Rooms for Girls

Rooms for Girls

Ideal Home April 2008

Rooms for Girls

Homes & Gardens 2006

Rooms for Girls

25 Beautiful Homes July 2005

Rooms for Girls

Ideal Home March 2006

Rooms for Girls

Ideal Home March 2008

I thought these were such sweet photos! Enjoy!

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  1. Sweet Cottage Dreams says

    Oh how I love these rooms! The first one is just precious! Hey, I also see some pennant banners that are similar to the ones I make. Now I will have to figure out how they made the heart one over the headboard.

    Sweet post, Melissa!


  2. Sweet Cottage Dreams says

    Oh how I love these rooms. My favorite of all is the first one. Look! I spy some pennant flags that are similar to the ones I make, too. Now if only I had a little girl to do up a sweet room for. :)


  3. Sweet Cottage Dreams says

    ok…I thought the first one didn’t go through….oopsies..I see it did………………….

  4. Little girls rooms have such an impact on me, not only because I have daughters, but because I never really had the room I wanted as a little girl. Don’t get me wrong, I had a wonderful childhood full of all of the things that are important, but my frugal mother did not really see the importance of making my room the showcase that I wanted it to be! So, when it was my turn to decorate my daughters’ rooms, I did them exactly as I would have wanted my room to be: pink, with toile balloon shades on the windows (edged in a nice small plaid), white blanket covers with their initials monogrammed on them. This is not exactly what my middle child wants: she wants a sea green room. Oh well!

  5. oooh, ahhhh, now you’re speaking my language! My favorite is the third picture with the leaded diamond paned windows! I have always thought of them as fairytale windows. I hae two daughters and I hope some day to have grandaughters to decorate a special room for….sigh! I loe it!

  6. I would like any of them!!
    But especially the second, third, and forth one!
    Thinking of you!


  7. Alison Gibbs says

    Oh what sweet rooms.
    if only we could all be little girls again and have rooms like that.

  8. melissa lewis - off the wall says

    Those are just too adorable. Love the blue, pink and red color combination for girls. The second one is my favorite, no wait…the third, no…the last one. I don’t know I love them all. Too cute:)

  9. Ohhh- reminds me of that old song- Thank Heavens for Little Girls by Maurice Chevalier- (I just had to google for the lyrics)

    Thank heaven for little girls
    for little girls get bigger every day!

    Thank heaven for little girls
    they grow up in the most delightful way!

    Those little eyes so helpless and appealing
    one day will flash and send you crashin’ thru the ceilin’

    Thank heaven for little girls
    thank heaven for them all,
    no matter where no matter who
    for without them, what would little boys do?

    Thank heaven… thank heaven…
    Thank heaven for little girls!

  10. Vee~A Haven for Vee says

    Hmmmm, yes, little girls should always feel like princesses. Vey nice collection of photos, Melissa.

  11. So pretty! Love the canopy and pink shell chandelier in the second image, and the little “boudoir” in the third image–perfect for a little princess.

    Hope you’re week is fantastic so far!


  12. love the wallpaper on that last picture.

  13. I have been a secret blog reeder for probably a year now and I have to say This post is just what I wanted to see! I love every image!! Thanks so much for sharing! I have had a dream of what my daughters room would look like and these are perfect inspirations! :) cheers!

  14. kari & kijsa says

    Sweet photos of adorable rooms!!!

    kari & kijsa

  15. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Love them!!!


  16. I want the bed and the lamp in the 2nd one, myself!!! :-)


  17. i heart them all! i am so inspired!

  18. Gorgeous rooms, hope I can help with my grand-daughters room…go shopping and make it girly!!

  19. I don’t know how I missed this post! Little girls’ rooms are something near and dear to my heart. My 6 year old’s room is one of my favorites! As soon as I get it decluttered I’m going to feature it on my blog. I love the rooms you’ve got here. They’re all so light and airy!

  20. What precious rooms. Nice an classic and not too sugary-sweet. These rooms will transition gracefully as the child grows! Love that!!

  21. pretty pretty!! First one is my fav!

  22. love so much of the simple but whimsical touches in these rooms, would love to have little ones to do some of these ideas!
    thanks so much Melissa,

  23. Hello Melissa,
    I love those rooms. I can see in them elements I am using in our girls’ new bedroom. Stone/blue/red (we’ve just began painting!), striped rug, Cath Kidston wallpaper and the fresh feeling they exhude, like a breath of fresh air. Thank you.

  24. Oh these are gorgeous, every single one – so fresh and fun without being cutesy!

  25. I’ve got to confess. If I didnt live with my sweet yet manly husband, my whole house would look like a little girl’s room.

  26. I love number two and four. :)

  27. AscenderRisesAbove says

    very sweet… just a bit curious about a fireplace in a child’s room. very precious though!

  28. Oh Melissa these are oh too cute!! They would be lovely for my girls – I am inspired!! hugs!


  29. Just so pretty! Grace would like to re-do her room next Spring so we are already looking into ideas. This was the perfect post with which to begin! She loved the one with all the butterflies!


  30. Loved those looks. We had a sash above our daughters room and we kept finding it getting pulled on at tuck in time as we lean over to kiss/hug goodnight. So now we just keep the sash tucked away – cute ideas though.


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