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The Grand Finale of a Blissful Event



Gather around everyone, the party continues, and we’ve inadvertently saved the best for last!



If you are just walking in the door to this party for the first time, be sure to start back at the beginning of the party with the post entitled A French-Inspired Satellite Party, then move on to Satellite Party Take Two, and then read today’s Grand Finale of our events. It will make much more sense in that order!


Abby and I have been working behind the scenes to figure out how to get this technology working to bring you more shots of our satellite party. Next time we’ll need a technical assistant to pull this off I think. Abby and I are all about the festivities, but the technical stuff, not so much.


Do you know that I even tried to get MUSIC yesterday for our party but after a complete obliteration of my flash player due to my technical difficulties, that is no longer possible. I know just enough about computers to be highly dangerous.



The Grand Finale of a Blissful Event


Anyways, let’s keep this party going, grab a truffle or a cookie and a glass of something sparkling and PARTY ON!


Finally our satellite connection is in full gear and we are able to fully drool over the party festivities over in Canton, Ohio at our good friend Abby’s shop THE BLISSFUL. Could you just die? When you are a shop owner you have to start the Christmas season before some of us even get off the ground with our Halloween pumpkins, but I have to tell you, just looking at all these goodies is putting me in the mood for the whole holiday season! Enjoy a look around, shop some more, and mingle with all the fabulous people here! Give Abby a big hug when you see her, she has done a fabulous job with this holiday party!


The Grand Finale of a Blissful Event


The Grand Finale of a Blissful Event


The Grand Finale of a Blissful Event


The Grand Finale of a Blissful Event



Phew, I am just feeling BLISSFUL. The food, the drinks, the sparkley lights, the French holiday spirit of it all! I am so glad you all came to celebrate The Inspired Room’s 100th post and The Blissful’s French-Inspired Noel satellite holiday party. Abby and I have had an absolute blast hostessing and putting this all together for you. And of course, Abby gets a standing ovation for her shop decked out in all its holiday glory! I hope you are all inspired to go forth and make your holidays grand! And beginning in January, everyone can shop at The Blissful online! Three cheers for that!



The Grand Finale of a Blissful Event

You are welcome to leave your comments and “see you laters” on this final party post for extra chances in the grand giveaway, but make sure you have left your hors d’oeuvre and hostess gift ideas on the first post entitled French-Inspired Satellite Party in order to be entered into our giveaway! You can comment on all of the party posts for extra chances, but the most important one is the first one or you won’t be entered at all! You must comment by Monday November 5 to be included.


Happy Holidays everyone and I do hope you will return to The Inspired Room for my next 100 posts! Just wait until you see what inspiring things we have in store next! You will NOT be disappointed, I promise! Amused, maybe. Horrified for me, likely. But disappointed? I hope not.

Au Revoir, Mes Amis!

Thanks for coming! Drive safely!



  1. Michele

    Bonjour tout le monde
    Is this what heaven looks like… I do hope so .. but then again ..not sure that is the direction I will be sent!
    Bissful is just that..BLISSFUL.. I can’t wait for Jauary and the online shop..
    It is a little to far to walk from Bath United Kingdom..
    Have a ball one and all!
    A bientot

  2. Brenda Eason

    Just what i needed on my lazy Saturday morning. That cookie was awsome.Again glad I found you and look forward to many more trips.

  3. shelbi

    o.m.gsh. that is one blissful place. thank you for sharing this wonderful heaven on earth with us. :)

  4. kari and kijsa

    Thanks for one last look…we love it so much….congratulations Abby on a job well done!

    smiles, kari and kijsa

  5. Teresa

    A Recipe…

    Spiced Rosemary Nuts
    The combination of rosemary, cumin and cayenne pepper lends an irresistible flavor to toasted nuts. Pack these savory gifts in small decorative tins or in cellophane bags tied with a ribbon.

    2 1/2 cups mixed raw nuts such as pecans,
    walnuts and peanuts
    2 Tbs. olive oil
    1 1/2 Tbs. chopped fresh rosemary
    1 Tbs. sugar
    1 1/2 tsp. ground cumin
    1 tsp. salt
    1 tsp. freshly ground black pepper
    1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper

    Preheat an oven to 300°F.

    Place the nuts in a bowl. In a small, heavy saucepan over medium-low heat, warm the olive oil. Add the rosemary and stir until aromatic, about 1 minute. Pour the seasoned oil over the nuts. Add the sugar, cumin, salt, black pepper and cayenne and stir to coat the nuts evenly. Transfer the nuts to a baking pan.

    Bake, stirring occasionally, until the nuts are toasted, about 20 minutes. Transfer to a plate and let cool completely.

    Store the nuts in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 4 days. Makes about 2 1/2 cups.

  6. Jana

    I was invited to the party by Meg Duerksen. What a wonderful event to put me in the Christmas spirit – especially the goodies! Thanks for being such a great hostess! :)

  7. Penny, Mosaic Artist

    Thank you for being such a wonderful host! I have truly enjoyed this party. The food and drink were devine! I really enjoyed visiting The Blissful and meeting Abby.

  8. KJ

    What a fabulous job you have done with the party!!1 And The Blissful photos are almost more than I can bare!

    I reached my hand through the screen for a cookie and inadvertently got my hand stuck. I hope you don’t mind that I grabbed a few more cookies while I was SLOWLY figuring out how to remove my hand from the screen.

    Thanks so much for you kind comments on my blog! Believe me, I had fun doing it!

    Hugs, KJ

  9. Michele

    Oh dear… it’s me again..
    Please forgive my appalling spellings on my last comment.. written in excitement and haste..!
    Oh.. which party frock am I going to wear.. sequins or velvet?


  10. Liberty Post

    This party has been a real treat. Thank you for having me and I look forward to your 101th post tomorrow! Best of luck to The Blissful.

  11. Robin

    The pleasure was all mine…everything was so so gorgeous….I don’t want to leave!!!!!

  12. Elzie

    You’re party is just great. And that shop… I would have loved to go there and just enjoy the scene in front of me. It looks so lovely I miss words to tell how. After this lovely party I hope you (and Abby!) have a wonderful Sunday.
    Love Elzie

  13. JO

    Well I must go home now… it was a joy spending time with you and Abby…I am now “Inspired” to go forth with my creative spirit and do some decorating and finish up some projects for my site…



  14. Sweet Cottage Dreams

    Oh boy, after having several glasses of wine and nibbling on those truffles, I do believe that I need a DD to drive me home and tuck me to bed for the day! ha! Abby has out-done herself and the shop is dripping with gorgeous gorgeous things! There are many open houses this weekend and I do believe I should pop in at least one.

    Best wishes to Abby for a wonderful job putting her shop all together. That is a lot of hard work!!!

    Happy day to you and everyone,

    Becky and Doogs ……. hiccup!

  15. Janet

    Thank you so much Melissa and Abby. The party was wonderful and the company, oh the company was extraordinary. So many fun ladies, dressed to the nines, laughing raucously after too much bubbly. Ah…but we only go around once (or so some say), we may as well enjoy it. Now get some rest ladies, OK?

  16. sherry smyth

    What a delightful idea for a party and everything looks grand!!! Wish I could have been there “in person”.

  17. Denise Schuler

    Oh I love this I wish I lived closer! Love the pictures. You must see my bliss pendant!


  18. Vee

    Such a pleasant time I’ve had browsing today. (Oh, just wanted to say that I recently had Flashplayer troubles, too. I dispatched my old program and just downloaded a new one. That’s all there was to it.) Have a great weekend, Melissa. After all this work, you’ll need some relaxation!

  19. Pam Webb

    Merci, merci, merci!!! What a delightful party you have given! The hostess with the mostess!!!

    I thank you for all the eye candy! And I look forward to revisiting your blog site many,many times.

  20. Amy

    Oh my goodness!!! How beautiful. I wish I was really there! Just gorgeous, thank you so much for sharing the beautiful pictures!!


  21. Cre8Tiva

    i am bowled over…a trip to canton may be in store…i love blissful…and you know how much i love everything you do melissa…this has been a great event…thank you for hosting…btw…i’ll be tech advisor next time…blessings, rebecca

  22. Julie

    It was a fabulous party and I had so much fun!! Thanks for the invitation and I’m looking forward to the next 100 posts!!


  23. Rhonda

    Melissa you and Abby have outdone yourselves! The party was simply divine. I could stay and browse forever but I don’t want to wear out my welcome, besides I believe my carriage is about to turn back into a pumpkin so I better scurry:)

    Look foward to the next 100!


  24. Kathleen Grace

    Great party Melissa! I am looking forward to another 100…or 200…or more posts:>)

  25. Susan Ericson

    Now I am speechless…just Ooooohh’s and Aaahhh”s. Thank you. Susan at black eyed susans kitchen

  26. GardenGirl

    P.S. Melissa, I sent her your love just like you asked:)

  27. Abby from The Blissful

    Ladies, ladies, ladies–

    Thank you ALL for stopping by our little soiree this weekend to kick off the season with us and celebrate The Inspired Room’s 100th post! Yay! I so enjoyed meeting you all and especially ELIZABETH (GardenGirl), who I got to meet in person! Melissa and I could not have enjoyed hosting this event more.

    Now…whew! After all the hoopla, ‘ll be sure to sleep well tonight.

    Hope you all have beautiful Sundays.


  28. Michael Wesley

    I’m Loving this shop.Im inspired just from one glance at these picture’s.

  29. katiedid

    Perfection! Heaven! I am a feeling like a kid at Santa’s North Pole.:)

  30. Sharon

    Oh I’m clapping with delight, just look at the sugared house!

  31. Sharon

    Just look at that sugared house. I want Santa to bring me that one.

  32. Lucinda

    I really enjoyed your open house. I wish I was really there.

  33. Adla

    Melissa, Dont you worry about the music, I’ve brought along one of my stuck in the 80’s boom boom stereo sets along, hope that helps :) Anyways I’m really enjoying the array of pictures this party has shown… best blog party I’ve been to.
    Cheers, Adla

  34. Christine

    Tres Bien!
    what a lovely party! truley…congrats on your 100th post… Hugs and best wishes for many more to come!

  35. Karen

    Thank you for the lovely party. I have really enjoyed myself getting acquainted with you and the other attendees.


  36. Cottage Contessa

    Wow! That was an awesome party! Thanks Melissa. I am looking forward to your next 100 post, and more importantly, your 200th PARTY!!! giggle giggle hiccup…….staggering home now.
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  37. Jenn and Jacqui

    Well Melissa didn’t we have fun? Must do this again some time :)

  38. naturegirl

    I can’t stand it! First of all I zoomed around Bloglandia for the GOULS Hallow’s Eve Party!!
    Now I am attending your sparkly party!OH boy this girl surely is having FUN!! now I am off to drool at all the glitz and glam on your others posts! Thanks for your generous offer…
    Come by my place and meet me and the GIRLS!! :)NG

  39. frenchgardenhouse

    oh, sigh…I’m late, but still just in time to see all the beautiful things, food, people etc! Thanks so much for hosting this gorgeous event, and for letting me be one of the last to linger.

    Xo Lidy

  40. Terri

    What a great party! I read about it at Back Porch Musings. I am so glad she shared it with her readers!

  41. Jen

    The Blissful- what an appropriate name. I think if I walked into that store with my credit card, I would be in some serious trouble. Their store is actually only about 1 1/2 hours from me and I plan to make it there in the near future. I’m so excited that they will be selling online as well.

  42. Shelley

    Looks like a great party ! I love the Christmas house.Congrats. on your 100th post.


  43. Sharon Goemaere

    I did not think it could get much better but it surely did with this most recent post!Absolutely gorgeous!And those treats looked so yummy!:-)This really puts me in the holiday mood!Thanks so much Melissa.This was really beautiful!

  44. Emily-Sarah

    Congratulations! And thank you for bringing some bliss into all of our lives too. (Don’t worry about the music — I think the words and pics have us humming anyway!)

  45. Lisa

    Wow, everything looks so beautiful and festive. Just wonderful pictures to drool over.

  46. {this is glamorous}

    I had a really lovely time at this beautiful party– thanks so much for having me!

  47. Marsha

    It was grand!

  48. Elzie

    I feel so embarassed!! How on earth could I name your friend Anne??? I must apologize to her. Hope you still have a great party.
    And that you both will have a great week.
    Love Elzie

  49. le petit cabinet de curiosites

    I want a piece of chocolate in the 2nd picture. they look so miam miam. aND i WILL BE BACK FOR THE NEXT 100 TH POST …1000 POSTS OR 10000 POSTS

  50. Terri

    Thanks Melissa for all your hard work! The party was lovely!! : )
    xo Terri

  51. mary

    wow !!!!! it is beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Sue

    You’ve named the shop just right, it’s all blissful and lovely! Looking forward to the next 100!

  53. Beck

    Thankyou for having us! :D

  54. Rhoda

    Had to stop back by to see how the party is going & I see it’s still in full swing! Beautiful pics & yes, I’m properly inspired now for Christmas.


  55. Joy

    Wow, what a cool post this was – and the photos are gorgeous! So inspiring!

  56. Jennifer

    What a terrific idea and what a great party! Thank you and take a bit of a break before you organize the next one!!

  57. Vanessa

    The store looks so festive. If only I could be there in person. Congrats on your 100th….

  58. LaTeaDah

    Your party was totally fabulous! I enjoyed it all and came away so inspired! Keep up the good work! Creativity rocks!


  59. laurie

    I really think I’d buy that little paper house. I love the 3 I have and keep looking for more. Really inspiring I may have to rethink my ‘do not decorate very much this year since we are traveling for Christmas’ decision.

  60. cherry

    What a collection of beautiful pics! Yummy treats…great conversation…merriment. You put on a great shindig! Thanks for the invite Melissa! Missed ya! xoxo, cherry

  61. lizzie

    wow- the blissful shoppe is truly so!!!

    what a wonderful party!!!

  62. Christine

    What a pretty site! Glad I found it~

  63. Sweet Remembrance

    I’ve died and gone to Holiday Heaven!

  64. Wanda

    Wow! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the fabulous pictures! Wish I could see it all in person. Thanks for sharing those with us.

  65. Nancy

    And, thank you for having all of us! This is absolutely, positively gorgeous. Yum, peanut butter cookies with kisses. I’ll take one of those along with the basket filled with large sparkly snowflakes and the ornament wreath. I just know this was a big success!

  66. bluemuf

    The little house is so lovely, Great eye candy, I love it all


  67. Stacie

    Love your store! Wish I could move everything into my house!!

  68. Amanda Jones

    This really puts me in the holiday mood! Beautiful! I love it all! Excellent post.

  69. Teah Barrow

    How incredibily inspiring. I wish I lived closer, so that I could go meander and soak in the spirit. I love the sugar/glitter houses!!! Thank you for sharing with us!

  70. Mary Issabella

    Thanks for one lasy day at the party. It was too much fun. Have a great day Mary

  71. cityfarmer

    Pat from Back Porch Musings sent me via the blog…I know I’ve stopped here before…but this visit left me speechless..Hopefully it’s not to late for an entry in the drawing…bless you

  72. cielo

    Oh what a lovely blog…. I just found it, too bad I’m the 75th person to leave a message… what it means no gift for me! wa-wa-wa (weeping) :))



  73. Heather

    Haven’t been by in a while and I’m so glad I did! Everything looks lovely. I guess I needed a bit of Bliss – Thanks.

  74. Rachael


  75. Lorrie

    It’s been a lovely party – great photos! And the cookies were delish!


  76. Teresa

    Beautiful photos, and wow looks like a great time! Thank you for sharing, and congrats on your 100th post!


  77. jean

    Looking at all these wonderful pictures, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. What a fabulous party!

  78. kari and kijsa

    We don’t want to be counted twice….we just had to come back and look at the pictures one more time and tell you how much we enjoyed the party!!

    blessings, kari and kijsa

  79. Present Past Collection

    Everything looks fantastic! What a wonderland place to visit! Thanks for sharing such great photos of the festivities.
    Smiles, Heather

  80. Cecilia

    Looks like I missed the last part of the party. But I was practically drolling over the Christmas goodies at the Blissful. Especially that Christmas house. Also stopped by the blissful blog, and saw the cutest little white christmas trees with pastel bulbs.

  81. Dolly~ From my CHERRY heart

    Thank you so much for taking us all to the party! I had a blast! Such a wonderful place to shop!
    I want one of everything! :-)

    Hugz, Dolly

  82. Theresa-Garden Antqs

    I’m so sorry I missed your drawing by one day!! Could you at least save me a cookie :) Very delightful blog; I’ve added your link to mine. Have a great day and I’ll be back, Theresa

  83. heidi

    you girls are having way too much fun (without me!)
    enjoy, and i hope it is a smashing success! xo

  84. princesstomato

    looks like i missed the party, but i can still look around in awe. such beautiful things!



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