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A New Old & Inspiring Bathroom

by | Jul 21, 2008 | Bathrooms, Creative Before & After, Decorating Inspiration

A New Old & Inspiring Bathroom

O ne of my most favorite houses ever is my blogging buddy Meg’s home. I know she is becoming quite popular, but I discovered her long ago so we go way back and I am pretty sure I am her BBFF (grin). In fact, her craft room was featured on my blog late last year, that is how far back we go.

Her house is one of those rambling big old family houses (I think it is in the Midwest) that just feels like home to me. Not only is the home gorgeous, but you can see through her fantastic blog that her focus is on the life she creates for her family, not on trying to impress us with her decorating skill. That makes her a kindred spirit because she really emulates what I feel is an authentic life.

A New Old & Inspiring Bathroom

You can’t help but love her when you see her family kitchen. Glamorous with a chandelier yet homey with seven chairs lined up around the counter ready for their family pancakes. Love her.

A New Old & Inspiring Bathroom

Her whole house is beautiful, but today we are here to focus on her new old bathroom. I say new old because while it is a new bathroom, she combined antique elements and style to make it feel like it has been in her home all along. It complements her home perfectly. It is a retreat she deserves as the gorgeous mom of five! Let’s take a peek:

A New Old & Inspiring Bathroom

A New Old & Inspiring Bathroom

Could you just die to soak in that tub? Meg says she’s never been so clean. I’d be a prune.

A New Old & Inspiring Bathroom

Now, check out this old buffet. You know I don’t like to paint so this makeover is truly inspiring to me…this is the before picture. Look below for the stunning after photo…WOW! A white coat of paint can really make an amazing difference.

A New Old & Inspiring Bathroom

A New Old & Inspiring Bathroom

A New Old & Inspiring Bathroom

Do you see that adorable little mirrored table with the birdcage on it? Here, let’s look a little closer:

A New Old & Inspiring Bathroom

She bought that fabulous mirrored table for $12 at an antique store and scraped the paint off the mirrored legs herself. She is amazing! And what is even more amazing, she knows how to conceal! Yes, I caught her trying to get away with a unidentified concealment and I am capturing it here for you all to see. Look at this:

A New Old & Inspiring Bathroom

Modern stereo equipment, CONCEALED! Let this be a lesson to all of you. Don’t you try to sneak a concealment onto your blog without me noticing. I can spot these a mile away and I will expose them for all to see. I love this concealment.

This is the perfect new old bathroom, old and charming, yet blissfully new. Thanks, Meg, for letting me feature your private getaway! I love to share inspiring rooms from readers, so feel free to share YOURS with me!

A New Old & Inspiring Bathroom

photos: copyright Meg Duerksen, used by permission


  1. Michelle

    I love the tile in the “old” bathroom and the white cabinet is beautiful. Thanks again for the advice on my screened in porch, I’m going to Home Goods today maybe I will find a few things.

    Take Care

  2. Porchlight Interiors

    Wow, this is one of the most gorgeous bathrooms I have ever seen. She has done so well achieving a new bathroom that looks like it belongs in the house. I love the bar stools in the lovely kitchen also. Another gorgeous post.

  3. CC

    What a beautiful and inviting bathroom! Calgon, take me away!!! :)

  4. Lisa

    I remember the exterior of this home and loved it. What a beautiful look inside. Lovely decor. What great living space so tastefully done. Thanks for the peek inside.

  5. Carrie

    This is beautiful! I love the Hydrangea in the birdcage. So fresh.

  6. Barbara Jacksier

    Thanks for the super tour. Now I have an urge to redecorate– again!

  7. dawn

    I have to say I love EVERY ONE OF YOUR POSTS…Thank you for The Inspired Room!

  8. Vee~A Haven for Vee

    Oh yes! Completely charming!

    Thank you for pointing us in Meg’s direction.

  9. melissa lewis - off the wall

    I love every detail of her home. The buffet, the silver tray on her stool, and especially the old painted door just leaning against the wall. I have so many of those doors in storage, I may just have to bring one out.

  10. Rhoda

    That’s a gorgeous bathroom! Meg really had a great vision on that one for the finished project. Love it…


  11. Ruth Welter

    Good Morning Melissa….I’m glad you enjoyed my flowers!!! Ow, what a bathroom, I could absolutely live here….tell your friend I’ll be moving in very soon. LOL


  12. Lorrie

    Charming, soothing, elegant – all the best words to describe such a wonderful place. A true place to withdraw from daily life and recharge to face it again.
    Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to go look on her blog.


  13. karyn

    So much inspiration in one place! I am loving the wall color, the painted cabinet and the tine little ‘Live out Loud’. I will certainly be looking at my own bathroom now to see if there is anyway to replicate this look there.

  14. Kim's Cottage

    What a gorgeous retreat! Thanks for the link. Can’t wait to go check out the rest of her blog.


  15. jane

    this woman has it DOWN! love it!!

  16. Mrs. Q

    That is a bathroom fit for a queen! Sigh. My bathroom is well, functional, that’s about it…lol! So I won’t be sending you any photos of that room, that’s for sure! Gorgeous bathroom, love the photos and the commentary :)

  17. Gypsy Soul

    Wow- this is beautiful! Everything from the repurposed buffet, side table, and old door to the details of the different textures, tiling, and white and silver accessories. Everything just came together naturally…simply beautiful!

  18. Heidi Claire

    I love the buffet transformation that I used it in my blog today. I linked you and meg to it as well. Love it, keep it up clever girls. Heidi

  19. Beverly

    Awesome. I love the subway tile! White is my idea of a perfect bathroom.

    My grandmother had floor tile in her bathrooms just like this.

  20. PamperingBeki

    Awwww, I’m thrilled to see her and her blog getting so much attention! She totally deserves it. :)

    She’s a semi-neighbor of mine… Great feature!

  21. that girl

    My husband is taking our 4 kids camping next week so I can redo our bedroom/bath and I will be stealing some ideas from this post.

    I thank you – my husband curses you ;)

  22. Myrna

    Hi Melissa! I just found your blog and read all about your philosophy on decorating–THANK YOU for putting words to my feelings!! “Authentic Living”…that’s how I’VE felt all these years!!
    I just started blogging a couple of months ago….please grab a glass of iced tea and come visit me sometime!

  23. Pat

    I don’t think I’ve ever visited Meg. I will now, though! Lovely home!


  24. Wonders Never Cease

    What a lovely home! And I could live my life in that bathroom! It’s perfect!

  25. Rachel Berry

    Hey thanks for stopping by and opening you big mouth!! :):) Your comment was just what I needed.
    And I’m dying over here because I just put you on my Google reader about 2 weeks ago. How Ironic is that! And this bathroom that you posted I starred this morning on G.Reader it’s simply FABULOUS! I LOVE IT! Sigh…. I want a big lovely old home. Maybe someday when I’m dead. :)


  26. abeachcottage

    oh I think that has to be one of the best I’ve seen too, I love every bit of it, most of all the $12 table, phew I woulda been heart pumping to buy that

    love the old door, the buffet is astounding, I’ve seen sooo many of them recently while thrifting and just couldn’t quite imagine how well or not so well they’d turn out white and vintagey, well now I know… the peace banner is gorgeous and I love all those candles heaped there like that…my bathroom is next on the list for a makover, oh but it is a true budget job, like no budget so I think there’s gonna been mucho concealment

    a beautiful post, I am already at Meg’s blog and she is hitting my sidebar

    thanks Melissa, so an Inspired Room, I am drooling in Sydney!!!!

  27. courtney

    this bathroom is stunning! and totally my style. that mirrored table is to die for. thanks for sharing this, Melissa! thanks for stopping by, too…life has been super crazy for me recently, and lately I’ve dearly missed keeping up with your blog (and everyone else’s I usually frequent)! It’s a lovely post to come back to.

  28. Vale

    Hi! I found your blog and I think it’s very nice! I love reading about lovely homes! The bathroom is simply stunning! I’m Italian and passionate about home decor, creativity and antiques! I hope to hear from you!
    Have a nice day!

  29. sheree

    What a beautiful home! I love the bathroom…that tub is heavenly!


  30. Oliveaux

    I love this bathroom she has done a beautiful job, its great to see the way she has used preloved pieces to give it an old & individual style. I have just about finished my bathroom and have used the same hexagonal floor tile and subway on the wall…I love it!! Amanda

  31. The Antiques Diva

    What a gorgeous home! Living in space challenged Europe for the last decade means I am always envious of American homes -but this one truly is to die for! Thanks as always for a beautiful blog!

    The Antiques Diva (TM)

  32. Villa Anna

    Melissa, I am completely in awe of Megs superb decorating style. This bathroom is a triumph! What an incredibly beautiful and enticing space. I have to agree with the majority and say my favourite pieces are the mirrored table and birdcage…..such a simple touch that speaks volumes.

    Thank you so much for the introduction.

    Anna :)

    P.s I’m very curious as to what the paint colour is on the walls?

  33. Annechovie

    Very charming, Melissa. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  34. all things bright and beautiful

    melissa – may I request a post on how to conceal subwoofers! ( no not the Winston type – the stereo type!)



  35. Karla & Karrie

    That bathroom is absolutely adorable! What we love most about it is that door – it’s old, need of a coat of paint and PERFECT!! Thanks to Meg for sharing this with us!!

  36. limette

    Great photos! I’d love to have a bunch of old houses all in different styles…

  37. Irene

    Lovely indeed. So fresh and airy. I also stopped by Meg’s blog; zesty. Thank you for stopping by!!!

  38. Amber

    Wow, That bathroom is SO inspiring! I LOVE that she has painted the wood furniture white, I have wanted to do that but am a big chicken- now I just might give it a go! Thanks for the great post!

  39. Carrie Oak Rise Cottage

    This bathroom is favulous. The various furnishings make it very appealing. I would love to have such a retreat in my own house.

  40. this is glamorous

    The bathroom is amazing — the little mirrored table, birdcage, rustic wood elements — would be like escaping to the French countryside every time you set foot . . .

  41. Claudia

    Love, love, love this bathroom! The tub is fantastic but I really love the buffet transformation. I’ve been searching for something for my bathroom – it just has a pedestal sink, and I need more storage – this looks like the perfect solution!

    As always, I love your blog and the wonderful ideas you bring to us.


  42. Laura Ingalls Gunn

    I too would never want get out of that bathroom/tub. Clean and shriveled all the time.

  43. megan duerksen

    i am blushing over here!
    goodness you sure talked me up.

    i am so happy that everyone likes our space.
    we feel so incredibly blessed to have our home and get to really LIVE here. if you could actually see it today….whoa.
    this house is a wreck.
    but that’s life, right?
    it is for me with these 5 kid and their friends. :)

    thanks melissa. you made me feel so special today.
    MEG – your bff

  44. Elzie

    What a house!!! I just love these America homes. They look real “home” for me too.
    Hope you have a great evening.
    Love Elzie

  45. Jess

    hi….I am a big fan of Meg’s blog and style!!! She has an amazing way of balancing the old with the new…..something we are being challenged with as we add on a new addition to our home that was built in 1855. I am loving your blog for all of the inspiration!!!!

  46. marykay

    What a wonderful home! Thanks for sharing it!

  47. Barbara

    Such a gorgeous bathroom, I love how she stayed true to the spirit of the home. Oh and I just love the weathered door up against the wall.

  48. Melissa

    Glad you are all enjoying this bathroom as much as I do! :-) And Meg, you are a trooper for letting us all in! Yep, you are my BFF!

  49. Rachael

    Fabulous home, I could live in that bathroom! Rachaelxo

  50. breathing and dreaming

    HI Melissa,
    What a lovely bathroom…the old door is enchanting~!
    Thanks for another great post.
    Oh… and I finally put the interview of the Hamptons designer up today!

  51. Nel

    Just gorgeous! I especially love the floor it’s so intricate.

    Lovely post.

  52. Daisy Cottage

    Oh how beautiful is that? Love Meg’s bathroom, her home, her blog, and her!! Thank you Melissa for sharing your BFF with us – you both are very talented sweethearts.


  53. Chris

    Once again–spectacular! Every detail. Now I’m on the hunt for a jeweled frame like hers. LOVE it.

  54. Art Cant Hurt

    It’s the flooring in honeycomb-tile that gets me! I LOVE IT! Also, the little things: tub faucet offset to the side, framed artwork/mirror sitting on the chair rail/wainscotting instead of hanging AND the fact that she didn’t frost the ENTIRE window! I wonder if you can see the stars at night when you’re soaking in that glorious tub?! GREAT post!

  55. Lauren

    How beautiful! I wish I could curl up in that tub for about an hour. (With some Andrea Bocelli playing in the background, of course!)

  56. Ginger

    Whoa! I know that house! I grew up in that small midwest town! So cool! I’m off to check out her blog. I love what she did with the bathroom!

  57. Paula

    If I ever build another home I will use “found” furniture peices all over my home. I love this buffet/sink and your blog! Where do you find all of these photos? Thanks for sharing, Paula

  58. Kathy

    Dogone it Melissa! These are so beautiful you have me wondering what color I’m going to paint my bathroom now! And I wasn’t planning on painting it until now, I think I need a 12 step progrram for decorating:>)



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