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Creating inspired rooms, one step at a time

I started The Inspired Room decorating business four years ago because I didn’t quite fit the mold of other decorators. I wanted to help women to love LIVING in their homes. I began to help others create rooms that were not only inspired by their family’s own passions, interests and experiences in life but also to create rooms to inspire them to live more fully and intentionally.

My motto became “when life inspires your home, your home will inspire your life.” I felt such a strong connection to the way our homes inspire our life, I wanted to share my passion with others. Thus, the concept of “the inspired room” was born.

If you want to get down to the decorating and homemaking basics of creating your own “inspired room” here is a great place to start! I’ll walk you through “the best of” The Inspired Room blog, just click on the links to read more!


How to decorate…

A roundup of my posts describing how I decorate!

decorating inspiration:

How to use ideas from magazines & Inspiration for white kitchens

I love Sarah’s Farmhouse.

Farmhouse Style

White Cottages

Seaside Cottages

I am {not} Martha: How to Clean a House

How I get my house cleaned up in five minutes or less.

How I keep my home “clean enough”

My secret house cleaning ritual

How to Organize a Kitchen and Control Paper Clutter

How I drive the neighbors crazy.

My addiction to Drive Bys.

I do Drive Bys. No violence involved. Usually.

Room Tours

I just started something new! I am rounding up my favorite rooms from around the web into what I call my Room Tours! Check it out and submit your own room for a possible feature!


I also just started a new resource for DIY decorating ideas and inspiration for your decorating, updating or remodeling home! Check out all the DIY ideas!

And, just  to keep it real, I am not opposed to sharing my unfortunate incidents…

The paint incident.

The dead rat (or giraffe) incident

The super glue incident.

Well, that should be more than enough to keep you here long enough to decide if we are kindred spirits!

So what is next?

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