If this is your first visit today, be sure to begin your partying at my The French-Inspired Satellite Party post and then return here to this post for more! Leave one comment at each party post to be entered into the drawing, up until November 5 when the party ends!

I am so glad you are having a good time mingling, and oh! what treats you have brought to share! Such lovely guests you are! We are still have a few teeny tiny technical difficulties with our exclusive party peek (so much for our blog party innovation! LOL!). BUT, have no fear, we did manage to get a few glimpses into The Blissful before we lost connection. We’ll bring you more as we have it! Let’s take a look all the way over in Canton, Ohio at The Blissful!

Satellite Party Take Two

Satellite Party Take Two

Satellite Party Take Two

Satellite Party Take Two

Oh, could you just move right in? I love it! Everything looks so festive! And there is SO MUCH to look at! I’d be spinning in circles touching and gazing at each delight (don’t forget, she is opening the online store in January so we can all partake of the goodness!) Do enjoy your peek, leave another comment to be entered again into the drawing, and come back again later for Satellite Party Take Three! Well be here all weekend! And hopefully at some point we will have Abby herself, if she doesn’t collapse from exhaustion first! She is a whirlwind, that girl!

Don’t forget to return for the party that never ends (click HERE) … you’ve gotta love that!


  1. Rhonda

    It all looks divine! Thank you so much ladies for sharing it with us.


  2. Julie

    WOW!! A person could create some serious debt in that place. But secretly, it might be worth it.

    I posted your party on my side bar so that it’s up all weekend, if that’s ok.


  3. karen

    Wish this place was nearby, talk about inspiration! Lovely tour.
    Blessings, Karen

  4. shelbi

    ok. my heart is leaping out of my chest! can i just lay down on that floor and linger for a bit!!? that is truly one of the most amazing shops my eyes have ever seen. ohhh…where is this? forgive me melissa, i am not sure where you are located…i am in so cal…am i anywhere close? ohhh…sigh.

    i can hang out on your blog forever. off to linger some more!

  5. gebah

    so much pretty going on…i hardly know where to look first!!

  6. {this is glamorous}

    This place looks fantastic–I have my eye on that glittery Eiffel Tower…

  7. Pat

    I love it all!! My kind of shop, that is for certain!


  8. jamie skolnik

    I have Loved Blissful for a while. I do wish she was in my Town… So Beautiful. Thank you for sharing…

  9. Maureen

    I had to stop by to thank you for the lovely comments you left at my blog, and wanted to join in on the fun. I’m not so blog-savvy but learning, and yours is very insiring! Beautiful!

  10. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Oh my goodness…I love it all! Too bad Canton, Ohio is across the country. We have a lovely shop in town, Fleur de Lis, that has a lot of things like Blissful..just not as much. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful shop with all of us!!!!!!


  11. Terri

    Gosh, it looks delightful. I see so many things I want to touch!!

  12. accessoryalamode~Deb

    This is my kind of boutique!! Everything looks luscious! You have decorated your store to perfection! Best wishes,

  13. LaTeaDah

    So many delightful things to see and buy! I wish I could be there live and in person! Lovely displays — so many beautiful things. Great job!


  14. Melissa

    Isn’t it fabulous? We will have more pictures at some point later, so keep stopping in for more inspiration and eye candy!

    Meanwhile, have another hors d’oeuvre and enjoy mingling! So many wonderful tasty treat and gift suggestions too, so check out all of the guest’s ideas as new ones will be continually added through the weekend of festivities!

    I am so glad you are all here!

  15. Penny, Mosaic Artist

    Just lovely!! I wish I could be there in person!

  16. janet

    Sigh!!!! Bliss overload…it’s a wonderful thing. Must be off to take a nap if wware partying for four days.

  17. Barb

    What a great party! I’ve invited all my readers to come along, too!

  18. Kelly

    Love the shop! Wish it wasn’t so far away from me. Looking forward to when it becomes available online! Then I can finally shop there! HA!

  19. Lynn

    Oh the champagne is so good. So icy cold and bubbly. What a treat to see Bliss. Sure wish I could actually go there in person. That’s my kind of store.

  20. JO

    My heart be still!!



  21. Vee

    Could I ever use some serious time shopping there. It looks delightful!

  22. rhoda

    I’d love to visit in person too…not quite the same long distance. I always want to touch & feel all those goodies. Have a great weekend, Melissa!


  23. Michele

    Pinch me pinch me .. is this one of those exquisite dreams that turn out to be .. well .. just a dream.. so many temptations in one place.. I feel like a child in a sweet shop again..


  24. Esther Sunday

    Melissa – you are truly the best!!!!!! Congrats on your 100th! Thanks for posting/blogging for us! Love ya!!!! Esther

  25. Veronica

    oh, oh…. …just turn around once and be lost in there for hours….

  26. Kathleen Grace

    Oh why can’t that store be in my town!? It all looks wonderful!

  27. Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

    What a gorgeous shop! I know my husband will be happy that we don’t live anywhere near there, or we’d be broke for sure after a visit! I’m glad you are having such a wonderful time at your party, it’s been such fun! Thanks for dropping by my blog, I’m happy you liked your present. Very lovely photo of you btw! Great to see you sweetie!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  28. Denise Schuler

    Next time I’m in your neck of the woods I must stop in. Denise

  29. Jennie W.

    What an amazing shoppe! It is definitely going to be worth a trip from Michigan one day. Thanks for sharing all the loveliness!

  30. kari and kijsa

    okay…we will take one of those…and one of those…and…oh that one over there….such yummy yummy fabulousness….thanks for the party invite!

    smiles, kari and kijsa

  31. Robin

    I would SO love to physically be there! Looks like HEAVEN!!I could do SO much of my Christmas shopping….for myself of course!!!

  32. Barbara

    This is fun. I just love browsing around places like these.

  33. debraknpa

    Congrats on your 100th post. I’d love to join the party.

  34. Amanda Jones

    I love your “party” idea! That is so cute and fun! All of those yummy pictures make me want to eat and shop… (two of my favorite things) Thanks for sharing all your pretties!!

  35. jean

    Oh, I am a party girl from waaaay back, so I am enjoying this party very much.
    How I’d love to get turned loose in that fabulous store with about 10,000 bucks! :)bj

  36. Adla

    Oo la la, it is blissful indeed, such a pretty shop to oarty in… its filled with all I need to get a party started… thanks for having me here, Hi Everyone!

  37. Jenn and Jacqui

    Oh my! What wonderful treasures in Abbey’s store, how gorgoeus!

  38. Jill

    What a charming place to visit. I could spend hours in there!

  39. Mrs.E

    It looks like such a wonderful place and the beautiful treasures….wow! I’m off to mingle :)

  40. Sweet Remembrance

    I could live in that shop…
    I love everything!
    And I do mean everything…

  41. Aimee

    Would love to see that shop in person! And meet the lovely Melissa in person too! :) I enjoyed my little visit to your party!

  42. Cre8Tiva

    i am having such good time…thank you…but i have been shopping at blissful…was supposed to be resting my feet…gergeous stuff everywhere in canton…and miss bliss doesn’t miss beat…great hostesses you both are…now i am going to droll over my desires at blissful some more…blessings, rebecca

  43. Lady N

    Beautiful, beautiful pics!!

  44. The Decorated House

    What a fabulous place. That would be such a fun place to shop. Thanks for the pictures!

  45. GardenGirl

    I can’t believe that I live so close to this store and am only just now hearing about it! I think I need to call my BFF and take a trip over there this weekend!

  46. Liberty Post

    I can hear my camera’s heart beating. Guess it wants to go there. Hmmmm…..amazing place. Thanks for the great party!

  47. Connie

    What a delight and special treat your pictures are to behold! Thanks for sharing!

  48. Mary Issabella

    What a lovely shop and so much eye candy. Enjoyed my visit. Happy party Mary

  49. elizabeth holder

    I would kill to be there right now – absolutly kill for it – keep it up – at least i can read about it

  50. KJ

    The more I see, the more I am ready to pack my bags and move from California to Ohio. So much for the gold rush! What an awesome shop!

    Thanks again for doing this and for including little ol’ me.


  51. Sophiehoneysuckle

    Oh Melissa!!!! That is so my kind of shop-I want to fly right over (maybe not fly-sail lol!!) and start spending!! Maybe it’s just as well I can’t!! What a fab idea for a post!!

  52. Judy

    Oh, I love these pictures…would LOVE to have my own private party in that store!

  53. Marsha

    Is that a wreath made of Christmas balls on the right-hand side of the first picture? I’m more than 400 miles from Canton, but that wreath makes it look totally worth the drive!

  54. Susan Bartlett

    What a great idea…an online party!! I was lucky enough to visit Abbey and her shop last week. I also have a shop and we compared notes…what a wonderful place, and Abbey is so sweet!!

  55. Sharon Goemaere

    Oh how lovely!Where does one begin to look?So much beauty all in one place!thanks so much for sharing!
    Sharon :-)

  56. the feathered nest

    Could she move her shop to Atlanta? I could spend all day looking around and probably spend way too many pennies! So much eye-candy!


  57. Michelle

    What a fun party! Yes, I could live there :)

  58. Cecilia

    Oh gosh, that is just the perfect store for me. I am sad that it is so far away. I love unique, high quality knick knacks. I don’t clutter my house up with tons of them either. So each item that I do use has to be truely unique, and special. Heaven is all that I can say!

  59. karla nathan

    What a pretty store! I loved the just right combo of sparkle and aged neutrals!

  60. My Melange

    Speaking of *internet* problems…I was the victim yesterday, so I am making it over today. Love, love love the store. I’ll just bring a truck and haul the whole store away :)

  61. Lisa

    Oh Melissa, look at all of your comments. How cool! Love your pictures of this and your last post. Simply marvelous! Love it all and wish I could pop into that wonderful shop. Thanks for the yummy treats too, they were delish! Your blog is such great eye candy. You never disappoint. Keep up the good work!


  62. Melissa

    Just found your site through Gracious Hospitality. I love the photos of your store!
    As a hostess gift, I would bring a candle or set of candles hand painted by me, in the colors of the hostesses home, or a tea basket filled with a tea lovely cream colored for one pot and an assortment of black, green and herbal teas with a tin of cookies.
    Hosting parties is hard work and a gracious hostess who opens her home to others, should be doted on.

  63. Nancy

    Oh how I wish I could be there in person! Your shop is absolutely wonderful, and I think I would have to get lost in it!

  64. Brenda Eason

    I would shop all day. I still don’t think I could see it all. Thanks for shopping spree.

  65. Teresa

    I love The Blissful…and need to order some bangle bracelets I saw there. I’m originally an Ohio girl…and hope to visit when I go home for the holidays. Can’t wait ’til January when the shop goes online.

  66. Counting Your Blessings

    Do you think I could get The Blissful gals to bring some of that wonderful stuff over and create my perfect holiday house?! =0 wow!! Blessings… Polly

  67. sherry

    I would need days and days and days to be able to see everything, touch everything and just enjoy being surrounded by so much beauty!

  68. Pam Webb

    Wow–I am in love at first sight with that site!! I just sat there touching the screen—couldn’t a person go into major debt there????

    Thanks for the 2nd part of the party! This is too much fun. And I’m in my pj’s!!! That’s just another perk to this party!

  69. Susan Ericson

    Okay,Melissa, now that I have read through and seen all the pictures, I’m thinking that there may be a road trip in the future. This is a fabulous shop. I’m taking out the map. Wonderful party. Susan

  70. katiedid

    I am awed, stunned, delerious with delight! What a wonderful, magical perfect Christmas shop! I want to live here.

  71. Sharon

    I live a world away from Canton but would just love to browse through all those treasures.

  72. Karen

    Oh boy, I could spend some major money there. Wish I were close.

  73. Terri

    I wish I was closer, too! I was directed here by Back Porch Musings!

  74. Sue

    Look at all that eye candy!! Wonderful blog here, Pat from Back Porch Musings sent me and I’m so glad she did!

  75. Lynne Snyder

    Do you sell things online? Beautiful, just beautiful.

  76. laurie

    Makes you want to decorate right now! With lots of new things.

  77. bluemuf

    beautiful shop, I would love to visit and shop.


  78. tracy

    Hi Melissa! Yes, I could just move right in! As always, you post the dreamiest photos. Thanks for checking in on me ~ I posted a long update this evening :) Take care! Tracy

  79. heidi

    oh, i wish i were there in person – i want to touch each and every thing, and take in all the sparkly splendor! what a fabulous shop, and an even better idea! thanks for bringing it to all of us who can’t be there! best wishes! xo

  80. marina

    I want to live there! Great feast for the eyes,I will come back for more!


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