Sweet Escape

Every Friday I take a moment to create a little sweet escape in my mind for the weekend, just for fun and to dream. Maybe for some inspiration! Whether it is my own chair where I can sip coffee and read a book, a fairytale castle in Scotland, or a horse farm in South Carolina, the feeling is the same. BLISS! Wouldn’t this be nice to escape to for your weekend home? And I don’t even particularly like horses, but I think I could grow to love them if they lived here…

Sweet Escape

Sweet Escape

Sweet Escape

If you think you can afford this property and would like to have an equestrian estate in South Carolina, visit the webpage and find out more… maybe if we all went in on it together! yeah


  1. OOOH – that would put me all the closer to to my sister. She lives in Columbia, SC. The pictures look familiar. I always look at properties in her area. Could it be that this one is close to her??


  2. Hi! Thanks for the kind words of encouragement on my blog! (and THANKS for adding me to your roll!)
    Wow…I’ve “met” so many wonderful women here. I am going to add you too if that’s okay!
    (That property looks delicious btw!)
    Blessings for a wonderful day!

  3. Penny, Mosaic Artist says

    I live in NC and love this area. What a beautiful ranch!

  4. I agree. Let’s all go in together and get us a wee house like this for holidays and such. :) Great choice for a great escape!

  5. I accept willingly your escape;)we’ll have great time there especially the pool,nice to meet you & thank u for your comments

  6. I’m not particularly fond of horses either (I don’t want to sit on something bigger than me). But I’d love the property – oh the walks I could take, the gardens I could make! Just beautiful!


  7. It reminds me of Southfork!! It looks fabulous, doesn’t it!! I can just imagine Suellen by that pool!

  8. I had to respond again. I chuckled when Sophie said it looked like Southfork. Having never missed an episode of Dallas maybe that’s why it seems so familiar to me. HAHAHAHA, that’s cracking me up. I could have sworn I saw this property in a Homes-for-sale-kind-of-catalog when I was at my sister’s. But, maybe not. Still laughing!


  9. Ok, so are we all in? Hopefully we will get a few more (1000?) people to divide up the costs and I will let you know your share later today!

    Do any of you own any suitably lovely patio furniture? I would love a comfy lounge chair, and a drink with a little umbrella…

  10. Ooh! I’m in! Looks like my ideal place. I might need to get rid of that kitchen wallpaper but the property is so lovely I could overlook that!!!

  11. I can live with the wallpaper in the kitchen if I can be the “house” cook. Please, I love to cook and I’ll make great comfort food with homemade bread.

  12. Perfect! We have a cook and a gardener (thanks Janet and Manuela for volunteering!)! I will order new wallpaper (I get a discount!) and thanks Gina for volunteering to get rid of the old wallpaper so we can hang the new stuff (you were volunteering to pull it off, right?)…

  13. Penny, Mosaic Artist says

    if you ever get to nc, let me know – we can meet for coffee or tea…or something!

  14. Esther Sunday says

    Sorry. I’ll stick with the Scottish castle. It is my ancestral home, remember? I’ll miss you next week, Melissa!

  15. Count me in!

    Melissa, it is nice to meet you too. I am so glad you stopped by because now I get the chance to read your lovely blog.


  16. Hi again-just had to leave another comment after your latest comment on my blog! You made me laugh and now I feel so much better! It’s not just me who has these embarrasing home escapades!

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sign me up for the weekend house, looks great ;) What a great way to travel, reading about it. With air travel the way it is these days, virtual travel sounds like the way to go.

  18. It looks like a great place to hang out for the weekend. Better yet, I could call that place home really easy! Lovely! Have a wonderful weekend!! xo, Becky

  19. Oh yeah, let’s all go in together!


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