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Decorating Your Bedroom: Fresh Inspiration

by | Sep 15, 2008 | Bedrooms, Decorating Inspiration

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Decorating Your Bedroom: Fresh Inspiration

Designer: Constance Ramos

Decorating Your Bedroom: Fresh Inspiration

Designer: Candace Olson

Decorating Your Bedroom: Fresh Inspiration

Designer: Candace Olson

Decorating Your Bedroom: Fresh Inspiration

Designer: Linda Woodrum

Decorating Your Bedroom: Fresh Inspiration

Designer: Vern Yip

Decorating Your Bedroom: Fresh Inspiration

Designer: Candace Olson

From cozy to chic to sophisticated, the sky is the limit on our choices in bedroom ambience and style. Which photo above seems to inspire you the most and why? What ideas can you take from it that won’t break the bank?
Inspiration for Creating a Peaceful Master Bedroom Retreat
  • A bedroom is the place where you begin and end each day. Make it your most restful and nurturing room in the house.
  • Look around the room and ask yourself “What are the distractions to my feeling of calm in this room?”
  • Start by removing as many things from the room as you can. Clutter is the enemy of a peaceful bedroom.
  • Consider an electronic free bedroom. If you do want a TV, find a way to keep it hidden when not in use.
  • Keep electric clocks and cell phones far away from your bed as a health precaution.
  • For your best night’s sleep, make sure you cannot see any light from your bed.
  • Avoid bill paying areas or work zones in the bedroom whenever possible.
  • Good reading lights are a must for ambience and nighttime reading. Avoid using overhead lighting.
  • Nightstands are clutter magnets. Consider closed storage cabinets for visual serenity.
  • Use covered boxes or baskets with lids to hide table top necessities.
  • Install dimmers and three way switches to add mood lighting.
  • Even if you aren’t redecorating, give your room a good cleaning. Rid your room of dust and grime. Wipe down light switches, door frames & doors, headboards, furniture, window sills and floors. Clean windows. Wash curtains, bedding and dust ruffles. Clean under the bed.
  • Consider your senses in this room. Is it visually attractive, peaceful and quiet, do you have quality sheets and blankets, does the room smell fresh and clean?
  • Commit to making your bed as soon as you start your day. I’ve found that when I make my bed first thing, the rest of the room stays cleaner and more orderly throughout the day. It only take a few moments but it can change your whole day.
  • Avoid using your bedroom as a dumping ground for clothing and stuff. Treat your room as a sanctuary and sacred place.
  • Teach your children and household members to respect your privacy when the door is shut.

Need more inspiration for decorating a bedroom?

Four Poster Coziness

Photos: HGTV

Transform that boring window to a charming one by adding window treatments. (promotional link)


  1. Maven

    Once upon a time the fourth bedroom would have inspired me the most. But now, I’m going with number five, which looks very much like what I’ve done with our bedroom. For years I was doing cottagey shabby chic deocorating, but one day, after seeing a picture of my husband on a floral slip cover, I realized that the decor didn’t suit him – and decor should suit everyone in the family. I haven’t lost my cottage roots, but now I blend them with Asian inspired details, and have some modern accents in and around my antiques. All in all it works.

    I love the canopy style bed in the photo and the edition of flowers. I also like the clean lines and the way the throw pillow coordinates to the walls.

    Great blog – thanks for the inspiration!

    Mavens last blog post..The Politics of Fear

  2. teresa

    Candace Olson’s room- {third picture} Love everything about it- from the colors to the arrangement of furniture. Your inspiration for a retreat is right on– had to laugh about the privacy tip- just had a grand daughter stay the night and at 2 am she flings the door open and climbs in bed with us….she is two. :}

  3. Pearl Maple

    All beautiful rooms each in their own way have something special to share with us in styles and tates and ooddles of inspiration.

    Pearl Maples last blog post..Sky Watch Friday

  4. Liz

    THANKYOU!! I’ve just added this to my Monday Link Love post. Our bedroom has gone from boudoir to…well family dumping ground would be the nicest way to describe it! So I’m now inspired to get our room back to how it should be, this post was just the kick I needed x

    [email protected] last blog post..Monday Link Love

  5. kris

    I love that first one! (They are all stunning though) I really desperately need to revamp my bedroom. Maybe one day I will post a picture, but right now, I am too ashamed. ha. Thank you for the good and sometimes forgotten ideas!!

    kriss last blog post..Sunday Scripture

  6. Linda

    You are so spot on! A great room can frame our dyas. It’s the first and last thing we see each day. I see my challenges. Fisrst…getting the big black Great Dane off of the white bed. Hmmm.

    Linda @ lime in the Coconuts last blog post..Tropical jewels…

  7. Adrienne

    Hi Melissa – Those are gorgeous bedrooms. The first one is my favorite! I need to study all of them a bit more and get some ideas for our little room. It’s in the process of a redo and coming together just right but there are some little things still to be done. Thanks for sharing these wonderful rooms with us today. ~Adrienne~

    Adriennes last blog post..Till The Storm Passes By

  8. Susan at Black eyed susans kitchen

    The 4th bedroom would be closest to my comfort zone, however, I am liking bedroom #1 because we are considering switching the rooms in our house. Daughter #2 just left for college, and daughter #1 was married last year. Our master bedroom is on the 1st floor, but we are thinking of moving upstairs to the biggest, yet less finished room. Picture 1 has similar walls and angles, and is giving me ideas of how cozy it could be.I like the stripes on the bottom part of the walls. Such a difficult decision to make. Susan

    Susan at Black eyed susans kitchens last blog post..COLLECTING (PART 2) AND YARD SALES

  9. Pat

    Good morning, Melissa!

    The first bedroom reminds me of the studio bedroom. I see inspiration here for the problematic walls, in that guest room.

    The fourth bedroom seems to be closest to ours, although ours has a four poster iron bed, the way this room is “dressed” reminds me of ours. Anytime of day, I walk into our room, I feel at peace. As I’ve grown older, my need for less clutter or less to dust is even more pronounced than in my younger years.

    Pats last blog post..~Cabinet & Mirror Ledge Faux Pas?~

  10. Linda

    Love the Candace Olson first bedroom, it is soooo serene, I just want to take a long nap in there. It is so soothing and dreamy-love blue bedrooms.

  11. Laura Ingalls Gunn

    I like the third picture down, by Candace Olson. Inexpensive ways to recreate the look are first and foremost, paint. You could then get simple panels, and a few of the jeweled picture frames~love it!

    Laura Ingalls Gunns last blog post..Spanish Colonial Interiors

  12. lylah ledner

    After revisiting our family room and getting great help from Melissa (via blog world), I’ve moved to our master bedroom. LOVE this post and I’m drawn to fourth bedroom. Love the warm colors!


    lylah ledners last blog’s and grandkids

  13. Rhoda

    I think I have created a nice peaceful retreat of a master bedroom for me and hubby. These are all good tips for creating that and it is so needed in our hectic world these days. A place to escape at the end of the day. And a place for a restful night’s sleep.

    Rhodas last blog post..Yardsale Fun

  14. Joanna

    I love Candace Olsen! She is one great designer. I would love to have her come and redo my whole house.

    Joannas last blog post..Chicken Fajita Roll Up Recipe

  15. Ms.Tee

    I’m a big fan of Candace Olson, so I’m surprised that my favorite is the 4th bedroom by Linda Woldrum – it’s just so warm and cozy!
    Thanks for sharing all of these great tips.

    Ms.Tees last blog post..Fall Decorating and a Special Guest

  16. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    The first and fourth bedrooms are my favorites. The first because it proves that a charming room can be accomplished even if the ceiling slants—since mine does.

    I really must declutter my bedroom. With a new husband, I realize that many of the family photos are just not going to work anymore. They’ve got to be dispatched to a more neutral spot. And, the tv is perched right there in the corner even though we have yet to watch tv there. Hmmm, I can rethink that.

    Vee~A Haven for Vees last blog post..Window Washing and Traction

  17. Mrs. Q

    I LOVE the fifth bedroom. The soothing earth tones and harmonious use of angles creates a lovely retreat. Love the candlescones on the headboard wall, and the silk canopy is gorgeous! The purple isn’t too girly and the earth tones aren’t too manly…a perfect mix of the two.
    As for what I could recreate on my budget? Well, nothing at the moment…lol. We are on a really tight budget right now. But we do have some of the earth tones going already. :)

    Mrs. Qs last blog post..Burn Out…

  18. Becky K.

    I am going through a warm and cozy decorating period in my life right now so Vern Yip’s design speaks to me. I love the black candle sconse behind the bed and the warm earthtones on the walls. Just look soft and cozy.

    Another year it would have been the romance of Candace’s design right before the one I chose.

    Becky K.

    Becky K.s last blog post..Catching Up – The Weekend

  19. Becky

    I think the picture with the beadboard wall(4th or 5th?) is more my style. They are all beautiful but a few are over the top, or mabey I just can’t picture living in such a large house. I agree that the less clutter the better. Right now I’m on the lookout for a bedside table with drawers. They are such clutter magnets and an eyesore to look at when messy. This was a fun post to look at, thanks Melissa!

    Beckys last blog post..A day at the fair

  20. Julie Size

    Just wanted to stop by and tell you thank you for all of your prayers for us and all the nice comments you made on my blog. Yeah – Ike is gone! Now we just have to clean up after him!

    Julie Sizes last blog post..But Mom – Why don’t the Lights & Phone Work?

  21. meg duerksen

    of course i love candace olson’s rooms.
    she can do no wrong.

    i love the list. especially the last one. privacy! it’s needed.
    we when moved in this house we did our bedroom first. instead of last.
    i wanted it to be a romantic cozy yet manly space.
    i am so glad we did it first.
    we made “our space” a priority in our marriage.
    it’s hard to feel romantic around clutter and piles of clean laundry (or dirty) or toys (or kids) in the bedroom. we try our best to keep it clean and clutter free.
    great advice!

    meg duerksens last blog post..swing away sean

  22. Miss Sandy

    Most certainly I am all about the fourth bedroom you pictured! It has me written all over it! Love the colors, the iron against the wood all topped off with lace, hints of nature, plush pillows and upholstery, cozy, comfy, and a great natural view!

    Miss Sandys last blog post..A Flea Market Foray or How I Met My Mirror…..

  23. Shar

    All these rooms are just lovely and very inspirational but the 4th room by Linda Woodrum is perfect for my casual country style. Love the white tongue & groove boards, the dark iron bed and accents, the sunflowers, the warm colors. I was inspired by this room so much when I originally saw it on HGTV that I bought the same bed hoping to create the look in my master bedroom. Then everything came to a screeching halt because I didn’t know how to obtain those great lamps or the custom bedding, or the fantastic view from that beautiful picture window for that matter. (Swoon). My room is also small, and not at all as grand in scale so I don’t know what I was thinking. Now I’m stuck trying to figure out what to do with it. Thanks for a peek into some refreshingly beautiful rooms that allow an escape from my own unfinished and boring space.

  24. Alana

    I love just about anything Candace Olson does. I recently saw the episode with the first of her bedrooms listed. She is so smart – I love how she used a monochromatic color scheme, but because she incorporated so many textures it has so much depth to it. I also love that it’s finished. . . our bedroom gets the least amount of decorating attention and never quite seems complete.

    Alana @ Gray Matterss last blog post..A Greener Lunch Box

  25. Amy from Texas

    I love the iron bed and quilt room (#4)! Thanks for the inspiration and ideas. I need to get rid of my ugly brass and white ceiling fan before mine will ever look like this! ha.

    Amy from Texass last blog post..May The Force Be With You

  26. jane

    ahhh, i think one, two and 4 are the best! i love slanted ceilings and built-ins and wood and painted wood and stripes. well, i like lots of things! but melissa, the list is so comprehensive, and TADA i have managed to do most of it this past year in my bedroom redo. i feel like i PASSED the decorating test! not because someone is telling me it is right, but because it FEELS SO RIGHT>sand colored paint, white trim, shimmery sheers at the windows, a touch of sparkles on the sheers and lots of pillows on the bed. no tv, no work in the bedroom now, the sitting area is just for sitting/ reading for pleasure, conversation by the fire ( if it ever goes below 90!!!) and we have a dimmer switch. the kids are gone so the privacy issue is moot. (:)) the reading lamps work, only one small clock, and good music source. happy happy happy! and all from synthesizing info from blogs. thank you for the dreamy pictures and helpful hints! jkj

  27. Julianna

    I think that’s the best, most thoughtful list of how to keep your bedroom serene that I’ve ever read–no, really! Expecting the rest of the family to respect your personal space is genius. The mom in me just never even thought to make that a priority!

  28. laurie

    I love the charm of the first room. So cozy and inviting. Painting the stripes on the short walls would be an economical way to create some of the ambiance in this room. Although it appears to be a very narrow room, I love the separate seating area at the end of the room. All of the bedrooms are beautiful. That one just is the most inviting to me. Laurie

  29. Lisa

    These are lovely. Love them all but especially love the Candice Olsen creations. I catch her show from time to time and it’s a great example of what an unlimited budget can do-lol. Lot’s of wishful thinking when I tune in to her show for sure-ha ha.

    Hope all is well. You’re blog looks fantastic!

    Lisas last blog post..Make Scents

  30. Carrie

    Great photos and wonderful inspiration as I am in the process of redoing our bedroom. My goal is to create a quiet, serene place to just lock out the world. Thanks for your ideas. Beautiful blog by the way!

  31. Shirl

    A harp in the bedroom? I don’t think so. But great pics!

  32. karen

    Bedrooms #1 and #4 are so cozy and inviting to me, they say come in and rest. Thanks for sharing those great bedroom pictures. Enjoying your inspiring blog. Karen

    karens last blog post..Spend Time in Prayer

  33. Terri

    I like all those rooms, but especially Candace’s! Great compilation! xo

    Terris last blog post..Must Do’s: Paris

  34. Pamela

    I would love to nap in the Linda Woodrum bedroom!

    Pamelas last blog post..

  35. Bettsi

    Melissa, thanks for sharing these pretty rooms. I really liked the one by designer Linda Woodrum- so warm and inviting! When I separated from my husband in June, I made my bedroom a top priority. I’m so glad I did! That room nurtures me so much- which is just what I need these days and really, is what a good room ought to always do.

    Bettsis last blog post..This and That

  36. Mrs. B

    My bedroom breaks about a million rules. The most distracting things in mine are the baskets of laundry waiting for me to fold them! Those certainly don’t inspire relaxation! The rooms you’ve shown are beautiful! Love the one by Linda Woodrum.

    Mrs. Bs last blog post..Just a Dream Away

  37. Kirstin

    Ha! I was very inspired by that first bedroom. I saw it awhile back and it is the same shape as the bedroom in our new house..though I didn’t really do what they did, I loved it. Hubby refused wallpaper (C: but I did do a green on the wall…maybe I’ll still stripe it. I love these rooms and the kitchens on the latest post.

    Kirstins last blog post..An Award

  38. Lisa

    I like the 4th bedroom with the golds and beiges the best.

    I really do need to work on my bedroom! It does make such a difference in how you feel as you start and end your day.

    Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolatess last blog post..Reminders, but with graphics to keep you happy

  39. Dolce Chic

    As somebody who is currently redecorating my bedroom (I welcome your opinions on my blog) I am ever so grateful for this list! Thank you so much!!!!!


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