Pull Together A Room with a Statement Rug

Pull Together A Room with a Statement Rug

If your room is feeling a little blah or uninspired, the secret to getting that “wow” factor might just be in what you have (or don’t have) sitting underneath your furniture. A new statement rug can really update the look of your room, change the mood, make a space feel so much cozier and pulled together, define a conversation area, and be just the right pop of color and pattern your room needs!

A bold pattern might seem like a risky choice, but in a more neutral space without a lot of large scale patterns, it makes the whole room come to life!

(If this rug looks familiar, it is the same one I have, you can find this exact rug at Overstock (we had gotten ours on sale at Wayfair but it seems to be sold out there now!).

This room belongs to one of my favorite people, Lylah at The Simple Farm. She spotted the rug in my post about my living room over the holidays and knew it was just the statement her room needed. She was so right, doesn’t her room look adorable?

And now that I see how cozy her room looks, she is inspiring me. (Funny how that happens, right?) Check out her fabulous navy secretary desk and hutch! It looks exactly like my white one, and of course now that I’ve seen hers, I want mine to be blue, too. Hmm, maybe I’ll paint mine and move it from my office to our living room. 

How might a statement rug transform your space?

PS. I’ll be back soon with the update on our side yard and more inspiration for our kitchen remodel! :)

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Pull Together A Room with a Statement Rug


  1. Sarah Williams says:

    Hey! Lovey rug! Do you know what size it is?

  2. That is one great rug! I am in love with navy, even though I am a red girl.

    I need a rug for my living room – we have pine floors. Just haven’t found one yet that I love within my budget. One day I will!

  3. Maureen Provost Ryan says:

    I don’t think the rug is the same beautiful one in the picture. The “denim” rug in the Wayfair website is a different color of blue and the motif is smaller. I have searched the rest of the Wayfair offerings in “blue area rugs” and can’t find the one in the picture. I’m smitten with the pictured rug and would love to get it. Thank you for any information you can provide. Love your blog!

  4. Very lovely room and another check under the Patience Needed column until I can swap my 30-year-old carpet-so-dense- my-vacuum-thinks-it-running-over-tile for wood-look porcelain tile floors. Found the rug of my dreams at Pier 1 and actually brought home a 5×7 to check the colors and pattern out but think I need an 8×11 and the rug is too thick to possibly work over thick carpet so I’m doing without for the time being. Lylah’s relatively thin rug over what looks like sisal-type carpet or rug works great and it does make a great statement. Thanks for the inspiration and look forward to seeing your statement too.

  5. A blue painted hutch makes the perfect piece for any room I feel :) That rug is a GORGEOUS piece and I love the whole room. Going to give her a visit now!

  6. love the rug…….I’m concerned that if I place a rug over my carpeting, it might, over time, transfer some of the color to my carpet….should this be a concern.\?

  7. Love it! It is gorgeous and dramatic and totally works!

  8. I love the room. Love the rug chandelier and the secretary desk. I know there is a trend toward all neutral but I am a color and pattern girl!

  9. Hi Melissa
    Lovely rug :)
    No, doubt a rug adds up a charming beauty to your living area.

    Can you bring up some more of these, according to the colors i.e what to use with different types of shades
    as per one’s wall texture.

    Last but not the least, such a beautiful living area you have :)

    Have a great week ahead .

    Shantanu sinha

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