dogs are cracking me up. My dog sleeps with me too… and I fold the duvet back so she doesn’t ruin the silk:)

  14. Melissa,

    I’m trying to get organized too this year ! But I have a 4 and a 2 year old so it’s not so easy for me as they are constantly into things and making a mess. Sometimes I’m just to tired to constantly pick-up after them. I recently bought a dresser at an estate sale that I love. I just painted in white using chalk paint. I have it in my bedroom. I’m still trying to decorate my bedroom, so far I just have a bunch of furniture but it’s not well thought out. I have an armoire for the TV, King bed, 3 end tables, 1 dresser, a vanity table, a bookshelf, a bench, and chair, plus 4 lamps. It’s a really big room but it’s not cohesive. I plan to move things around and create a move defined space.

  15. Hi there! I love the painting above the antique cabinet with the blue birds! Where is it from? I’ve been looking for the perfect painting for my dining room and would love something similar.

  16. Love the cabinet Melissa!

    Where did you get your bed from? I love it!

  17. In the main house Master large dresser top drawer, I got those wonderful jewelry organizers that have the velvet-like bottoms and light covers and slide on top of each other. Now I can see all my bling. I made sure I laid out the concept on paper first with tons of measurements. And it was my birthday present to myself! I had to buy it all online since they do not have what I want anywhere. Now my drawers there are just as pretty inside as outside!!! Had to give a bit to charity to fit it all in and now others can enjoy some pretty too. Compliments the sock organizer and other less fancy means in other drawers. PS Do not forget to put a small dresser(s) in your walk-in closets- they do double work in there.

  18. Such an inviting and soothing palette of colors and textures. And thanks for the heads up on the Anthro sale! Yipeee!

  19. I see a few comments about your curtains, but what about the curtain rods? I am working on freshening up the upstairs bedroom in my 1950s bungalow and the windows are so close to the wall that I cannot use a rod with any kind of decorative finial. Yours look perfect in color and style. Do you remember where you found them?

  20. Beautiful bedroom! My master bedroom has a similar palette. My children’s rooms look so wonderful, I really need to work on my husband’s and my space now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. what a beautiful cabinet Melissa! I bet the nice shallow depth is just right for next to the bed. Your bedroom looks so calm and relaxing, it’s no wonder it’s pup-approved!
    for me, 2014 was the Year of the Nailgun, which led to the first of many projects: The Great Board & Batten Wall…now every wall is fair game! :-)

  22. Hi Melissa, I’ve also been wondering where you got your bamboo shades? I remember reading you found the downstairs ones at Lowes, but I haven’t had luck searching for that post in your archives. The arrangement in your bedroom is my favorite! Thanks!

  23. I absolutely love that dresser! I’m not a fan of gold either so that’s a big deal… but it looks amazing in your room! I love that it sat at the bottom of your staircase for an extended time as well… We ordered a rug from Joss and Main and it’s still laying (rolled up) in the middle of our living room! We just haven’t had the time to move the whole bed (and everything under it!) to place it in the room! Loved your changes!

  24. I love how you layer the pillows. I have two antiqued grain sacks and would like to use them as pillows. What did you use to stuff them? I tried a body pillow but it didn’t fill it completely.

  25. What a lovely room. I want to make my bed look pretty like that with all the pillows. But where do you put them when you get into bed?

  26. I hate to gush, but your house is stunning! I love your bedroom, it is perfect. Where did you get the bird print above the antique?

  27. The room looks nice and calm, as a bedroom should be. But the best part has got to be the pups ;)

  28. The gold dresser is just gorgeous – oh how I wish it would work for the space in our master that’s calling for something of just that style! Sadly, we need something a bit deeper to fill a particular nook.

  29. Melissa I adore your new dresser. It adds such class. New or old, a great find is a great find. It’s funny you called 2014 the year of the cabinet. I donned 2015 the year of the bedroom in our house. We have a 4 bedroom house that we just moved into last March. It is a brand new builder spec home. I decided this year to tackle all four bedrooms one by one bringing in more custom touches and upping the luxury and style to this home. I would love for you to visit! I have already started on bedroom 1(my 13 year old boy’s room) and have posted 2 updates. Each week I am posting what I have accomplished. After I complete his I will dive right in to fixing up a 3 year old boy’s room. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous master bedroom. That will be bedroom 4 in my “Year of the Bedroom” makeover. I’m pinning your pics to inspire me later. By the way, we have a soft-coated wheaten terrier that looks so much like your pups. I love to see pics of your dogs.

  30. Loving your pillow selection Melissa! Happy Weekend.

  31. Hi Melissa, I love your bedroom–and that beautiful armoire that you didn’t even mention, and barely showed! What’s the scoop with that?

  32. Karen on Bainbridge Island says

    I am usually a big fan of non-matching side tables/dressers in a principal bedroom. But in your case, I really am seeing that same dresser on the other side of the bed. Would it fit? I think in your room it would be pretty with the symmetry of matching pieces. Just a thought…..

    ….love the photobombing hounds, as always.

  33. Lovely space.. thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!

  34. I absolutely love the wide array of places you shop. From Anthro and WS to Home Goods, great decorating items come at all price points. Thank you for sharing your ideas and photos!

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