Romance: Heart-Shaped Cakes

I know. I KNOW! I’m already getting all giddy about Valentine’s Day and it is over a month away. But why wait until the day is almost here to make some romantic treats?

For someone who doesn’t like to cook, I’ve been spending a lot of time hanging out at Sur la Table and Williams Sonoma. Call me crazy but there is something I love about being in those stores. Makes me feel so gourmet!

Romance: Heart-Shaped Cakes

Actually, I gravitate towards the special little gadgets and ideas even I could do to create something amazing in the kitchen. I guess I try to compensate for all I lack in culinary talent. I’m all about simple creativity. Just like the pancake molds I showed you a couple of days ago, these heart-shaped cake pans would definitely be a good memory-making idea too. Nothing overly innovative, just a great way to say “I love you.”

Romance: Heart-Shaped Cakes

So, here you go, friends! How about whipping up some heart-shaped cakes for someone you love? You could do this anytime, no need to wait for February 14th. Happy Romance!

Romance: Heart-Shaped Cakes

All of these products can be found at Sur La Table


  1. Cre8Tiva

    yum…now how can i possibly loose 100 pounds for my daughter’s wedding if you keep doing this???…yum, rebecca

  2. Bethany

    I have been thinking about Valentine’s Day already too!!! I love all these ideas. Usually I just say “Wouldn’t that be great?” and then forget. I think I’ll make a side trip tomorrow to the store and see if I can find one of these :)

  3. Neutral Dwelling

    I know exactly how you feel walking into Williams & Sonoma. It gives me that “I feel like cooking” feeling!

  4. Lisa

    Oh, Melissa, these are so delicious looking. It makes me want to go do some baking and I’m not very good at that at all.

    I love to go into gourmet shoppes like Williams Sonoma too. There’s a store not to far from me and this makes me want to go visit. Everything always looks so wonderful and doable. I may have to try my hand at the little heart shaped desserts.

    Have a great week!

  5. Dena

    Oh I love that little heart cake mold! I may have to hit the mall to visit Williams Sonoma…oh and I suddenly need a red cake plate too! That is too cute!


  6. Kathleen Grace

    Love the cake molds! And I could use them for more than just valentines day, any time I wanted to show a little love for dessert:>) I don’t care if VAlentines day is a onth away, Iintend to enjoy every moment of it between now and then, It adds a briight spot of color into colorless winter.

  7. Karin

    oh….I just love those!

  8. Lady N

    Ooooh, yum! that chocolate cake looks delicious! You’ve put me in a baking mood now.

  9. Jrizzo

    Those cakes look awesome and give me some baking ideas…
    Jen R

  10. {this is glamorous}

    I’ve been completely excited about Valentine’s Day too–these molds are great. Can’t wait to try them!

  11. Veronica

    …and……. if you don’t want to go to the trouble and expense of buying a heart shaped mold just to use once or twice… …. bake any cake…use a round or even a square pan. Place a paper heart of your design on top of cake and cut around it with a sharp serrated knife. Make your own love.

    Even a plain cake can be dusted with some icing sugar from a sifter and look decorative..or go for the gusto and do some simple butter icing…..

  12. Jenn and Jacqui

    Hi Melissa, we love heart shaped moulds and cutters here!! Such gorgeous photos :) Williams Sonoma sounds wonderful, we keep reading about it, wish we had it here! Jenn and Jacqui

  13. Pat

    I love Williams Sonoma, Melissa. It’s a very good thing the nearest one is a 45 minute drive. Otherwise, I might be tempted to spend a lot more time, there!

    The cake photo is fabulous! It just simply says Valentine’s Day!


  14. Catherine

    I’ll have to look for that cake pan. That looks absolutely scrumptious! Thanks for the ideas!

  15. Robin

    That looks so yummy…*sigh*..I’m on a diet though. I need to recover from Thanksgiving and Christmas!~

  16. rochambeau

    I’m glad I stopped by since it looks like I need a kick start into the Valentines Spirit! The cakes and the cookies below look beautiful! I’m coming back later to catch up on EVERYTHING!

    Sending Smiles!!

  17. Lorrie

    What mouth-watering gorgeous pictures! Now that the Christmas baking is all gone, it’s time to start for Valentine’s Day!

    Enjoy today!

  18. Jan

    Oooooh…those look so good! I’m sooo not a cook, but I bet I can find those things ready made somewhere around here! *lol* Thanks for sharing!


  19. julia

    Keep up the Love day inspirations they just are so happy looking!. Going to get an early jump myself as it is absolutely one of my favorite days of the year and a great way to brighten up an otherwise dreary month.

  20. Jessie Cacciola

    very cute…and love your blog tagline!
    – Jessie –

  21. anne

    Yummy!!!! They look delightful. :-)

  22. Alice

    I think I will have to go out a buy some of that Chocolate Ganache Mix and the little cake pan. What a perfect little cake for two!

  23. Polly

    Yummylicious for certain! I’m not a great cook but breakfast and deserts are fun. I’m glad you joined me in my pursuit of everyday romantic lovliness (even though it’s over a month away). Blessings.. Polly

  24. Debra W

    How much fun are those molds? I love Williams Sonoma ! Just browsing through their catalogue makes me happy. Thank you for reminding us about the little details that make life joyous! You are the best, Melissa.


  25. Penny, Mosaic Artist

    I adore William Sonoma! I always find something there I have to have! Those heart pans look romantic!

  26. Jennifer

    Now that I have kids, I know every holiday is really just one big chocolate fest. And now that I’m blogging, it’s really bad, because I see even more chocolate! Stop!! These photos are just too gorgeous — especially the first heart with the raspberries!!

  27. Terri

    Melissa, these little cakes are divine and I know exactly what you mean about Williams Sonoma. I am not a great chef, but there is all the POTENTIAL in there! Sorry I have not been around much, but I have been being anti-social I guess, and your blog gets so much attention that, to be perfectly honest, I sometimes don’t leave a comment because I don’t want you to feel GUILTY and like you need to write back!!!
    Thank you for all the supportive things you wrote on my last few posts. I really, really love it when I see a comment from you, like you are some wise teacher woman who I’d like to be more like, like a Guru of sorts! You just seem to have your life together and be so positive. No, it is not annoying, it is sheer inspiration. And your thoughts on decorating and life are so sane…you have what other people lack…the right attitude, the right perspective. You have all the right answers, and I think a lot of it comes from your faith, which I admire!! You are an example, in the flesh, of what LOVE looks like! Your family is blessed to have you. You just exude positive, but i know you get tired too and that you are human. And you can’t write to everyone! Like Santa!!

    Happy 41st next week!! Wow, please do tell us when it’s the BIG DAY and we will all send you hugs and wishes! Thanks for being you! xoxo Terri

    P.S. I may not be around as much as usual since I am trying not to check blogs from the office this year (new resolution!!), and will only be blog-reading in the evenings. Sometimes I write a post at night and edit and post it from the office the next day, but really trying not to VISIT too many blogs. Just too busy and don’t want to get in trouble with the internet police. But I will be around here, don’t worry!!! xooxxo

  28. All Things Bright and Beautiful

    How funny Melissa – i just uploaded some Valentines day images just before – but they’re no where near as cute as these :-)!!! :-)

  29. deb

    I just love Barefoot Contessa! Such pretty cake molds too. Thanks for visiting my site! :)


  30. katiedid

    All of these cake and treat ideas look scrumptious! I love those stores too. Anywhere that has samples…I’m in (William Sonoma’s) I am going to have to make that trip to Sur La Table soon! I am all about any holiday. Thanks for the visuals. Now I am getting excited about Valentine’s day! :)

  31. Catherine

    Thanks for all the great Valentine’s ideas. I love reading your blog!

  32. gina

    I’m hoping to do do a countdown leading up to the 14th starting with the 1st for my girls and my husband this year, so little heart shaped cakes one day would be super cute. I’m also liking the red heart cake stand.

  33. Mari-Nanci

    Oh you are getting more and more purrrrrfect! I don’t like to cook either. ,-)

    And go with it! Get caught up in Valentine’s Day fever! After all, this is the low point of the year. The Christmas holidays are over. The weather is either more, more, more Winter. Or gray and damp and blahhhh. We all need something to cheer us up.

    Go for it!!!


  34. Pia Jane Bijkerk

    Hi melissa, not sure we’ve said ‘hi’ before! Your heart shaped cake pics look divine. I am about to post a rather exciting (i hope!) project that might interest you and your readers, and yes is related to hearts! I’d love you to stop by sometime this week to take a look and let me know your thoughts for it, all feedback is welcome as this will be my first collective blog project. Thanks, see you again soon!

  35. ellie

    I love heart shaped anything…esp for V day. I have been collecting heart pans for a while..the sad thing is I have really ever cooked in them. ONly once ..and it was a ex boyfriend that made me a heart shaped cake with MY pan and he put little hershey kisses along the side. It was very romantic and thoughtful..since we were so poor we couldn’t afford to go out for Valentines day…we lived in Hawai’i at the time. I bought a Cheesecake shaped heart pan, do you think you used it yet? Nope…in fact I was at Vonz grocery shopping on Sunday and go the cutest ramekins in heart shapes…red with white and I PLAN to make Creme de Pots for V Day….we will see…Happy Baking…..or shopping..

  36. mariam

    this heart baking tray are great i think i am going to try and get one today i would like to bake val cake for me and my family


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