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Sweet Escape: Four Poster Coziness

by | Dec 13, 2007 | Bedrooms, Decorating Inspiration, Sweet Escape

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In the new issue of House Beautiful almost every article refers to the word COZY. Of course, I was very drawn to that idea! Especially right this minute because I am absolutely freezing! I am wearing a coat with a fur collar, that is how cold I am, even in my house. If I could type with mittens on, I would. I am ready to go put on my PJ’s and leap under my covers to be cozy in my bed, but I want to be ON TIME this week for my Friday Sweet Escape so I am staying up a bit longer to put this together. Because I love you all, I am a dedicated blogger.

So for our Sweet Escape this week, of course we must escape into Four Poster Bed Coziness! What? Is that lame? Pathetic? No adventures, no trains, no Scottish castles, no dreams of buying equestrian estates, just coziness? I know, this month just begs for posts on holidays and coziness. It is hard for me to focus on anything else!

Speaking of being COZY, do you know what my favorite movies are to watch when I want to be cozy? Father of the Bride and Father of the Bride II. I have watched those movies dozens of times. I laugh and cry the whole way through. I love everything about those movies. I adore the house (it’s cozy), cry about the daughter getting married, laugh hysterically at Franc. I might have to go watch it again right now. Love that show. It is the kind of movie I just want to watch wearing my flannel pajamas and bunny slippers. In a four poster bed, if I had one.

Ok, so coziness. Remember awhile back when I told you I was going to turn my whole third floor into a cozy master suite? I still am going to do that. Just haven’t gotten there yet, but I am still planning on it.

Thanks for indulging me in my cozy fest. You know, one of my BFF Shelbi Keeper of the Chocolates said the NICEST thing to me the other day (and please visit her blog for a great post on giving to a worthy charity!). She said I have the best girlfriend blog EVER. That is because I have the best girlfriend blog READERS ever.


  1. Jenn and Jacqui

    Hi Melissa, this four poster bed is the ultimate in coziness to us :) Father of the Bride, gosh that is one of the funniest movies, and we still cried !! We loved that movie!! Steve Martin is one of the best :) Jenn and Jacqui xo

  2. Vee

    Love cozy! Who doesn’t? What I found intriguing about all the photo selections is how varied they are, but how much I could appreciate the differing styles, colors, etc. I’d have a very difficult time deciding what to do with an entire third floor as a bedroom suite. It’ll be fun to see what you land on one day.

  3. Ruth Welter

    Ow, the bedrooms are gorgeous, especially the first one, I think, is my very favorite. What a great place to hibernate for the winter

  4. Julie

    You do have the best girlfriend blog ever. I always feel like I’m visiting an old friend when I come here. One of my favorite cozy movies just meant for curling up is The Bishop’s Wife with Cary Grant, Loretta Young and David Niven. I start smiling as soon as the movie starts and I never stop.

    The bedrooms are beautiful and I would love to hop under anyone one of those covers.


  5. Sharon Goemaere

    Ohhhhh…niceeeee.Makes me want to crawl back under the covers of our non-4 poster bed and snooze a wee bit longer.:-)Very nice post Melissa~Love,Sharon

  6. JO

    So snug in a bug cozy… I have a four poster bed unfortunately it did not fit up the stairs in the house we are renting *sigh* and I miss it so ……. seeing these pictures makes me homesick lol…. great inspiration as always Melissa…

    Give away on my blog coming soon



  7. Pat

    I love every single one of these “cozy” places! I also love that movie and watch it over and over again. Of course I love the sets and Diane Keaton, too. Steve Martin ain’t too shabby either!


  8. Rhonda

    Oh, I agree, a cozy escape is just what is needed right now:)

    I have always wanted a big four poster with thick tapestries that I can pull closed and shut out everything from time to time.

    BTW I love Father of the Bride as well:)


  9. Tam

    Ohmygosh, Melissa, I’m such a loser. I HAVE NEVER SEEN “FATHER OF THE BRIDE”! Yikes! You have inspired me to rent it and watch it as soon as I have a free moment, though.

    Thanks for keeping up with my somewhat sporadic posts on ::the simpler things:: . I’ve been busy posting mainly on my other blog, p + p, because I’ve had SEVERAL large companies emailing me promotions and new holiday items, etc., and I was trying to get them posted before Christmas! hahahahaha.

    I heart the four poster beds, btw. Had one as a child and have missed it ever since. God Bless!

  10. Aimee

    Oh, I am feeling the coziness on your blog! Love Father of the Bride movies – and can totally relate to wanting to get in some flannel pjs and head to bed! :) Can’t wait to see your new master suite when it’s finished!!

  11. Jill

    I love cozy, and I love those movies! From the photos of your home the other day, I’d say your house looks cozy too!

  12. megan duerksen

    melissa i knew the second i saw the picture…i thought that’s father of the bride!
    “i met a man in rome and we’re getting maaaa-rried” in that teeny tiny girl voice. and of course…”don’t forget to buckle your condom – SEAT BELT. i meant seat belt!”
    i love that movie. thank you for the reminder.

    the rooms are so pretty. the 3rd floor suite sounds amazing.

  13. katiedid

    Hi Melissa! I have a four poster and it is definitely cozy! I love it. I had always wanted one, but until we moved to our house now, they wouldn’t fit. As soon as we got the new house, it was the first thing I bought. Wonderful post as usual! Oh! And that Father of the Bride house is in Pasadena, CA where I grew up. It reminds me so much of that cozy growing up feeling. :)

  14. Terri

    I love a four-poster bed…the ultimate in cozy indeed!

  15. Sue

    Another four-poster blogger here. I’m on the fly but will be back later to read all this deliciousness later.

  16. Mrs Branham

    I love those movies too, and they wouldn’t be quite the same if it wasn’t such a wonderful house! I covet the house, and even more I covet the nursery that they build in the second movie. The moment when they unveil that nursery makes me cry every time- it’s just so beautiful and perfect!

  17. Penny, Mosaic Artist

    Oh, I love Father of the Bride! Isn’t that house wonderful! The poster bed pictures looks so cozy. Makes me just want to climb into one and snuggle in!

  18. Esther Sunday

    As always, thanks for the nice getaway! After a tiring week, those beds look especially good right now! Love, Esther

  19. Christine

    Oh you bet!! Four poster beds are cozy AND Romantic!
    Father of the Bride! Cozy too…

  20. Abby from The Blissful


    Shelbi got it exactly right. Yours IS the best girlfriend blog ever. Every time I log on to read a warm, familiar, friendly feeling envelops me. That may sound kind of corny–and I’m usually not the syrupy type–but I truly mean this. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way!

    And isn’t Father of the Bride one of the most heartwarming movies? [sigh]

    Well, the Christmas countdown is on. I’m off to sort out letters for the portable sign we have outside our shop this weekend.

    Talk soon!


  21. Rhoda

    Oh, this time of year just calls out for cozy. I sure love my flannel sheets about now…and we don’t even have cold weather yet, it’s been so flippin hot around here, we are ready for a cool spell.

    Love all those bedrooms, how could you not? And you make it easy to be friends with, so we all feel like BFF’s.


  22. Mary

    Dear Melissa,
    I love Father of the Bride, too. Love the part where Steve Martin tells Franck that they’ll have the “chipper chicken” at the wedding reception. Love the scene with the hot dog rolls in the second movie, too.

    Oh, and I LOVE those canopy beds. Don’t you just adore Charlotte Moss?

  23. jenny

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Just this morning I was sitting on my couch avoiding chores, and I said to myself, It’s a “Father of the Bride” kind of day! I need to watch that tonight!

  24. karen

    I love the four poster bed, and Father of the Bride is my all time favorite movie. I agree fuzzy slippers and snuggled in a four poster bed would be divine. We lived in Hong Kong for five years and I when I got homesick I would put this movie on and be back in the States for a bit. Your post is lovely. Karen

  25. Polly

    I love, love, love those movies!! Their house is amazing. My husband has wanted a four poster bed since we got married but I keep reminding him that we don’t have a huge bedroom. It’s funny because the sleeping porch just off our bedroom is gianormous but it’s got 11 windows so it tends to be drafty in the Winter months so I dont’ want the bed out there. Ah the trials of decorating. Blessings.. POlly

  26. JoniWebb

    Melissa: the woman behind Something’s Gotta Give and The Holiday *I love that movie* – is the one behind Father of the Bride – so it goes without saying the house would be fabulous!!!

    Great post, girlfriend. Great beds. love them ALL!!! Especially the first one with the Chelsea Editions fabrics.

  27. Neutral Dwelling

    Those rooms are cozy and beautiful. I think my fave is the room with the bright aqua stools at the foot of the bed. I like the rug in that room too.

  28. Natasha Burns

    Warm and wonderful! I love 4 poster beds too, they are so grand!
    I too love Father of the Bride!!

  29. Nihal

    Oh my! I would give my all for having this kinda Sweet Escape;) Your journal is… is inspiring… is gorgeous… and speechless extraordinary! Your write-ups together with beautiful photos are such a delight for my eyes to read. Thank you so much for letting me visit yours, how nice that a wind of the season took me here.
    By the way, thanks a lot for your kind comment left on my journal, looking forward for your next visit again soon. Have a nice weekend.

  30. bj

    I don’t have a 4 poster bed either but by hanging fabrics from a form on the ceiling…we could!! I think that might be my next project…in the spring, when it’s warmer and I am in the mood to work!
    Thanks for a wonderful posting.

  31. Nan

    I love those “cozy” pictures, especially the four poster beds. I’m sitting here in my fuzzy slippers and fake fur throw typing away on my laptop. It’s snowing here…….5-10 inches expected. So, I staying “in” and being warm and feeling cozy.

  32. Amy

    oh those beds just make me want to climb in…thanks for the coziness…

  33. Alice

    Beautiful! I love how cozy everything looks and I especially love the last photo. How unique!

  34. Jan

    Cozy is just a perfect word, isn’t it? The Father of the Bride movies are favorites of mine also. I can watch them over and over again. Plus I want that house!!!


  35. Diane

    LOve the cozy beds!

  36. Erin

    Hi Melissa,

    I’ve missed reading your blog, it seems I have been away forever!! I’ve been reading through and catching up though!

    I just love cozy too and since we’re having some freezing rain here right now, I’m enjoying looking at all of this coziness! I really enjoyed all of your Christmas decorations too – so beautiful!!

    Have a great weekend!


  37. shelbi

    ohhh….fotb! it is right up there with ‘the sound of music’ and ‘singing in the rain’ such a classic movie!

    and yes…your blog truly is my girly girl fix! the best girlfriend for sure!

    hugs my dear friend,

  38. tracy

    those are two of my most favorite movies, too. I watched part 2 every sunday for weeks on end. there is just something incredible comfortable & soothing it. and I cry at the end every single time!

  39. j

    Father of the Bride- one of the funniest scenes: Steve Martin having a meltdown over hot dog roll in the supermarket. :)

    Found your blog through a comment on Kris’s Color Stripes blog.

  40. Cre8Tiva

    i seem to have lost the finials off my 4 poster in the last move…but i do love these cosy spaces…i must find a way to create one in my bedroom…i hope this finds you warm and cosy this day…blessings, rebecca

  41. Louise

    What wonderful cozy rooms, now I want to redo my room.
    I love this movie as well, I love how they did the wedding with the paper umbrellas as the ceiling for the outside party..


  42. Kathleen Grace

    HI Melissa, this time of year I much prefer the idea of snuggling into a cozy bed or living room to the adventures of travel in the cold anyway! Bautiful rooms! I plan to start a redo of the master bedroom after Christmas, long overdue! I love Father of the Bride. Movies and jammies and cocoa, here I come:>)

  43. chris glynn

    One of my very FAVORITE movies is father of the bride, right along with mrs. doubtfire!LOL!! It’s a cozy thing to sit in comfy p.j.’s & watch favorite sweet movies isn’t it?? Your photos are just the BEST & make me want to jump right into bed! LOL! :) chris

  44. Elzie

    Good morning Melissa. So many lovely pictures. I just want to have it all.

    I hope you have a great Monday and I can tell you you’ve got an award on my blog so come and look.
    Love Elzie

  45. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Each of these beds are beautiful. I am fond of the first one and then the red striped one. Just the kind of bed that you’d want to greet you at the end of a hard day..or a cold one. Stay warm!!!!


  46. Sadie Hartmann

    I adore father of the Bride and Father of the Bride 2. And you’re right, their house was so COZY. I loved the kitchen the most–and Annie and George Banks’ bedroom was so classy yet very cozy. I loved the wedding with the twinkle lights in the tent–now I have to go watch that movie again!
    ~Sadie Lou

  47. Lynn

    Love the photos from “Father of the Bride”. And the post on Polly was so nice. I really respect her decision to turn off her comments but I want to so much leave her a comment. :)

  48. Vanessa

    That is one of my favorite movies, too! I can watch it a million times. I pass by “the” house almost weekly…it’s a lovely house on a beautiful street….
    What a wonderful collection of examples here. It makes me want a canopy bed now.

  49. Design for Mankind

    OMG I just LOOOOOVE Father of the Bride!!!

    Happy holidays, and be safe! :)

  50. Lisa

    Wow, you really know how to find the best pictures. I’m spending a small fortune in new magazines thanks to you-lol.

    Great selections as usual.

    Happy holidays!

  51. A Fanciful Twist

    OH!! I love that movie!! This is the best place ever!! You are wonderful!!And, I adore Polly, she is amazing!!!!

  52. Bethany

    I pulled up your blog today and saw the house from Father of the Bride…I knew it was it before I read anything!!! That is my DREAM house! I love that movie and I always refer to that house as the perfect American Home! I love all of your bed photos… I am considering getting a four poster bed and I think you just sold me on it…what’s better than coziness???!

  53. Mockingbird Hill

    Melissa…this is my first visit and I am just overwhelmed! I have enjoyed reading everything…such a pleasant journey. Both of the Father Of The Bride movies are special to my daughter and to me…we have seen them so many times, that we sit togther and say the dialogue along with the movie!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog a couple of days ago…I look forward to your next visit!


  54. {this is glamorous}

    Beautiful post, Melissa! A sweet escape indeed! Thanks for stopping by with your wonderful Holiday wishes and I’m here, of course, to return the favour–Merry, Merry Christmas! Hope your Christmas is the best ever.


  55. seeb

    Thanks for your visit and more thanks for your nice words dear Mellissa,I appreciate that.

  56. vintagedelights

    Loving the poster beds… have always had an admiration for such beds..not to to sure if it’d be practical for me considering I’m always knocking into corners heheheh but the rooms all looks magnificent!

  57. Memrica

    WOW!I loved this bed:)…memrica

  58. The Nester


    I have watched that movie for years–just for the house!

    We are for sure kindred spirits!

  59. Elton Hill

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  60. DebbieCalif

    Hey this is lovely! I have a beautiful 4 poster bed and never thought of embellishing it like these pictures show! I will have to give this some thought! Love it Melissa, enjoyed every picture. It’s like candy, which one do you like the best? Oh my!

    DebbieCalifs last blog post..Hiding the necessary!



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