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Creative Spaces, Part II

by | Dec 4, 2007 | Creative Inspiration & Projects, Organization

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Creative Spaces, Part II

If you are just joining us, we are getting inspiration from amazing women all week during our “Creative Inspiration Week”

Man, I love peeking at these craft rooms (don’t miss Creative Spaces Part One, click here to find it). You remember the whole “dead giraffe incident” that occurred at my house right before Thanksgiving? My craft room would rival the mess of that scene if you could see it now. Which you won’t. It would be WAY too embarrassing.

Alrighty, onward we go to the next two amazing (do I say that word too much?) craft rooms. We are flooding our brains with inspiring thoughts and photos this week, I love it!

First up, Lisa Tutman-Oglesby. She is a crafter extraordinaire, she makes scrapbooks, dolls, quilts and all sorts of creative things. Her scrapbooking ideas have been featured in books and magazines, as well as on her super blog! I asked her where she gets her inspiration, and here is what she said:

When it comes to finding inspiration it’s tough to pinpoint any one source. I draw from so many influences to get my juices flowing. Sometimes, magazines and billboards inspire my scrapbooking efforts, while the colors in holiday wrapping paper may tempt me to incorporate the same hues in a seasonal quilt project. I

love to browse photography sites for ideas on improving my own photography and I’m a sucker for how-to craft books which always make me want to run out and make my own projects. I’m a true crafter at heart, with an affinity for dozens of arts and crafts hobbies — much to the chagrin of my husband.

Perhaps my biggest inspiration lately comes from the connection I’ve made with like-minded crafters who also blog and share their creative efforts with as much enthusiasm as I do.

Good grief, Lisa’s room is fantastic! Wait, is that a scrapbook store or her space? Yep, she says it is her space, she got that wonderful armoire from a going out of business sale! I love it! She also has great ideas for creative storage options.

Creative Spaces, Part II

Creative Spaces, Part II

Creative Spaces, Part II

Wow, thanks for sharing your space, Lisa! So inspiring!

Next craft room belongs to a sweet and creative lady Meg Duerksen. The first time I went to her blog I was blown away. Well, everytime I go I am blown away. She has the coolest house, totally my style, and her photos are so fun. Her kids are always doing something adorable. She was kind enough to allow me to share her fun craft room with all of you. She too is a creative scrapbooker, and I know she allows her kids in this room. But, she is a great mom and you’ll see by her quote (below) she doesn’t stress out about creative messes. That is the beauty of a craft room, you can make a mess there and not on the kitchen table!

Creative Spaces, Part II

Creative Spaces, Part II

Here is what Meg said about her craft room and creative plans for the holidays:

I was very excited to move to this house for many reasons but a VERY big one was the craft room. I had never had mine own space…to work in and not have to clean up when it’s midnight. A space to spread out…to get paint on the counter and not have to clean it up…listen to music…surround myself with things i love.

It is my favorite room of the house – no question. It’s off my bedroom so i can work until i can’t keep my eyes open and then just crawl into bed.

Creative Spaces, Part II

Creative Spaces, Part II

I’m totally smitten with all of these craftrooms. I want to thank each of you for sharing your creative world with us! I appreciate it so much!

These photos and quotes are copyright of their individual owners. I have used their photos with permission, so please contact them via the links provided to use any of their material.


  1. izabella

    oh my!! I am in studio heaven…I am ohhh so coveting these spaces…I dream of one day having something so bright & colorful to create in~ for now..I use the wine cellar, which I call the dungeoun, luckily I don’t drink :)

    found your link through Sandra Evertson~

    p.s. your blog is an amazing, cheerful & beautiful place!!

  2. Elzie

    I almost cry when I see these places the women have. I, that have to sit at my kitchen table and do things would love these spaces!! Yet another inspiring day from you Melissa.
    Hope you have a great day.
    Love Elzie

  3. Vee

    It’s been a joy to peek in on these gals’ creative spaces. I am beginning to turn a peculiar shade of green, though. ;>

  4. Annechovie

    Wow, Melissa! These spaces are great – thanks so much to you and the ladies who created them for sharing!

  5. cindy

    Wow, this is inspiring me to clean out a corner of my basement for my craft room. After Christmas, of course.

  6. Emily-Sarah

    Beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing such an exquisite incentive for the rest of us to carve out our own spaces (and straighten up!).

  7. JO

    Oh to have any of those lovely rooms… my heart be still

  8. Lisa

    Melissa, thanks so much for including me along with so many creative and inspirational bloggers.

    What a generous blog-event you’re hosting and it’s so much fun to be introduced to new crafters and artisans.

    Thanks again, and great job with your inspiration week!


  9. mary

    The wonder of room for my own jobs we would like a room so! Hello mary

  10. diane

    These spaces are great, makes me dream of having my own room one day. For now, I must stick with my craft armoire in the corner of our dining room.

  11. megan duerksen

    it’s fun to see my pictures on your blog.
    thanks for including me. i like this creative week you’ve got going on. i am going to attempt to have something crafty/holiday every post this month…we’ll see.

  12. Ellen Crimi-Trent

    okay it’s just not fair how clean these work spaces are! mine is never that clean and it is always a problem because my studio is a cut through. We converted our old garage into it hense the cut through! ahh to have a stylish, clean studio!

  13. kim in Camas - ScrapToMyLu

    Holy Crap! I mean COW! That armoire is amazing.
    I’ll have to check her place out.

    I love Meg’s place. I have featured her in the past. Her whole house has that urban older home gone hip look. Loveher.

  14. Paula

    OH these were SO FUN to see!!! I added you to my RSS feed reader, but it is only showing the first few lines of every post instead of the entire post. Being a busy mom, I only have time to read through my reader instead of clicking on individual blogs to read. I would LOVE to keep up to date with yours. Are you able to change it to show the whole post? I have been going through your archives. I love your authentic living posts. They have really given me a lot to think about (and something to blog about!). :D

  15. anindiansummer

    Such awesome craft rooms! Makes me itch to get a corner set up for myself!


  16. gina bella

    Hi Every one

    Ijust love the ideas and designs..I want to do clear out my junk and make myself a shabby chic boutiquic craft sewing room, so any ideas and photos to inspire me.

    Many Thanks Gina



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