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Creative SpacesCountry Living

I am always inspired when I see how other people create a beautiful space in which to work.

Even just the sight of all the paints, tools, papers, pens and art supplies makes me feel like creating something! In my case, I would be creating a mess, most likely.

Creative SpacesCountry Living

It was the lovely Kara from McMaster & Storm who came up with the idea to take a peek into some craft spaces during our Creative Inspiration Week.  I thought that was a wonderful idea, so let’s feast our eyes on some amazing places of inspiration courtesy of the women who created them!

First up, the ever amazing Kim. Kim is the mastermind of Today’s Creative Blog, where she features new creative blogs for all of us to enjoy. She is an avid scrapbooker, creative home crafter & decorator, and still finds time to teach fitness classes.

Creative Spaces

Creative Spaces

Creative Spaces

Creative Spaces

Amazing! Love her space and all that organized craft material she has to work with!

I couldn’t share creative spaces without sharing the one of my friend Alicia. She really needs no introduction to bloggers, but if you don’t know her yet, pay her a visit here. She and I go way back. Little known fact is we both spent many a year together sitting behind desks in the editorial department of a publishing company. Good times! Yes, our job was to deal with books and publishing stuff, but we talked a lot about other creative things like scrapbooking. I embarrassed myself one time by making a scrapbook for her, before I fully realized her creative genius. I can tell you first hand she is one creative woman! But you already knew that. I love her studio: Creative Spaces

Creative Spaces

I’ve got more craft spaces to share, but I’ll put them in a separate post! I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by inspiration overload all in one sitting! So, go grab yourself a tasty snack, pour another drink and get ready for more! Lots more on the way.


Thanks to all the lovely ladies contributing!

Each of these craft space photographs are copyright of their owners. Please contact them via the links I provided for permission to use in any way. I have used these photos with permission.


  1. See I couldn’t see any of these lovely pictures (well yesterday’s anyway) because of blogger issues. I SO wish I was a crafter. I love looking at these spaces. Gets my non-creative juices flowing. I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do for my Pay It Forward gifts. You??


  2. How inspiring. What a great selection of craft spaces all in one place. Excellent choices! :)

  3. First of all……..Thank you! But I must admit I am almost embarrassed to be featured along side K&K and Alicia! Either I have died and gone to heaven, or you’ve had too many of my martini’s.

  4. It’s always fun to see where people create! I’m always amazed that most people’s spaces look so pretty and organized!


  5. I found you through Kim’s Blog, wow your blog is just so beautiful and eye catching. Thanks for all the cool ideas!

  6. Thanks for sharing those blogs! They were great to check out! Jen R

  7. Wow! They’re all so, so lovely. My creative spaces are certainly not inspiring most of the time. But I’m feelin’ the urge again… It’s time for a clean sweep! Thank you, Melissa. Blessings… Polly

  8. kari & kijsa says

    Love it! Thank you so much for including us today- we are honored!!
    and…Wow!!!- we are so inspired seeing Kim’s and Alicia’s spaces! We know a lot of fabulousness goes on there! Love this whole idea- the sneak peeks into a creative space are so fun!!

    kari & kijsa

  9. Thanks for an inspiring post! Now I have to go clean my craft area, believe me it doesn’t look like any of these!:>)

  10. Great job as usual Melissa. You may not be crafty (by your own admission) but you sure are creative. Thanks for this inspiration week.

  11. It just wouldn’t be a craft project for me if I could lay my hands on exactly what I need…no running out to the store to purchase something, only to find it as soon as I get home with more. These rooms are so functional and organized…makes me want to change my messy ways!

  12. Wow! each one of them my favorite, great springboard for setting up my own future craft space! thank you all.

  13. Nice post Melissa. :)

  14. I am always intrigued by the creative spaces of others. These peeks are pure inspiration. I have the room. I have the stuff (and lots of it). Now I need the style and the organization!

  15. Wow! Wow! Wow! I am lucky to have my own craft/studio/computer room but all the wonderful photos have inspired me to jazz my space up. Thank you all ladies and Melissa for this great week. ~ Lynn

  16. Wow- great pictures, so inspiring!!!!

  17. I recognized this photo before I had even read the caption! Isn’t Alicia’s space the best?! I love her use of colors ~ all that turquoise & red make my heart sing.

  18. Melissa,
    Now I figured it out! Alicia & you worked together & both of you are good writers! hmmmmm, I love all these interesting tidbits of how people are connected. Alicia’s blog was the first ever blog I found last winter as I was searching on the net. I was hooked after I found the world of blogging. Thanks for sharing these creative spaces with us!



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