Outdoor Wingbacks for the Front Porch!

Outdoor Wingbacks for the Front Porch!

GREETINGS! Last week I added some flowers to refresh my front porch and they make me so happy! The smell of that orange bush is so amazing I wish you could scratch and sniff to enjoy it with me! Over the weekend I got inspired to finish the rest of the space. With warmer days on the way, I might as well get the most enjoyment from my porch! I love sitting out here in the spring and summer, so I decided I wanted to rearrange a bit to make room for a couple of super cute outdoor wingback chairs I found on sale at World Market! I couldn’t be more pleased with how they finished off my porch!

Outdoor Wingbacks for the Front Porch!

My porch is one of my favorite spaces to hang out on a warm summer day, and it is a lovely place to get away from the noise and dogs inside :-). I had other chairs here in the past that were comfortable, but I didn’t love them quite as much. They have since been relocated to other areas of the yard so they were put to good use!

Outdoor Wingbacks for the Front Porch!

I adore the shape, color and texture of these wingbacks! They look so much more high end than they actually are, too. I can’t stop staring at them. Or sitting in them :).

Outdoor Wingbacks for the Front Porch!

Outdoor Wingbacks for the Front Porch!

The dresser I moved out here on a whim one day when I didn’t have a spot for it inside has now become one of my favorite pieces on the porch. Since we have a roof over the porch, I didn’t worry at all about setting it out there. It was outside all winter long and it is still OK!

Outdoor Wingbacks for the Front Porch!

I found the little fruit box at the flea market awhile back and decided it would be super cute for plants.

I love mixing things up and using what I have in unique ways to give my rooms a little more personality and texture.

Outdoor Wingbacks for the Front Porch!

Outdoor Wingbacks for the Front Porch!

I am THRILLED with how the porch feels now. Two wingbacks are perfect for a quiet conversation or just time alone with a good book or magazine.

Outdoor Wingbacks for the Front Porch!

And my flea market plant cart has been so much fun, I just love using it for plants!

Outdoor Wingbacks for the Front Porch!

Outdoor Wingbacks for the Front Porch!

Outdoor Wingbacks for the Front Porch!

I think I’m all ready now for summer in my outdoor office :).

Do you have a front porch?

Sources: Wingback chairsGarden StoolYellow Metal Chairs, Lumbar Triangle PillowRugs, Faceted Hanging Terrarium (similar, ours is sold out!), Driftwood Wreath (similar, or check out this cute driftwood garland), the Tea Cart was from a flea market, but we saw a similar one at HomeGoods recently!

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Front Door Color: Wythe Blue

PS. Did you see my post about my hanging terrarium?


  1. Those chairs are beautiful! Your outdoor space looks so lovely and inviting! Hope you have a fabulous summer out there! :)

  2. You have so much room on the porch or else furnishing it makes it look as if you do! It is charming and welcoming and the chairs are perfection.

  3. Just beautiful! We do have a front porch which I sit on quite often, it’s also covered but open and a huge window there. So sometimes I’m at a loss for what to do. I’m a very slow decorator (like I’ve been in my house for over five years and am still afraid to hang curtain rods) so perhaps in 10 years or so it’ll be done. :)

  4. Kristina says

    California Fruit Growers Exchange was the grower-owned fruit cooperative that later became Sunkist. Citrus was shipped all over in those wooden boxes. That’s a neat little piece of California Ag history you have there on your cute porch. It’s in such great shape, too! Cool.

  5. Your “outdoor office” is lovely, Melissa :) The wing backs are a perfect addition, and the porch is so lush with all your pretty plants. Enjoy! We have new outdoor furniture arriving today, and I can’t wait to have some comfortable seating outside.

  6. I love this spot! Wish I could come over right now and sit out there with you and drink coffee :)

  7. I love this post, I write a blog with my daughter and we are doing 2 posts “garden party” where we talk about sprucing up exterior areas and another one called “flea market finds” and this post hits the mark for both! Great ideas!

  8. Lovely! Its a whole new room! Is that your same fiddleleaf sitting by the one chair?

  9. Come ON. This is too much!
    You have the wingback chairs from World Market, + I just blogged about getting one for our dining room!
    Seriously — I was going to order it but feared it might look a little cheapie.
    One never knows, after all.
    If you say they look “high-end”, that’s an excellent recommendation for me!
    Pass me my credit card!
    And yes, we have a front porch in our project Dutch colonial.
    Coincidentally, we’ve been discussing what sort of seating to put out there!

    • Oh, what a coincidence! I really like mine but I hadn’t really thought about them for a dining room. They do have a cute shape! If you end up not like them for your dining room, you can always use them on your porch because they are definitely cute. I have other wickery type indoor chairs from World Market in my dining room and I like those too! :-)

  10. Perfect!!! With the chairs and rug and sweet details your porch is so inviting. I think I just might fly over and to join you in your ‘new office.’ Melissa, I would be inspired to get a lot done out there on the porch. Well…maybe I’d be inspired…but I think really I’d do a lot of day dreaming. ;)

    Happy Day!

  11. Hi Melissa, Love those chairs and your porch is so charming and inviting. It is the perfect place to sit and visit with a friend. I have a small front porch and I LOVE to sit out there with morning coffee. I have two chairs, a mirror, even a side black and white striped curtain. I also have a small fountain that the humming birds come to for a drink and a bath, fun to watch and to listen to the trickling water.
    Just got back from a 10 day trip visiting South Carolina so I have been MIA for a bit, good to be home,
    xo Kathysue

  12. Yes I do have a front porch and I have a wicker recliner that I use all the time. I just added more flowers to mine yesterday as a matter of fact. Those chairs give yours great look, and I love the rug, it gives it a complete look.

  13. I have a tiny and uncovered front porch, a large (but uncovered) back patio with charm. It’s tough to decorate!

  14. Ms. Mike says

    I adore the new chairs. How sophisticated, but comfortable. The orange tree is perfect for color, texture and smell. Exactly what I would – inspired!

  15. I have a porch at the cabin….=) you have given me several ideas.
    Thanks… love your porch design.

  16. Beautiful set up!!! So inviting!

  17. Your porch looks fabulous Melissa! Love everything about it. I like how the rug completes the look. The fiddle leaf looks charming, I have been thinking of getting one..now I should get it real soon. Love the wicker wing back, I saw it yesterday at World market :). The yellow chair adds fun and how cute is the plant cart!!
    A perfect porch!

  18. I love these so much! So cozy for a front porch.

  19. The wingbacks look great… and I really love your dresser!

  20. Jennifer says

    Hooray! The chairs are back in stock! Your porch looks awesome.

  21. Hi! Love your porch! Wondering if you know where you front door is from? Just love it! Thanks!

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